British-French-German call to drive the crowd out of protest sites and hold perpetrators accountable


 12/08/2019 09:32:09
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Shafak News / British, French and German embassies in Baghdad have called for the removal of the PMF factions from the sites of protests in Iraq.
This came during a meeting of British, French and German ambassadors today, Sunday, in Baghdad, with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi.
According to a joint statement of the embassies, the ambassadors condemned “the killing of peaceful Iraqi demonstrators since October 1, including the killing of twenty-five demonstrators in Baghdad last Friday.”
The ambassadors called upon the prime minister, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces and until the new prime minister takes over, to ensure the protection of protesters, to carry out the necessary investigations urgently and to hold all those responsible for the killings accountable.
They also stressed “not to allow any armed faction to operate outside the control of the state, and they also urged the Iraqi government to ensure the implementation of the decision taken by ordering the PMF not to be present at the protest sites, and holding those who violate this decision accountable.”


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