Supreme Council praises the imposition of security in Kirkuk and calls Kurdish leaders to dialogue with Baghdad

Release date: 2017/10/20 13:07 

(Karbala: Euphrates News) praised the supreme religious authority, good behavior in the imposition of security and the federal authority in the province of Kirkuk, “calling” Kurdish leaders to dialogue with the federal government according to the Constitution.

“Everyone knows the latest developments in the political and security arena and the redeployment of the Iraqi army and the federal police in the province of Kirkuk and some other regions, and we express our high appreciation,” said the representative of the supreme authority in Karbala Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai in his Friday sermon delivered from inside the courtyard. The good behavior of the various parties to complete this process peacefully and avoid the armed clash between the dear brothers who have long worked side by side in the fight against terrorism Daashi. ” 

“We want to emphasize that this important event should not be counted as a victory for one party and a break for another. It is a victory for all Iraqis, whether it is used for the country’s interests without personal or sectarian interests,” he said. 

He pointed out that “the Iraqis, with their various components of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and others, have to live with each other on this precious land. They have no chance of building a better tomorrow in which they will enjoy security, stability, prosperity and wellbeing, but with the concerted effort of all to solve the problems accumulated over the past years based on justice. Fairness and equality among all Iraqis in the rights and duties and build confidence between them away from the tendencies of authoritarian and ethnic or sectarianism and the adoption of the Constitution, which is despite the shortcomings of the contract, which was accepted by most Iraqis when the referendum must be respected and take care of all And its provisions unless modified in accordance with the mechanism provided for therein. ”

“We appeal to all, especially political leaders and elites, to strengthen national unity on constitutional grounds and to strengthen the bonds of love among the Iraqi people by ensuring the interests of all without exception and avoiding retaliation with recent events, easing tension in the common areas and facilitating the return of the displaced, To their homes and to preserve public and private property without encroachment and to suppress any manifestations that suggest racism or sectarianism, whether by publishing video or audio clips, or by raising banners or slogans, burning pictures or flags or otherwise. ” 

He called on the concerned parties to take appropriate measures to prosecute those who carry out these immoral acts that harm the peace and coexistence between the people of this country and call on the federal government to do more to reassure the Kurdish citizens that it will employ all its energies in order to protect and care on an equal basis with the rest of Iraq. Their constitutional rights nothing. ” 

The representative of the Supreme Reference also called on “the Kurdish leaders to unite their ranks and work to overcome the current crisis through cooperation with the federal government on the basis of constitutional hope that this will lead to solutions fair and convincing for all.”


Director of Sulaymaniyah Airport / Mawazin News /: We are ready to cooperate with Baghdad to supervise us


Since 2017-10-19 at 17:29 (Baghdad time)

Special – Mawazine News

Sulaymaniyah airport director Taher Abdullah confirmed on Thursday that the airport administration is ready to cooperate with any team sent from Baghdad to supervise the airport.

“According to the recent decisions of the Iraqi cabinet, we are waiting for the arrival of a special team from Baghdad to supervise the airport,” Abdullah told Mawazin News. “Things can not stay the same.”

“The administration of Sulaymaniyah airport is ready to cooperate with any team that is sent by Baghdad to cooperate with him regarding the supervision of the airport,” he said.

The international air traffic stopped from the Kurdistan region and to it, on Friday night (September 29, 2017), after the central government imposed a ban in response to the region’s vote on the referendum on independence.

A day after the no-flight decision, Sulaymaniyah airport director Taher Abdullah told Mawazine News on Saturday (September 30, 2017) that the decision of the Baghdad government to stop the flights led to the suspension and paralyzing of traffic at the airport and caused great losses to companies.


Chevron ‘s economy looks to resume its work in Kurdistan

Chevron looks forward to resuming its work in Kurdistan
5 hours ago

US Chevron said on Thursday it had temporarily suspended drilling activities to explore oil and gas in Iraqi Kurdistan.
“Chevron has decided to suspend its operations temporarily,” a company spokeswoman said in a statement.
In September, Chevron dug the first exploratory well in Iraqi Kurdistan after a two-year hiatus.
“We remain in regular contact with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. We look forward to resuming our operations as soon as circumstances permit. “

URGENT Aboul Gheit to Abadi: The referendum crisis is getting better and there are signs of a breakthrough


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Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi received a telephone call from Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Thursday.
“During the communication, the deployment of Iraqi federal forces in the province of Kirkuk and the imposition of order there were discussed, in addition to political and security situations and the decision to fight with Daash,” a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office said.
Aboul Gheit praised Abadi’s courage, courage, leadership and wisdom in dealing with the referendum crisis, stressing that “the importance of pursuing the dialogue is to preserve the spirit of the Arab-Kurdish brothers,” adding that “things are improving and there are signs of détente.”
For his part, Abadi said that “the local police in Kirkuk have been protected by security and that the situation is stable in the province and we are watching it closely, and there are those who are trying to raise media and will not allow it.”


A large Saudi trade delegation arrives in Baghdad


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[Ayn-Baghdad] A
large commercial delegation from Saudi Arabia arrived in the capital Baghdad to participate in the Saudi pavilion at the Baghdad International Fair in its 44th session, from 21 to 30 October, represented by 60 companies from various industrial and service sectors.
“A day after receiving the Saudi Fly Nas Air, Transport Minister Kazem Al-Alami received on Thursday the Royal Saudi Airlines plane carrying a large Saudi delegation, the largest after a break,” the ministry said in a statement. 27 years between the two countries, in the presence of the charge d’affaires of the Saudi Embassy in Iraq Abdul Aziz al-Shammari, Director General of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority Hussein Mohsen and Director General of Iraqi Airways Engineer Miran Farid.
Al-Hamami said during his meeting with the Saudi delegation that “the features of joy and happiness were on the faces of everyone at Baghdad International Airport and embracing their brothers to be the real breakthrough between the two brotherly countries.
He added that “the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority will take on the task of coordination and communication with the Saudi side to organize schedules and timelines for regular flights between the two neighboring countries.”
Al-Shammari pointed out that “the Royal Saudi plane will arrive at Baghdad International Airport with more than 200 people from various fields to participate more actively in Baghdad International Fair in its 44th session.”
Al-Shammari appreciated the warm reception and hospitality of the Iraqis, which demonstrates the originality and heritage of this good country.
The Minister of Transport yesterday received a plane belonging to the company Fly Nas Saudi Arabia in an incident is good for the return of relations between the two countries in various fields.

The objectives and indications of hosting the Security Council for the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq

Wadih al-Hancal

The hosting of the UN Security Council by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Professor Ali Mohsen Al-Alak, can be described in a special session as an important and unprecedented step in the history of the international organization

According to Article 23 of the Charter of the United Nations, the history of the UN Security Council has not been recorded as a similar event since its founding in 1946.

The move has helped inform the members of the Security Council on the plans and contributions of the Central Bank in the areas of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism and preserving the value of the national currency, despite the difficult and extraordinary conditions that Iraq has been developing over the past years.

The importance of hosting the 15 members of the UN Security Council, including the permanent five of the Governor of the Central Bank in a special session, lies in the future impact on the level of confidence in investors and correspondent banks with the strength of the Iraqi economy in general and banking in particular,

The governor’s explanation played a major role in drawing a clear picture of the role of the central bank in maintaining the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies and maintaining a reserve of hard currency, estimated at 48 billion dollars, a figure universally accepted, as well as the role of the Central Bank Almthrafi face the financial crisis that passed Is still being drained by Iraq because of the decline in oil prices , which account for more than 90 percent of Iraq’s budget, as well as the major economic and financial challenges and burdens of the war on terrorism and the reconstruction of damaged and destroyed Iraqi cities.

The governor has succeeded in explaining Iraq’s economic and financial situation, present and future, in front of the biggest, most important and most dangerous international forum, and painted a realistic picture of its members without exaggeration, removing the ambiguity and confusion that might be a young Iraqi scene. of delivering them a lot of specialists in political affairs, and succeeded conservative clear success in the review of the central bank ‘s plans ” the biggest monetary institution in Iraq” in the areas of support for small and medium – sized enterprises and adopt Almaiaratah in the fight against money laundering and the financing ofterrorism, strengthen Doralmassarv cash and Toviralciolh, and insisted On Aledjarvi government and private banks, and strict controls are binding on all banks as a basis to assess and cope with the stifling financial crisis faced by Iraq.

The hosting of the Security Council by the Governor of the Central Bank is a first step which should be followed by steps in bridging the gaps and building bridges with the global financial and economic decision-making bodies, including the UN Economic and Social Council, which will coordinate, prepare studies, draw conclusions and make recommendations on economic and social issues. Mission in all countries of the world.

It is necessary to note here that the hosting of the governor by the UN Security Council came days before the visit of a large Iraqi banking delegation to Washington for important talks with senior officials of US and international banks, with the aim of restoring confidence in Iraqi banks and the end of the embargo imposed by some correspondent banks,

The visit of the delegation aims to restore investor confidence in the Iraqi economy in general and banking in particular and bridging the relationship with the banks and international financial houses and creating a state of trust in it with a stingy Iraqi financial situation present and future,

According to reports from Washington that the delegation, which was the Association of Private Banks Durkbervi formation, has achieved remarkable successes in establishing links of broad cooperation between Iraqi banks and their American counterparts.

President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks

Boris Johnson to Abadi: we told Barzani referendum was a mistake


British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is pictured in New Delhi, India January 18, 2017. REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

Baghdad ( The United Kingdom had told Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani that the September referendum on independence from Iraq was a mistake, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s office said Thursday.

“The British government is aware that the referendum was a mistake, and I had told Mr. Masud Barzani so before he took that step. The U.K. wanted to dissuade him,” Abadi’s media office quoted British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson as telling Abadi in a phone call.

Kurdistan region said last month 92% of voters, with a turnout of nearly 73%, backed independence from Iraq during the poll held on 25th.The referendum has been widely disapproved by major world powers, including the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, Turkey and Iran.

Baghdad insists that the poll was a violation of the constitution, while Erbil sought to make it a basis for future talks on disputed issues.

The Iraq government has adopted a set of punitive measures against Erbil, including closures of borders and airspaces, and, most recently, a military takeover of Kirkuk, the province to which Erbil and Baghdad claim sovereignty.

On Wednesday, U.K. Foreign Office minister for the Middle East, Alistair Burt, said the United Kingdom  supports equitable social representation in Kirkuk province governance, urging Iraq and Kurdish sides to reduce tensions.