Oil prices jump to $78 a barrel

2021/09/25 09:20

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Oil prices rose for the third week in a row, Saturday, September 25, 2021, to reach their highest level in three years, as disruptions in global production forced energy companies to withdraw large quantities of crude from stocks.

Brent crude futures rose 84 cents, or 1.1 percent, to settle at $78.09 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude rose 68 cents, or 0.9 percent, to settle at $73.98.

This is the highest close for Brent since October 2018 and for WTI since July 2021, both higher for the second day in a row.

This was the third week of gains for Brent and the fifth for West Texas Intermediate, as production was disrupted in the US Gulf Coast by Hurricane Ida in late August.

Louise Dixon, chief oil market analyst at Rystad Energy, said: “With oil prices heading to complete another week of gains, the market is bearing in mind the long-term impact of supply disruptions and the potential drawdown of inventories that will be necessary to meet refinery demand.”

US energy companies added ten oil drilling rigs this week, raising the number of oil and gas rigs for the 14th consecutive month.


Harb: The Iraqi constitution specified one enemy, which is terrorism, and did not mention the name of Israel

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Shafaq News/ Legal expert Tariq Harb said on Saturday that the Iraqi constitution specified one enemy, which is “terrorism”, indicating that he did not mention the name “Israel”.

Harb said in a clarification statement regarding the Iraqi legal and constitutional articles related to normalization with Israel, which was reported to Shafak News Agency, that “the constitution in Article VII specified one enemy for Iraq, which is terrorism in relation to international relations when it decided to fight terrorism only.”

Internally, Harb made it clear that “the constitution has prohibited the political entity, i.e. the party that adopts racism, terrorism, infidels, sectarian cleansing, or the party that has a relationship with the (Saddam) Baath only and did not speak about a state,” noting that the Iraqi constitution “did not mention the name of the state.” There is another country except for one country, which is Iraq. He did not mention the name of Israel or the name of any other country.”

And he added, “Article (8) of the constitution requires respect for international obligations, including the countries represented in the United Nations,” noting that “it must be taken into account that Iraq is a member of the Arab League, and that five Arab countries have normalized their relations with Israel without objection from the Arab League.

Harb pointed out that “Article (18) of the constitution gives the right of those who have been stripped of their citizenship to request its restoration, and this includes Iraqi Jews whose citizenship was revoked under Law No. 1 of 1950 and Law No. 12 of 1951.”

He pointed out that “Nationality Law No. 26 of 2006 in Article (14) prevented the children of Iraqi Jews from benefiting from the previous ruling, i.e., the ruling to restore citizenship, and this ruling has talk about its constitutionality or its unconstitutionality.”

And he indicated that “crimes affecting the internal security of the state in the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 stipulated the character of the enemy sometimes and the state of war at other times, and we said that the constitution specified one enemy, which is terrorism only, and there is no state of war with any other country in accordance with the provisions of Article (61 / ninth) of the constitution. who set conditions for declaring war and did not declare war with any country according to the provisions of this constitution.

Legal expert Tariq Harb’s clarification follows a call by about 300 Iraqi “Sunni and Shiite” figures, on Friday, September 24, for Iraq to become the latest Muslim-majority country to join the Ibrahim Agreements and establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

According to a statement issued by the conference held in Erbil, it includes more than 300 Iraqis from Baghdad, Mosul, Anbar, Babil, Salah al-Din and Diyala.

This morning, the Iraqi government expressed its “categorical” rejection of the “illegal” meetings held by some tribal figures residing in the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan Region, by raising the slogan of normalization with Israel.

The Presidency of the Republic of Iraq also warned against attempts to inflame the general situation and threaten civil peace in the country, confirming its position rejecting normalization with Israel.

While the Ministry of Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government said that the meeting, which was held yesterday in Erbil under the title (Peace and Recovery), was held without the knowledge, approval and participation of the regional government, and it does not express in any way the position of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

She added that the necessary measures will be taken to follow up on how this meeting will be held.

In turn, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid welcomed the Iraqi gathering’s call for normalization with his country, describing the event as “a hopeful event.”

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper quoted the minister as saying that the event “reveals hope in places we hadn’t thought of before.”

“We and Iraq share a common history and roots in the Jewish community, and whenever someone contacts us, we will do everything to connect with them,” he added.


The Presidency of the Republic announces its position on the normalization meeting: “Concepts that are nationally and legally rejected.”

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Shafaq News/ The Presidency of the Republic of Iraq warned, on Saturday, of attempts to inflame the general situation and threaten civil peace in the country, confirming its position rejecting normalization with Israel.

The presidency said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, “At a time when the Presidency of the Republic affirms Iraq’s firm position and support for the Palestinian cause and the implementation of the full legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, it renews Iraq’s categorical rejection of the issue of normalization with Israel, and calls for respecting the will of the Iraqis and their independent national decision.”

She stressed that “the last meeting that was held to promote this concept does not represent the people and residents of Iraqi cities, but only the positions of those who participated in it, in addition to being an attempt to inflame the general situation and target civil peace.”

The Presidency of the Republic called to “stay away from promoting nationally and legally rejected concepts that affect the feelings of Iraqis, at a time when we must prepare for fair and transparent elections that support the national path in Iraq and restore a free and dignified life for all Iraqis.”

On Friday, September 24, about 300 Iraqi Sunni and Shiite figures called for Iraq to become the latest Muslim-majority country to join the Ibrahim agreements and establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

According to a statement issued by the assembly, it includes more than 300 Iraqis from Baghdad, Mosul, Anbar, Babil, Salah al-Din and Diyala, calling on Iraq in general to enter into relations with Israel and its people through the Ibrahim agreements, similar to the Arab countries that have been normalized.

This morning, the Iraqi government expressed its “categorical” rejection of the “illegal” meetings held by some tribal figures residing in the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan Region, by raising the slogan of normalization with Israel.

Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government issued a clarification about a meeting held yesterday in Erbil under the title (Peace and Recovery).

The ministry said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that the meeting was held without the knowledge, approval and participation of the regional government, and it does not express in any way the position of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The statement added that the necessary measures will be taken to follow up on how this meeting will be held.


A gathering of Iraqi “Sunnis and Shiites” that supports normalization with Israel has met with strong disassociation and rejection

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Shafaq News/ An Iraqi gathering of hundreds of personalities from the Sunni and Shiite sects has been announced calling for the normalization of relations between Iraq and Israel publicly, in an event that is the first of its kind, as similar calls were individual or not publicly announced.

According to the statement issued by the assembly, it includes more than 300 Iraqis from Baghdad, Mosul, Anbar, Babil, Salah al-Din and Diyala, calling on Iraq in general to enter into relations with Israel and its people through the Ibrahim agreements, similar to the Arab countries that have been normalized.

The statement said: We are a gathering of Sunnis and Shiites that includes members of the (Sunni) Awakening of the Sons of Iraq movement, as well as intellectuals, tribal sheikhs and youth activists from the 2019-21 protest movement. Some of us have faced ISIS and al-Qaeda on the battlefield.

“We have shown in blood and tears for a long time that we oppose all extremists, whether they are Sunni jihadists or Shiite militias backed by Iran. We have also shown our patriotism,” the statement said.

“We sacrificed lives for a united Iraq, and we aspire to achieve a federal system of government as stipulated in our nation’s constitution,” the statement continued.

A few hours after this statement was issued, the “Iraq Awakening” today Saturday distanced itself from supporting or joining this gathering.

The head of the Iraq Awakening Conference, Ahmed Abu Risha, said in a statement today, “Unfortunately, we have heard that some advocates of affiliation with certain components and descriptions are false and slanderous.

He added, “From here and from the height of moral commitment and responsibility, we announce that they do not represent anyone, and they are not allowed to exploit a tribal or regional character to talk about a position they are far from delving into.”

In turn, Ammar Tohme, “head of the National Approach” bloc, which represents Muhammad al-Yaqoubi’s authority in Najaf, expressed in a statement his condemnation and “strongly” rejection of the invitation of this gathering, calling for “prosecuting the voices professing normalization with” Israel.

Tohme said that “Iraqi law criminalizes these treacherous actions against the constants of the Iraqis and denying the grievances of the Palestinian people tested by the terrorist policies of the Zionist entity and contrasting with the historical positions of the Iraqis in support of the Palestinian cause and perpetuating the momentum of its people’s revolution in combating and combating Zionist arrogance and its extreme criminality,” as he put it.

The head of the bloc called on “the Iraqi government, parliament, national political forces, social activities and Arab clans to take a united and courageous voice in denouncing and rejecting these malicious plans aimed at diluting the nation’s immunity and immunity against” Israel. “In order to deter these and others and block the way for these extraneous sabotage projects (..).”

As for “Israel in Arabic”, a site on the social networking platforms on “Twitter” affiliated with the Israeli Foreign Ministry commented, “Dozens of tribal leaders and senior Iraqi officials gathered in the city of Erbil and called for direct contact with Israel.”

And the site added, “Our goal is to expand the Abrahamic agreements. The event in Iraq inspires hope, wherever they reach us, we will do our best to return.”


The President of the Republic concludes his visit to New York and returns to the homeland


Baghdad / supplier News
returned President Barham Saleh on Saturday, to the homeland after the conclusion of his visit to New York to participate in the work of the General Assembly of the United Nations concerning its session (76)
, said the media office said in a statement, ” The President of the Republic Barham Saleh returned home after the conclusion of His visit to New York, where His Excellency participated in the work of the United Nations General Assembly in its 76th session.
The President delivered Iraq’s speech, which included the latest developments in the country, regional and international developments of interest, and addressed issues of combating terrorism and corruption and the importance of the upcoming elections and ensuring their integrity.


An Iraqi-Egyptian-Jordanian agreement to hold a meeting in Amman to follow up on the implementation of the electrical connection

2021/09/24 18:27

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The countries of Iraq, Egypt and Jordan affirmed, on Friday, September 24, 2021, the need to start implementing the agreed projects, while those countries discussed developments and developments in the regional and international arena and their repercussions on the region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement received by Al-Masala that Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein participated yesterday in the meeting of the Tripartite Coordination Mechanism with the Foreign Ministers of Egypt Sameh Shoukry and Jordan Ayman Safadi, on the sidelines of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. To push forward the course of cooperation between the three brotherly countries, and to consult on issues of common concern.

The meeting praised, according to the statement, the approved work mechanism, which is reflected positively with the three countries, expressing their support and wishes for success for the elections to be held in Iraq during the month of October next.

The three countries stressed the importance of starting to implement the agreed projects in the fields of economy, energy and electricity, and setting a timetable for the implementation of these projects, with the need to identify the follow-up bodies to serve and achieve their interests at all levels.

The meeting also dealt with the latest developments on the regional and international scene and their repercussions on the region, stressing the need to create a common positive ground for the development of relations between the countries of the region.

The meeting agreed, according to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to hold a meeting in the coming period in Amman to follow up the implementation of electrical interconnection projects.


Iraq seeks to move the file of frozen funds in France to buy advanced weapons

Obelisk - the event as it happened

2021/09/24 15:40

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee revealed, on Friday, September 24, 2021, efforts to move the file of Iraqi funds frozen in France to buy weapons and military equipment.

The head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Muhammad Rida Al Haider, said in a statement received by the Obelisk: that there are obstacles in arming the Iraqi army in terms of air power, air defense and ground forces, including armored vehicles and tanks, especially after the battle of the terrorist organization, indicating that the French military attaché and political representative of the embassy The French visited us in the Security and Defense Committee and briefed us on the initial understanding of contracting the French Rafale planes, as well as advanced French radars and various air defense weapons.

He explained: So far, the contract has not been signed, but the understandings exist and have been identified, and the Iraqi Defense Minister visited France twice and agreed on some weapons. We don’t know how much money is.

Al Haider indicated that a committee was formed during the era of the two previous governments to look into this file, and this committee is made up of old officers in the Air Force and Air Defense who have complete information. Iraq and the subject is being searched for.

He stressed that Iraq can raise the issue and take weapons with the old frozen money, because Iraq paid money to France to buy weapons, but it stopped during the siege and remained frozen in France and some officers raised the issue as volunteers. correct .


The Association of Private Banks calls on the government to focus on the digital economy

political| 02:22 – 09/24/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Ahmed Al-Hashemi, Friday, called on the government to focus on the digital economy during the current period to make Iraq keep pace with the development taking place in the world.
Al-Hashemi said, in a statement received by Mawazine News, that “Iraq needs to give the private sector the appropriate environment to transition to digital transformation, as the revolution in information and communications is currently similar to what the world witnessed in the industrial revolution that occurred in 1760,” noting that ” The next legislature needs to focus on supporting the digital economy through appropriate legislation.”
Al-Hashemi pointed out that
Al-Hashemi praised the government’s tendency to establish a youth support fund of 30 billion dinars, which supports technical projects, which contributes to the development of the Iraqi economy and makes young people go towards pioneering projects, noting that “the private banking sector has begun to publish electronic payment tools in all the country.” And it requires store owners to use a Pos device to organize the buying and selling process and reduce theft, waste, and others.” Ended 29/p4


The Central Bank and the Environment confirm the imminent launch of loans for alternative energy

local| 10:13 – 09/24/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Ministry of Environment announced, on Friday, the completion of the National Committee for the Central Bank initiative, its work to set the latest model specifications regarding granting loans for various activities, including residential, industrial and agricultural, in addition to citizens’ homes for the purpose of purchasing solar energy systems.
And the ministry indicated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, that “the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank confirmed during his presidency of the meeting, which reviewed all the latest specifications that ensure that the systems are easy to use, sustainable, specifications and high quality for use by citizens and other activities,” pointing out that “Loans are at an interest rate of no more than 1%, and they are considered like zero-interest loans.”
Al-Yasiri revealed, according to the statement, that “the launch of specifications and loans will soon, and 2022 will witness a qualitative and clear shift in changing the behavior of the Iraqi individual in the use of renewable energy and solar energy, not only at the level of state institutions only, but will include homes but also at the level of housing complexes with soft loans and all industrial and agricultural activities.” And others,” noting that “the Central Bank and the concerned banks will be ready to receive loan applications, and we will inevitably see a great demand for such loans, especially since it will end the suffering of citizens from spending on private generators and the pollution they cause to air and hearing, and to go to solar energy systems that provide sufficient hours and clean energy.” Insured and at a lower cost.
In turn, the head of the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, Hussein Ali Daoud, explained that “the agency has set determinants and governing controls that the techniques and equipment used are of international origin, high durability and long sustainability to ensure the success of this transition towards solar energy, and the installation process will be carried out under the supervision of the engineering cadres of the distribution departments in the Ministry of Electricity.” .
For his part, Director General of the Environmental Awareness and Information Department at the Ministry of Environment, Amir Ali Al-Hassoun, affirmed that “this national effort falls within the national plan of the government and the Ministry of Environment regarding climate changes and Iraq’s commitment to the Paris Climate Expenditure, in addition to achieving sustainable development goals and the ministry’s awareness-raising approach for the purpose of changing behavior towards renewable energy.” He explained that “it is one of the tasks that we are still promoting in all sectors of Iraqi society, and this committee is one of the outputs of the awareness and media effort that targets all government sectors, civil society organizations, unions, private sector institutions and citizens.” Ended 29/A4


Al-Sadr is concerned that his followers will rise to the pyramid of power in Iraq

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Shafaq News/ Muhammad Salih al-Iraqi, who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, hinted on Friday that the latter is worried that his followers will assume the position of Prime Minister if they achieve the votes that qualify them to do so in the elections scheduled for next October.

The Iraqi, who calls himself the “minister of the leader”, published a short dialogue with the “leader” on social networking sites “Facebook”, in which the latter touched on the rise of the Sadrists, “the pyramid of power in Iraq,” wondering, “Will our followers be up to the responsibility, or will they be like their predecessors who received governments”?

The “Wazir” quoted the “Leader” as saying: I fear the world for them, for if it opens its doors to anyone who has not tamed himself, slippage will be more likely. Then I do not want to sacrifice the reputation of my parents and grandparents and the family name.

Al-Sadr added, “I do not want anything from this except to remove corruption, help the oppressed, help the poor, and remove the affliction.”