Urgent Abdul-Mahdi calls on parliament and blocs: I do not wish that my government be too long and hurry to form a new one

Editing Date: 12/8/2019 23:16

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, called the political blocs and the House of Representatives to form the new government with full powers.

This came during his meeting today, Sunday, the ambassadors of the European Union in Baghdad.

A statement of his office, which was received by {Al Furat News}, said that “cooperation relations between the two sides, demonstrations in Iraq and the importance of protecting them and preserving their integrity have been discussed.”

He added that “the ambassadors of the European Union expressed their continued desire to support Iraq as the democratic country that represents an important model in the Middle East, and that the European Union considers Iraq a partner and is keen on its reputation and strengthening its system and democratic experience,” praising “the role of the Prime Minister to achieve an important development in Iraqi relations” Foreign affairs, especially with the European Union. ”

The ambassadors expressed their concern over the targeting of the demonstrators by the saboteurs and the importance of preventing any attacks against them and the security forces.

Abdul-Mahdi stressed during the meeting, “Iraq is proud of the partnership and cooperation relations with the European Union, and Iraq’s commitment to human rights principles, including the protection of the right to peaceful protest and the right to life, work and study.” Noting that “the government revealed in its report the mistakes that occurred at the beginning of the demonstrations and the excessive use of force and was taken Investigative measures, and judicial procedures are continuing in this regard. ”

He pointed out that “the government made a strict decision to confine arms to the state, but what is regrettable is the occurrence of sabotage operations carried out by vandals among peaceful demonstrators and the burning of state institutions, police stations, religious shrines, consulates and homes of citizens, and that the security forces have a duty to protect everyone and maintain security and stability throughout the country.” , Stressing “checking the information from its precise sources.”

And Abdul-Mahdi pointed out that “Iraq has had a major role in combating terrorism and its people are paying the price of war on ISIS in its economic, social and security conditions,” again calling on the House of Representatives and political forces “to form the new government with full powers and its desire that the government not run for the duration of daily affairs.” is over



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