Muqtada al-Sadr arrives in Baghdad


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Muqtada al-Sadr arrives in Baghdad


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, arrived in the capital, Baghdad, and this came before the alleged parliament session was held today, Sunday.

A source familiar with “Al-Ghad Press” said, “Muqtada Al-Sadr arrived in Baghdad today, before the parliament session, to vote on the government of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi.”

Urgent entry of large numbers to the liberation square

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{Baghdad _ Ain}

The delegate of the Ayna news agency in Tahrir Square pointed to the entry of large numbers of demonstrators from a number of governorates to the square, and mentioned that the demonstrators now arriving, most of them from the governorates of Dhi Qar and Wasit and the province of Babel,

where he confirmed that the arrival of the demonstrators came in response to the campaign that This activity was launched by the doctor and activity on the governorate of Dhi Qar Alaa al-Rikabi, which was supported by many activists and demonstrators,

and al-Rikabi had called this campaign the name of the martyrs ’deadline in which he called for demonstrations on the Karkh side in Baghdad and near the Green Zone,

As this call came to demand the government to speed up the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators and not to delay and procrastinate

Hazem Atwani

Barzani’s party: Allawi’s government is a lifeline and the blocs should not miss the opportunity

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya:

Member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Majed Shankali, confirmed, on Saturday, his party’s support for Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, noting that today there have been positive understandings with Allawi

. The opportunity, “indicating that” not to pass the Allawi government will enter Iraq with new mazes. ”

He added, “The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, will never assume the post of prime minister for several political reasons,” noting that “the government of Abdul-Mahdi will continue if the Allawi government fails.”

After a meeting at Al-Amri’s house .. political leaders present a proposal to the Kurds and await their response

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A meeting was held in the home of the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi al-Amiri yesterday, during which a proposal was made to present a proposal to the Kurds while they are awaiting a response.

According to Kurdish media, “Iraqi political parties, including Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis, met last night in the house of Hadi al-Amiri and agreed on a number of points while awaiting the response of the Kurds to them.”

And she added that “among the points agreed upon by the meeting, according to the source, is that the next prime minister has three political deputies from the (Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis).”

He continued, “The meeting decided on the Kurdish candidates for the ministries that were allocated to them in the new government cabinet, to submit the names of the Kurdish party to the names of technocrats for Allawi, but the Kurdish delegation did not express its approval of the decisions of the meeting, and is scheduled to respond to it after returning to the Kurdistan region.” is over

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi

Legal expert: The constitutional period for the Prime Minister-designate ends on March 3



2020-02-29 | 13:06
Legal expert: The constitutional period for the Prime Minister-designate ends on March 3

Legal expert Tariq Harb confirmed, on Saturday, that the constitutional period for Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi ends at the end of the official working hours of the third day of March, indicating that there is no constitutional void even if the cabinet cabinet was not voted on tomorrow or after a month or more

Harb said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The constitutional period specified for Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to hand over his government cabinet to the House of Representatives for a vote on it ends at the end of the official working hours of the third day of March, given that the issuance of the presidential decree mandated was on the first of February The past and this day are not counted, but rather the next day, which is the second of February. “Noting that” the constitutionally specified period is 30 days from the date of the assignment, and as long as the month of February is 29 days, this means that the end of the mandate will be on the third of the current month of March. “
Harb added that “Allawi did what he had to do when he called the House of Representatives to vote on his government cabinet on the first of March, which means that the ball today is in the court of the House of Representatives, whether by voting on it tomorrow or even after a month. Until “The House of Representatives either votes to reject the cab, and here the alternative option is to assign the President of the Republic to another candidate or the continuation of the Parliament’s dialogues until voting on the cab submitted to them by an official letter from the designated president.”
Harb stressed, “Whether voting is done tomorrow or after a month or more, there is no constitutional vacuum for the government even if the resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi apologized for continuing, given that there are two deputy prime ministers and either of them can manage the functions of the acting Prime Minister until The coming of the new government and the official handing over of the government.

Health announces the registration of 5 new cases of the Corona virus in Baghdad and Babylon


{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Health and Environment announced today, Saturday, the discovery of five new confirmed cases of the new Corona virus, four of them in Baghdad (three in Karkh and one in Rusafa) and the fifth in Babil Province.

She added in a statement, which he received {Al Furat News} a copy of, that “the cases were followed up by the staffs of the Ministry of Health and samples were taken for them to carry out laboratory tests and it was found that the results of the tests are positive and they are currently in the institutions of the Ministry of Health and Environment to follow up on their health status.”

The Ministry affirmed that “it has taken all the necessary measures to deal with cases and those who are in contact with them according to the international health regulations.”

The ministry called on “all institutions and citizens to abide by the directives issued by the Ministerial Crisis Cell and Diwaniya Commission Committee No. 55 of 2020 to confront the emerging coronavirus, and the ministry affirms its commitment to recommendations that would prevent the transmission of infection.” is over

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi

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Security source: Protesters control Al-Khulani Square


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A security source said, on Saturday, that demonstrators took control of al-Khilani Square in central Baghdad.
The source said in a press statement, “After the fall of the concrete blocks, the demonstrators took control of al-Khilani Square and advanced towards Al Wathba as security forces withdrew to Al Wathba.”

The source, who asked not to be named, added, “The protesters burned the tires in the yard,” pointing to “turning off the electrical current in Al-Khilani and the approaches to the liberation tunnel.”

A security source said, today, Saturday, that demonstrators tried to drop a number of concrete barriers near Al-Khilani.