Urgent Parliament holds an evening session tomorrow

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliament will hold its regular session tomorrow, Monday.

The session will be held according to the Parliamentary Information Service at five in the evening.

Parliament is scheduled to complete voting tomorrow on the remaining paragraphs of the electoral bill. It is finished



Deputy President of the Republic: Never, resign, so I stay with the people

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The representative of Nineveh Governorate, Ahmed al-Jubouri, President of the Republic Barham Saleh advised against resigning and staying with the people.

“Now Barham Salih is committed to the people’s choice and the authority to not assign Qusay al-Suhail despite the great pressures,” Jubouri said in a tweet on Twitter.

He added, “I know, Mr. President, that those who signed as heads of the blocs of most of the deputies belonging to the candidate blocs are with the people, and the best option is to ask for their signatures and you and resign, so I stay with the people.”

A source close to the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, said that the latter waved political forces to resign.

The source stated to {Al Furat News} that “Saleh waved to the political forces his willingness to resign before appointing a candidate who did not win the acceptance of the Iraqi people.”


In the documents .. The President of the Republic asks the Presidency of Parliament to determine the largest group of 3 options

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} President of the Republic Barham Salih asked the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to determine the largest bloc to assign its candidate to the post of prime minister.

Saleh addressed the Presidency of the Parliament that he had three addresses in this regard, namely:

1 – The largest bloc that mandated the Prime Minister {resigned} Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

2- The Building Alliance asked for a bigger bloc and presented its candidate Qusay Al-Suhail to be appointed as prime minister.

3- The Saeron Alliance asked that it is the largest bloc and it is concerned with submitting its candidate to form the government.

The President of the Republic also noted that a request submitted by 174 deputies outlined the conditions that must be met in the candidate for the presidency of the Council of Ministers, namely that he be independent of someone who did not assume the position of minister or deputy and who are not dual nationals.







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The Iraqi Prime Minister discusses with David Hill the strategic partnership


Sunday 12/22/2019

The head of the Iraqi caretaker government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, discussed today, Thursday, with the US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hill relations of cooperation and cooperation between the two countries, and listening to Iraq’s vision about the recent developments in Iraq and the region, as well as the vision of the United States of America regarding it.

Abdel-Mahdi stressed, according to a statement of his office that he (conscious) received, of the strategic partnership, support for Iraq and its constitutional institutions, and respect for its sovereignty


Urgent President of the Republic transmits the answer of the Federal Court of Parliament and requests to determine the largest bloc

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, referred the Federal Court’s answer to Parliament, calling for the identification of the largest bloc.
State television stated, “The President of the Republic transmitted the Federal Court’s answer to Parliament, demanding that the largest bloc be identified in order to choose a prime minister to succeed the resigned Adel Abdul Mahdi.”
Today, Sunday, the Federal Supreme Court issued a statement regarding the largest bloc and the right to present a candidate for prime minister to succeed resigning Adel Abdul Mahdi.
“The President of the Republic asked the Supreme Federal Court to determine the largest bloc mentioned in Article (76) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2005,” said court spokesman Ias al-Samuk in a statement.
He added: “The court received the request on Thursday (19/12/2019). Accordingly, the court held a session to consider the request, on Sunday morning, 22/12/2019, with all its members and issued the following decision:
“The above-listed application was subject to scrutiny and deliberation by the Federal Supreme Court at its session held on 22/12/2019 and arrived after deliberation and scrutiny and after referring to the priorities for its interpretation of the provision of Article (76) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2005 in accordance with its decision issued on 25/23 / 2010 with the number (25 / federal / 2010) which I confirmed by its decision issued on 11/8/2014 with the number (45 / d. C / 2014) and their contents, that the term (the largest number of parliamentary bloc) mentioned in Article (76) of the constitution means As for the bloc that was formed after the elections through one electoral list, or the bloc that was formed after the elections from two lists One or more electoral lists, entered the House of Representatives, became its seat after entering the Council, and its members took the oath in the first session, which was more numerous than the rest of the blocs.

Barzani and Halbousi discuss forming a government and amending the election law


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Barzani and Halbousi discuss forming a government and amending the election law


Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

Today, Sunday, Kurdistan Democratic Party Chairman Masoud Barzani discussed with Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi solutions to the current crisis and the formation of the government, in addition to amending laws, especially the election law.

Barzani’s media office said in a press release, “Tomorrow Press” received a copy of it that “Barzani received in the resort of Salah al-Din, near Erbil, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi.”

“During the meeting, which was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Fuad Hussein, political conditions, developments and recent changes in the Iraqi political process were discussed, and views were exchanged on ways to find solutions to the current crisis in Iraq and the formation of the new government.”

And, “As was done during the meeting, the file of amendments to laws in the Iraqi parliament, especially the new election law, was discussed, and the two sides stressed the need for any change to be in the interest of the country and citizens.”

He noted that “In another aspect of the meeting, the political situation in the region in general was discussed.”



Territory Presidency: Al-Halbousi and Barzani agree on choosing a prime minister

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Today, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, discussed with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, in Erbil, the latest developments on the Iraqi scene and the selection of a candidate for the Prime Minister of Iraq, to succeed Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and they agreed on “joint support for the political process And assisting the partners in choosing the next Iraqi prime minister, consistent with the will and demands of the people of Iraq. ”

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region stated in a statement that Barzani received, before Sunday afternoon, al-Halbousi and discussed the two sides “during a meeting that was fraternal atmosphere filled with frankness, attended by Fouad Hussein, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the situation in Iraq and the region and the issue of forming the new cabinet of the Iraqi federal government and the draft laws currently presented On the Iraqi parliament. ”

The views of the two sides agreed during the meeting to “work together to find positive ways to solve problems in a way that meets the legitimate demands and serves all the country, people and components of Iraq,” according to the statement.

The two sides also agreed to “jointly support the political process and assist the partners in choosing the next Iraqi prime minister in accordance with the will and demands of the people of Iraq.”