A major media plan to celebrate the victory Week

7/12/2017 3:35

Baghdad / morning  ,
prepared by the General Secretariat of theCouncil of Ministers with the state of the ministries and provinces and departments not associated with the Ministry of major media plan to celebrate the victories of our heroic institutions.
A statement by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, received «morning», that «over the past months and since the start of liberalization of Mosul operations was under direct coordination with all institutions, as it has been prepared and its launch media plan once declared commander of the armed forces , the statement of the great victory».
The plan , which lasts a whole week and bears the name (week victory), according to thestatement, «many events begin official celebrations organized in all government institutions as the plan includes festivals of poetry and singing throughout the days of theweek as well as the establishment of blood donation campaigns were coordinated by the Ministry of Health and schedule prepared in advance. »
The statement added , «also will establish government institutions during the week ofvictory art exhibitions of photographs embody the victories of our troops and tournaments of our martyrs in the battle against terrorism and the role of war correspondents and their coverage of what media house in the arena of
The included media plan, according to the statement, «big campaigns to raise the Iraqi media and publications that carry slogans of victory and decorating government buildings and printed T – shirts bearing the slogan approved victory with the launch of a week -Nasr also will hold government bodies celebrations to honor the families of martyrs and wounded on this occasion and donation campaigns in- kind materials to families in theprovince Nineveh ».
The plan includes «numerous artistic performances , including the creation of artistic performances, plays and sings Aobrittat victories of
our troops».
Also will set up the Ministry of Youth and Sports, according to the plan, «many sports activities including the creation of games of football and the organization run it suburb Minister of Youth and Sports participate in addition to paragraphs sports and other organized at the ministry ‘s headquarters, as well as the establishment of some institutions , a charity market allocates the proceeds to the families of the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the soil of our country
dear ».



Celebrating: Victory Statement Bring happiness to the hearts of all Iraqis


12/7/2017 4:16 am

Governorates / Morning Reporters
All confirmed that the day of 10 August 2017, will remain a memory stuck in the minds of successive generations, and how does not remain where the declaration of the liberation of the second largest city of Iraq from the hands of gangs, “calling” criminal, the statement of victory Enter joy to the hearts of all Iraqis without exception, and through everyone in Iraq From north to south of his joy in his way, even children and boys also expressed their joy in the victory statement announced by Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi on Monday.
Scenes of joy
As soon as the announcement of the Prime Minister victory statement, the events of victory celebration started in various provinces of Iraq, has seen the whole world through satellite channels and social networking sites. In Diyala province, our correspondent (Nabil Al-Shammari) observed the festive atmosphere and the joy that prevailed over its surroundings, Women and spread roses over the heads of the members of the controls and Almorabat, and Alkkv that rose in praise and thank God for the victory of Iraq in its battle against the forces of evil and atonement and criminality.

Various festive events
The activities of the expression “joy” in Baquba, the center of the province and the province of Khalis and areas of Habhab and New and Mandali and Kanan and Abi Sidon and Muqdadiya and Zahirat and Beni Saad, the activities were different and varied, as the youth group started cars roaming the streets amid songs and national songs and greet the passers-by and the security forces deployed In cafes, restaurants and markets, the echoes of the loudspeakers that broadcast national anthems rose, while the elderly and the mothers of the martyrs rose up with praise and thanks to God for their generosity in the success of the heroic security forces, while there were those who sacrificed the sacrifices, Pray.
In a heartening scene, dozens gathered at the intersection of Jerusalem, the main entrance to the city of Baquba to receive a federal police officer colonel rank, one of the participants in the liberation of Mosul was greeted with a warm welcome and deliver to his home Ahazij and cheers.
The most important features of these events are the celebrations of children and boys, so they had the best part of singing and dancing with all spontaneity and innocence. They stayed for long hours until the end of the night firing fireworks and gathering in the streets of neighborhoods and alleys, chanting national songs and dancing with joy in a scene that brought joy and pleasure. In the hearts of everyone, and exchange phrases (liberated Mosul .. their death to Daash .. the army took the Mosul .. Ahnh Vaznh .. Ktlohm Daas).

Events of Victory Week
Governor of Wasit Malek Khalaf al-Saidi, announced in an interview with the correspondent of “Sabah” Hassan Shahid al-Azzawi, the launch of the events of victory victory in the announcement of the liberation of Mosul Mosul gangs, “Daash” criminal, explaining that the celebration includes artistic, cultural and literary events in coordination with the Union of Writers, The Department of the Cultural House and the Department of School Activity of the Directorate of Education Governorate.
He pointed out that the events will include the establishment of artistic festivals, literary and poetry evenings, art exhibitions, photo exhibitions documenting the crimes of the preachers and the victories of our armed forces and the popular crowd of champions. He pointed out that the events of the victory week will be under the supervision of a special committee so that the events will be centralized.

The beginning of the end of the world terrorism
“Today, the eyes of mothers, widows and orphans have been approved and we have taken revenge on the martyrs of Spyker,” he said. “Today is the day of rehabilitation for mothers, the elderly and the children, the day that generations will pass.” To tell them that the Iraqis were able to liberate their cities without external interference, which is the beginning of the end of terrorism in the world.
The Iraqi people managed to expel the invaders “Al-Dawash” by uniting the ranks and the word and standing a one-man stand. He pointed out that the Iraqis proved today that they are capable of liberating their cities and occupation. The ground without external interference.

Happy celebrations in Karbala
In the holy province of Karbala, the celebrations began with the victory week and the preservation of all its constituencies was expanded, with decorations being raised and participation in all events.
The governor of Karbala Aqil al-Turaihi called for the lifting of the Iraqi flag and the publication of decorations and the organization of events in the state departments all within the activities of the victory week, explaining that the departments began to implement the preparations for the celebration , Karnafala great rejoicing in the return of Mosul and disinfection of the dandruff gangs “dashing” and overthrow the fairy tale.
He added that the province will also organize fun rallies in which citizens will participate as a central festival will be held in which poets and intellectuals will participate, pointing out that the artistic events will be launched in the province, according to its activities and institutions, whether governmental or civil society organizations. He noted that Karbala University will hold a big celebration on this occasion.

Exhibition of paintings
On the other hand, the Husseini Art Division of the Holy Husseiniya threshold opened its exhibition of paintings in the area between the two holy mosques, which embodied the tournaments and sacrifices of the factions of the popular mobs and the security forces of all kinds in their fight against the terrorists of Da’ash, in addition to their humanitarian role in dealing with displaced families .
The exhibition coincides with the popular celebrations of the victory of the gangs, “calling” obscurantism, to highlight the honorable and historical positions of the popular crowd and security forces at present and for future generations.



Military analyst: big signs and the killing of al-Baghdadi documents confirm submission of his successor within a week


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said military analyst Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, there are significant indications that the killing of a guerrilla leader Daesh terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Khalaf said, during an interview with Al – Furat satellite, the “big indicators on thenews of the killing of al – Baghdadi ‘s health,” adding that ” the Iraqi intelligence got a document confirming start trading the news of al – Baghdadi killed during the week toprovide another to replace it, and there are assurances from the intelligence services close to confirm the vision of al – Baghdadi in Albu Kamal , a wounded moving very slowly and wearing a certain type of clothing critical and serious condition. ”
He added, “With these reports can not go to forget the topic that al – Baghdadi isgoing through a decline Daesh in Iraq and Syria, under heavy blows and can not issue a voice or hang of it as a symbol of this criminal organization.”
He stressed that “his death is almost approaching the truth is very large, and only what is useful if destroyed Daesh lost power and the Caliph is not talking about it isgoing through the plight of the leadership of The organization.”
He pointed behind, that ” the battle of Mosul and defeat Daesh in his stronghold different from the battles led by the armed forces and the circumstances of any troops had maintained military performance and prevent them from sacrifices in thebattle of Mosul , different verse , where emphasis was placed on the preservation of civilians, so the battle of the new calibrator and by all standards. ”
He continued, ” The bulk of the military file Daesh ended, and other files can go once and ends with this file and then turn to the border and priorities.”
And the liberation of Tall Afar , west of Mosul, said Maj . Gen. Khalaf, “there were visions of Turkish concerns were transferred to the US side as an ally of Iraq and Turkey from America important allies, that part of the popular crowd of three formations of the people of Tal Afar and lost their property and their women, which could generate some kind of revenge for other residents. ”
Said Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, yesterday, achieving a brilliant victory on Daesh gangs in Mosul , the collapse of the state myth and terror Aldaasha, stressing unity, on his way to salute supreme religious authority , which launched a fatwa declared jihad Ulkipaia, stressing that the victory achieved planning Iraqis and Qtalem.anthy

Coalition forces announced the postponement of the Sunni forces conference


An official source in the Iraqi coalition forces on Tuesday, the postponement of the Sunni forces scheduled conference next Saturday, because of the military parade, which called him Prime Minister.

The source said in a press interview, said that “the Alliance of Sunni forces scheduled to be held next Saturday, will be postponed because of the military parade called by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.”

The source added that “the likely date for the conference next Monday.”

Abadi visits the operations headquarters to follow up on the liberated Mosul settlement plan


Abadi visits the operations headquarters to follow up on the liberated Mosul settlement plan

2 hours ago
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The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haidar al-Abadi, visited the headquarters of operations to follow up the plan of the liberated Mosul.
The office of Abadi said in a statement received by “Al-Ghad Press” that the latter “visited this evening, the headquarters of operations to follow up the plan to stabilize Mosul liberated after the great victory achieved by the Iraqi forces.”

The Prime Minister, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Haider Abadi announced, on Monday evening, the statement of victory and the liberation of Mosul in full, from the center of the city.


Trump congratulates Iraqis and a Abadi , the victory of Mosul occurred in the cities of the world

Trump congratulates Iraqis and a Abadi, the victory of Mosul occurred in the cities of the world
 Twilight News    
 20 minutes ago

Twilight News / Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi received a phone call from US President Donald Trump , who congratulated editing Mosul.
He expressed his respect and appreciation for the courage and leadership of Iraqi fighters , pointing out that the great victories of the battle stories reverberate now in the cities of the world. According to a statement to the Office of Abadi responded to Twilight News.
For his part , expressed his appreciation for Abadi , the international support provided to Iraq in the face of terrorism Daesh and stressed the importance of rallying all the factors to accelerate to complete the rest of the liberation of the Iraqi territories and an end to the presence of terrorist gangs Daesh.
He noted that the Iraqis have made great sacrifices to liberate their country from the grip of terrorism , and they are self – governing and will not allow any party to exceed their sovereignty and their country and their wealth.
He said , “Despite the devastating war and control Daesh on Iraqi territory and destroyed vast areas but Iraq continued to restore stability to the liberated areas and re – displaced people and carry out necessary for the advancement of our country economic reforms and wealth management for the last period for the benefit of the Iraqi people despite the control Daesh and the challenges of the perpetuation of the war effort.”


Field data “false” postponed Emancipation Proclamation of Mosul 3 times


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Field data "false" postponed Emancipation Proclamation of Mosul 3 times

 Baghdad / Wael blessing 

While Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived, on Sunday, to Mosul it was planned to read a statement from victory there, but fell in the last hours, and held instead talks with military leaders and the governor.

Officials say in Mosul , close to the head ofgovernment and political parties, the latter received the wrong information about the situation on the ground, which is not time that mislead the leader, according to those authorities.
It is expected to be a competition for the monopoly of victory, political forces and some military formations, is persuaded Abadi to come to the city and the declaration of liberation, before being restored all areas of Daesh.
At that time , a squad had arrived at the edge of the river, which is the last point in the old city, but other areas were still , however , the organization, which is the prime minister and surprised him to postpone the liberation statement.
” The general commander”, who is still in the area close to Mosul, in the tweets on Twitter in English, upon arriving to Mosul right coast that he came “to declare liberation.” In contrast other information indicating that it was ready to declare victory for him, since last Saturday, but a violation has occurred in the “Tal Afar” has held the position. This represents a breach, the exit of a leadership for “Daesh” from the city Ringed months ago, towards Syria, before flying to intervene to control the situation.
It was supposed, according to information, begin to break into “Tal Afar” process immediately after declaring victory in Mosul, this Madf some quarters to believe that the international coalition, he had some arrangements before the assault, and he put pressure on al – Abadi to postpone the declaration of liberation. Until the moment there are still hundreds of square meters in the old city, defended by the “Daesh” fiercely, and includes a number of parents and families of the organization.
Says Hossam Alabbar, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, he said that “anti – terrorism forces have orders to deal with the caution that region, even with women and children armed.”
And barricaded the organization in the areas of “Kleiaat” and “Shahwan”, and used children as human shields, while confirming Alabbar, through contact with (range) yesterday that ” the fight against terrorism can not use heavy projectiles because of the presence of a number of civilians and children in the region , ” asserting that ” fighting Adorahalaa small arms. ”
The estimated local administrator of that region with an area of some 250 square meters is concentrated inside gunmen Ross, expected that the prime minister announced the complete liberation during the next two days.
The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi visited Mosul Sunday, praised the achievement of the “great victory”, but pointed to the delay “final victory” declaration of respect for those who are still fighting. Ebadi said that “victory is settled, and the remains of Daesh trapped in recent Alochaabar, and it is a matter of time to announce to our people a great victory.”
In turn , the commander said in the fight against terrorism forces , Lieutenant – General Sami Arda, yesterday, said that there was a “strong clashes in the old city, and that the militants organize Daesh do not accept to surrender themselves.” Among the militants Arda organization , spoke to Iraqi forces loudly , “what we take , we are want to die.”

Why did not declare victory?
The military operations have been resolved last Saturday, according to some military leaders, and everyone is ready to declare victory, Abadi arrived after one day, but he did not receive speech editing.
He says deputy close to the prime minister that “military forces had been informed that al – Abadi military client had ended, so he went to Mosul.” He adds MP, who spoke (range) on condition of anonymity, “Eventually the information were not accurate, and Mosul have not been fully liberated.” MP who is familiar with and asserts that ” the third time by the end of the Abadi fighting within days, and is preparing to go to declare victory and then postpone his visit to another time.”
The military operations, since its launch last February, has seen identifying 5 conflicting timing to declare victory, and attributed the deputies to Nineveh that “some private military leaders to declare victory.”
The first division commander of the anti – terrorism forces, Lieutenant – General Abdul Wahab al – Saadi, had been lifted last Sunday, the Iraqi flag on the bank of the Tigris River near the old bridge. But “Daesh was still present to the west of the region and continues to fight, and believes Hossam Alabbar said , ” the team Saadi had rushed to raise the flag. ”
The Sami Arda, the leader in the fight against terrorism, that his forces possess information that” three thousand to four thousand civilians “are present in the region.” Abadi and wandering in the liberated areas of Mosul Bassahali the right and the left, as welcoming slogans and victory was received by the population. Prime Minister also held meetings inside the Baghdad Operations Command, visited the conservative Novell Akub, while reluctant to visit the provincial council.
He says the provincial council member , said , “Abadi is not satisfied with the performance of the Council, as he believed that some members are supporters of the organization Daesh.”

In breach of Tal Afar
and visit Abadi, a member of the provincial council, who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of information indicates, that Abadi “received false information about the situation in Mosul , which is Madfh to attend there.”
The local official said the “commanding general did not leave Mosul, pending the resolution of the battle and the declaration of a statement of victory,” he said in an interview with the (range) yesterday that “Abadi is located in an area close to Mosul.”
In contrast , the local administrator is likely that other reasons may be prevented without declaration of a statement of victory. He says that “was ready to declare victory on him since last Saturday, but the escape of great leaders belonging to the organization Daesh of Tal Afar , despite the encirclement, had postponed it.”
He revealed near the official theater of operations . “In that day Air Alliance intervention to prevent the arrival of leaders to Syria , ” adding that ” the government was want to edit Tal Afar immediately after declaring victory in Mosul.”
It is believed a member of the Council of Nineveh that “perhaps the international coalition is convinced Abadi to postpone the declaration of liberation is complete lack of preparations in Tal Afar.”
The political parties confirmed earlier, that the United States and Turkey hinder the liberation ” of Tal Afar , ” while the Abbasid squad combat announced yesterday, the issuance of orders from the Iraqi government to participate in the liberation of the judiciary.
So beautiful criticized al – Obeidi, an MP for Nineveh, the government ‘s role in the relief to the displaced, saying that “victory is calculated joint forces and not for any political party.”
Believes al – Obeidi, in a statement made by the (range) yesterday that “political competition for the monopoly of victory, is Maattl Abadi for Emancipation Proclamation.”