Kurdistan parliament threatens to warn Baghdad

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Kurdistan parliament threatens to warn Baghdad

Brother – Baghdad

Threatened the President of Kurdistan Parliament of Iraq Yusuf Mohammed, on Sunday, that the Kurdistan Regional Government will resort to other ways in the absence of the central government’s commitment to the agreement signed between them, and as warned for “major conflicts if the Constitution does not achieve economic and political stability”, he stressed that the right of the provincial government to have an independent economy.

Said Yusuf Mohammed in a speech during his participation in the graduation ceremony of the American University students in Sulaymaniyah, that “If the Constitution does not bring political and economic stability for the long term, it will cause to bring in bigger ones, as is happening in the surrounding countries,” referring to efforts to write a new constitution the Kurdistan region.

In another context, Mohammed stressed that “if Baghdad did not comply with the agreement and the laws of Arbil may resort to other ways,” pointing out that “the provincial government responsible in front of the Parliament of Kurdistan secured budget and the salaries of the people of Kurdistan.”

Muhammad explained that “the right of the provincial government to have an independent economy,” noting that “the government has taken appropriate measures to achieve this goal.”

Minister of the Interior’s (et): 85% of our armed forces on the ground in the capital

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Minister of the Interior's (et): 85% of our armed forces on the ground in the capital

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Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghabban that “there are 85% of our armed forces on the ground in the capital, stressing that” we communicate continuously between all the security services in the ministries of defense, interior and national security, etc., to follow up the security of citizens. ”

Said Ghabban in a statement singled out by the reporter for News Agency (et) that “the relationship between the Interior Ministry and Parliamentary Committee complementary and there is constant communication between all the security services in the Ministry of Defense to follow up the security of citizens, noting” that “85% of the armed forces on the ground in the capital are Interior Ministry and army forces are either Vetoagdaa limited in some regions and cities of Baghdad. ”

He explained that “the causes of security breaches need to be considered in-depth and diagnosis with all parties concerned to achieve and maintain the security of citizens and the country,” stressing that “the relationship between the ministry and parliamentary committee complementary and there is constant communication between all the security services in the ministries of Defense and Interior to follow up the security of citizens and there is no holiday in security work “.

He added that “there are periodic meetings of security agencies in the Ministry of Interior regarding the follow-up work pieces both in terms of the pieces participating in the war against gangs Daash or at the level of internal security in other are

PM Haider Al- Abadi (facebook)

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi appreciates campaign # mobilized launched by the youth Maysan province, a campaign calling to volunteer self-esteem and money to support the government’s efforts and the crowd popular in the battle of Iraq against Daash gangs terrorist. He sovereignty thanks and appreciation for intellectuals, writers and artists from inside and outside Iraq and activists from all over Iraq who organized this national campaign and took part, and that enhance the morale and the steadfastness of our heroine, and the sons of the popular crowd those who care about on the road to victory and disinfect every corner of our land and our cities and dear, and reflects the high sense for our young people responsibility towards their people and their homeland

Urgent Oil Minister: Iraq has achieved self-sufficiency of liquid gas

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[Maysan – where]
Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, from Iraq to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of liquid gas.
Abdul-Mahdi said in a press conference held after the meeting with deliberative conservatives in Maysan province, attended by the correspondent Agency all of Iraq [where] that “investing large amounts of liquid and gas today we have achieved self-sufficiency of it we do not need to import” followed ..

URGENT Iraq starts tomorrow export two types of oil [heavy and light]

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Iraq starts tomorrow export two types of oil [heavy and light]
Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Sunday that Iraq will begin on Monday the export of two types of oil [Basra heavy] and [Basrah Light] follows ..


Iraqi PM to attend international anti-ISIS meeting in June

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Baghdad (Forat) -Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will attend a high-level Paris meeting of the international coalition combating the Islamic State, France’s foreign ministry announced Sunday.

Paris will host leaders from at least 60 countries who are part of the international campaign to combat the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. Iran, which has been highly active against ISIS in Iraq, but is wary of supporting any action against its ally Bashar al-Assad in Syria, is not invited.

According to the statement, US Secretary of State John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will attend the summit slated for June 2.

Fabius announced earlier the Iraq crisis will be the “central” theme of the meeting, but added it was “not impossible” that Syria will also be part of the talks.

Paris previously hosted a similar meeting in September 2014 to discuss a strategy to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is now believed to be in control of half of Syria and one third of Iraq.

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