We are Stabilizing IQD Exchange Rate without a space for Speculation: CBI Governor


On Sunday, the Governor of Iraqi Central Bank issued a statement that main objective of CBI is to stabilize the balance between the sale of U.S dollar and demand in the domestic markets. He also added that the sustainability shouldn’t be considered an edge of speculation and huge profits. The Governor of CBI delivered his words in a press interview with Alsumaria News and indicated that the Bank is looking to maintain a balance between the sales of U.S dollar and to keep it stable. He pointed out that the balance of foreign currency has become strong in the past couple of years and there isn’t any kind of space for speculation and huge profits. He added that Iraq has been experiencing some exceptional circumstances and a significant amount of decline in the global oil prices was considered one of the major reasons behind the economic and financial crisis in the country.

He added that there were two choices in front of the policy of Iraqi Central Bank, whether to respond the U.S dollar to prevent the speculations. But, it would be more costly in the reduction of foreign currency reserves at the CBI due to the foreign currency sale process or accept a margin of increase in the U.S dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar currency. He said that the Iraqi Central Bank was looking to maintain a balance between two objectives. He said that CBI was established as an independent bank under the law implemented on 6th March 2004. The Iraqi Central Bank is an independent body and responsible to maintain Iraqi dinar exchange rate and to implement its monetary policy. He added that the Central Bank of Iraq is also supervising 10 commercial banks, 16 Islamic banks, 26 waged banks, 19 foreign banks, 6 financial institutions and at least 31 financial conversion companies.



Syrian army declares end Daesh in tenderness



Forces ended the Syrian army and its allies, on Monday, the existence of the organization Daesh in a rural western and southern tenderness western province. ”

The news agency quoted the Syrian official, “SANA”, that “units of the Syrian army carried out intensive operations against rallies and axes move the organization (Daesh) and regained control of the oil field Dailah countryside south-western tenderness after the elimination of the last gatherings organized in it.

She added, “The Syrian regime forces and gunmen loyal to their nationalities Syrian and non-Syrian and backed by heavy shelling on the organization of sites (Daesh) and made progress and seized control of oil fields in the southern countryside of Raqqa while elements of the organization withdrew from other oil fields in the western region.”

And I almost, that this progress ended with the existence of the organization Daesh in the western and south-west of the city of Raqqa Alrevi and the region is under the control of government forces.




Confirmed Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Advisor to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh , the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies and there are no fears of deterioration in value.

Saleh said in a press statement that some seek to reduce the Iraqi currency against foreign currencies for profit only, and on the external debt and borrowing Mohammed Saleh pointed out that internal and external borrowing to finance the budget deficit is a process that is not contractionary , as some claim it is a motivational process and expansive fight deflation do not affect the Iraqi economy.


Like this:

Haidar al-Abbadi agrees to extend the inspection period for the remnants of a call to Mosul 72 hours


Monday, 17 July 2017 04:17 PM
حيدر العبادى يوافق على تمديد مهلة التفتيش عن مخلفات داعش بالموصل 72 ساعةHaidar al-Abbadi, Prime Minister of Iraq


Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi has agreed to extend the inspection period for the remnants of the organization “Daash” inside the old city of Mosul to 72 hours.

Al-Abadi ordered the dispatch of other forces working with the counter-terrorism agency to speed up the mission and hand over the city to Iraqi engineering bodies.

This came after the Iraqi forces asked Abadi to extend the deadline to three days to complete the inspection of the whole city, because of fear of pockets of hidden suicide bombers.



At the request of Baghdad … The European Union agrees to prepare a civilian security development mission



The Council of the European Union (EU) announced Monday that it had agreed to set up a civilian security development mission in Baghdad after a previous request from the Iraqi authorities.

The Council of the European Union (EU) said the council adopted a crisis management concept for a new civilian mission for the sustainable development program in Iraq.

“The mission will focus on assisting the Iraqi authorities in implementing the civilian aspects of Iraq’s security strategy and EU experts will provide advice and assistance in priority areas of action that respond to the needs of the authorities concerned,” he said.

“The national security strategy aims at building government institutions capable of consolidating security and peace, preventing conflicts under the rule of law and identifying serious threats to Iraqi national security, including corruption, terrorism, political instability and ethnic and sectarian polarization,” he said.

“In response to the Iraqi authorities’ request for support in the area of ​​civil security reform, the European Union has agreed to prepare a civilian mission for the Baghdad security development program and adopt the concept of crisis management to launch a new mission for the sustainable development program,” he said.



Establishing an electronic administration for Iraqi ports


The General Company for Iraqi Ports announced on Monday its intention to establish a unified electronic administration in coordination and cooperation with private sector companies to consolidate work and information and organize an integrated database at the company headquarters.
“We are in the process of setting up an electronic department at the company’s headquarters, which will be supervised by the computer department of the Ministry of Transport and in coordination with the private sector companies,” a statement issued by the ministry’s director general said.
Badr said that “will be contracted with the Ministry of Communications to install equipment and training cadres specialized to do the work is selected from the owners of the Department of electronic management in Iraqi ports.”
He pointed out that “the General Company of Iraqi Ports will work to rehabilitate these cadres so that they can apply the same programs used in the systems of joint operators.”


Pentagon reveals new information about the “Baghdadi”


History of edits:: 2017/7/17 22:18 • 64 – times readable
{International: Euphrates News} revealed that the US Department of Defense {Pentagon} new information on terrorist gangs Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
A spokesman for the Pentagon {} In a press briefing held on Monday, said that “Baghdadi does not participate in any daily decision – making processes and in the leadership of the terrorists according to our information.”
The cell intelligence hawks of the Interior Ministry, denied yesterday reports about the killing of al – Baghdadi, after the announcement of Russia was killed in Syria air strike late last May with a large number of terrorists at a meeting on the outskirts oftenderness.
The head of the hawks cell and director general of intelligence and anti – terrorist Abu Ali Basri Interior Ministry in a press statement that al – Baghdadi ” is still hiding in Syria outside the city of tenderness.”
He added , “according to information monitoring cells accurate movements, and we are interested in more than anyone else to pursue and hunt down and monitor all the movements of the leader of Daesh and his followers, the hawks cell denies the news of the killing and health information and reports that have been published and promoted recently” .anthy



United Nations envoy to Iraq: We call on Baghdad and Erbil to enter a dialogue on the fate of the region



Since 07/17/2017 17:20 (Baghdad time)


Balances News – Follow-up

He called the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis, on Monday, Baghdad and Erbil to enter into a dialogue on the fate of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Said Kubis at the UN Security Council session on the situation in Iraq, “we call on Baghdad and Erbil to enter into a dialogue on the fate of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.”

He added Kubis In his speech, a session of the Security Council, “we demand that Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the application of Article 140 of the disputed areas.”

He called the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, “to stop collective punishment against some families.”

This confirmed the Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, today, the need to preserve the unity and cohesion of the Iraqi state and to promote cohesion and cohesion among the people Alaraca.anthy 29/9 P



Parliamentary Finance: We applied to the government to cancel the financial deductions for employees


Economy News _ Baghdad

He confirmed the Finance Committee Alnaabh member of Massoud Haider on Monday that the committee submitted a request to the Government to cancel the deductions for employees, noting that discussions are under way with the Ministry of Finance and the government canceled and discuss the financial implications.
Haider said in an interview seen by the “Economy News”, that “all members of the committee with a proposal to cancel the deduction of the employees , ” noting that ” the Finance Committee submitted a request to the government to cancel the deductions and there is a constant discussion with the Ministry of Finance and the government to discuss the issue and to discuss the financial implications.”
He stressed that ” the proposal to cancel the deductions from state employees should be in coordination with the federal government, not a parliamentary decision,” adding that ” the cancellation of financial deductions from staff if it was agreed upon with the Ministry of Finance and create a financial cover for this ratio we do not need to return to the Federal Court because the latter was granted absolute powers to the government on any legislation in which financial implications. ”
Haider said, ” The Parliamentary Finance Committee asked the Ministry of Finance to clarify some of the figures and tables detailed legal texts to be clear to the members of the House of Representatives and be unambiguous and primary goal to support government legislation.”




Kubiš calls Abadi stop the “collective punishment”, Erbil and Baghdad dialogue on thefate of Kurdistan

Kubiš calls Abadi stop the "collective punishment", Erbil and Baghdad dialogue on the fate of Kurdistan
 27 minutes ago

Twilight News / called on the United Nations envoy to Iraq , both Arbil and Baghdad enter a dialogue on the fate of the province of Kurdistan , which is preparing to hold a referendum on independence next September.
He called on Jan Kubiš during a briefing on Iraq to the UN Security Council , Iraqi Prime Minister to stop the collective punishment against some families, referring to the families of the organization Daesh.
He said that the defeat of the organization Daesh ultimately can not be guaranteed only through comprehensive solutions, and to address grievances, and the needs and aspirations of the Iraqis.
He called on the Iraqi government also to do “everything” to secure the safe and dignified life for Iraqis, especially the population of the areas controlled by Daesh, “must convert the gains made in the military victory to the stability and security, justice and development.”

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