United Nations calls for the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution


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United Nations calls for the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution
Iraqi side of revelers to mark the liberation of Mosul

Roudao – Erbil

Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq , Jan Kubis face sincere congratulations to the people of Iraq and the liberation of the city of Mosul , the government of organizing Daesh.

He said Kubis in a congratulatory telegram, “This victory provides an excellent opportunity for Iraq to promote a strong and united again, stressing that despite the crush Daesh in Mosul, the war against terrorism is not over yet, and that in front of Iraq ‘s more work to achieve the full recovery of lasting peace and the establishment of ” adding , “It is a historic victory for Iraq and the world and the resounding defeat of Daesh and terrorism indicate their end , indicating that the nightmare that has been hovering over the shoulders of the people of Mosul for a period of three years has ended and I have finally liberated Mosul. today , uttered the so – called” succession “Daesh terrorist, which has set up a ruling unprecedented of terrorism, the last breath. ”

I have added , “reveals the moral bankruptcy and their collapse clearly in their destruction barbaric mosque and minaret Nouri distinctive humpback , where they announced in 2014 for their project takfiri fake so – called caliphate.”

He said, “While we share the Iraqis delight in this victory, we remember the victims who were killed and those who have been subjected to the most suffering from terrorism Daesh, and applaud the continuing efforts of the security forces in the liberated areas purge remaining pockets of terrorist sleeper cells possible.”

Kubis added that “victory in the battlefield was the culmination of a series of heroic deeds, as Iraqis took the lead role in fighting for the liberation of their country and with the support of a concerted world.”

He Kubis “The credit goes first and foremost to the Iraqis themselves. It was the heroism and sacrifices of the Iraqi security forces and the popular crowd and Peshmerga fighters clans and supported military essential role in achieving this victory the international coalition. The price is too high for Iraq, where the unity of the people the country is at stake. in cooperation together to destroy Daesh in Mosul, the Iraqi people sent a resounding message that they see their future together. ”

UN Representative on Djemba Iraqi security forces and Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi , in particular , and praised for their redoubled efforts to save the lives of civilians , saying that “their efforts were exceptional although the liberation of Mosul , directed a fatal blow to Daesh, this terrorist group does not still controls some parts of Iraq, and still can launch attacks and the threat of stability.

He said Kubis “The terrorist attacks have not spared anyone and did not stop at the end. They have committed massacres against unarmed men, women and children, and used them as human shields. And enslaved thousands of women and girls. They imposed severe penalties on anyone who violates their views extremist or rule barbaric and inhumane, causing suffering described to the innocent who are helpless. they have launched a genocide against the Iraqi people and the legacy of war , wherever they trampled their feet, destroying mosques and churches alike completely ignoring the sanctity ofreligious beliefs. we must deal with these terrorist acts as war crimes and crimes against humanity. ”

He added that “there is still a lot of work on the road towards full recovery. In addition to the restoration of security and the rule of law in the liberated areas, the immediate priority is to accelerate the restoration of stability efforts to enable the millions of civilians who have fled the fighting in Iraq from the voluntary and safe return to their homes and start their lives again, followed by reconstruction , which represents an urgent need. it should go massive humanitarian work in parallel with a strong political process for holding elections and the achievement of national and community reconciliation and the rebuilding of social cohesion in order to ensure justice, dignity and peace Sustainable for future generations. ”

He said the UN envoy, “The protection of civilians and the imposition of the rule of law and order on the criminal aggregates and other banned armed groups in situations of conflict and in post – Daesh is the highest priority. Sustainable peace also requires that the principles of justice, accountability, tolerance and respect for human rights are to be directed to all future actions paying particular attention to the most vulnerable groups such as women, children and minorities. must also be the perpetrators of atrocities to justice and should be held accountable for human rights violators. it follows that the eradication of the ideology of extremism and militancy from the minds of those affected by this scourge . Similarly, sustainable peace requires the right to return home for all, without any manipulation or demographic resort to reprisals or punishment or forced evictions. ”

He Kubis, “must be based on peace, which needs the country strongly and citizens really deserve, strong unity, cooperation, justice, tolerance and coexistence foundations ranging from community levels , local and tribal communities to prevent the return to previous periods and the risk of devastating consequences.”

He called UN envoy Iraqis to look towards the future with optimism is unwavering and engage in a meaningful dialogue in a spirit of partnership to resolve differences that impede progress, and the fight against corruption , which saps the country ‘s money, repair and re – energize the economy to put the country on the road to further work and prosperity opportunities. The government also urged in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government to take advantage of the ideal military cooperation in the fight against Daesh, and to initiate action now to resolve outstanding issues, especially theissue of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution in respect of borders and disputed areas , particularly the status of Kirkuk, through dialogue and genuine partnership.

He said Kubis “The United Nations , which stood by Iraq in the darkest circumstances three years ago when he took over the organization of Daesh on large areas of its territory until it reached the gates of Baghdad will continue to support him in the post – Daesh determination and vigor, and will work with the central government and local authorities and political leaders components and spectra of various tribes, minorities and civil society organizations, as well as youth and women ‘s organizations. ”

He added that part of this endeavor is ” to provide assistance to the bodies of election administration which is the Independent High Electoral Commission and the Independent High Commission for the election of the Kurdistan Region after the Tkhaddaan restructuring and reform, in support ofelectoral processes and in particular the House of Representatives elections in 2018, which should take place on time constitutional. ”

He continued Kubis “The road ahead will be fraught with challenges, but we must now applaud the Iraqis and stand in tribute to their sacrifices. Today is the day of Iraq, and to extend my sincere congratulations to the Iraqi people Amadehm steadily towards the restoration of their country and build it to be a home incubator for all.”




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