New Trump immigration order will remove Iraq from list of banned countries: AP



WASHINGTON President Donald Trump’s new immigration order will remove Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens face a temporary US travel ban, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed US officials.

Four officials say the decision follows pressure from the Pentagon and State Department, the AP reported. They had urged the White House to reconsider Iraq’s inclusion given its key role in fighting the Islamic State group, it added.

Trump is expected to sign the new order on Wednesday. An earlier order was blocked by federal courts.

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Abd al-Maliki weakness by «Daesh» in Iraq


A quick retreat and landslides succession in the ranks of al Daesh, with the progress of Iraqi forces sweeping, what makes an unequal battle and defeat the terrorists is not only a matter of time, Valgelbh Iraqi forces, both in terms of preparing or gear and expertise of the fighting as well.

And put inquires experts and observers of Iraqi affairs legitimate and urgent questions: «Are they equal forces in the summer of 2014 battles, when she lack of organization Daesh, estimated at a few hundred of the occupation of Mosul, and the defeat of three heavily armed military teams of various types of weapons and then the rapid expansion, and the occupation of more than one-third of Iraq’s land area !? ».

Most local and international reports and provide answers, that the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for the fall with 35 others responsible, according to the report of the fact-finding Maliki is issued a withdrawal of military sectors of Mosul orders, did not adhere to the construction of the new Iraqi army capabilities, focused on the side numerical in sheet strength of the army on the efficiency and training and the expense of quality, and accuse him of the report.

And it increased Maliki insult to injury, he did not take appropriate and decisive decision after the collapse of the military units, and leave it open for the leaders to enact what they see fit, which is not true, as orders to punish the defeatists of the leaders did not issue, which led to the collapse of the cuts in other areas.

Frequent errors

And refers writer and political analyst Zaid al-Zubaidi, that «Daesh» resorted to attracting new elements not her goal is anti-regime and the search for personal interests or prevent harm, pointing out he had committed the same mistakes committed by former government forces did not manage to gain the trust of the people of Mosul but on the contrary, what was it fancy Hadhanth. He indicated that the organization deliberately used excessive methods to provoke terror.

Abra Bakhawatim

He warns politicians Observers from the deviation of the last verses of the war against Daesh, which consists of sectarian revenge demographic change employed by some government agencies and factions of militias crowd the popular resort to transform the IDP camps to concentration camps under the pretext of security checks, similar to what happened to the people displaced from areas of Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala and belt Baghdad and elsewhere.

Through salvation

Stresses political analyst Samer Samer the need to distinguish between those who committed crimes, and those who were forced by circumstances to match Daesh, and deal with them so the hundreds of thousands who have been forced to go along with the Baath Party or the call or any other dominant party, adding: «otherwise would not be before Iraq is waiting for quality new formations of violence that despair of change by peaceful means democracy. »

Iraq: army approaching from the government compound in Mosul


Iraq: army approaching from the government compound in Mosul

MOSUL (Reuters ) – USbacked Iraqi forces yesterday made their way up to the main government compound in Mosul , which has become one of the main objectives in the campaign to expel militants organize Daesh from their last stronghold in the western part of the city in the range of fire. Some frightened civilians fled the fighting towards the government , which is usually a target for militants lines. Others were forced to retreat into areas still under the control of Daesh in the city , but suffers a shortage of food and water supplies. Iraqi forces seized control of the eastern side of Mosul in January after fighting lasted 100 days and began its assault on areas west of the Tigris River on February 19. If Iraqi forces defeated the regulation would ultimately have written to the Iraqi wing of the Caliphate , which was announced by the organization commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2014 in parts of Iraq and neighboring Syria.

The US commander in Iraq , said he believed that USbacked forces regain control of Mosul and tenderness -makl regulation in Syria- within six months. Official media works with special units of the Interior Ministry “ is currently the provincial council and government compound and said under fire from the rapid reaction forces” in reference to a range of up to 400 meters. And control of this complex will help Iraqi forces to attackthe militants in the old city center nearby and will have symbolic significance with regard to the restoration ofstate authority over the city. And faced antiterrorism units device that received training from US snipers and mortar fire launched Daesh with moving units eastward across stone to join the rapid reaction and federal police deployed on the side of the river , in a move that will complete prohibition to enter the city from the west forces Valley area . The militants burned homes, shops and cars for camouflage during their movements and prevent aerial surveillance to monitor their sites. The footage showed via satellite cover above the street in the old city center. Residents in areas controlled by the militants that they were forced to take out their cars from the garages to the streets to impede the progress of military vehicles. He began military engineers repairing a bridge in the far south of the city rapid reaction forces retook it Monday.

Economic parliamentary: the right of the individual to ensure its share of oil imports



Since 28/02/2017 20:05 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

He made a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib, Tuesday, its agreement with the members of the claims to ensure their share of oil imports, saying it is a legitimate right to not get them to services.

Najib said L / balance News /, “I agree with the claims calls to ensure that the share of each member of the Iraqi oil imports,” asserting that “the right oil for all the sons of the Iraqi people.”

She added, “The citizens did not get the service or anything, then your determine per capita is right for him and a good thing.”

And raise the citizen (February 25, 2017), has sued the three presidencies, to demand all the rights of the Iraqi budget since 2003.anthy 29

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International Officer: dream of ISIS “State” over.

3 hours ago

An Iraqi soldier stands in front of an armed body of ISIS was killed in battles.

Abdul Rahim Persian-LondonNewsweek
A senior military commander said the international coalition against ISIS, that regulation no longer have the ability to withstand the war, making their dream to establish what they describe as “State” has ended.
He said Robert Jones, Deputy Commander of the Strategic Affairs and support of the international coalition, during a news briefing in London that the ongoing military operations in Mosul, Iraq and Syria in ISIS introduced tenderness at the stage of deflation, and that “no longer have any constituents to hold out or change the tip.


Jones’s comments came after a meeting of the representatives of the coalition working group, with the participation of more than 20 countries.


Jones said that coalition operations dried up financial and military supply channels displayed is flag, adding that Turkey also contributed to tighten security on its border with Iraq and Syria, bringing the number of new foreign militants who join to “not more than a few individuals.”


Jones pointed to the fact that ISIS to use small planes March, for dropping bombs on Iraqi military and civilian sites in the battle of Mosul, “evidence of the desperate situation in which they arrived.


He added that the Alliance is developing tools to address this type of aircraft, but he refused to disclose this type of technology.


Coalition officials confirmed at the London meeting to war on “starting to pay off, especially in regards to” refute the many feelings it tickles organization to join since 2014. “


Jones noted that the Alliance “will be hunted and killed each gun into ISIS and kills civilians, whether this person from London or Paris or Baghdad.”


He said the Coalition found on many information materials in Mosul, upon examining them we managed to identify the organizational plans and methods of advertising.

Daesh leader directs “his farewell!”


It picked up reports from Iraq that Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in an address on Tuesday to supporters in the areas they control, the organization acknowledged the defeat in the recent fighting.

Elaf: Transfer site (Russia Today RT) on the report of the site (Alsumaria News) as saying that local source in the Iraqi province of Nineveh, revealed that the leader of the “Daesh” In a speech to his supporters in which elements of the organization called for a “stealthy and flee” towards the mountainous areas.

The source said that al-Baghdadi, the face of a speech he called (his farewell) to those close to him, and distributed it to the preachers to explain what is going through the organization, adding that the preachers are starting to talk about defeats starboard by the organization in Nineveh and other areas.

The source pointed out that the speech also included instructions to the members of the organization that blow themselves up when surrounded by Iraqi forces. He added that the leaders of the so-called “Mujahideen Shura Council,” all of whom fled from Nineveh and Tal Afar towards Syrian territory, indicating that the prominent leaders of al-Baghdadi, moving close to the border between Iraq and Syria.

The closure of the Office of the soldiers
The local source in Nineveh province, said on Monday that “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ordered the closure of what is known as the” Office of the soldiers and immigrants, “and the good of militants regulation coming from outside Iraq between returning to their home countries or to blow themselves up and get” 72 nymph. “

The other source, said on Sunday that the leader of the organization issued an order to withdraw the title of “prince” of the group’s leaders on the left coast of Mosul, after the collapse of the organization to the progress of the Iraqi security forces.

It is said that the head of the ethnic government, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi announced on February 19 for the start of a new chapter of operations “are coming Aaninoy to” liberate the right side of Mosul, while stressing that the advancing forces working on “human liberation by the earth.”

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The Pentagon is sending defeat “Daesh” to the White House plans


27/02/2017 19:41:00

Khandan – sent a US Department of Defense (Pentagon) on Monday, options and plans available to defeat the organization “Daesh” terrorist to the White House.

The news network (CNN) for US official familiar with the matter as saying this, that the plans include military options and diplomatic as well as economic choices without providing additional details.

He said the US official that what was presented at the request of US President Donald Trump, presented by 30 days.

The official added that there is a committee composed of senior officials in the US administration will meet on Monday afternoon local time for Washington to discuss the way forward in fighting organization, at a time when information is not available if Trump will attend personally the meeting, according to the official.