Parliamentary Finance: The total expense for Iraq’s budgets over 14 years is $ 900 billion

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee, Majida Al-Tamimi, revealed, Tuesday, December 10, 2019, the actual total expenditures of Iraqi budgets from 2004 to 2018.

Al-Tamimi wrote in a tweet on her Twitter account: “The actual current expenditure”, current and investment, for the period 2004-2018, amounting to $ 894,848 billion, at a rate of 76.88%.

She added, “As for the actual investment, it was 206.86 billion dollars, or 23.12%.”

On Monday September 30, 2019, MP Al-Hikma Hassan Khalati warned against re-“reproducing” previous budgets in the Federal Budget Law for 2020.

Khallati said, “What is important in the draft budget law 2020 is to provide what benefits citizens. They are looking for job opportunities, economic development, infrastructure, and services.”

He explained that “if the budget remains 2020, as a budget reproduced from previous budgets, and the change will be simple in some numbers, this means that we will not present anything new to the economy of a country as well as to citizens”, adding that “in order to advance the economy of Iraq, we need rising programs that go out of the routine.” Followed in preparing budgets. ”

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Close to Sadr, he directs proposals to parliament on the eve of the vote on the election law

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} An account close to the leader of the Dori movement, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, directed proposals to the House of Representatives, on the eve of its session scheduled for Wednesday and voting on the House of Representatives bill.

Mohammed Saleh al-Iraqi said in a statement to the House of Representatives: “Tomorrow you are at stake, and are obligated before God and before the people to vote on what benefits the people, so I propose the following

first – in relation to the election law: so that there are multiple constituencies with an individual nomination of 100% for each Conservative taking into consideration the number of souls, and we recommend canceling the external vote, even temporarily, or checking it well, or helping them to vote inside Iraq as much as possible, as well as strictness regarding the vote of the security authorities.

Second – What concerns the provincial councils, as follows: Each governorate elects only three people, The governor, his deputy, and the president of the provincial council, in turn, make up the governor’s council And the laws benefit the people and the structure of administrative organization and as I know that this disease of the people.

The Iraqi said , “If you do not vote or procrastination people will say about his {law}.”

The House of Representatives is scheduled to hold a session tomorrow, Wednesday, in which it will vote on the draft election law and other laws. Ended

The Kurdistani Democrat reveals the only condition for the Kurds in choosing the prime minister

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{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} A deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed today, Tuesday, the existence of a single condition for the Kurds in naming the next prime minister of the government, replacing the resigned Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

And the website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party quoted Muhammad Amin Fares, a member of the party’s bloc, as saying that “dialogue and discussions are continuing to agree on a new candidate for the prime minister of Iraq, but they have not yet agreed on a specific candidate. One day since the prime minister resigned. ”

He added that “the current custom requires that the position of prime minister be from the share of the Shiite component, although this is not mentioned in the constitution and the law, but the approval of the forces must be obtained on the name of the person nominated for prime minister, including the Kurdish party.”

Regarding the Kurds ’condition for approval of the prime minister’s candidate, Fares stressed that“ the Kurds have one condition regarding who is chosen for the prime minister and that is to abide by the Iraqi constitution and implement its provisions, and believes in the legitimate constitutional and legal rights of the Kurdistan region.

Parliamentary finance reveals the value of the 2020 budget and its great deficit

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that there is a large financial deficit in the fiscal budget for 2020.

Committee member Hanin Qaddo said in a press statement that “the budget deficit next year amounts to approximately 48 trillion Iraqi dinars,” noting that “the financial deficit will hinder the passage of the budget law in the specified period.”

He added, “There is a search for new financial resources to support the budget, which is estimated at more than 150 trillion dinars.”

He pointed out that “the accumulated debts, as well as licensing rounds, pressure expenses and employee salaries will reduce the investment side of the budget.”

Qaddo explained that “the general budget will face the problem of voting on it within the specified time period unless the fiscal deficit is addressed.”

Pictures .. A wonderful anthropomorphic asserting the peaceful demonstrations of liberation

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Activists erected a magnificent model in Tahrir Square in the center of the capital, Baghdad, reflecting the peaceful demonstrations.

The stereotype {I❤TAHRIR} mediates Tahrir Square, confirming the peacefulness of the demonstrations and that the protesters are “urbanized, not saboteurs.” End

Document: The Iraqi parliament holds a session on Wednesday to vote on its election law


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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Parliament will hold its 23rd session tomorrow (Wednesday) for the fourth parliamentary session, the second legislative year, and the first legislative term.

According to the agenda of the session, it includes two paragraphs, one of which is the vote on the Iraqi Parliament’s elections bill.

This comes at a time when Iraq is witnessing widespread protests calling for an end to the ruling of the ruling parties that emerged after 2003, and the holding of early elections under international supervision that do not involve these parties.

Document: The Iraqi parliament holds a session on Wednesday to vote on its election law

Document: The Iraqi parliament holds a session on Wednesday to vote on its election law


Crescent Petroleum announces more than $ 3 billion in investment in Iraq

Majed Jaafar


Economy News – Baghdad:

Majid Jaafar, CEO of the UAE-based Crescent Petroleum, said on Tuesday that the company is investing more than $ 3 billion in Iraq .

He added during a meeting in a conference in Abu Dhabi, “We have invested more than three billion dollars in Iraq over the past ten years, and this rate is increasing .”

In March, a consortium led by Crescent and Dana Gas signed a twenty-year gas sales agreement with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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An American bank funds a $ 900 million contract with the Ministry of Electricity

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Economy News – Baghdad:

The US Export and Import Bank, “EXIM” has  agreed to finance a contract between Stellar Energy and the Ministry of Electricity in the amount of $ 900 million to build evaporation systems and wet air pressure in three stages.

A source familiar with the “Economy News” said, “The financing of the American bank is due to the agreement signed between the bank and the Iraqi Finance Ministry to lend Iraq 5 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq, which was signed last October in the American capital Washington.”

He emphasized that “the first stage approved by the Council of Ministers to build evaporation systems and wet air pressure at a value of 450 million dollars, and that the second and third stages with a value of 450 million dollars,” noting that “there are major differences between the executive and legislative authorities on the terms of the contract and that the legislative authority refuses to sign the contract By the Ministry of Electricity because of the resignation of the current government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi. ”

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A source denies the existence of attempts to cross bridges demonstrators towards the Green Zone

Baghdad / … A source among the demonstrators in the Tahrir Square in the center of the capital, Baghdad, denied, today, Tuesday, the presence of demonstrators’ attempts to cross bridges towards the Green Zone.

The source said to “Ain Iraq News”, that “Tahrir Square, as well as the adjacent demonstration squares, both in Al-Khulani Square and all places where the demonstrators were, have never experienced any problems and the conditions are very normal.” Other provinces have been welcomed and they stand with their brothers in Baghdad in complete agreement. ”

The demonstrators of Tahrir Square had called, yesterday, Monday, in a joint statement to reject the candidates of political parties to the prime minister and not to enter the Green Zone.

The statement said: “The blood of the pure martyrs that were shed in the massacre of Al-Khilani and Al-Sanak Square in Baghdad, Al-Ezz and Al-Majd, and before it in Al-Nasiriyah Al-Abiya, Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf and Karbala Al-Hussein, and the rest of our rebellious, patient, provinces, obligate us to fulfill them, to continue their path, and to pledge to adopt the demands that were set for them. We said it previously and we say today that there is no return to normal life except for the return of the homeland that the martyrs wanted.

He added, “The Iraqi people, with the blood of their noble sons, have accomplished their first steps towards achieving the goals of the Great Tishreen Revolution, and forced the thugs of the age to resign, after hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded and others like the detainees and the missing, and to complete the eternal march of freedom that the Iraqi people began, we are reminding the ruling political class Corrupt, that any personality provided by the corrupt class to assume the prime minister does not meet the conditions and specifications written by the spare sons of Iraq in the travel of revolutionary arenas which have become known to the far, small, large and responsible and the citizen will be rejected by the Mentvdan, even though your insistence on the pulse of the street through the payment figures linked to one way or another Bohzabkm blood and your system, it became a game open even the smallest cub cubs of this revolution. ”

And after all the methods of violence and criminality of the revolutionary people have failed to end their revolution, it became clear that the tyrants of Iraq are seizing opportunities and plotting plots to justify the suppression of the uprising and finishing it by pushing towards diverting the path of peace to violence and collision, and to avoid giving them the opportunity and excuse to kill and criminal We call on our youth in all governorates to exercise caution and attention to suspicious calls and rumors, to remain in their own demonstration arenas each in his province, and not to be drawn into the scheme of violence, especially what is promoted by him entering the area of dust {green} tomorrow, as these are the squares of Baghdad and its revolutionaries Open your hearts and Tandhankm with all my generosity, love and fraternity and peace. ” Finished 2