Next week .. vote on the election and commission

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Next week .. vote on the election and commission
Members of the House of Representatives set a date next week to vote on the election laws of the House of Representatives and the Independent High Electoral Commission, while noting that the odds are moving towards the adoption of the candidate with the highest votes to win a parliamentary seat.
A member of the Committee of the regions and governorates of the irregular province of Ahmed Haidar to “morning”: It was read the two bills twice and there were a lot of views expressed by members of the regional and legal committees on the two projects.
He added that the members of the House of Representatives are seeking to approve these two important laws during the next phase, but at the same time they do not want to rush to pass because they do not want to pass hastily to be a lot of false observations on how to hold the next elections and determine the winners, indicating that the two bills They need more opinions and extensive discussions from experts and specialists in this regard.
He expected voting on these two laws next week, explaining that the electoral law proposal sent from the government to the House of Representatives provided for the distribution of 50 percent of the seats among those who win the highest votes and similar among party lists, while there are demands to adopt a multi-district system in the province But it clashes with logistics, delays in drafting the law and delaying elections, as well as the boundaries of the districts are not yet known.
He continued that the majority of members stand with the adoption of the highest votes in the province to win seats in the House of Representatives, noting that this is resolved in consultation between the political blocs to be the final decision in favor of the people and independent and small blocs, otherwise the street will not accept any detour or manipulation of words or laws, which obliges politicians Out of a law that meets the aspirations of the people and reference.
In turn, member of the Legal Committee Salim Hamza Shushke Yi that the Commission continues discussions on the draft laws of the House of Representatives and the Electoral Commission until a positive outcome.
In an interview with Al-Sabah, Shushke Yi said that the legal committee and its joint committees in these two laws are trying to ripen them in order to reach an appropriate formula and then send them to the presidency for inclusion in the agenda.
He pointed out that the discussions can continue for the next two weeks in preparation for a vote, noting that the competent committees have not yet entered into the details of the two laws.
While MP Rabon Maarouf pointed out that 15 Kurdish deputies are in the process of discussing these laws to reach an appropriate formula can be applied in Iraq in general and the region in particular.
Maarouf said, “morning”, that these deputies are working outside the framework of the two main parties in the region, to reach a vision on the laws of elections and the Commission.

Features of the investment environment

Sunday 01 December 2019 


The talk of attracting foreign investment during the years of the transition period, which was beset by many phenomena of security and political confusion, was similar to the wishes despite the availability of safe climates in many governorates, and the multiplicity of investment opportunities in an economic environment that was and still is described as an attractive environment, but the central and local governments. Successive could not achieve this.

Security instability in the country’s overall landscape has often been cited, with the incomplete legal system that shapes working environment relationships and curbs corruption and mismanagement as repelling factors, while others see the weak performance of the banking sector and its rise to the global banking industry as a cause. This is mainly due to the non-flow of foreign investments looking for an environment in which financial transactions are regulated through a banking system that secures money flows smoothly and ensures safe and fast trades up to the global banking industry that produces remote services.
It appears that the paper presented by the Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, “Jenin Blachart” during her recent meeting in the House of Representatives, which included recommendations on the acceleration of the enactment of a number of laws inactivated, will pave the near term to achieve a favorable atmosphere for investment, as the legislation of economic laws along with legislation and related procedures The political and security nature referred to in the paper, such as the amendment of the Investment and Partnership Promotion Act, the legislation of the Council of Reconstruction, oil and gas, the resolution of the housing crisis, social security, where do you get this, as well as the Federal Court Law “which will exercise strict control In the implementation of the Constitution and the laws in force ”, in one way or another, will contribute to paving the way for an appropriate investment environment, through which the managers of 
In light of the preparations that took over the years in the banking sector, which constituted an infrastructure for performance, after the introduction of a large package of electronic payment systems and the adoption of international standards in transactions, specifically concerned with monitoring the phenomenon of money laundering, the banking sector is ready to receive the flow of foreign capital with distinction, while The security reality will be at its best after the implementation of the security laws, specifically the law regulating the possession of weapons and the law regulating the work of security companies in the country, and the application of laws related to the regulation of market relations will contribute to creating an attractive environment for the flow of capital in light of the opportunities The promotion of fair competition as an engine of inclusive growth cannot be achieved without the application of competition and antitrust law, the protection of intellectual property and trademark law and the protection of domestic product, while labor, trade union and consumer protection laws Market relations

The Kurdish delegation in Baghdad is optimistic about a final agreement: engaged in the draft budget law


Regional Government

of the Iraqi budget

2019/12/01 13:24:44

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The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, which is visiting Baghdad, on Sunday, a meeting with senior officials in the federal government, to discuss issues of the general budget and oil.

After the meeting, the regional minister for relations with Baghdad said at a press conference that Sunday’s meetings with Baghdad officials were positive and made good steps, hoping to reach the final agreement on Monday.

For his part, a member of the Kurdish government delegation, Amid Sabah, said there is a preliminary understanding, indicating that everyone is busy writing details of the draft law of the Iraqi budget for the year 2020.

Legal expert explains what after parliament accepted the resignation of Abdul Mahdi

Date: 2019/12/1 21:23 • 58 times read

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The legal expert, Firas Khazali, the procedures entrusted to the presidency of the House of Representatives after accepting the resignation of Abdul Mahdi.

Al-Khazali said (for Euphrates News) that “the decision of the House of Representatives for the approval of the resignation of Prime Minister Abdel-Mahdi, a parliamentary decision,” noting that “there are constitutional and legal objections to the mechanism of resignation, considering that the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers, specifically Article {18} of it stated that The ministers submit his resignation to the president of the republic as he issued the presidential decree ordering him to form a government. ”

He added that “the request was submitted to the House of Representatives and the last ratified by a majority of voters, and therefore we are in front of a parliamentary decision made the government of Mahdi government caretaker daily business for the necessary things only.”

Al-Khazali said, “We are now before (15) days when the Presidency of the Parliament is committed in particular to provide an alternative to Abdul-Mahdi to the President of the Republic, who is the candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc.” Chief among them are the Elections and the Electoral Commission. ”

He pointed out that “we are before the ratification of the resignation of the Prime Minister and are in charge of nominating a new person to form a new government,” noting that “the problem now is that the largest bloc given by the Constitution the right to nominate waived this right.”

He said Khazali, saying, “the Iraqi Constitution confirmed that within {15} days of regulatory timings and not inevitable timings, which means that the period can be extended to another (15} days, even in the subject of {30} days assigned by the new Prime Minister to form “His cabinet booth renews the term; but for another candidate, the first person has failed to form the cabinet.”

With regard to the election law, Khazali explained “regarding the demands that the elections be individual and not through lists submitted by all parties views are still under discussion,” noting that “the individual system in which the positives that the vote of the Iraqi voter goes to the candidate and does not go to someone else, One of his disadvantages is that he wastes votes there. ”

Al-Khazali concluded by saying that “the most important thing that is expected to be included in the amended electoral law is the nomination for holders of bachelor’s degree and above.”

The Security Council on Tuesday discussed the situation in Iraq and Balsakhart report

Date: 2019/12/1 21:11

The UN Security Council will hold a session on Tuesday on the situation in Iraq.

A statement by the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) that “the Security Council will hold a meeting on the situation in Iraq on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 10:00 am New York time (6:00 pm Baghdad time).”

“The Special Representative will give a briefing on developments in Iraq shortly after the start of the meeting,” said Jenin Hennes-Blachart. 

“The increasing number of casualties and injuries has reached intolerable levels,” she said in a tweet on 29 November. “The presence of engineers to derail peaceful protests puts Iraq on a dangerous course.” Security Council in New York on what is going on in Iraq on Tuesday (3 December) ”

Iraq has been witnessing two months of demonstrations against the government resulted in the response of the authorities killed more than 420 people were killed and thousands wounded in the capital Baghdad and areas of the south.

Parliamentary law reveals the date of voting on the election and commission laws

BAGHDAD / .. The legal committee in the Iraqi parliament, on Sunday, the date of the vote on the elections for the House of Representatives and the Electoral Commission.

Committee member Salim Hamza, told “Eye of Iraq News,” that the House of Representatives, will be discussed on Monday, an expanded meeting includes the Presidency of the Parliament and leaders of the blocs and the competent committees, the elections and the commission, to resolve differences and differences on the two laws.

Hamza said that “we believe that the vote on the elections and the electoral commission, will be during the next week and not the current, this week, will be devoted to resolve differences and agree on points of law controversy, with procedures and amendment to some paragraphs of the law.”

Photos .. Protesters burn the Iranian consulate in Najaf again

Security of

the Iranian Consulate in Najaf

2019/12/01 11:10:26

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Protesters in the city of Najaf, set fire to the Iranian consulate building, in the second incident of its kind in just four days.

Videos and photos showed a group of young men burning parts of the consulate building.

The Iranian consulate in neighboring Karbala was burned earlier this month by angry protesters who called for curbing Iran’s growing influence in Iraq.


Kurdistan Regional Government Minister of State Khalid Shwani (File)

19 minutes ago

SULAIMANI — A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) had a “positive meeting” with federal officials in Baghdad on Sunday (December 1), a KRG cabinet member has said.

“We hope to reach an agreement tomorrow,” said KRG Minister of State Khalid Shwani, telling reporters that both sides have taken “very good steps.”

Talks centered about the Region’s share of the federal budget for 2020, which was set at 12.67 percent in 2019.

Commenting on Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi stepping down, Shwani emphasized earlier on Sunday that the Kurdistan Region makes agreements with the government, not a specific person.

Following the Council of Representatives’ acceptance of the prime minister’s resignation on Sunday, the government shifted to “caretaker” status, government spokesperson Saad al-Hadithi said.

The latest round of talks follows an agreement between Erbil and Baghdad over the issue of oil, which is closely tied to the budget.

Minister of Oil Thamer Ghadhban said the KRG had agreed to export 250,000 barrels of oil per day through Baghdad to Turkey’s Ceyhan next year, which represented a belated implementation of the 2019 Federal Budget Law.

Coordinator of the Council of Representatives’ Finance Committee Ahmed Safar said on Wednesday that Baghdad is expected to send nearly one trillion Iraqi dinars ($838 million) per month to the Kurdistan Region in 2020 if the agreements are implemented.

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After the resignation of Abdul Mahdi .. Kurdish delegation arrives in Baghdad to meet the three presidencies and discuss the developments of the budget


Kurdish delegation arrived in Baghdad to meet the three presidencies and meet with them to discuss the latest political developments and the budget of 2020.

The MP for the Kurdistan Islamic Group in a statement to “news” that “a Kurdish delegation, arrived in Baghdad to meet the three presidencies and meet with the ministers to discuss the latest political developments and the conclusion of the budget agreement 2020.”

He explained that “the date of receipt of the budget should have been within the next two days, but the resignation of the government hindered its presentation to the House of Representatives.”

“There are good understandings between Erbil and Baghdad that need to be developed and made into agreements,” Hamza said.

Officially .. Abdul-Mahdi’s government turned into a caretaker for a month


The spokesman of the Information Office of the Office of the Outgoing Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the transformation of the government of the latter to the caretaker, after “accepted resignation in parliament ,” while noting that it will remain in this capacity for 30 days until a new government is mandated.

“What happened in parliament was to accept the resignation of Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government, which has turned into a caretaker,” Al-Hadithi said.

He added, “The government of Abdul-Mahdi will remain 30 days until the mandate of a new government.”