Find out about the latest developments on the determination on Eid al-Fitr


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Find out about the latest developments on the determination on Eid al-Fitr



BAGHDAD / Sky Press:


There are conflicting expectations and analysis on the possibility of sighting the new moon of Shawwal on Saturday, while astronomical observatories and sources agreed to the end of the month of Ramadan in this day of the astronomical and the occurrence of the association and the birth of Shawwal crescent in the early dawn.

Said astronomer researcher and supervisor of the prospects for Space Sciences Saudi Society, an honor Sufiani, the newspaper already Saudi Arabia said on Sunday it will be the first day of Eid, an astronomer, indicating that the occurrence of astronomical pairing, it will be on Saturday, 24 June, at 05:32 aM, GMT city.

He added that “the sun sets on the horizon of Mecca at 07:06 Saturday evening, Wester moon after sunset at 07:29 pm Mecca; shall be a period he stayed Crescent 23 minutes, and the height on the horizon 4 degrees and a half, and the lighting surface 0.27% of lighting moon full moon, and the dimension Azwaa from the sun nearly 7 degrees. ”

He continued astronomical researcher that “with an overview of all Arab countries, we find that the crescent Wester after sunset period of time not less than 20 minutes.”

Explaining and through these data and astronomical calculations deterministic is clear to us clearly verify prerequisites for the entry of the new month astronomically; namely, the first occurrence of astronomical association and the birth of Crescent before sunset on the ninth day twenty at 05:32 am, and the second Sunset Crescent after sunset twenty-ninth day time 23 behind minutes depending on the horizon of Mecca. ”

He continued that “Based on these astronomical calculations may be on Sunday the 25th of June 2017 is the first day of Eid al-Fitr this year 1438 AH and, accordingly, be 29 days of Ramadan this year.”

“The visual vision of the crescent is not impossible, but very difficult, both the naked eye or through astronomical telescopes, and they need high ideal conditions of the purity of the atmosphere and free from environmental pollutants and the safety of view of the observers; noting that vision increases the possibility as we move towards the Maghreb and the West Africa; because of the increased height of Crescent on the horizon, increasing the period Mkth on the horizon.

He was a member of the Arab Association of Space, Khalid Brackish, announced on Tuesday, quoted by the Saudi media statements, that the month of Ramadan will end at the end on Saturday, the same day that started it, and it will be on Sunday, the first day of Eid Ramadan and this year 29 days.

For his part, predicted the Islamic project to monitor the crescent in a statement that most of the Islamic countries announced on Sunday the first day of Eid, although the sighting of the moon is not possible with the naked eye on Saturday, he said. “As for countries that require sighting of the crescent with the naked eye it is expected to be where the feast on Monday 26 June “and the difficulty of sighting of the crescent with the naked eye in the Islamic countries, according to the project estimates.

Islamic project, it said that most of the countries of the Muslim world would investigate the crescent of the month of Shawwal (Eid 1438 Fitr e) on Saturday, June 24, and that day will happen pairing (new moon) before sunset and will miss the moon after sunset in all Arab and Islamic countries, and the day can be seen Crescent several Muslim countries using astronomical telescope imaging technique using also, while the sighting of the crescent with the naked eye that day is not possible from anywhere in the Arab world, it is possible only from parts of the Americas and parts of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

As for countries that require sighting of the crescent abstract or countries that do not accept certificates if conflicted with the scientific astronomical calculations for an eye, it is expected to be the feast on Monday, June 26 by the Islamic project to monitor the crescent.

The official called on the side of the Sunni Endowment in Iraq to set up a celebration, on Saturday, to investigate the sighting of the crescent of Shawwal and determine the first day of Eid al-Fitr.

Diwan said in a statement that “the celebration of the feast sighting of the crescent will be held on Saturday in Umm al-Qura mosque to read a statement to the committee proved or not proved the legitimate sighting of the crescent of the month of Shawwal 1438 of the Prophet’s migration.”

On the other hand Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court called on all Muslims in the Kingdom to investigate the sighting of the crescent of Shawwal Saturday evening and inform the competent courts and committees if their vision of the new moon.

At the level of the followers of the doctrine of Ahl al-Bayt declared the religious authority of the Iraqi Kamal al-Haidari, as well as the religious authority, the late Lebanese Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah’s office on next Sunday’s 25 surprise crescent of the month of Shawwal and the first day of Eid based on astronomical calculations, as agreed on Saturday the 28th of Ramadan when transvestites supreme religious authority in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani and are investigating the Crescent on Sunday.

Abadi, Hakim and Amiri in a “new alliance” to form the next government



Abadi, Hakim and Amiri in a “new alliance” to form the next government


23-06-2017 02:19 PMThe Euphrates –

Al-Furat news reported that a major political movement is taking place today between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim and head of Badr Hadi al-Ameri bloc to enter into a new alliance and form the next government.

Sources stressed that Abbadi still has the greatest chance to remain in power and that his political maneuvers, especially at the Shiite level and his proximity to some of the parties hostile to Maliki, is the creation of political lobbies that strengthen Abadi’s political position with some of the objections here and there, but without creating hostilities or pouring oil on fire.

Dhi Qar is the Eid security plan with the participation of 15 thousand element


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced Dhi Qar province, on Thursday, for the preparation of an integrated security plan on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, with the participation of 15 thousand security element.
The governor said Yahya Nasseri, who is chairman of the Supreme Security Committee in the province, in a statement the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy ofit, that “received the Supreme Security Committee has prepared a broad security plan and has taken the required measures to ensure the full protection of places vital, parks, amusement parks and religious shrines Eid al – Fitr frequented byrevelers. ”
He pointed to the participation of “15 thousand security element in the plan, from thevarious agencies and security formations operating in the province , ” pointing out that ” the security committee took into account the latest security developments in the preparation of the plan for Eid al – Fitr.”
He added, ” The plan has been integrated guidance full success requirements will be secured where the deployment of security forces and intelligence patrols on foot and automatic circuit breakers, roads and vital places, and we are keen to pass theplan without any security breach.”
The first Eid al – Fitr Muslim holiday comes after the fasting month of Ramadan, begins on the first day of the month of Shawwal it continues over three days.
The government announced on Thursday, the identification of Eid al – Fitr holiday starting on Sunday until Thursday Almqubl.anthy week 2

The deployment of US troops south of the wetlands west of Anbar


Accompanied by helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft

The deployment of US troops south of the wetlands west of Anbar

A security source in Anbar province on Friday reported the deployment of US forces in the Wadi al-Qudh area in the southern desert to the district of al-Hatta (440 km west of Anbar).

The source said the command of the operations of the island in Anbar province, “US forces surveyed the area of ​​the valley of ejaculation south of the district of the wetlands without knowing the reasons for the process.”

Adding that “special US military patrols accompanied by helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft left the base of Al-Asad in the area of ​​Baghdadi and stationed in the valley of ejaculation in the southern desert to spend the province of western Al-Anbar.”

Pointing out that “a special force of the tribes accompanied the American forces in this military task without knowing the reasons for this process,” pointing out that “the local government and security forces in the province did not report this process and do not know anything about its goals.”

According to the security source, the valley of ejaculation is a safe passage for the militants of the organization advocating the use of the movement between the Qaim and his and Rawah and the Syrian tenderness of Western Sahara because of difficult terrain and caves and valleys deep.

Abadi seen in the leadership of the Joint Operations developments editing Ayman al-Mosul fully

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[Oan- Baghdad]
Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al – Abadi briefed on the developments of the full resolution of the battle to liberate the right side of Mosul, coming within Aaninoy operations.
This came during a visit yesterday evening Abadi , Joint Special Operations Command, and its military and security leadership, and follow the course of progress of our forces came close to resolving the battle and defeat the terrorist gangs Daesh.
The new commander of the armed forces directed the importance of preserving fighters and heroes and citizens to insist on the elimination of terrorism and the liberation of all the country ‘s territory.


Russian parliamentarian: the possibility of the killing of al-Baghdadi is almost 100%


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[Oan- follow – up]
Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian parliament , Viktor Ozerov said the Duma that the possibility of the killing of the leader of Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi Daesh almost certainly 100 percent.
The agency quoted Russia’s Interfax news agency as saying about Ozerov “I think that this information isapproaching 100 percent.”
” The fact that [Daesh] has not yet been pictures of him anywhere reinforces our confidence that al -Baghdadi was killed.”
The Russian Defense Ministry had earlier announced that the preliminary results indicate that the raid on Daesh sites near tenderness in Syria at the end of last May resulted in the killing of al – Baghdadi.
The Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Oleg Saromulotov, on Thursday, that there is a high probability liquidation of al – Baghdadi, and eliminate the Russian air strike.
The international coalition led by the United States , said he could not confirm Russian reports that al -Baghdadi may have been killed.