Urgent .. Abadi announces the reason for thedelay statement of victory


Urgent .. Abadi announces the reason for the delay statement of victory
3 minutes ago

Twilight News / hold Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al – Abadi meeting with Alsnov squad leaders in Ninawa Operations Command headquarters in the city of Mosul Tuesday evening.
He said that “victory is settled and the remains of Daesh trapped in recent Acbar and it is a matter of time to announce to our people the great victory, and to respect and appreciation fervid to our forces that continue cleansing process and give it more support and determination to end a lie and a myth Daesh forever and eliminate the last terrorist on the land of Mosul comes.”
He continued , “We came today we learn in the field and we oversee the battle only pocket was left or two pockets of remnants Daesh and they have no smuggler only death or surrender , so the battle settled the great victory by hand. During the twenty – four last hour a large number of Aldoaash killed and that our troops are fighting valiantly to liberate civilians who Ttakzhm Daesh as human shields in about fifty to ahundred house, noting that civilians caught up taking advantage of the opportunity to provide our troops to escape from the gang Daesh. “


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