An invitation to adopt financing programs for companies operating in Iraq

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Baghdad / Mustafa al-Hashemi


The current stage requires the enhancement of financial inclusion, especially after the implementation of the employee localization program, by the central bank, which would provide a greater part of their welfare through the adoption of expanded mechanisms for other financing programs for all companies operating in the country.

The salary settlement project aims to pay the salaries of state employees through cards issued by banks operating in Iraq in order to reduce the total cost of the process of paying salaries and retaining cash within the banking system. The benefit of workers is that they have a bank account that enables them to deal with all ATMs and points of sale in the country And outside it, as well as taking advantage of all other banking services provided by banks such as obtaining loans and others.


mutual benefit

In this regard, the economic academic, Dr. Issam Al-Mahawili, called on local and international companies operating in Iraq to “invent their own financing system in cooperation with Iraqi banks and in coordination with the Central Bank, in order to achieve mutual benefit between the public and companies at the end of 

Whether. ”Al-Mahawili said in an interview with“ Al-Sabah ”: The mutual benefit is the citizen obtaining the goods or cars and devices that he wants to buy on favorable terms of payment, while the benefit of companies is to achieve greater sales through special financing programs. 

It out. ”


Finance advantages

“Financing programs are characterized by flexible solutions to purchase cars or devices and products that suit individuals and companies alike, as they offer flexible options to pay loans or advances at fixed interest rates, along with quick and easy procedures for submitting applications, as well as the need for no early termination fees.” Or unsealed 

Contracts. ” 

It is noteworthy that the use of cards provides security advantages instead of keeping cash, so the strategy of the Central Bank in creating a safe competitive environment for banks to present their offers, and that the employee has the right to choose the bank according to the best financial and banking services and the most appropriate prices.



Al-Mahawili continued, “The current stage requires taking part in such competitions provided by financing programs that, whenever they are on favorable terms, increase the public’s appetite for enjoyment.” 

With its advantages. ”

He pointed out that “there is a group of companies belonging to the private sector, which are related to the auto trade, adopting a financing system in cooperation with government banks, to facilitate the sale of their products to employees or low-income people, and that this system is in place in several countries in the world.”

He emphasized that “financing programs also come to improve the company’s liquidity, cover certain expenses, or plan for business growth, as banks offer various financing programs that help companies achieve goals and reach the highest sales of their products.”


Asset financing

Al-Mahawili pointed out that “Asset Financing assists in the purchase of equipment and vehicles, as it is one of the financing solutions for purchasing them according to a payment schedule designed according to the liquidity flows of the applicant of this type of financing.” 

He stated that “there are other types of financing programs such as real estate finance, project financing, and contracting company financing that companies operating in Iraq can adopt and adopt as one of the means to expand financial inclusion 

To the citizens. ”


Urgent security media: two Katyusha rockets landed in the outer perimeter of Baghdad Airport

Editing Date: 11/12/2019 23:52

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Today, the Security Media Cell announced that two Katyusha rockets landed in the outer perimeter of Baghdad International Airport.

“Two Katyusha rockets landed in the outer perimeter of Baghdad International Airport in an uninhabited area without significant losses,” the cell said in a statement. is over

A source reveals the date of the next session .. These are the opinions of the blocs in the electoral law

Editing Date: 11/12/2019 22:20

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Today, Wednesday, the House of Representatives chaired by Speaker of Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi held a deliberative session to discuss the House of Representatives election law.

At the beginning of the session, the parliamentary blocs presented their vision regarding the Parliament’s elections bill, and the head of the Parliamentary Bloc, Faleh al-Sari, affirmed his current support for the principle of multiple individual constituencies, and that each parliamentary seat have an electoral constituency.

Meanwhile, MP Nabil Al-Tarfi, head of the Alliance Block, affirmed that the alliance adopted the proposal of multiple districts at the district level, and that the nomination be 100% individual and a 25% guarantee to represent women.

MP Muhammad Al-Ghabban, head of the Al-Fateh Alliance bloc, pointed out that his alliance with every 100,000 people having a seat in accordance with the highest system of votes, provided that the level and number of constituencies are determined to avoid any problems.

MP Falah Hassan Zaidan of the Iraqi Forces Alliance considered the parliament’s elections bill as one of the most important laws, indicating the necessity of adopting the proposal of multiple lists and the highest votes at the district level and ensuring the representation of women and that the districts within the districts be defined in the law.

Representative Kati al-Rikabi, on behalf of the State of Law coalition, noted the importance of the law in meeting the interests of the Iraqi people, indicating that the bloc does not object to the proposal of multiple or non-multiple lists.

Representative Adnan Al-Zrafi expressed victory for the coalition, the coalition’s desire that the electoral districts be multiple at the judicial level and that the winner has the highest votes with the importance of ensuring the quota percentage.

In turn, Representative Vian Sabri, chairwoman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) bloc, explained that the bloc with the division of the correct votes from the competing lists according to the applicable law and on the basis of the province.

Representative Joan Ihsan, head of the National Union bloc, supported holding the elections according to the modified St. Lego system, provided that the governorate be one electoral district

. Representative Rashid Al-Azzawi, head of the National Contract Bloc, indicated his support for a proposal of 50% lists and 50% individual with the highest votes.

Representative Khaled al-Mufriji, of the Alliance, supported the decision to adopt the proposal of multiple lists in accordance with the highest votes at the district level, with the definition of districts at the judiciary level.

For his part, Deputy Arshad Al-Salihi on the Turkmen component called for careful consideration and proper thinking in legislating important laws, including the House Elections Law, with a diversity of components and denominations, calling for free and fair elections with the participation of all according to the system of one electoral district.

Representative Youssef Mohamed urged the Change Bloc to adopt the distribution of the electoral district individually and according to the electoral lists, and that the votes be distributed according to the electoral divider, and to assign seats to the list and to the individual number.

Representative Adnan Fayhan, head of the Sadikon bloc, suggested relying on the principle of the highest votes for a single electoral district in the governorate in the event of going to early elections. In the event that the law takes longer, the proposal for multi-districts may be approved at the district and governorate levels according to the highest votes due to the data update required by the commission .

Representative Yonadam Kanna demanded that the Rafidain bloc raise the percentage of choosing the highest votes to 75% and give 25% to political entities.

Representative Ammar Tohme stated that the National Approach bloc said that his bloc with the winner with the highest votes by 100% for the winners and the adoption of a single constituency at the governorate level, being close to holding early elections and increasing the percentage of participants in the elections.

For his part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives expressed his support for the electoral system in accordance with the proposal of the highest votes at the level of multiple constituencies that the multiple constituency in the governorate be defined as well as the resolution of the quota for women, calling on the Legal Committee to limit its meetings to members of the committee while continuing to receive the proposals of representatives to mature a project Law.

As for the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Al-Kaabi, he praised the role of the president and members of the legal committee in discussing the draft law, reviewing the meetings that were held, which amounted to 16 meetings with the aim of maturing the law, urging the parliament to expedite the vote on the law.

For his part, President Al-Halbousi instructed the Legal Committee to hold meetings to mature the draft law for the House of Representatives election and resolve the issue of naming electoral districts in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Planning and the Electoral Commission and the authorities concerned with electoral affairs to ensure the support of all parties concerned, including the United Nations and civil society organizations, in order to enhance confidence in the electoral process, Indicating that the Council is already ready to vote on the draft law at any time to be determined upon agreement.

A representative of the Euphrates revealed that “the legal committee asked to postpone the session until next Monday.”

Harb: The adoption of a single district in the electoral law limits fraud and vote buying

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Legal expert Tareq Harb confirmed, on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, that the adoption of one electoral district within the new election law would achieve electoral justice and reduce fraud and vote buying.

Harb said that going toward adopting multiple constituencies in the new election law is not correct, as this paragraph will allow some corrupt people to buy votes and rig the elections to win the membership of the House of Representatives, pointing out that adopting one constituency at the governorate level is the best to limit fraud.

He added that the one district for the province achieves electoral justice more than the multiple districts in the division of votes, indicating that the multiplicity of districts will deprive many segments of obtaining a parliamentary seat during the upcoming elections.

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Shabandar confirms: I am not a candidate for prime minister

Section: Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: Izzat Shabandar wrote:

Within a banner of pictures of my personalities, among them with a comment that they are rejected in advance by (the heroes) of the Turkish restaurant, knowing that I am neither a candidate nor a candidate, nor will I nominate or honor the leadership of the monkeys who wrote this banner or commented on them or ordered them from the mafias of the struggle for power and corruption And murder.

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The House of Representatives adjourns its session until further notice

Editing Date: 11/12/2019 18:07

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives decided to suspend its session, scheduled for today, Wednesday, to vote on the Parliamentary Elections Law until further notice.

The Council stated in a statement, {the Euphrates News} received a copy of, that it was “decided to give a deadline for the Legal Committee to hold its meeting until the controversy over Article {15} of the Iraqi Parliament’s election law is resolved with the participation of all representatives of political blocs.”

He noted, “The session was postponed indefinitely.”

Parliament sessions ..

The House of Representatives adjourns its session for half an hour because the quorum is not complete

Baghdad / Obelisk:

Cabinet decisions for today’s session (extended)

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Council of Ministers held its regular session today, Tuesday, headed by the outgoing Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Abdul-Mahdi spoke at the beginning of the session, according to the statement of the Council of Ministers, which received {Al Furat News} a copy of it, at the beginning of the session on “the commemoration of the day of victory over ISIS, describing it as the historic day in the lives of Iraqis and the world as well as what the threat of ISIS represents.”

He said that “the most important factor of victory is the ability of the people and the armed forces of the army, the police, a popular crowd, the Peshmerga, the clans, and the formation of a single front against terrorism, and the well-known position of the religious authority,” noting that achieving the will to victory operations is important results in the various provinces and that the initiative is in the hands of the heroic Iraqi forces that Thanks to its sacrifices and its accomplishment, the atmosphere of security, stability and economic activity was achieved, as well as the positive mass movement and peaceful demonstration of the legitimate demands of our people. ”

The Cabinet discussed a number of issues and issued the following decisions:

1. The Minister of Justice is empowered to negotiate and sign a draft cooperation agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of transferring people convicted of penalties detrimental to freedom, according to the provisions of Article (80 / VI) of the Constitution.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepared the necessary authorization document in the name of the Republic of Iraq for the Minister of Justice in accordance with the approved contexts, and submitted it to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in order to obtain the signature of the Prime Minister.

And it was agreed to amend Cabinet Decision No. (429) for the year 2019 according to the following:

Approval of giving the ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry and the governorates the authority to continue contracting to implement its annual plan at the end of the date of December 31, 2019 instead of the date of December 15 2019 as an exception to the implementation instructions Federal budget for the fiscal year 2019.

The Council voted to run out of the Memorandum of Understanding regarding mutual exemption from entry visas for holders of diplomatic, service, private and important passports between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Iraq and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in the Syrian Arab Republic. is over

Urgent poll shows demonstrators’ confidence in one character that surpasses superpowers and the United Nations

Editing Date: 11/12/2019 15:13

{International: Al Furat News} A poll showed the confidence of the Iraqi demonstrators in one character, and the percentage of this trust exceeded the current political elites, and even exceeded even superpowers and the United Nations.

In an effort to better understand the dynamics of the Iraqi protests and how to deal with the grievances of the demonstrators, the American newspaper “Washington Post” commissioned the “independent” research group, to conduct a survey that included about 1,250 interviews with protesters in Baghdad and all major cities in southern Iraq from November 24 To the 1st of December, this January.

The newspaper found that the most prominent results of the poll are the most important for the protesters to feel their importance. In a nationwide survey conducted earlier this year, 75% of the respondents said that they felt that their lives no longer made sense, while 80% said that they felt depressed once At least one over the past 6 months.

However, participation in these demonstrations seemed to change these feelings, as about 94% of the protesters said that these demonstrations made them feel important, and almost the same percentage said that participation in these protests made them feel as if they had an opinion in determining the future of Iraq, and mentioned 97 % That participating in the protests made them more proud of being Iraqis.

The survey indicated that older generations of Iraqis waited for the government to give them their rights, while young protesters are actively demanding their rights, as about 90% of people said that these protests made them feel they are challenging the current system, and this challenge can be summarized in the main slogan of these protests: { I came to take my rights}.

About two-thirds of the protesters stated that they participated in the protests based on an invitation they received either on the Internet or from a physical social network, while only 12% took to the street based on calls from family members, which indicates a fundamental change from the past in which the government controlled the flow of information For Iraqi citizens.

The demonstrators are calling for profound changes in the political system in general, and not only for the current government.

Before the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, 86% of the protesters said they would not stop, even if the current government was overthrown, and indeed the protesters did not stop, and they are unlikely to be affected by any government change based on the old political coalitions.

The deep lack of confidence in the current political players is also a major problem for any long-term solution. With the exception of the supreme religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Imam al-Sayyid (Ali al-Sistani), the most influential cleric in Iraq, who enjoys the confidence of 60% of the demonstrators, only 5% trust Protesters in other government politicians, including in the legislative, executive, and judicial branch.

More than 90% of the demonstrators welcome early elections, but because of their lack of confidence in state institutions, a low percentage agree that these elections should take place under the current electoral commission or even under the supervision of Iraqi judges.

External international players also have a low level of confidence, with only 1% of Iraqis trusting in Iran, the United States having 7%, the European Union 25% and the United Nations 30%.

Young Iraqi demonstrators have demonstrated a remarkable ability to resist the drift into violence, although they have suffered heavy losses and there are ongoing efforts by armed militias and security forces to push them toward violent behavior. The demonstrators remained focused and insisted on achieving their goal of changing the political system to a system based on merit rather than political and sectarian affiliations.

While it is difficult to see the course of the protests going in the future, it is worth noting that 70% of the demonstrators agreed to hold reliable early elections under the supervision of the United Nations.

250 billion dinars in fines in the Iraqi currency auction


Integrity Commission,

Currency Auction,

Financial Fines

11/12/2019 02:27:43

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Shafaq News / The Integrity Commission disclosed on Wednesday details of the criminal and intelligence cases related to the file (currency auction) that it is investigating, indicating that it received (4) intelligence, and opened (8) criminal cases in it.

The Investigation Department of the Commission noted that (6) of these cases were referred to the trial court and other investigation courts, as well as a case that was previously decided upon, and another that is still under investigation, explaining that among these cases are major corruption cases in the work of a private bank and indicators of cases Smuggling foreign currency outside Iraq through the bank’s purchase of foreign currency for the benefit of companies claiming to import goods, pointing out that, upon investigation and scrutiny, it was found that these companies had not introduced goods to Iraq since 2004.

The department clarified that the issues included fraud and some governmental and private banks entering the auction of selling the currency in the names of companies and private account holders without their knowledge, and submitting invoices and a false import vent, as well as violating the instructions of the Central Bank when entering the auction according to the provisions of Article (3) of the Washing Act Funds No. (93 of 2004).

She added that the incoming intelligence related to the issue of (flying instruments) and the collusion of some banks with people by depositing instruments with no possession of them in order to participate in the currency auction for the purpose of profit and benefit from the price difference between the central bank and the local market, in addition to the issuance and treasury department in the central bank By buying (10) coin counting machines, they are called (universal machines) for a total amount of (15,000,000) million dollars, which shows that they are not beneficial, as they destroy the banknotes, which causes a great loss of money, confirming that (3) of these intelligence are Pending follow up.

The Authority had announced that it had completed several criminal cases that it had investigated, which resulted in fines amounting to more than (245,000,000,000) billion dinars on private banks, as a result of legal violations regarding the two-year permits only, and in violation of the foreign currency auction instructions for 2012.