The start of the Nineveh Investment Forum with the participation of the Association of Iraqi private banks in Erbil


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The Nineveh Investment Forum, which will bring together companies operating in Nineveh with international, regional and local investors, business leaders and other stakeholders with the participation of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, kicked off on Tuesday 3-5 December 2019 in Erbil.
The forum will discuss investment potential in the Kurdistan region and provide exciting opportunities in the sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, services and technology.
The Nineveh Investment Forum, funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), will announce the expansion of its ongoing efforts to support regional development by opening additional business development centers at the upcoming Nineveh Investment Forum, which will help revive the private sector in Nineveh. .
“Shortly after the launch of the EIPI program in Nineveh six months ago, we established the first business development center in Erbil and are now assessing the location of additional facilities in Nineveh province,” said Sahl al-Annabi, a private sector team leader in the Nineveh Investment Facility program. – With the expected opening of our second facility during the first quarter of 2020.
For his part, the facilitator of the Nineveh Investment Facilitation Program team, Aaron Hsu, pointed out that “Business Development Centers will provide access to knowledge, tools and financial facilitation services to companies operating in Nineveh. To help her On revitalizing and mobilizing finance and growth, special programs will be offered to support businesswomen and startups. ‘

The event, organized by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), brings together experts and speakers in international investment and development, a unique collaboration between the United States and the public and private sectors in Iraq to support communities in Nineveh by creating investment opportunities.
Institutions supporting the Nineveh Investment Forum include: American Chamber of Commerce in Iraq, Kurdistan Investment Commission, Yazda Organization (International Yazidi Organization), Iraqi Federation of Industries – Nineveh Chamber of Industry, Iraqi Intermediate Market Development Corporation, Iraqi Private Banks Association, Nineveh Investment Commission And the American-Iraqi Business Council.

Al-Halbousi: Controls will be put in place to select delegates away from closed rooms


Editing Date: 12/5/2019 0:01 
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, headed a broad meeting that included the two vice-presidents, heads of political blocs, and the head and members of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, in a series of ongoing meetings to discuss the Independent High Electoral Commission law.
Al Halbousi said during the meeting, according to a statement of his office, “We must enhance the people’s confidence in the institutions that govern the electoral process, of which the Commission is its main pillar,” noting that “the House of Representatives works with procedures that put the commission out of suspicion, characterized by impartiality and integrity, and bypassing all previous loopholes and reversals in its work.” “.
The President of the House of Representatives stated that “controls will be put in place to choose the commissioners away from any political influence in the closed rooms, and the candidates will be chosen from them with the participation of professional and popular organizations, civil society organizations, experts and academics in public, and that the parliament will give them confidence to practice their official work.”
The participants discussed all the legal and financial aspects of the Independent Electoral Commission, as well as the global experiences in this regard;

URGENT Parliament will hold an evening session tomorrow

Date: 2019/12/4 21:52

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The House of Representatives, tomorrow, Thursday evening session.

The Director General of the Parliamentary Chamber in a statement received by the agency (Euphrates News) a copy of it “attributed the presidency of the Council to hold a meeting on Thursday at 4 pm.”

Parliament was scheduled to hold its regular session on Tuesday but was postponed to complete discussion of the legal committee, parliamentary blocs and UNAMI experts on the bills of the House and Electoral Commission elections.

3rd Time in a Month: Iraqi Protesters Torch Iranian Consulate in Najaf

Basnews English 04/12/2019 – 11:04 Published in Iraq

ERBIL — Iraqi protesters in Shia’s holy city of Najaf set fire to Iranian consulate for the third time in one month amid widespread unrest in the country.

Eyewitnesses said protesters burned tires and hurled them toward the main gate of the Iranian consulate, burning it for the third time to protest Tehran’s interference in Iraq’s internal affairs.

Earlier on 3rd November, angry protesters stormed the Iranian consulate for the first time, and set fire to the building. A similar attack took place later on 27th November.

There were no casualties but material damages to the consulate building, as media reports said.

Mike Pence speaks in a letter about the importance of his visit to the capital of the Kurdistan region


Mike Pence




2019/12/04 05:24:14

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Mike Pence, US Vice President Donald Trump, has sent a message to participants in the International Forum for Investment and Reconstruction in Nineveh, held in the city of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region, in which he talked about the importance of his recent visit to the region.

US Ambassador Matthew Toller read out the message as the forum began.

“You play a key role in expanding trade relations between the United States and Iraq,” Pence said.

On his visit to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, Pence said that “the recent visit to Iraq, Erbil is the result of the importance and full commitment of America in the development of bilateral relations, and support the achievements of Iraq as a country of prosperity, sovereignty and independence.”

On the importance of the forum, the US vice president said, “There is no doubt that this forum will be a factor to find a steady work for Iraqis, especially for males and females of young people, as well as it will be a factor in order to maintain Iraq’s ancient civilization.”

At the end of the letter, Pence thanked the Kurdistan Regional Government, which helped to convene the forum, saying, “There is no doubt that America with a free democratic and prosperous Iraq.”

Pence last month made a surprise visit to Iraq, during which he inspected his country’s forces at the Ayn al-Asad airbase (western Iraq), met with senior officials of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and only telephoned Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.