warnings of the closure of the border between Iraq and Iran

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The tension in the southern provinces of Iraq and its impact on the border between Iraq and Iran has raised fears of the closure of the border between the two countries, including the border with the Kurdistan Region, as the relevant authorities in the provincial government the risks of those possibilities.

Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce deputy Nozad Ghafoor said in a press statement that so far there is no possibility of closing the borders of the international region because of the tensions that occur in a number of Iraqi provinces.

But if tensions grow and continue, it is likely to raise concerns among neighboring countries and become a reason to close the border with Iraq and the region.

On the impact of the closure of the border in the region, the First Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce of Sulaymaniyah said in a press statement that because of the lack of infrastructure in the region and if Turkey and Iran to close the border with him, it means causing the suicide of the region.

He added that the region is now working on preparations for the construction of large complexes to store the needs, but these preparations did not come into force.

For his part, the representative of the regional government in Iran, Nazim Dabbagh said in a press statement that until the Iraqi government remains in power, the prospects of Iran to close the border with the region a few, adding that the closure of the border is not only at the request of the Iraqi government.

Dabbagh stressed that the tensions and complications in Iraq is an internal issue, pointing out that the issue of border closure is not easy because economically and living people will cause the creation of a major problem.




URGENT Al-Diwaniya: The arrest of all guards of the headquarters of Badr on the background of the killing of a demonstrator yesterday

Release Date: 2018/7/21 20:50

{Diwaniyah: Euphrates News} ordered the Minister of Interior to detain all the guards of the headquarters of the Badr Organization in the province of Diwaniyah.

A source in the Diwaniya police told the {Euphrates News} that “and ordered by Interior Minister Qassim Araji, it was decided to detain all the guards of the headquarters of the Badr Organization in Diwaniyah on the background of the killing of the demonstrator (Hussein Yusuf) yesterday afternoon in front of the headquarters of the organization.”

He explained that “the detention comes within the investigative procedures where the forensic team completed its work and pending a judicial order for implementation.”


Urgent issuance of government decisions concerning Muthanna



Date of release: 2018/7/21 20:32 • 2 times read
Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi stressed that the government’s duty is to communicate with citizens and listen to them and to consider their requests and respond to them, 
indicating that even in times of distress and fighting against gangs we would listen to our citizens and spare no effort to provide services to them. 

This came during a meeting between the two delegations of Muthanna residents from the elders, dignitaries, youth and representatives of the demonstrators in the presence of the members of the service and security crisis cell and to listen to their demands and discuss them. He pointed out that the services and security are going in a coherent manner and it is important to cooperate with the members of our security forces to protect the country. 

Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi said: “We have stood and we have won victories over terrorism and we are starting to build and provide services, construction and reconstruction. We must cooperate with a federal and local government, tribes, citizens, institutions and organizations to provide service.

He pointed out that there is sadness because Iraq has returned stronger and won a warning from the owners of agendas want to sabotage your demonstrations and sabotage the situation, the citizen has real demands and we want to meet them. 

He continued: “What is important to us is to provide projects that serve the citizen and create employment opportunities, stressing the importance of the role of young people as a creative energy and use them in the right way. 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources provided drinking water and agriculture as well as directing the Ministry of Electricity to dismantle the bottlenecks and increase the proportion of processing for the province. 

Dr. Haider al-Abadi also provided job opportunities and the removal of the nepotism and nepotism in the government departments in addition to the opportunities for employment in investment projects. 

Health departments were also instructed to launch customizations to provide services in hospitals. 

His Excellency also directed the support of farmers to achieve self-sufficiency of crops.

The two decisions were issued by the Prime Minister, which are: 

1 – Launching appointments to the degrees of movement of owners in Muthanna province and cost the Ministry of Finance to provide financial cover in different sectors. 

2- Review the development projects of the regions and projects of the ministries to provide the appropriate funding for the basic ones. 

3- Reviewing the problems of the Samawah Water Project to start work for its completion. 

4 – Evaluation of the draft bridge in the city and work to lift the rubble and open the streets immediately and provide the necessary funding. 

5- The second corridor of the entrance to the city of Samawah, and start immediately and provide funding. 

6 – address the problem of completing the bridge Draghi concrete and provide the necessary funding. 

7- Resolving the forms of the vegetable water project immediately, in coordination between the Ministry of Construction and Municipalities and the Ministry of Planning.

8- Completion of the Rumaitha district sewerage project and financing of the allocation scheduled for 2018 and verification of payment of the connection without service. 

9. Completion of funding of Muthanna Health Department budget for the provision of medicines and health supplies and the Ministry of Health to facilitate procurement procedures for the examination of medical materials. 

10- Studying the causes of delay in the German hospital, which has a 30% completion rate and make specific recommendations regarding its completion. 

11- Studying postponement of repayment of farmers’ loans according to the specificity of the projects and their working conditions for an appropriate period or exempting them from the interest of loans. 

12. The Ministry of Water Resources shall secure the share of Muthanna Governorate from the Euphrates River and the Hilla River for drinking and watering. 

13- Financing the water enhancement project – consolidation as established in the general budget for 2018.

14. The Ministry of Electricity shall submit an immediate report on the requirements required to ensure the electricity share of the province and to investigate the causes of the voltages in some areas. 

15 – Ensure the quota of social welfare allocations to the province and confirm priority given to poverty reduction strategy projects. 

16. Immediately work on linking basic services to residential apartments in Al-Rumaitha and Umm Al-Asafir. 

17 – address the need for a station card suitable for the crescent. 

18 – Provide an immediate disclosure of the scheme of street exhaustion in the district of Rumaitha. 

19. Implementation of resolution 52 of 2017 on wages of workers

Tomorrow .. The Electoral Commission begins counting and manual counting of the Babylon funds


07:09 – 21/07/2018

Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Electoral Commission for elections announced on Saturday the start of the manual counting and counting of the centers and stations of the province of Babylon, on Sunday.
The official spokesperson of the Electoral Commission, Judge Laith Jabr Hamza, said that “the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned, began the counting and manual sorting of the centers and stations that received complaints and appeals to the province of Babylon, and in the center of the province.”
Jabr added that “the narrow space in the Baghdad International Fair and to accelerate the completion of the centers and stations contested in the said province has decided the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned to be direct counting and counting on Sunday in the center of the province under the direct supervision of the Board of Commissioners, Babil province “.
He pointed out that “the right place for counting and counting was chosen,” calling on the media, political party agents in the province, representatives of the United Nations and organizations concerned with the electoral issue to “attend for the purpose of monitoring the process.”
On Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the process of partial re-counting and counting of votes was initiated, in preparation for the approval of the results that the political blocs were preparing for, after engaging in the movement of the establishment of parliamentary alliances in preparation for the process of forming the government.
As started in the capital Baghdad, on Monday (July 9, 2018), the manual counting and counting of the election funds for six provinces.


Abadi agrees to launch the Muthanna job grades


Politics, security and economySaturday 21 July 2018 – 06:30 PM

Part of the recent Muthanna demonstrations
Al-Muthanna province announced on Saturday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has approved the launch of the governorate’s special jobs within the 2015, 2016 and 2018 traffic for the health, municipal, education and police departments, in addition to allocating KD 83 billion to complete regional development projects and increase the number of social welfare salaries

The media office of the province said in a statement received by al-Marbid that Abbadi agreed during the meeting, which he gathered with the delegation of the province to transfer the demands of the demonstrators also to include the German hospital projects and water Muthanna great priorities of the Council of Ministers and increase water releases to provide drinking water and irrigation in the winter season, That the Prime Minister also agreed to support the electricity projects through the construction of secondary stations and supply the province with mobile stations as well as the direct opening of the streets close to Al-Sadr.