The Finance Committee suspends its work until disputes over the budget are resolved

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2023-05-28 | 13:00



The complexities of the budget reached its peak and the bumps in the way of its approval increased, the latest of which was the demand of the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Shakhwan Abdullah to correct the number of members of the Finance Committee and suspend its work.

The last obstacles that stand in the way of the budget and increase the complications of its adoption are the demand of the Second Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Shakhouan Abdullah to correct the number of members of the Finance Committee to twenty-three instead of twenty-four and suspend its work until the restructuring of the committee, which prompted the Presidency of Parliament to enter into negotiations to restore things to normal.

The second deputy’s demand to correct the number of members came at a time when the conflict is still raging over the amendments made by the Finance Committee on the region’s share, while deputies believe it as part of the dispute and an attempt to reconsider those amendments.اللجنة-المالية-تعلّق-اعمالها-لحين-حسم-الخلافات-حول


An important meeting to discuss two articles in the budget related to the Kurdistan Region

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Shafaq News / The State Administration Coalition is scheduled to hold a special meeting on Monday evening on the share of the Kurdistan Region in the state budget.

The coalition of the State Administration Alliance includes “Coordination Framework, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Sovereignty, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Azm, and Babylonian.”

A source familiar with the matter, Shafaq News, said that the meeting will focus on articles 13 and 14 of the previously agreed Iraqi budget bill.

Last night, the coordination framework held a meeting in Baghdad to prepare for the meeting of the State Administration Coalition on Monday.

Yesterday, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Faisal Al-Naili, revealed to Shafaq News the move of the State Administration Coalition to hold a meeting (on Monday), to resolve the general budget dispute, explaining that the committee did not stop its work as much as it postponed its meetings for the purpose of giving an opportunity to the State Administration Alliance to discuss the articles related to the Kurdistan Region.

The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, expressed “deep concern,” which he called the changes that touched the paragraphs of the Iraqi budget bill related to the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region, and said he rejected them “completely.”

Before that, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masroor Barzani, said that “a group in the Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives has made changes to the draft federal budget, violating a prior agreement we concluded with His Excellency Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and his government,” noting that “the agreement, which is the cornerstone of cooperation between Erbil and Baghdad, and everyone must respect its terms.”

Last Thursday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee voted to oblige the Kurdistan Region to pay 10% monthly of the salaries deducted to its employees, including the budget amendments that are being discussed.

A member of the parliamentary finance committee, Mustafa Sanad, also confirmed the committee’s vote on amending paragraphs related to the region in the budget law, related to his delivery of oil, while pointing to the withdrawal of the deputies of the Democratic Party bloc from the meeting.

On March 13, the Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the largest financial budget in the history of the country, which exceeded 197 trillion and 828 billion Iraqi dinars, (about 152.2 billion dollars), with a total deficit of 63 trillion Iraqi dinars, taking advantage of the rise in oil prices globally, which constitutes more than 95% of the country’s financial revenues, amid the objections of financial experts and law regarding the budget items, but it has not taken its way to approval so far because of differences.سیاسة/اجتماع-مهم-لمناقشة-مادتين-في-الموازنة-تخص-قليم-كوردستان

Thursday.. Starting electronic payment in Iraq

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Thursday.. Starting electronic payment in Iraq


{Economic: Euphrates News} Government and private banks and electronic payment companies are preparing to disseminate the experience of the electronic payment system and deploy POS devices in government and private institutions, shops and commercial shopping centers.

According to a source familiar with {Euphrates News}, “electronic payment will be activated in the collection of funds in many ministries, other government agencies and the private sector.”
He pointed out that “the decision of the Council of Ministers to implement the electronic payment system will enter into force on 23/16/1, that is, after three days.”الخميس-بدء-الدفع-الالكتروني-في-العراق

Al-Kalbi: The budget is ready for voting and we will collect signatures to hold it if it breaks down for next Wednesday

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Al-Kalbi: The budget is ready for voting and we will collect signatures to hold it if it breaks down for next Wednesday


{Policy: Euphrates News} A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Youssef Al-Kalbi, announced the readiness of the draft federal budget law and its submission to a vote.

Al-Kalbi said, for the {without charges} program broadcast by Al-Farat satellite channel on Sunday evening, that: “The committee has finished 99% of the budget and waiting for the date of the session to be scheduled, and if the voting session on the law does not take place until next Wednesday, we will work to collect signatures to hold the session.”
He added, “The first axis of the dispute revolves around the delivery of the region’s oil to Baghdad and we have a problem of stopping exporting through Ceyhan port and the problem with Turkey will not be resolved for months.”
Al-Kalbi continued, “The problem of the region with Baghdad revolves around the delivery of its oil to Sumo and the subject is purely technical and we submitted the proposals 21 days before the discussion and asked them to respond,” pointing out that “Deputy Ikhlas Al-Dulaimi fabricated a lot of problems to end the parliamentary session and we asked the Speaker of the House of Representatives to replace it in the Finance Committee.”
“The second axis of the dispute with the Kurdistan region over the calculation of money from oil revenues in the account of the Central Bank and the Parti Party refused,” he continued.
He pointed out that “the Office of Financial Supervision does not know where the money of the region has been spent since 2004, and the region is represented by parties and the Kurdish people are Iraqi, and the National Union has made a bold decision in favor of the Kurdish people and demanded justice in distributing money to the citizens of the region.”
Al-Kalbi denied that “the Finance Committee suspended its work and that it is going to vote on the budget, and the letter of the deputy speaker of parliament is invalid as it exceeded his powers and transferred the position from all Iraqis to my party to disrupt the work of the committee.”
“The position of sovereignty is embarrassing because of the number of displaced people, teachers and teachers working in the Kurdistan region, and we appreciate their embarrassment, and more than 20 deputies in the committee participated in discussing the details of the budget,” he added.
Al-Kalbi continued, “The coordination framework meeting called for the speedy adoption of the budget, there are basics and principles drawn up by leaders and there are laws drawn up by parliament,” noting that “the deficit in the federal budget reaches 65 trillion dinars, which is a planning deficit and not realistic under the rest of the year.”
“The allocations of Wasit governorate in the budget are not enough for any project, and the amount we succeeded in transferring did not exceed 7 trillion dinars, and the Finance Committee decided to increase the allocations of the governorates and oblige the government from next year to open support funds for all governorates, especially the holy and poorest areas, and Basra must be more equitable because it provides 90% of the budget.”
“There is no tax on mobile cards in the budget, which will proceed to vote and voting controls will be present at the session,” Al-Kalbi concluded.الكلابي-الموازنة-جاهزة-للتصويت-وسنجمع-التواقيع-لعقدها-اذا-تعطلت-للأربعاء-المقبل

Parliamentary Finance: A Political Agreement To Make Amendments To The Territory’s Articles In The Budget



Earth News / A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, MP Mustafa Sanad, revealed, on Sunday, a political agreement to make amendments to the region’s articles in the budget.

“A political agreement to amend amendments to the articles of the region, the proposed articles are less severe than the touches of the Finance Committee and more severe than the government draft,” Sanad wrote in a blog post read by Earth News.

المالية النيابية: اتفاق سياسي لإجراء تعديلات بمواد الإقليم في الموازنة

Source: The framework meets at Mandalawi House to determine the date of approval of the budget

A political source familiar with the matter said on Sunday that the coordination framework held a meeting at the house of First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohsen Al-Mandalawi.

The source, who preferred not to be named in an interview with Al-Mutala Agency, said that “the forces of the framework met in Beit Al-Mandalawi to discuss the problems facing the adoption of the budget, especially after the items related to the allocations of the Kurdistan region.”

The source added that “the attendees set a date for a parliamentary session this week, with the aim of voting on the budget.”مصدر-الإطار-يجتمع-في-بيت-المندلاوي-لتحديد-موعد-إقرار-الموازنة

The Governor of the Central Bank announces the start of the establishment of Riyada Bank for Social Development

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, announced today, Saturday, the start of the establishment of a Riyada Bank for Social Development, while stressing that the bank will provide the necessary support for the establishment of the bank.

Al-Alaq said in a speech during the annual Iraqi banking conference, that “as part of the Central Bank’s efforts to support the Iraqi economy and the private sector and stimulate the banking sector, we are currently working on completing new projects, including: First: the establishment of a Riyada Bank for Social Development in line with the government direction and the Prime Minister’s directions to support young people and small and medium enterprises, and secondly: the Prime Minister’s launch of the Riyada Initiative for Development and Employment Initiative, and this will be the first source in Iraq to care about vulnerable groups, especially for low-income people, women, small and micro entrepreneurs, as well as owners of innovation and entrepreneurship, and granting them soft loans and simple guarantees because of their great impact on reducing unemployment and poverty.”

He added, “The Prime Minister launched a while ago, his initiative to support young people, which is a leadership initiative for development and employment,” calling on banks to “contribute to the establishment of a Riyada Bank for Social Development because of its social and economic dimensions, and its contribution to increasing the proportion of the non-oil economy.”

He pointed out that “the Central Bank will provide the necessary support for the establishment of this bank in terms of regulation, financing and transfer in lending small projects that we started since 2015 to this bank, and this will allow the bank a strong start by providing this financing from the Central Bank.” It’s over 29/N33

The coordination framework stresses the need to resolve the budget file as soon as possible

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
The coordination framework stressed, today, Sunday, the need to resolve the draft general budget law for the current year as soon as possible.

The framework said in a statement, a copy of which was received by Mawazine News, that “the coordination framework held its regular meeting No. 157 in the office of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mohsen Al-Mandalawi and in the presence of the Prime Minister and the leaders of the coordination framework.”

The statement added that “during the meeting, they discussed the latest developments and political developments, and a number of important files, foremost of which is the draft federal budget law for the three years (2023, 2024, 2025).”

The framework stressed, according to the statement, “the need to resolve the budget file as soon as possible, because of its direct link to the work of the government and the daily affairs of citizens and to achieve its service requirements.” Finished 29/m99

Erdogan: I thank my people who have had the opportunity to take responsibility for for the next 5 years


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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday expressed gratitude to the people for giving them the opportunity to take responsibility towards them for the next 5 years.

“We are Istanbul fans with it we started our march and with it we will continue,” Erdogan said.

He added: “We thank the noble Turkish people who gave us a democratic celebration between two blessed Eid. I thank my people who have had the opportunity to take responsibility for it for the next 5 years.”

“We have repeatedly said that the holy march will not falter and we will not disappoint everyone who counts on us,” Erdogan continued, stressing that “the whole Turkish people are the winner of this election.”

“I think the CHP will bid farewell to Kemal Klitschdaroglu and hold him responsible for the poor performance in the elections,” the Turkish president continued.

“Our goal is that our country does not abandon the desired goals and for the people to uphold their unity,” Erdogan continued. Finished 29/m99