Urgent US civilian killed and wounded several soldiers in the bombing of Kirkuk base

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{International: Al Furat News} Reuters reported, quoting US officials, that a US civilian contractor was killed in a missile attack on a military base near Kirkuk on Friday evening.

US officials pointed out to Reuters that several soldiers were wounded in the missile attack on the military base near Kirkuk.


Urgent first comment to the Presidency of the Parliament on the readiness of the President of the Republic to resign

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Presidency of the Council of Representatives commented on the announcement by President Barham Salih of the Republic that he was ready to resign due to the political crisis in naming the candidate for prime minister.

The second deputy of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bashir Al-Haddad, called in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of, that “political leaders and heads of blocs and national parties to cooperate with the President of the Republic to resolve the largest bloc candidate for prime minister according to the data of the current stage and the continuation of popular demonstrations in Baghdad and a number of provinces , While his Excellency pointed out the necessity for the candidate to obtain the consent and acceptance of the masses on the basis of the political agreement and the requirements of the supreme national interest of the country, especially as we are going through a detailed stage and a political crisis.

Al-Haddad added, “The President’s speech to the Presidency of the House of Representatives is a statement of position and not an official request for resignation. What the President mentioned in his letter is an explanation of the pressures and his willingness to submit the resignation due to the political stranglehold and lack of agreement on a candidate for prime minister, which is a real crisis Complex in the political scene. ”

He called on “everyone to give precedence to logic, language of reason and wisdom to spare the country more tragedies and problems. In the event that the President of the Republic makes an explicit written request for resignation, then the request will be dealt with according to Article (75) of the Iraqi constitution.”

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, refused yesterday to assign the candidate of the parliamentary “Al-Bana” bloc, Governor of Basra, Asaad Al-Eidani, to head the government, saying that he was ready to submit his resignation to Parliament.

In a furious statement, the Construction Alliance attacked the President of the Republic for rejecting his candidate Al-Aidani and accused him of “resorting to a policy of killing time and sending messages to this party and that” calling “the House of Representatives to take legal measures against the President of the Republic to perjure the right and violate the constitution” in reference to his dismissal.


Urgent Serious Warning to Parliament: Big Chaos Will Hit the Country as it Closes

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Secretary-General of the Council of Representatives, Sirwan Abdullah Sereni, warned of the seriousness of the situation in the country and the occurrence of “great chaos”.

“From the standpoint of sincerity, our eagerness and our sense of moral, national and humanitarian responsibility, and since the situation in Iraq began to turn from bad to worse, day after day, and in the absence of political solutions looming over the crisis and the depth of the differences between The Iraqi parties, which began to take another grant, and the interactions, rivalries and accusations among them, have become the main prevailing feature as they escalate on a daily basis, which threatens a catastrophe whose end will collide with each other, God forbid. ”

“Candidates for the position of prime minister are falling one by one in front of the desire of the angry masses, the United Nations, international organizations and other countries are concerned about this situation and what will happen to it. It is well, as a reflection of the aggravated political situation, and the possibilities for the collapse of the country are increasing and are just around the corner. ”

He added that “internal and external interference is unlawful in forming the government and the choice of its president is also escalating, and it is not like every time, but has witnessed a noticeable increase and every pressure towards it. And bypassing it and not adhering to its articles and paragraphs, it has become a regular and continuous thing, the demands of the demonstrators are spreading and varied little by little, and they are not convinced, despite the enactment of more laws and decisions that were among their desires for which they came out. ”

Sereni stressed that “a great chaos will hit the country while it is on the doorstep, and many government institutions are vulnerable to penetration and attack if the situation does not lead to the best.”

He pointed out that “the use of mutual violence by responsible or popular authorities, burning institutions, closing circles or kidnappings and killing citizens and all illegal actions will not bring a positive result and will not lead us to radical solutions and satisfy legitimate requirements, but will deepen wounds and create a greater rift between Iraqi society and family. ”

“It is now time to avoid violence and collisions, accuse accusations and settle scores. Therefore, these situations need to sit at the table of dialogue and understanding by everyone and launch a comprehensive national initiative adopted by national figures with national positions that are not disputed and are accepted and respected by all and be the link Among the Iraqi parties that have all the appreciation and respect, and they are able to bring everyone together in a dialogue based on tolerance and understanding, reject differences and refer to the principle of dialogue and logic and return to the constitution and make it the founder in resolving differences and problems to save Iraq and the Iraqis from your Heirs is about to destroy everyone. ”

He continued, “The

time has come to overcome side differences and move away from the interests of partisan, sectarian and narrow, and we need real cohesion and uniting ranks to build the state and society and direct the country towards progress and prosperity.”

“Today we are in urgent need of communication and serious and direct dialogue in a national spirit, whether between political blocs, sects, leaders, presidencies and the street, as well as with representatives of regional and international countries and the United Nations to find solutions and create a balance between all external and internal parties and return to the constitution as a rights protector All citizens and components, “noting that” creating a balance between everyone is the key to a solution, not evading reality or trying to surf, whether with data or in any other way. ”

He pointed out that “involving young people and people with competencies in the leadership and management of the state and giving way to take their role in building the country should be one of the priorities of the next government.”

We should not forget the role of the rational authority and the initiatives of the Kurdistan region’s presidency and their continuous guidance in containing the crisis by providing valuable advice and guidance and their continued assurances in meeting the demands of the Iraqi people and responding to their calls, and by this they have become a safety valve in solving problems and crises and the source of the solution must be an authentic Iraqi Far from any side interference. “Over


Iraq Future Project (IraqFuture) Launched

A side of the conference at the station headquarters

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Economy News _ Baghdad

On Thursday morning, the activities of the “Iraq of the Future” conference, with the participation of the Canadian Embassy in Baghdad, the Central Bank of Iraq, the World Bank, the Industrial Bank and the National Insurance Company, in addition to the owners of industrial projects, started at the station’s headquarters for entrepreneurship.

This distinguished event, organized by the Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Awal Consulting Company, aims to launch the “Iraq of the Future” project to support small and medium industrial projects for young people in addition to empowering women and enhancing their contribution to the Iraqi economy, which is a real gain for Iraqi women.
For his part, the president of the Iraqi and Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yasser Al-Muammar confirmed during the conference that “this conference has highlighted the role of the chamber in supporting small and medium industrial companies in Iraq, considering that these companies are the backbone of the Iraqi economy, and discussing the best methods to build a true partnership between the two government sectors And the special in innovation, research and development, in addition to enabling women in Iraq to play an active role in the world of entrepreneurship through various initiatives and programs and the facilities provided by the Chamber, which will contribute to business development. ”

While the CEO of Awal Consulting Company Manar Al-Ubaidi stressed that “the project is the real launch for developing the spirit of industrial innovation and leadership among young people by opening a wide space for the participation of all young people in Iraq (women and men) and linking them to the needs of the labor market and creating more job opportunities in preparation for contributing to sustainable development.” in Iraq”.

Khaled Al-Saffar, one of the participants and applicants in these industrial projects, said that “the launch of the Iraq of the Future project is the goal that every entrepreneur aspires to,” noting that “the role of the Iraqi Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in facilitating financing operations, accessing information sources and providing the required studies In cooperation with Awal Consulting, it has given another dimension to the model of small and medium industrial projects. ”


In the picture, Tahrir Square now

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Protesters continue to be present in Tahrir Square, in the center of the capital, Baghdad, as popular demonstrations in Iraq are approaching in their fourth month.

The protests have invaded Iraq since October 1, and the protesters, who are mostly young people, are calling for a change of the entire political system because, in their opinion, they are corrupt and have left most Iraqis in poverty.

More than 450 people were killed in the protests, and thousands were wounded.

The former Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, resigned last month and remains in office to conduct business, despite continued protests.