of Iraq puts Daesh in front of two options in Mosul

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Twilight News / Iraqi army announced that the existence of the organization Daesh is confined to a very small area, after Iraqi forces managed to control most of the city , which was completely controlled by the extremist organization. 

The Iraqi military media cell on Twitter front – page “was left to organize Daesh choice but to death or surrender.” 

Iraqi forces were able to clamp down on the last strongholds Daesh in Mosul, after the control of the healing neighborhood along the bridge, cutting off escape routes in front Daesh fighters.

Iraqi forces have regained control of the entire neighborhood of healing, and went to the bank of the Euphrates River. Iraqi forces also regained control of the old bridge bridge (Iron), another bridge under the control of the terrorist organization Daesh. 

The Nineveh operations command said in a statement, that the fight against terrorism forces recaptured the areas of market slogans of the Prophet Zarzis and Abdul Khob in the old city. 

Federal police forces continue to prosecute small groups of militants Daesh within a number of narrow alleys, where some of the suicide bombers hiding in the tunnels created by militants organized to prolong the battle against Iraqi forces. 

The commander of Iraq ‘s anti – terrorism forces, Lieutenant – General Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi, announced Friday that the final victory over the organization Daesh in Mosul will be announced “in the next few days.” 

The Iraqi forces announced Thursday that it has regained the great Nouri mosque in the old city in the western part, which saw the only public appearance of the leader Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi Daesh, in a move considered a declaration of Baghdad , ” the end of the mini – state of falsehood Aldaashah.” 

The announcement of the restoration of the mosque ignited Daesh last week, after three years after the day in which he declared the establishment of “Caliphate State” in parts of Iraq and Syria.


Joint operations: the duration of the elements Daesh in the old city “will not be long”

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – July 2: revealed a spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, from near Mosul Declaration, Nineveh Center, north of the country, completely liberated from the control of the “Daesh” terrorist.



Messenger announced, in a press interview, on the latest military developments in the liberation of the Old City operations, “the last bastion of the organization” Daesh “in the right coast of the connector’s second-largest city in Iraq after the populous capital of Baghdad.” He said that the ratio is liberated from the old city, only a few parts of the shops is represented areas, “the head of the furnace, and Katunah, and field, market-Najafi, and A’eqat, and Shahwan, and the pool deck towards the river” left them.



He stressed that the terrorist organization in those areas, “hooped from all sides by the Iraqi military units, and dominated Saturday the federal police, the iron bridge or old in the old city.”



He added that the “forces incursion into the neighborhood is liberated from the old city, being of several axes, noting that the duration of the elements of the” Daesh “terrorist in these areas, will not be long.”



And the size of the defeat of the “Daesh” terrorist in the old city, confirmed the Messenger, the great enemy losses both at the level of people, equipment, and the destruction of the leadership and rallies the headquarters of the organization, referring to a press conference for the leadership after the completion of editing the old Mosul operations, declaring detailed ratios and space accuracy human losses and equipment placed their arrest as well.



Messenger hinted, that the elements of “Daesh” remaining in the few areas that have not yet liberated in the old city, mostly from Arab and foreign nationalities – the so-called suicide bombers or Alangmasien.



The Tdrack Messenger said, but the intelligence information we have on Aldoaash remaining, consumed with in these areas.



Messenger said, that there is depletion of these terrorists through the elements, security cuts ground and Army Aviation, as well as detachments using snipers, where he was killed many Aldoaash.



At the end of his speech, he stressed the spokesman for the Iraqi joint operations, that the duration of survival Aldoaash will not be long after the “state of Khravchm” fell at the hands of Iraqi forces, and soon will curse victory edit Mosul, the right coast of the city completely. Q ended


Military leaders: Emancipation Proclamation full of Mosul within days

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 Prosecute terrorists within the remaining meters from the old city of

Mosul / follow – up to the morning 

completed our forces to impose full control over the healing neighborhood as well as edit strategic targets deep in the ancient city of Mosul , witnessing to continue the rush of forms of our units to hunt down the remnants of the pockets of remnants of «Daesh» within the remaining meters of them towards the bank of the river Tigris dispersed them among the dead and runaway prisoner. Edit healing neighborhood was the commander of operations « are coming, Nineveh» announced, Lieutenant – General Abdul Amir Rashid Aarallah that cuts federal police and rapid response was completed on Saturday , freeing the northern part of the neighborhood healing adjacent to the northern side of the old city to impose its control over the teaching hospital buildings Ibn Sina Advisory Bank of blood and medicine atomic water project and pathological analyzes it. He also confirmed the commander of the federal police team Raed Shakir Jawdat, the rapid reaction forces regained control of the entire healing neighborhood and went to the West Bank of the River Tigris in the framework of the final operations to defeat the remnants of «Daesh». As advanced forces imposed control over the old bridge (Iron) linked to President Street Nineveh , which bisects the old city casually into two halves, another five bridges of Mosul , which is under the control of our forces. He pointed out that the liberation Jawdat neighborhood healing process resulted in the killing of dozens of terrorists and the destruction of the wheel 32 bomb and dismantled 50 explosive belt and 150 explosive device. The field, the leading corner said the anti – terrorism, Zia emirate, that the tasks of the machine forces in the old city will end with the liberation of one neighborhood, especially the street and only one separated from the neighborhood, pointing out that our sector embarked on the progress northward to liberate the rest of the old city was left in front of counter – terrorism , only the Jewish Quarter area , about 400 meters from the bank of the Tigris River, indicating that the street one separates us from this warm, pointing out that the army aviation supports rushing troops effectively moving through further implementation of the quality of operations in the fighting, warning that the liberation of the city in full declaration is imminent a. The Ninewa Operations Command has said in a statement: The fight against terrorism forces regained market areas and slogans of the Prophet Zarzis and Abdul Khob within the center of the old city center. As our troops continue to prosecute the remnants of the onrushing terrorists Daesh dispersed within a number of narrow alleys, where some of the suicide bombers hiding in the tunnels created by these terrorists. The killing of terrorists to that, the federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat that our forces have killed dozens of terrorists during the progress of the three axes south of the old area revealed, and continued to clamp down on diaspora remnants of the terrorists in the southern axis of the old city and regained control of the fuel republic station in Bab Lagash collector heel bin Malik in a new door, stressing that the pieces continue to provide on all axes towards the center of the remaining goals of the enemy and defeats the dispersion of its elements. He said that the units of the Federal Police completed the full control of the Church at the Omar Mosque Black Mosque Karar area and garage Aserjkhanh with rapid reaction cuts continue clearing buildings Republican hospitals and the Virgin and minors and the orphanage and emergency dentistry and Dar doctors within the medical complex at Shifa district remnants Aldoaash. Team Jawdat He said the federal police forces killed 54 terrorists during the progress and destroyed seven vehicles and 24 booby – trapped explosive device and dismantled 15 explosive belt and a laboratory for booby – trapping and communications center and found a tunnel containing 40 rockets. He also stressed that Daesh gangs defeated in the areas of Bab Lagash and the door of the new south of the ancient city which made its elements fleeing towards the areas of Najafi and Bab Al- Saray. The remaining tens of meters , according to a senior field commander, the kinds of forces continue to put pressure on the remnants of Daesh defeated unabated through the pursuit of operations operatives who were dispersed into small isolated groups after they arrested dozens of them in the revival of the ancient city during the past few days, amid estimates that the organization is still It controls 600 m only. As the latest pictures of the Great Mosque of Al – Nouri and a beacon of humpback show them remove the flag Daesh, raising the Iraqi flag over it and between the five minarets of the mosque, there is still the minaret of a single list without being blown up by these obscurantist groups. A senior commander in the fight against terrorism , a Lieutenant – General Abdul Wahab al – Saadi, who is in the frontline forces: after the restoration of this area by the machine cuts, our forces are still continuing progress in coordination with the federal police forces and the army of Iraq. We will liberate the ancient city of Mosul fully in the coming days, especially that there Doaash Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners are still in the city. For his part, Brigadier – General in the fight against terrorism forces Haider Fadel revealed the arrest of 40 terrorists, although there are a number of them resorted to suicide for fear of arrest. 


Federal Police chief says still has four districts to liberate in Mosul’s Old City

by Nehal Mostafa Jul 1, 2017, 6:08 pm
Mosul (IraqiNews.com) A senior Iraqi officer has declared the remaining districts that are still under Islamic State control in Mosul’s Old City.

“The remaining regions for the Federal Police troops to free from IS militants in the Old City include al-Nujeifi, al-Sarai and parts of Lakash and Bab Jadid,” Lt.Gen.Shaker Jawdat, chief of Federal Police, told Sputnik on Saturday.
The four regions, according to Jawdat, are still held by IS. Once liberated, Federal Police will announce accomplishing its goals there.


Abadi meets with the leadership of the Joint Operations

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[Baghdad: Wayne] 

visited the Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al – Abadi, on Saturday, Joint Special Operations Command.

According to a brief statement of the Office Abadi, “The Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces visited the Joint Special Operations Command and met Bkiedadtha also briefed on the latest developments in the operations.”


President of the Iraqi Islamic Banks Association Sadeq Al Shammari


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Economy News Baghdad:
The head of the Iraqi Islamic Banks Association Sadiq al-Shammari, to establish a market for the capital of Islamic banks and the creation of long-term tools enable these banks to diversify their sources of funding and expansion of the grant, and to address the existing imbalance in their balance sheets, and how liabilities and asset management. He said that it would help their involvement in projects and a variety of formats available to the sector.
Shammari stressed in an interview to the newspaper “life” of London and followed the “Economy News”, the need for the “Islamic banks establish specialized departments looking for investment opportunities, and plans for the future of finance is the economic feasibility studies.” He believed that such a move “will allow banks to take an integrated investment decisions, and thus reduce the risks arising from the financing formulas participation and speculation.” It did not lose sight of the importance that “the Central Bank of Iraq is required to provide Islamic banks to finance the banking gathering for large projects, which will lead to overcome the small size of the existing banks’ capital, and limited capacity to finance such projects.”
Shammari announced that the reconstruction and construction phase in Iraq “need to mobilize their own energies and securing investment funding opportunities from all sources and for all citizens, making mechanisms of the Islamic banking need.” He pointed out that the activity of Islamic banking “began to exceed the scope of traditional banks to include the accession of a number of global Western banks,” pointing out that “City” US Bank is one of the five most important banks in the world, “Fleming investment” British bases specific to each of them circle, operate according to Islamic banks patterns and activity. “In addition,” the start of a number of Arab and international banking institutions fight in the Islamic banking experience through the creation of sections or specific to this type of banking branches. “he said,” it shows how important that can be by the Islamic banking institutions in pain Accept, and areas of development and in providing advanced and innovative products. ”
He said that “the issuance of the Islamic Banking Act No. 43 of 2015, is an effort to restore Iraq’s role in attracting investments advanced as a hub in the region, especially since the law exempts Islamic banks from some of the constraints of conventional banking operations control, despite the fact that this is due to the different nature of deposits the funds deposited in Islamic banks. ”
Shammari stressed that “such steps will push the Islamic banks to play a bigger role in the economic cycle, because they differ from conventional banks, they are not only the role of financial intermediation but to exceed its direct business and investment.”
And thus it is “closer to the goals of the Comprehensive Bank, which includes social, developmental and religious areas and the welfare of society.” He pointed out that “Islamic finance formulas are characterized by high flexibility, making it develops and innovate always appropriate formulas for each type of funding.”
Progress achieved by the Islamic banking has not been lost, in terms of “the growth of the number of institutions, customers and assets since its inception in the late sixties of the last century.” He stressed that the Islamic financial and banking industry, “one of the fastest growing sectors of banking, as it exceeds the growth rate of the traditional banking sector.”
He did not rule out that “Islamic financial and banking industry is witnessing widespread, especially in terms of improving the quality of services and innovation of new products to reach a wider base of customers.”
He stressed that “the essence of Islamic banking lies in the differentiation from traditional banking, both in terms of mobilizing savings or in the provision of financing for investment and commercial activities of individuals and institutions, public and private mechanisms of tools.”
Therefore it called for the need to “innovate and develop its products and financial and banking tools, to rise to the consolidation of the banking base without benefits, because the development of financial instruments is the cornerstone of what it represents to raise savings mobilization and channeling of resources on investments and financing needs efficient.”
Shammari announced that the Islamic banks “an essential role in achieving social development and make a quantum leap in the world of banking and encourage economies and revitalization, according to the norms of Islamic Sharia.” He reported that the number of institutions offering Islamic services in the world “has increased from about 955 in 2013 to 1.113 end of 2014 Foundation, operates in 75 countries. The boat number of customers around the world 100 million, however, there are more than 75 percent of potential customers for funding base Islamic untapped sector still has a large capacity can accommodate more customers. ”
He concluded his speech that Islamic banks in Iraq and of the 17, accounted for an important part of the Iraqi market, especially after the legislation No. 43 Law for the year 2015, which the Iraqi Islamic banking systems, what should expedite the issuance of instructions for the implementation of the said law, especially after the granting of a license to more Islamic banks capital of $ 3 billion. ”