Abadi confirms the government’s orientation of the economy and the Council of Ministers approved the invitation of companies to implement the port of Faw

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

confirmed Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the government went to the investment sector, in what the cabinet approved a call Acharkan to implement the project port of Faw in Basra province.

A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that Abadi Park in the opening speech by the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday , “for all Iraqis , the great victory achieved the sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded and their families, stressing that our heroes are human rights defenders and they sacrifice themselves for the liberation of man and save the civilian government and supportive of the efforts to defend human rights and be held accountable for any violation. ” 

He called on “humanitarian organizations to ensure and verify the sources and see rejoicing the people of Mosul and welcomed the Iraqi Balfouat liberated, surprising sadness and wailing some at the height of the joy of the Iraqi people , this victory, and wondered where the role of the organizations when they Daesh kill Mosul ‘s sons and destroy everything?”. 

Abadi stressed “not to allow the return of sectarian and inflammatory rhetoric, calling the speech Aldaasha, calling on the world not to tolerate terrorists , ” he said . ” We must not Evelt any terrorist punishment and will not issue an amnesty for terrorist killers.” 

He stressed that ” the future our approach should be focused on economic and development side, which is the educational foundation for the renaissance of the state and society, and the need to fight corruption , which has hurt the state and society, and to activate the law.” 

Abadi and saluted “all efforts in support of the battle and all put the right word and shares its place to achieve victory, and emphasis was placed on the liberalization move all Iraqi territory and a plan to restore stability and displaced persons and services for the liberated areas.” 

As alive cabinet effort of relief and large humanitarian response in the care of the displaced and the provision of appropriate camps for about one million displaced people, “adding that” this government effort Iraqi was despite weak global contributions compared to the size of the challenges and the humanitarian needs enormous. ” 

Discussed the Council of Ministers in its meeting today “draft resolutions prepared for his agenda, and agreed to exclude a piece of residential land numbered 2/200 District 15 Aldhnh belonging to the integrity of the proceedings public auction for the purpose possessed to the staff of the integrity Commission.” 

the cabinet approved the “proposed amendment first of the law is Yale political parties , No. 36 of the year 2015 submitted by the House of Representatives taking the observations of the Council of Ministers, in addition to the approval of the loan agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency aimed at encouraging the development economy, and to authorize the Deputy Minister of Finance to sign the Hartha electrical project with the Japanese side. ” 

The President of the Council of Ministers ” to negotiate with the company Hanwha harlow] towards reducing the wages of marketing and management service apartments new Basmajh residential and raise as a result of the negotiation of the Council of Ministers.” 

the Council decided “part of the piece of land sale in the Utaifiyya region Foundation eye social welfare without allowance.” 

He acknowledged ” a memorandum of understanding with the US side for the processing of wheat, the Council also approved the establishment of the Ministry of Commerce to negotiate, contracting and procurement for the processing of the subjects of rice and wheat for the benefit of the ration card.” 

The Council of Ministers agreed “to increase the provision for the tanker project lines for water Basra , the loan amount, also approved the Council of Ministers to invite companies to submit bids for the project port of Faw through investment.”



A sudden agreement to Baghdad and Erbil to open a new page of relations and solving problems [expanded]

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A sudden agreement to Baghdad and Erbil to open a new page of relations and solving problems [expanded]

[Oan- Baghdad] The 

federal government confirmed in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Arbil , get ready to open a new page of relations and cooperation after the reconstruction of Mosul recently liberated from the terrorist gangs Daesh.

The ministers held the Kurdistan Regional Government Council, on Wednesday, a meeting with the federal government delegation headed by Minister of Oil, Jabbar Luaibi, it was agreed to form a committee to coordinate cooperation between the two sides in the field of oil and electric power. 

The meeting took place between the delegation of the Federal Government and the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region , headed by the President of the Government of the Territory, Barzani, and the presence of Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, Qubad Talabani , in addition to a number of ministers of the region. 

A statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government, that the two sides have announced their readiness to open a new page, and continuous dialogue to resolve the outstanding problems between the two parties. 

The statement, discussed the formation of a joint committee to coordinate cooperation between the two sides in the field of oil and electric power, including in the interest of all the Iraqi people all. 

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, according to the statement, expressed “readiness of the Kurdistan region to cooperate in the post Daesh, to ensure the normal life of citizens in the affected areas and their return to it.” 

Turning Barzani during the meeting, to relations between the KRG and the federal government to post Daesh especially in areas affected by the fighting, which are needed now to reconstruction again. 

For his part, “thanked the Federal Government delegation, the Government of the Territory to its readiness for cooperation and coordination of the Iraqi government.” 

Arrived Wednesday morning, a delegation of the Federal Government, comprising ministers of oil, education, agriculture, electricity and agents finance ministries, electricity, oil, education and agriculture with a number of general managers and advisors of the Iraqi government, to Erbil, to discuss issues of common interest.

The US State Department: A meeting of representatives of the International Coalition against Da’ash in Washington


Arab and World

Wednesday, 12 July 2017 19:02

The US State Department: A meeting of representatives of the International Coalition against Da'ash in Washington
The American Red Cross


The meeting of representatives of the countries participating in the international coalition against Da’ash, led by the United States, will start on Wednesday in Washington, and will discuss intensifying global efforts to combat the “Daqash” organization in areas still controlled by Syria and Iraq, State Department spokesman Heather Naort said.

Narut said: “The meeting takes place at a crucial moment in the fight against Dahesh and after the direct liberation of Mosul.”

“The coalition’s working groups on supporting stability, combating the financing of terrorism, countering foreign fighters and counter-propaganda meet to assess progress and discuss the possibility of developing success in all these areas,” the US diplomat said.

On Thursday, some 30 key coalition participants will discuss pressing priorities for furthering an irreversible “defeat” based on successful operations in Mosul and Raqqa, as well as discussing measures to stabilize Iraq and speed up the voluntary return of displaced people to violence.




Baghdad and Erbil Fhan a new page to resolve their differences



Baghdad and Erbil Fhan a new page to resolve their differences
 Twilight News    
 22 minutes ago

Twilight News / Baghdad and Erbil expressed readiness to open a new page and continuing dialogues to address the existing problems between them, Malentin for discussion on the formation of a joint committee to coordinate between them in the oil and electricity sectors are taking into account all the Iraqi people’s interest.

In a statement to the presidency of the provincial government responded to the Twilight News, that Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received, on Wednesday, and a senior delegation from the Iraqi federal government included ministers of oil, electricity, agriculture, head of the Office of Financial Supervision and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil, noting that the meeting was attended by Vice President of the provincial government Qubad Talabani .

The statement noted that Barzani congratulated the Iraqi people on the occasion of Liberation Mosul and noted that everyone benefit from the liberation of Mosul, and everyone must cooperate to post “Daesh” and the normalization of the conditions of citizens in those areas and return of displaced persons to their places.

The statement added that during the meeting touched on the relations between the Governments of the region and the center for the post “Daesh” especially in the areas that were occupied and it needs now to reconstruction and provision of services, pointing out that the provincial government through this regard its readiness to coordinate and cooperate for the return of displaced persons and ensure a normal life for them and revive their lives in the affected areas, as they were Oboppea open in order to receive them.

The statement continued that the guest delegation thanked the provincial government for the expressed willingness to coordinate and cooperate with the federal government.

The statement noted that the two sides expressed their willingness to open a new page and continuing dialogues to address the existing problems between them, adding that he was talking on the formation of a joint committee to develop a continuing and how to reorganize coordination between Erbil and Baghdad in the fields of oil and electricity take into account the Iraqi people the benefit of all.

The statement noted that the meeting was attended by ministers of natural resources, planning, education, and a spokesman for the provincial government agents and the Ministries of Finance, Economy Agency and the Ministry of Electricity and Secretary of the Council of Ministers of the region.


Iraq recovered

7/12/2017 4:16

Hussein Tgb
new waited that occurs on the reality of Iraq after the cycle of war that hit the economic life almost completely paralyzed and disrupted the process of construction , which is the other income were not the level of ambition.
Today our country is recovering to achieve victory over the mightiest forces of terrorism which caused risk to most countries of the world and threaten their security
Vanasr put Iraq in front of the threshold of a new stage and warned all the countries of the world that this country is not weak but managed to insist making “Daesh” terrorist , which includes the elements of most of the nationalities of the world and the professionals of war, has managed the Iraqi security system dismantled and destroyed . This is proof that making security Iraq is not impossible , and capabilities that defeated the forces of darkness able to achieve security and stability throughout Iraq , from Kurdistan to
Basra. We are in front of a new stage after the wait for the international effort advanced and specialized stage to prove Iraq ‘s existence, the day of this goal and prove to the whole world that he was on the path of achieving security and stability , which is a magnet for capital and technology advanced that we desperately need in all productive sectors
and service. Great security Vanasr represents a gateway to achieve economic victory toachieve a broader and well – being transferred to the country is better , and change theshape of the national economy, especially that most of the specialized international companies realize the importance of Iraq in the economic arena  of
We have all the ingredients of economic advancement and victory in the productive and service sectors and to compensate our people for long suffering due to the deterioration of services and lack of employment opportunities, we have to walk the real development paths that require to be selected international effort specialist careful and deliberate from the real experts from the public and private sectors must be the world ‘s largest economic blocs, and the reason so that these specialized companies carried out by methods and quality of fear that affects its reputation and does not accept manipulation of ill dealings, and this is what we wish we seek sustainable development that will move us to be a global influential We are a really well as we have all the riches of the great cities  of
Iraq. Iraq After this great victory goes back to restore international status among the countries of the world and prove that he is capable of rapid economic recovery to stand his place appropriate among the major economies of the world and have economic eighth tiger, especially after it became the focus of a major international attention and directed attention to him from every


Private Bankers Association congratulates the Iraqi people and the liberation of Mosul from Abadi “Daesh”


Congratulated the Association of private banks, on Tuesday, the Iraqi people and the President of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Haider Abadi, the great victory achieved by the security forces of the liberation of the city of Mosul organization “Daesh” terrorist.

The Association of private banks in the letter sent to the Prime Minister and carried the signature of its president and depositary Handal, seen by the “Economy News”, “I am pleased to lift the prestige holy in my name and the name of the chairmen of the Iraqi private banks departments of all, our deepest congratulations and blessings to declare victory over Aldaasha hateful terrorism perch on the issuance of the sons Mouselna beloved “mother of Two Springs”, three lean years. “

She added, “As we raise through you, to the Iraqi our people and our armed forces heroine in all its different forms and its affiliates, an army and a crowd and the fight against terrorism and federal police and rapid intervention and the sons of the tribes deepest congratulations and sought their hands to free up the remaining of our soil precious from the clutches of Aldoaash terrorists.”

She continued, “Do not forget we are in the midst of our celebration of the victory brilliant in Mosul, the generous sacrifices made by the people of our armed forces heroine in order to kohl eyes of Iraqis this great victory, we pray to the Almighty to grant the soul of our innocent martyrs rest in peace and to bless the wounded a speedy recovery.”



Abadi: No amnesty for terrorists and will not allow the return of the speech and inciting sectarian {expanded}

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Park Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Iraqis in Mosul, the great victory, stressing not to allow the return of the sectarian and inflammatory rhetoric, calling on the world not to tolerate terrorists.

A statement from his office and Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it today in a speech Abadi , opened by the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday , “his blessing to all Iraqis , the great victory achieved in Mosul , the sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded and their families.” 

According to Abadi , according to the statement that “Our heroes are human rights defenders and sacrifice themselves for the liberation of the human and save civilians, and supportive of the government ‘s efforts to defend human rights and be held accountable for any violation.” 

“On the humanitarian organizations to ensure and verify the sources and rejoicing see the people of Mosul and welcomed the Iraqi forces liberated,” surprising “sadness and some wailing at the height of the joy of the Iraqi people in this victory.”

He also asked , “Where was the role of the organizations when they were the sons of Mosul Daesh kill and destroy everything?”. 

He stressed Abadi , “not to allow the return of speech inciting sectarian and described the speech Aldaasha”, calling on the world to “zero tolerance with terrorists, adding , ” We must not escape any terrorist punishment and will not issue an amnesty for terrorist killers. ” He 

also stressed that” the direction of future government must be centered on the economic side, development, and education , which is the basis for the rise of the state and society, and the need to fight corruption , which has hurt the state and society, and to activate the law. ” 

saluted all supporting battle efforts and all those who put the word correct its place and contributed to achieving victory. 

the Amnesty international” Amnesty “I have been published yesterday acknowledge Lyra demanded the formation of an independent commission to investigate crimes against civilians in Mosul , “may have been committed by the terrorist Daesh or even the Iraqi forces and the international coalition that backed gangs. 

It is said that Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said on the first victory of the liberated city of Mosul and the collapse of terrorism Aldaasha .anthy


Economists for “Economy News”: the fiscal deficit in the budget of 2017 will increase $ 4 billion



Officials and experts, economists, Wednesday confirmed that the fiscal deficit in the budget year 2017 will increase $ 4 billion, indicating that the government is seeking to amend the price of a barrel of oil in the supplementary budget for the current year.

The Iraqi government has sent the supplementary budget for 2017 to the House of Representatives, which was able to read initially last week. The head of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Mohammed Halbusi, during the parliament session vassal “Economy News”, “The government has decided to pay 40% of the peasant dues of 1.6 trillion dinars and contractors amounting to 2.6 trillion dinars in the supplementary budget.”

 Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Massoud Haider said in an exclusive interview for “Economy News”, “the supplementary budget for the year 2017, will go in the next parliament sessions for discussion and approval, because it is a partial solution to the economic crisis.”

He added that “the supplementary budget will produce an increase in the general budget of about 7 trillion dinars, which will increase the rate of spending, as well as increased federal state revenues from 79 to 83 trillion dinars,” noting that “the fiscal deficit of the budget of 2017 will rise from 21 to 25 billion dollars, “pointing out that” the Iraqi government demanding the lifting of the price of a barrel of oil in the supplementary budget to $ 44.4 after the price was $ 42. “

Rustam noted that “the supplementary budget includes allocation of 3 trillion dinars for the expenses of Alastmarah as well as the allocation of amounts paid to contractors and farmers as part of their dues.”

The supplementary budget includes opening the doors of appointment in the interior, defense and health ministries, in addition to the allocation of funds for the investment budget.

On the other hand, he confirmed a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Harith al-Harthy, for “Economy News”, that “the supplementary budget represents organized a deliberate economic situation by specialists in the Ministry of Finance,” stressing that “this budget will fill a lot of needs.”

He noted that “the Economic Committee will cooperate with the financial to put the budget in the parliament,” pointing out that “the supplementary budget includes opening the doors of appointment in the interior, defense and health ministries.”

In turn, the economist said Amer jeweler, for “economy News”, “all the previous budgets did not reflect positively on the economic reality of Iraq, but it will lead to increased exchange with dispersing the money.”

He added that “the supplementary budget does not represent a radical solution, but the solution lies in improving the management style of public money.”

Walid Marsoumy



Reuters: Iraqi forces clash again with the old Daesh in Mosul two days after the announcement of victory

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Brother – Baghdad

According to “Reuters”, on Wednesday, renewed clashes between security forces and elements of al-Daesh in the old Mosul after more than 36 hours from the announcement of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi achieve a decisive victory over the organization in his stronghold of former president in Iraq.

An Iraqi military official attributed this activity to “cleansing operations” according to Reuters.

The official said that “there are elements of Daesh hiding in different places,” adding: “They’re hiding here and show there.”

He declined to estimate the number of militants and civilians in the region, but the commander of thesteel determination process led by the international coalition in Iraq and Syria , Gen. Stephen Townsend said   that ” a few hundred militants Daesh are still in Mosul.”

“There are excesses, and we have not liquidated every building in this city the size of Philadelphia, and this will have to do, and there are also explosive devices hidden.”

He added, “There are still losses from the Iraqi security forces while continuing to secure Mosul.”

The reinforcements arrived to help Iraqi forces to push elements of al-Daesh armed with machine guns and mortar shells from the western village of Imam, south of the city, after the militants controlled 75 percent of the village.


17 IS militants killed as Iraqi joint force foils 4th attack near Mosul


Members of al-Hashd al-Shaabi.

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) An Iraqi joint force have thwarted an attack by the Islamic state near Mosul, two days after the liberation of the city, Shafaq News reported on Wednesday.

The attack is the fourth of its kind by the IS after losing the battle of Mosul.

“A force made up of Al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) and al-Hashd al-Ashaeri (Tribal Mobilization Forces), backed by fighter jets, managed to repulse a violent attack by the IS on Hatra, southwest of Mosul, killing 17 militants” a security source told Shafaq News.

“The militants used bicycle bombs driven by suicide bombers,” the source added.

Anadoly news agency quoted Col. Ahmed al-Jabouri, of Nineveh Operations Command, as saying that 13 militants were killed in an attack againt Jurn village, south of Mosul. Battles are still ongoing at Mqalae’ Jiyaa region, located near the village, after army troops were deployed to repulse the attack in Hatra.

Meanwhile, Peshmerga troops foiled another attack by IS fighters as they sneaked into a village northwest of Mosul. Al-Hashd al-Ashaeri and Al-Hashd al-Shaabi also repulsed two other attacks near the city.

Western officials warned that the IS terror group will try to launch attacks after losing their last stronghold in Mosul last Monday.

Tal Afar is a pivotal stronghold that is still held by IS in Nineveh province since August 2014.

On Monday, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi declared, victory in the city of Mosul, ending an eight-month campaign backed by a U.S.-led coalition and paramilitary forces, which has displaced more than 900.000 civilians.

The victory in Mosul also means an effective collapse of the Islamic State’s self-styled “caliphate” declared from Mosul’s Old City by the group’s supreme leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.