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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} showed published media war map, on Sunday, easing the control of terrorist Daesh gangs in the right side of the city of Mosul, another dens that are still under their control.

According to the map, the areas that are still waiting for Gavle security forces are {field, Kleiaat, and Alkuazan, and the door of the Shatt, and Shahwan, part of Ataiwab}. ” 

Seized control of the security forces last Thursday, the grand Nouri mosque site and the minaret of humpback destroyers also liberated many areas government sites and continues to progress and the liberalization of new areas until the moment. 

The Prime Minister said Haider al – Abadi, said Thursday that ” the bombing of the mosque Aldoaash Nouri and the lighthouse of humpback and bring him back to the bosom of the nation declared the end of the mini – state of falsehood Aldaashah” .anthy

of the Federal Forces issued a clarification on a review of the organization of Ayman al- MosulFederal forces issued a clarification on a review of the organization of Ayman al-Mosul

 Twilight News    

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Twilight News / Federal police headquarters said on Sunday evening that what happened in the right side of the city of Mosul, just a celebration of its troops.
The local and Arab channels had aired earlier in the day a military parade of cuts federal police in that side.
The command said in a statement, it does not intend to organize a military parade during these days, noting that what happened just a spontaneous celebrations of associate.
The statement continued, “We are waiting for the final declaration of victory issued by the General Commander of the Armed Forces.”

Iraqi army celebrates the liberation of Al-Nouri mosque in the old city of Mosul


Sunday, 02 July 2017 04:18 PM

بالصور.. قوات الجيش العراقى تحتفل بتحرير مسجد النورى بمدينة الموصل القديمةThe joy of the Iraqi army
Mohammed Jamal wrote – Reuters

Iraqi forces on Sunday celebrated the liberation of Al-Nuri mosque in the old city of Mosul, according to pictures published by Reuters news agency.

The pictures show dozens of Iraqi soldiers on their buses, pointing to the signs of victory on the organization of the preacher of terrorism beside the mosque of light.

The mosque and its 850-year-old minaret were mined and blown up by explosives last week as Iraqi forces advanced until they were steps away from the mosque.

A Reuters visit to the site on Friday, one day after the Iraqi army restored the place, confirmed the extent of the damage, with the 45-meter-high humpback lighthouse becoming a trunk-cut tree, with only its green dome left.

The fighting raged a few blocks away and Dui Hazim was shot in front of the main gate, which was not badly damaged and a mortar round landed on a nearby building.

Under the dome of the mosque, the leader of the organization, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, made a speech in July 2014 in which he declared himself an emir in the territory that the organization had just captured in Iraq and neighboring Syria. Within months, an organization has launched or ordered attacks in faraway places such as Paris, London and California. A US-led international military alliance soon formed to counter the organization.

Three years later, the pulpit, which Baghdadi threw above him, turned into rubble. Stones and concrete covered the floor of the mosque and was part of a secondary minaret that was the only one to be distinguished in the rubble. There was a risk of unexploded ordnance or mines without losing the entire interior of the site.

The appearance of al-Baghdadi in the Al-Nuri Mosque was the first time he presented himself to the world. The video footage that was broadcast at the time was the only picture recording of a leader to this day.

US and Iraqi military sources said he had long since left the fighting in Mosul and in Raqqa, Syria, for local commanders and was believed to be hiding in the border area between the two countries. Reports of his death have often been reported, including reports received last month from Russia and Iran.

After his engagement in 2014, al-Baghdadi descended from the pulpit to accommodate his supporters in prayer from a mihrab, whose features are now difficult to identify in the rubble.

أجزاء المسجد المدمرةParts of the destroyed mosque
القوات العراقية بجوار مسجد النورىIraqi forces next to the mosque
القوات العراقيةIraqi forces
جانب من فرحة الجنود العراقيين بتحرير المسجدPart of the joy of Iraqi soldiers to liberate the mosque
حافلات القوات العراقيةBuses of Iraqi forces
فرحة الجنود العراقيينThe joy of Iraqi soldiers
قوات الجيش العراقىIraqi army forces–EW3aj_hC7nt_JgpIBLrTuCmQ

Put the finishing touches to the final declaration of victory

   07/03/2017 0:00

Baghdad / morning
at a time when the Prime Minister presided over the General Commander of the Armed Forces , Dr. Haider al – Abadi meeting on Sunday , the Ministerial Council for National Security, the kinds of forces began rushing to finalize the special resolution of the battle to liberate the old city of Mosul after its control yesterday on new targets. According to a statement issued by his press office, “morning” received a copy of it, it “took place during the meeting to discuss the developments of military operations to resolve the battle of Mosul, in addition to the re – displaced through the security audit in accordance with the timetable and restore stability to the liberated areas.” On the ground, said the commander of operations (coming, Nineveh) Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Aarallah yesterday morning, the anti – terrorism forces completed editing irons neighborhood of the old city and hoisted the Iraqi flag over the buildings. Correspondent “morning” as quoted by the leading federal police forces , Hassan al – Bayati, said: ” The remains of terrorists Daesh are trapped inside the 500 square meters ranging from high Kulaaat area and bench pond down to Alchkhoan areas that will be freed by anti – terrorism forces in preparation for the announcement Mosul , the entire eastern and western calls all the editor. ”  

طباعة إرسل الموضوع الى صديق

Keywords «morning»: our economy overcome the difficult phase

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It revealed that the central bank reserves exceeded the expectations of the IMF $ 10 billion 
Baghdad / Tariq al – Araji

The central bank confirmed that Iraq has overcome the difficult phase «pessimistic» that have passed over the past two years, which were accompanied by statements are not based on facts raised in horror 

Iraqi street.

Showed the bank , which is the «safety valve» for the economy and monetary policy of the country indicators, the inflation rate did not exceed 2 percent, while kept the dinar on a fixed exchange rate, in addition to the index raised interest in supporting global institutions as exceeded the central bank reserves ceiling IMF forecasts ten billion dollars , despite the extraordinary circumstance that is going through the country, but despite the relative recovery of the Iraqi economy, the central bank governor on the Keywords called on the government to rely more on revenue (non – oil), venerating and lack of dependence on oil in this large proportion in the budgets, also stressed the need to take Government planning its sound financial and economic revitalization and development of the private sector and encourage investment and to stop the dumping policy of the country and the improvement of the domestic industry and stop the chaos at the

border crossing points.

Keywords and as usual , to talk clearly fully and explicitly, revealed in his interview with «morning», that an important meeting will be held with the International Monetary Fund in the month of August and will be based on the reimbursement of Iraq Fund grants and loans agreed the launch of the requirements of them after submission (supplementary budget) to pay the dues of peasants contractors and suppliers , and several sections of other expenses.

Keywords also pointed out that the central bank has made significant progress over the past two years regarding the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism and the smuggling of foreign currency procedures, stressing oblige the bank to banks relevant to take inter action in this regard, as well as cooperation with international institutions and financial institutions led to the conversion of many of the money – laundering and the financing of files terrorism to justice the first time. 

The following is the text of the meeting: overcome the difficult stage * What is your calendar ‘s financial and economic situation of Iraq and presented by the Bank in this regard? * If we want to measure the strength of the economic and financial country; it must be considered to economic, financial and monetary policy factors, the monetary situation is a reflection of the economic situation, and if we consider the economic situation of the country, you have to look at the real factors to the development of real Kalsnaaah, agricultural and other sectors especially the case General monetary reflection of the state and not of origin. As for the economic situation in Iraq; many of the analyzes and statements released pessimistic statements are not based on facts, as this speech at the beginning of last year , 2016 through the threat of the collapse of the dinar, to finish to overcome the difficult conditions that accompanied the decline in oil prices and the situation experienced by the country in the war against terrorism, as the cash reserve exceeded the central bank ‘s forecast of the international Monetary Fund with ten billion dollars, and kept the exchange rate on the stability, and did not extend past the level of inflation barrier of 2 percent, and this is a very important indicators of the world understood by international institutions accredited and enjoys the status of a task in the calendar Oaudha Countries and the strength and stiffness of their economies to face conditions and shocks and risks; but – with very Alosv- many in Iraq do not see it the same degree of importance or neutral and carefully when evaluating the economic situation. The previous risk has become at present (non – existent), but I do not say that the difficulties and challenges ended, and the role of the central bank is trying to push these challenges and reduce their impact on the economic situation; however , the first line of defense remains the responsibility of the executive branch ( the government) with regard to the proper planning financial and economic revitalization and development of the private sector and encourage investment and to stop the dumping policy of the country and the improvement of the domestic industry and stop the chaos at the border crossing points, it is strange to turn attention towards the central bank , who is dealing as valve Aman- to take this role because of the weakness of all the episodes that we have quoted wa T should be corrected, it has the central bank introduced by the end of 2015 and 2016 (about twenty trillion dinars) to support the Treasury and the payment of salaries, and should not rely on it in the future, and have the central bank since the duration of the process of pushing the government towards that there will be control over their expenditures and adapt to these challenges and that a new plan of the financial situation based on reliance on revenues placed (non – oil) and not to rely on this oil ratio large. International grants and loans * What is the extent of coordination with the IMF and the World Bank to launch grants and loans to Iraq? And the extent of Iraq ‘s commitment to Ptosyatema economic and monetary reform? * The meetings with the International Monetary Fund periodically based on the agreement (credit recovery) signed by Iraq with the Fund, and are reviewed on things that have been agreed upon, as well as economic, financial and monetary framework of the country, because the support and facilities the process provided by the Fund and thus inflicted the World Bank and other countries involved in this Thread depends primarily on the reports provided by the international Monetary Fund, and the importance of those reports and audits carried out by the Fund is not only related to it; but is the way to give the green light to financial institutions and other countries to provide support and grants based on the Positive reports it provides, such reports In order to be positive must show his commitment to Iraq ( to maximize revenue and reduce unnecessary expenditures), and therefore considered the review with useful Fund for Iraq as it is a lot of style trends in spending. At the last meeting was at the International Monetary Fund, observations on compliance with assignments due in the general budget of the state and the presence of Diffraction them sometimes, and we have explained to them that Iraq -obgm is relatively stable conditions experienced Bha- can not adjust melodious it because of a lot of variables and conditions , and having understood it demanded that there be a legal cover for these emerging changes, so the basic requirements for the international Fund before the meeting to be held early next August , whichever is an important meeting for Iraq to be able to receive payments Kadmh- is a request for ( a supplementary budget ) It is fall within what the Iraq at the time of the payment of contractors, farmers, processors and other receivables do not exist within the (federal budget) and indicated IMF requirements in this area to the article says (in case it is needed to prepare the budget complementary to the implementation of the payment of dues; for the government provides a supplementary budget for the development of a legal cover for the payment of these receivables as well as make some adjustments based on the change that took place on oil prices or because of the increase in some expenses existing) and the objective of the IMF from these observations is to be retained on the ceilings specified for the expenses and revenue . Iraq ‘s financial rating * How do you evaluate coordination with the Organization (Financial Action Task Force)? What is the classification of financially Iraq according to this organization? * The Organization (Financial Action Task Force) on measuring the extent of the obligation of States to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and Iraq has cut off whatever it way, after that there were observations and a report prepared by the end of 2012 was alarming, and it was Iraq and the jurisprudence threatened to put in (blacklist) , after efforts and through the issuance of a new law to combat money laundering and activate the anti – money Laundering Office by the Central Bank and the inter measures taken by the Bank as part of a follow – up to the banks and financial Institutions and the development of many of the procedures relating to regulation and control over the financial and banking sector in particular, could not that Iraq is out of danger after it was heading from the (gray area) to (black), but we have moved from (gray) to (follow – up area) and we now expect to build on fulfill Iraq ‘s requirements of the organization and the obligations that come out of the subject (follow – up). Anti – Money Laundering * What are the mechanisms used by the central bank to control money laundering and currency smuggling operations difficult? * The foreign currency movement abroad issue requires to be placed in the correct and regulatory standards enable the central bank to achieve its foundation the judge to verify the legality of the money and it is not linked to financial crimes or money laundering offenses or the financing of terrorism, and the role played by the central bank, especially in recent years , as the granting of this subject and developed great attention from the regulatory mechanisms in this direction by forcing banks to follow the rules and procedures associated with the law of anti – money laundering and the financing of terrorism committed by banks and financial institutions to take a number of due diligence measures towards the knowledge of the customer and with FH money sources and movement and, accordingly; the Central Bank – the first time – requires banks to establish special anti – money laundering units to manage compliance and risk management and the development of programs and database and information relating to all operations carried out by banks and units, and this is part of the process of anti – money laundering and the financing of terrorism. There are other parts are outside the frameworks of the Central Bank requires the concerted and other efforts of institutions in dealing with them, because financial institutions or banks is a ring of the rings may be the last, especially since the money and financial crimes laundering operations are operations precede the entry of money to the bank and operations bleaching complex processes go through several stages , and is taking the proceeds of these crimes is not deposited the bank directly understand they have various means and methods of multiple waste out of this money, and a lot of money suspicious go towards the purchase of real estate or gold , or set up fake companies or interfaces and then record the proceeds of these companies Connect this money. Therefore; the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism requires the cooperation of all parties and linking all professions Steering supervised and that what the Bank is yet to arrange the banking sector house by obliging them a set of rules and procedures and formations we have to link selling the dollar process of the level of commitment to this procedures and criteria established in front of banks to enter the window to buy the dollar and leading us as a central bank to exercise a supervisory role, and now the banks a set of procedures for verifying the integrity of money and open files to customers dealers by the level of income and provide the bank with Final statements correspondent banks abroad to know the fate of the money and where you went. Judicial files * Is there coordination with international organizations and banks to control the movement of money and reduce the phenomenon of money laundering? * Yes , there is cooperation now between the central bank and organizations , central banks in several countries and there are an exchange of information, because the movement of funds reflected in the result system or device on the operations of the conversion, if the conversion dollar operations read all of it passes through the US Federal Bank and through a particular system can the US Treasury to know each movement of the movements of the money, so we share the information has been a lot of transactions involving suspicions, especially with regard to the financing of terrorism and has referred to the elimination of the diagnosis, and these efforts have been activated in the last two years and there were no issues have stirred the The judiciary entitled (money) laundering in the past. The central bank needed to the role and cooperation of other institutions to activate this activity, especially the Office of the (anti – money laundering) of the Bank does not conduct inspections directly, but called to inform the Office receives communications from other parties, if there were processes of corruption must be our notice by the authorities involved in combating corruption, and if there are operations relating to the financing of terrorism must be reported movement of terrorists and the movement of money and their areas by the security services; and so on , but the central bank and through the transactions carried out by banks and the operations of the conversion can put some doubts and suspicions and begin operations t Qiq related information, but the main source of these remain outside the bank , and this is still weak.

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Joint Operations: Ayman edit Mosul soon we reject the partition of Iraq


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[Oan- follow – up]
identified the leadership of joint operations, the date of editing the right side and the announcement of thecomplete liberation of the city of Mosul , “announcing” its position on the unity of Iraq and calls for thedivision. “
The agency quoted Khar Iranian news spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger as saying , “Nothing remains of the old connector and the remaining space does not exceed square kilometers and where there are remnants of Daesh terrorist and our units , continuing operations progress axes fighting and soon edit the coast right announce completely.”
He added that ” the Iraqi military leadership and the leadership of joint operations prepared plans for theliberation of the remaining Iraqi cities that are still under the control of the remnants of Daesh terrorist represented by spending Tal Afar and Hawija and areas on the Euphrates Iraqi and military leadership first opinion and the latest in the start of military operations in any direction from the Iraqi cities , and we continue to the expulsion of the terrorist Daesh completely from the operations of Iraqi cities. ”
And the possibility of setting a date until the end of military operations in Iraq, the Messenger replied : “We are fighting in built -up areas where the borders of 15 present to 20 thousand people employed Daesh ashuman shields and our duty to liberate the citizen before we liberate land but there is a major breakdown of this organization before offering our units , the heroine , a It refracted is targeted strikes successful and soon we will announce the liberation of the entire coast right. ”
And about the extent of the possible participation of Iraqi forces in the war on Syria after Daesh eradicated in Iraq, he said : “This is the focus of the Iraqi government and coordination with the Syrian government , but now we are fighting inside Iraqi territory and expel this terrorist organization completely.”
He pointed to the importance of the convergence of the Iraqi forces and the Syrian in a common border ,”noting that ” this is very important so that the flow of terrorism came from Syrian territory, as well as theimpact of terrorism on Syria and Iraq , this convergence of the pieces and their access to the Syrian – Iraqi border means cut off all supply routes and continue Daesh terrorist between the Syrian territory the Iraqi territory, isolated and cordoned off for the purpose of elimination while the rest of the territory , which is still located where Iraqi and Syrian cities. ”
and assess the role of Iran , especially the commander of the Qods Force Iranian Revolutionary Guards Major General Qassem Soleimani in the war on Daesh in Iraq , said a spokesman for the operations Almst KE that ” the role of Iran , Musharraf, and supported and supported the Iraqi people in all its battles against terrorism and the fact that General Qassem Soleimani is an adviser to the Iraqi government and the presence whatever there is great support from the Iranian government and the Iranian people to confront the elements of Daesh terrorist and terrorism in general , and we are continuing our work and our coordination with the state Aziz and the neighboring Islamic Republic of Iran. ”
on the role of the popular crowd and the advisory opinion of the Supreme religious authority , Sayyed Ali al -Sistani to gain this achievement described by the Messenger as” an advisory opinion from the highest religious authority judgmental when he gave a fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad after he arrived Daesh terrorist and terrorism to Parties Baghdad and was threatening Baghdad , gave the Iraqi people through the advisory opinion of Sistani and Qanl Daesh. ”
He explained , ” the popular crowd today is among the Iraqi military organization that was voted on in parliament and ratified by the Presidency of the Republic and is now fighting and fighting by supporting back the armed forces and achieved great victories in all liberation battles waged by the joint pieces against terrorism.”
And the assessment of the role of the international coalition in eliminating Daesh pointed out, “our alliance is 60 international , led by the United States, this alliance with regard to the exchange of intelligence and air strikes, as well as the subject of armament , and equipment for military cuts, but we really rely too much on the joint Iraqi – pieces in the fight Daesh terrorist” .
The Messenger “What we are interested after the liberation process that we catch the city of Mosul strongly, do not want to divide Iraq or Mosul , and we want to keep the unity of Iraq and actively heroes where we have given the blood of many martyrs , so we are committed to protecting Iraq in the north to south and from the west to the east and the expulsion of Daesh terrorist and uprooting from the land of Iraq , dear. ”
On the liberated areas but the Peshmerga forces , do you go back to the Iraqi government or remain under the control of the Peshmerga and then join the boundaries of the Kurdistan region answered the Messenger “there is coordination between the federal and provincial government with regard to this subject and coordination high between them because everyone knows its place and its borders and will return this land to the federal government to its rightful place and we are now fighting the remnants of the terrorist Daesh leaving him nothing in the city of Mosul , and also fight the rest of those who control some parts of Iraqi territory will begin operations towards the liberation of Mosul eliminate the rest of the Daesh. ”
Iraqi security forces and preparing declare final victory over the gangs of terrorist Daesh and the liberation ofNineveh province Hatt managed at the end of last January to edit the left side east of Mosul, and still ongoing battles in the liberation of the remaining of the right side west of the city, specifically in some of the ancient city of Mosul areas.

Commissioning ninth Army Division Ayman al-Mosul to holding


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Ministry of Defense announced that the military forces assigned to the ninth division, maintenance of neighborhoods liberated in the right side of the city of Mosul.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense, the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, “after combat missions Armored Division , the ninth achievement in the right side of the city of Mosul, commissioned its formations to holding and inspection revival Liberated based on the directives of the leadership of joint operations and operations are coming, Nineveh, he received in order to assign pieces Iraqi army and the crowd of tribal and other security forces as well as to protect military units wings in the old city, in search of the wanted terrorist sleeper cells. ”
He added, as will the cuts to “check the citizens on the right side to enhance thesecurity achieved there, to prevent security breaches by terrorists to cover large defeats at the hands of the sons of the arms of the armed forces” .anthy

Soon … the establishment of the Iraqi wedding in Mosul to celebrate the eviction of the city

02-07-2017 09:33 PM


Baghdad News –

The rapid reaction forces and the Federal Police are set to organize a ceremony on Sunday to mark the end of their duties in the old city of Mosul.

A source familiar with the press statement that ‘the rapid reaction forces and the federal police are preparing to review the victory after the completion of its duties in southern Mosul and the old east and south and west of the south’.

The source said that ‘Mosul will witness the events of the review, where the celebration will be in the aviation district on the right side of Mosul, which is a Karadis of the Federal Police and the rapid response and elite forces in the presence of leaders and officials’.