The crowd announces that its official websites have been hacked and confirms: Hackers have published a statement about the recent Al-Sink events


2019-12-08 | 23:02


The popular crowd announced that its official websites had been hacked, while confirming that the hackers had published a statement about the recent Al-Sink events.

The crowd said in a statement, Alsumaria News received a copy of it that “the official website of the Popular Mobilization Authority – the Directorate of Information has been hacked,” noting that “there are attempts to retrieve it.”

He added, “The hackers published a statement attributed to the crowd on the recent unfortunate events of Al-Sing, which is not true,” explaining that “the statement was deleted from the directorate’s accounts on social media after it became clear that the official website was hacked.”

And published on the official crowd sites , a statement on the developments of current events, where the crowd demanded in the statement attributed to him to clarify the facts about the events of Friday and the nature of armed groups and saboteurs, and also called for the security forces to impose their control on the demonstration arenas and restore conditions to its quorum.

Iraqi Ambassador receives European Investment Bank

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Brussels Mr. Sadiq Al-Rakabi received a delegation from the European Investment Bank.

They discussed ways of resuming negotiations between the two sides on the framework agreement to be signed between Iraq and the European Investment Bank.

The Bank’s funding and support for private sector projects will contribute to stimulating intra-trade between Iraq and ITU Member States, and provide many vacancies for Iraqi university graduates.

On his part, the head of the delegation of the European Investment Bank stressed the importance of Iraq, its position to the European Union, and their appreciation for the difficult circumstances and challenges, indicating their readiness to start negotiations again and provide assistance to Iraq in the common interests.

The two sides agreed to hold a second expanded meeting to discuss the draft framework agreement.

(Source: Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Activist killed, two others injured, and a fourth escaped from a series of attacks in Iraq


killing and wounding




12/08/2019 15:30:41

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Shafaq News / A number of activists in the Iraqi protests have been subjected to a series of unprecedented attacks since the morning of yesterday, Sunday, until late that day, killing one of them, wounding two others, and a fourth survivor.

Activist Dr. Muhannad Al-Kaabi was injured Sunday morning in Saif Saad area in Karbala when an explosive device exploded on a wheel he was carrying.

In addition, unidentified gunmen in a motorcycle assassinated the activist in the protests, and Al-Ta’i was arrested in front of a hotel in Karbala, while the activist, Ihab Al-Wazani, who was accompanying Al-Ta’i, survived.

The activist, Basem Al-Zaidi, was wounded in the failed province of Nissan, in southern Iraq, in a failed assassination attempt.

It is noteworthy that these attacks took place two days after a deadly attack targeting protesters in the areas of Al-Sank and Al-Khilani in the center of the capital, Baghdad, carried out by unidentified gunmen and left a number of dead and dozens of wounded, in a dangerous sign of the escalation of violence in the predominantly Shiite provinces that witness demonstrations against the political class that The country has been ruled since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Popular crowd: gunmen from the Peace Brigades, the crowd and saboteurs participated in the events of Friday in the tooth

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Popular Mobilization Organization said on Sunday that “gunmen from the Peace Brigades, the crowd and saboteurs” participated in the events of Friday in Al-Sinak, while noting that “it is unfortunate that the sabotage groups and their supporters have hijacked the peaceful demonstrations.”

“In the midst of the events that have cast a shadow over the demonstration arenas, in particular what happened on the evening of Friday, the sixth of December in the vicinity of the Al-Khulani and Al-Senak areas, in which a number of victims fell,” the authority said in a statement.

She added, “We see the necessity of presenting the facts in front of the public opinion in order to inform our dear people about the truth of what happened and to cut off the strife that some local and international parties wanted to exploit in their own ends, and everyone knows that large numbers of demonstrators who responded to the call of reference to address and expel the saboteurs and protect the peaceful demonstrators present In the demonstration arenas, especially in the garage of Al-Senk, and this is what neglected the subversive groups present in this place, which dominate greatly and impose their presence by force and terrorism. ”

And she continued, “These masked groups were planning to provoke the demonstrators and prevent them from being in the garage building, and a number of peaceful people were attacked with knives, tools of prey, and Molotov cocktails to burn the place, and this is documented by the media, and twenty-three peaceful demonstrators were kidnapped.”

The body noted that “a number of those present there have invoked the security forces and the popular crowd, so the sons of the crowd responded to the intervention as a result of the security vacuum and the absence of the state’s authority, but heavy gunfire directed towards the demonstrators and the crowd group, which resulted in a number of victims so that the situation could develop into opposite clashes to save the kidnapped demonstrators as well Trapped inside the garage, then the vandals transported the kidnappers to the building of the Turkish restaurant, and with the crowd busy busy rescuing the trapped in the garage and as a result of the heavy presence of Peace Corps and what is known as the blue caps and some of them carrying weapons and with the absence of coordination, everyone clashed with Pal They see what complicated the scene and caused a number of casualties on both sides. ”

She said, “Then the security and crowd leaders interfered with communication with all parties and held a meeting between the leaders of the Peace Saraya with the National Security and the Baghdad Operations Command, which ended with an agreement to withdraw the security forces and the force that intervened to save the kidnappers,” noting that “our dear people and the families of the victims and the kidnappers are demanding the responsible authorities to release Their children, revealing the facts in front of the public opinion, explaining the nature of armed groups and saboteurs, their connections and what is happening in the building of the Turkish restaurant, suspicious activities, suspicious and immoral practices, and conducting a search of the building and buildings surrounding the demonstration squares and confiscating the sala Located there and edit abductees. ”

The Commission pointed out that “it is unfortunate that the sabotage groups and their supporters have hijacked the peaceful demonstrations, and the souls of the peaceful have become in danger, which has led to the transformation of the armed groups into an obstacle to achieving legitimate demands, and we in turn call on the Iraqi people to continue the peaceful demonstration, which is a legitimate right of all children.” The Iraqi people are not limited to a group, group or party. ”

And she demanded, “The necessity of the security forces imposing their control on the demonstration arenas, protecting them, extending security and restoring conditions to their normal levels, as the rational authority demanded of that, until we miss the opportunity for those who lie in wait for us.”

Urgent Abdul-Mahdi calls on parliament and blocs: I do not wish that my government be too long and hurry to form a new one

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, called the political blocs and the House of Representatives to form the new government with full powers.

This came during his meeting today, Sunday, the ambassadors of the European Union in Baghdad.

A statement of his office, which was received by {Al Furat News}, said that “cooperation relations between the two sides, demonstrations in Iraq and the importance of protecting them and preserving their integrity have been discussed.”

He added that “the ambassadors of the European Union expressed their continued desire to support Iraq as the democratic country that represents an important model in the Middle East, and that the European Union considers Iraq a partner and is keen on its reputation and strengthening its system and democratic experience,” praising “the role of the Prime Minister to achieve an important development in Iraqi relations” Foreign affairs, especially with the European Union. ”

The ambassadors expressed their concern over the targeting of the demonstrators by the saboteurs and the importance of preventing any attacks against them and the security forces.

Abdul-Mahdi stressed during the meeting, “Iraq is proud of the partnership and cooperation relations with the European Union, and Iraq’s commitment to human rights principles, including the protection of the right to peaceful protest and the right to life, work and study.” Noting that “the government revealed in its report the mistakes that occurred at the beginning of the demonstrations and the excessive use of force and was taken Investigative measures, and judicial procedures are continuing in this regard. ”

He pointed out that “the government made a strict decision to confine arms to the state, but what is regrettable is the occurrence of sabotage operations carried out by vandals among peaceful demonstrators and the burning of state institutions, police stations, religious shrines, consulates and homes of citizens, and that the security forces have a duty to protect everyone and maintain security and stability throughout the country.” , Stressing “checking the information from its precise sources.”

And Abdul-Mahdi pointed out that “Iraq has had a major role in combating terrorism and its people are paying the price of war on ISIS in its economic, social and security conditions,” again calling on the House of Representatives and political forces “to form the new government with full powers and its desire that the government not run for the duration of daily affairs.” is over

The Kurdish delegation returns to Baghdad to proceed with the federal budget discussions

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Government Iraqi government

Federal budget

12/08/2019 12:19:30

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Shafaq News / After the agreement between Erbil and Baghdad regarding the budget and oil, and after the arrival of the draft budget from the government to the House of Representatives, a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government is scheduled to visit Baghdad to meet the political blocs in the House of Representatives, and a representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Baghdad said that they will make Efforts to implement the agreement as is.

Representative official Faris Issa said that the agreement was reached between the governments of the region and Baghdad regarding the budget and oil and the general Iraqi budget bill for the year 2020 was to be sent from the Iraqi government to the parliament last week, so the Kurds are awaiting the arrival of the draft law to the council and are making efforts with the blocs The other policy is to pass it as it is.

Issa added that with the arrival of the bill to the parliament, a delegation from the region’s government will visit Baghdad and meet with the political blocs in the Iraqi parliament, adding that this Kurdish political delegation includes representatives of all the Kurdish blocs in the parliament.

He stressed that the agreement between the region and Baghdad is linked to the budget and oil and will be implemented as is.

Legal expert: The President of the Republic will assume the functions of the Prime Minister in this case

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, explained who will take over as prime minister in the event that an alternative to Adel Abdul Mahdi is not decided.

Al-Tamimi said {for Furat News} that “the President of the Republic has 15 days to assign a new and another candidate, and he can be independent,” adding that “in the event that the 15 days have passed and after the end of the 30 days for the conduct of business, the government of Abdul Mahdi and those with him will end.”

He continued, “The step that comes after not choosing a candidate is to switch to Article 81 of the Constitution, where the President of the Republic assumes the functions of the Prime Minister and carries out business.”

Al-Tamimi indicated that “the second paragraph of Article 81 obliged the President of the Republic to appoint a new candidate for prime minister within 15 days of the vacancy of the post,” noting that “the failure to choose the Prime Minister will continue with the tasks of the Prime Minister until the alternative candidate is found for Abdul Mahdi.”

Khallati reveals the preparation of the final version of the electoral law and the date of its approval

Editing Date: 12/8/2019 20:41

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The MP revealed the parliamentary wisdom bloc, Hassan Khalati, preparing the final version of the election law, while speaking about the date of its approval.

“My current central pivot to the House of Representatives is the approval of the new election law,” Khallati said, revealing “The vote on the law given that the first and second reading has ended and discussion of the law within the relevant committee took a long time and held meetings with legal experts.”

He pointed out that “topics that have disagreements in this law include two axes {Article 15, which speaks to go towards multiple constituencies and reduce the number of members of parliament to 251 deputies,” noting that “despite the existence of these differences, the law will proceed with a vote.”

Khalati added, “The delay came to prepare the final version of the law, because everyone is convinced of the single list and multiple districts in the provinces,” announcing “the next week of sessions will witness the vote on the election law after completing its final version.”

British-French-German call to drive the crowd out of protest sites and hold perpetrators accountable


 12/08/2019 09:32:09
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Shafak News / British, French and German embassies in Baghdad have called for the removal of the PMF factions from the sites of protests in Iraq.
This came during a meeting of British, French and German ambassadors today, Sunday, in Baghdad, with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi.
According to a joint statement of the embassies, the ambassadors condemned “the killing of peaceful Iraqi demonstrators since October 1, including the killing of twenty-five demonstrators in Baghdad last Friday.”
The ambassadors called upon the prime minister, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces and until the new prime minister takes over, to ensure the protection of protesters, to carry out the necessary investigations urgently and to hold all those responsible for the killings accountable.
They also stressed “not to allow any armed faction to operate outside the control of the state, and they also urged the Iraqi government to ensure the implementation of the decision taken by ordering the PMF not to be present at the protest sites, and holding those who violate this decision accountable.”

This document … next Tuesday is an official holiday


Editing Date: 2019/12/8 18:18 
{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Al-Furat News obtained a document of Cabinet Resolution No. 11 of 2018, which states that “the liberation day of Iraq from the terrorist gangs of ISIS and the 10th of December is a national holiday and an official holiday every year.”
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