Al-Rafidain explains the types of loans granted to the citizen and employee


Economy News _ Baghdad

Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Friday the types of loans and advances granted to employees and citizens, ranging from personal advances to the purchase or restoration of investment housing units and the addition of building on them.

The media office of the bank said in a statement, “Economy News” received a copy of it, that “the services provided by the bank to citizens and employees included investment housing loans in the amount of 100 million dinars for employees and 50 million dinars for citizens on the guarantee of a guarantor guarantor. In addition to building loans to citizens amounting to 50 million dinars after submitting a real estate deed for residential land, provided that the area is 200 meters or a building permit is approved in the name of the loan applicant exclusively for a period of ten years.

The bank also added, “Also, the salaries of employees of the endemic state departments paid their salaries exclusively to the bank, the highest 25 million dinars, and the provision of loans electronically to them from the bank’s branches for the purpose of restoring and rehabilitating residential homes or adding construction of 30 million dinars to citizens and 50 million dinars for employees in exchange for a mortgage to be rehabilitated, And loans with the protection of residential and without a guarantor.

An American bank funds a $ 900 million contract for the Ministry of Electricity

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Economy News – Baghdad:

The US Export and Import Bank, “EXIM” has  agreed to finance a contract between Stellar Energy and the Ministry of Electricity in the amount of $ 900 million to build evaporation systems and wet air pressure in three stages.

A source familiar with the “Economy News” said, “The financing of the American bank is due to the agreement signed between the bank and the Iraqi Finance Ministry to lend Iraq 5 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq, which was signed last October in the American capital Washington.”

He emphasized that “the first stage approved by the Council of Ministers to build evaporation systems and wet air pressure at a value of 450 million dollars, and that the second and third stages with a value of 450 million dollars,” noting that “there are major differences between the executive and legislative authorities on the terms of the contract and that the legislative authority refuses to sign the contract By the Ministry of Electricity because of the resignation of the current government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi. ”

US State Department: We call on Iran to stop assisting third parties in Iraq

19 11:42 PM

Baghdad / Akhbariya:

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has pledged that the United States will respond decisively to any attack by Iran or its followers that could harm the American forces or their partners in Iraq.

“We strongly condemn the attack by Iran’s followers, which wounded 5 Iraqi soldiers near Baghdad airport this week,” Pompeo said in a tweet posted Friday evening on his official account on Twitter.

Pompeo threatened, saying: “For Iranian leaders, the United States will respond resolutely if Iran or its followers inflict any harm on American cadres or our Iraqi partners.”

The son of al-Sadr’s spokesman survived an assassination attempt

Baghdad / Obelisk: A security source said, on Friday, that the son of a spokesman for the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, survived an assassination attempt in Baghdad.

The source said, “Unidentified gunmen opened fire towards a car in which Jaafar al-Moussawi’s son, Muqtada al-Sadr, a spokesman for the Sadrist movement, was traveling in a Baghdad area.”


“Moussawi’s son survived the accident,” he added, without giving further details.


The legality of Parliament is about to end amending some articles of the election law … and wisdom is more likely to be passed next Monday

Baghdad / Obelisk: The Legal Committee is working within the House of Representatives to amend some of the wording in the articles of the new election law, which was agreed upon between the political blocs, to change them.

The law is likely to pass in the House of Representatives session scheduled for next Monday.

On Friday, December 13, 2019, MP from the al-Hikma Movement, Hassan Khalati, said, “Parliament will hold its session next Monday in the event that the parliamentary legal committee has completed the amendments.” The previous electoral method, except for changing the electoral divider. ”

The member of the Legal Committee, Amjad Al-Uqabi, said in a press statement, published by the “obelisk”, on Thursday, that the political blocs agreed on most of the provisions of the election law, adding that there is one article being persuaded by the Kurds.

Al-Uqabi said, “The Kurds refuse to adopt multiple districts because of the large number of districts in Nineveh province.”

It is noteworthy that the Presidency of Parliament had postponed, on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, the convening of its session, until the Parliament elections elections law was completed and agreed upon.


Tahrir Square: The peaceful sit-in ends its seventh consecutive week

December 13, 2019

Baghdad-Sharqiyah December 13: The peaceful sit-in in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad entered its week in a row since October 25 amid the insistence of the stationers in the tents and the architecture of the Turkish restaurant to achieve the full popular demands. Activists say that logistical support convoys include blankets, tents and canned food quantities Of the medicines that constantly reach the tents of the medical detachments spread in the vicinity of the Tahrir Tunnel, provided that specialized committees ensure that they are distributed according to their needs. N and who is trying to divert peaceful protest from its path

Twitter Shuts Down Iraqi Shia Militia Commander’s Account

Basnews English 13/12/2019 – 15:50 Published in Iraq

ERBIL — Twitter on Friday shut down an account attributed to a senior Iraqi militia commander after he was sanctioned by the US recently.

The Twitter account of Qais Khazali, commander of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, which operates under the command of Hashd al-Shaabi, was shut down apparently in line with the Treasury Department’s sanctions which was imposed on Khazali and three other Iraqis last week.

Khazali has been among the hardliners who oppose the US influence on Iraq and the present of the US troops in the country.

He has, on different occasions, threatened to target the US forces if they stay beyond the time they are supposed to in Iraq.

The Kurdistan government is postponing payments to the “Jinel” and “Gulf Keystone” oil

Oil field in northern Iraq. “Internet”

Economy News – Baghdad

The London-based oil production companies, Genel and Gulf Keystone, have reported that the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq has postponed payments due to them for a few weeks.

Gulf Keystone stated that it had received a notification from the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Natural Resources stating that payments related to oil production for August and September due in November and December will be made in January 2020, according to Reuters.

Genel issued a statement identical to Gulf Keystone.

It is noteworthy that the payments due to the two companies come against production sharing contracts concluded with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Genel produces about 37 thousand barrels per day, net in Kurdistan, while Gulf Keystone produces just a little more than 30 thousand barrels per day in total in the region.

A spokesman for Jinel said: “The payments have been regularized for more than four years and we are confident of the Ministry of Natural Resources’ ability and willingness to pay and pay the arrears as announced.”

He continued: “This is a temporary issue and it does not affect our positive view of work and investment in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.”

Al-Halbousi: The President of the Republic cannot submit a candidate to head the government without the agreement of the Shiite blocs


13-12-2019 04:22 PM


 Baghdad – news

Today, Friday, the leader of the Iraqi Forces Alliance and Representative Hebet Al-Halbousi confirmed the inability of the President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, to present a candidate to head the government without agreement and the Shiite blocs agree to ensure his passage in Parliament.

Al-Halbousi said, in a statement reported by an Arab newspaper and seen by Al-Akhbariya, that “Saleh cannot submit any candidate for prime minister, without agreement and agreement between the Shiite blocs, in order to ensure his passage within the parliament,” noting that “all the Shiite forces did not agree Until the moment, definitively, on the person of the next prime minister, although Al-Sudani is the most prominent candidate for the prime minister. “

He added: “The Iraqi street, and even the religious authority, do not accept that the new prime minister be from within the political blocs or subordinate to them, but rather they are with an independent candidate,” stressing that “the authority wants to choose an independent political figure for the prime minister, and any personality affiliated with any party Politics will be rejected by the reference and rising street. “


Deputy for (Al-Ghad Press): The blocs agreed on the new election law, and the difference is only on the mechanism of distribution of seats


Deputy for (Al-Ghad Press): The blocs agreed on the new election law, and the difference is only on the mechanism of distribution of seats

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

Member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Malhan Al-Mutawar, confirmed today, Friday, that the new election law is agreed upon by 90% among all political blocs and parties in the parliament.

Al-Moutar told Al-Ghad Press that the new law is agreed upon in a large percentage between the political blocs, pointing out that “the difference is only on the mechanism of allocating seats.”

He pointed out that “there are four proposals proposed for approval, namely: that the distribution of seats be 50 to 50 for the parties, or 100% and the governorates as a single district, or 100% distributed among districts and districts, or the current law with an amendment to some of its paragraphs in the distribution of seats “.

Al-Moutar said, “The approval of the new law will take place after the blocs agree on one of the four proposals presented at the present time.”