US Central Command: We have seven security missions in Iraq

Release Date: 2019/3/23 19:37

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The US Central Command announced on Saturday that its forces were carrying out seven security missions in Iraq.

“The Joint Task Force is in the process of firm resolve to provide advice and support to the Iraqi security forces in seven key security areas: security policy, security operations, training, sustainability, intelligence, counterterrorism and aviation,” the command said in a statement received by the Euphrates News Agency today.

“More than 189,000 Iraqi troops have been trained by coalition forces, which means thousands of police, border guards, soldiers and pilots to protect their country.” It is worth noting that Iraqi trainers are now undertaking most of the training during the qualifying phase Self. “Finished

Halabousi discusses with the UAE ambassador the support of stability in Iraq


Editorial date: 2019/3/23 17:35 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halbousi discussed with the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Hassan al-Shehhi to support stability in Iraq.
A statement from his office, received by the {Euphrates News} copy, that “the ambassador of the UAE offered his condolences to the country for the sinking of the ferry in the city of Mosul and condolences to the families of the victims, expressing the support of the United Arab Emirates to the Iraqi government and people. 
He added that “during the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, cooperation in the file of reconstruction and the return of displaced people, and supporting stability in Iraq, which will contribute to the stability of the region.” 
Al-Halbousi praised Al-Shehhi’s efforts on the occasion of the end of his duties in Baghdad by strengthening bilateral relations during his tenure as ambassador to Iraq, wishing him success in his new duties. He stressed Iraq’s keenness to build the best relations with the UAE in the interests of the two brotherly peoples.

Iraq signs MoU with Saudi Arabia


 money and business

Economy News Baghdad

The Baghdad Chamber of Commerce announced on Saturday that Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the memorandum seeks to encourage the establishment of joint companies from the private sector between the two countries and supporting projects in them, and urged the authorities of the two countries to facilitate obtaining visas for businessmen.

“Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia to support traders and encourage bilateral trade between the two countries,” the Chamber said in a press statement read by the Economist News. “The memorandum was signed by Iraq, head of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce delegation to Saudi Arabia, Saleh al-Jubouri and Saudi Arabia President of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce Ajlan Ajlan, in the presence of Iraq’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia Qahtan al-Janabi.

“The memorandum of understanding represents a strategic framework that outlines the relationship between the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, which will expand the horizons of cooperation and encourage bilateral trade between the two brotherly countries.” Forums and conferences, as well as conducting studies and economic research to fill the gaps in the laws of trade and economic and international standards.

“The memo supports the efforts to encourage the establishment of joint companies from the private sector between the two countries and support projects in both countries, in addition to exchanging information in the economic and commercial fields and urging the authorities in Iraq and Saudi Arabia to facilitate obtaining visas

for businessmen of both countries.”

SDF Declares Full Victory over IS in Baghouz

SDF Declares Full Victory over IS in Baghouz

 BasNews  23/03/2019 – 09:52  Published in Middle East

ERBIL – The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) officially announced on Saturday the full victory over the jihadist group of Islamic State (IS) in Syria as the Kurdish fighters had launched an operation to liberate the last territory of the militant group in the country.

“Syrian Democratic Forces declare total elimination of so-called caliphate and %100 territorial defeat of ISIS,” Mustafa Bali, a SDF spokesperson, said in an online statement on his Twitter account, using a different acronym for the IS.

The US-backed Kurdish forces have been the backbone of the war against the insurgents in Syria and they lost thousands of fighters in the past few years.

“On this unique day, we commemorate thousands of martyrs whose efforts made the victory possible,” Bali added.

The SDF had lately intensified their efforts to free the final IS pocket in the Syrian eastern province of Deir ez-Zor where thousands of jihadists with their family members earlier the month surrendered to the Kurdish forces.


URGENT Three presidencies discuss Mosul tragedy and take action on Nineveh situation

Release date: 2019/3/22 20:38

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A meeting of the three presidencies, held at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, on Friday evening, included President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi.

The participants discussed the sinking of the ferry in the Tigris River in the city of Mosul and the death and injury of dozens of innocent people, as well as discussing the situation in the city in general.

The participants in the meeting agreed, according to a presidential statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it “the need to take all legal means and procedures to address the local mismanagement in the province and address the security file and enhance the role of security forces and increase their capabilities, as well as improving the economic situation of the city.

The participants also stressed the follow-up of urgent judicial procedures to hold accountable the perpetrators of this tragic disaster and to address the repercussions that caused this incident and not allow it to be repeated. ”

The participants stressed the compensation of the victims’ families and their demands and their

condolences. Quick recovery

Iraq: Activation of the first phase of the Kuwaiti grant for the reconstruction of the affected areas

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Economy News _ Baghdad

The Fund for the Return of Areas Affected by Terrorist Acts, Kuwait’s first stage grant of $ 15 million. 
The Fund said in a statement read by “Economy News” that the President of the Fund Mustafa Al-Hiti signed a contract to activate the Kuwaiti grant phase I, amounting to $ 15 million, allocated to the health sector in the provinces affected by terrorist operations. 
He added that projects will be launched on Wednesday. 
The phase includes, according to the statement, the demolition and reconstruction of main and secondary health centers and the processing of medical equipment by 19 projects, distributed to the provinces in the provinces of Nineveh – Anbar – Salahuddin – Diyala – north of Babylon.
He pointed out that the consultant contract for the first stage of the second phase has also been renewed and will be funded with $ 85 million allocated to the health sector for the rehabilitation of hospitals and health centers in the governorates affected by the terrorist operations.

Iraq ferry sinking: at least 70 people drown in Mosul


Victims were mostly women and children celebrating Kurdish new year, say officials

Iraqi rescuers
 Iraqi rescuers prepare to look for survivors at the scene on the Tigris river. Photograph: Reuters

At least 71 people have drowned after a ferry sank in the Tigris river near Mosul in Iraq.

Col Hussam Khalil, head of the Civil Defence Corps in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh, said the incident occurred on Thursday while scores of people – mostly women and children – were celebrating Nowruz, which marks the Kurdish new year and the arrival of spring.

Maj Gen Saad Maan, the interior ministry spokesman, said 71 people had died and 55 had been rescued, among them 19 children.

The health ministry spokesman, Seif al-Badr, said the victims included 33 women, 12 children and 10 men. He said 30 people were rescued, adding that search operations were still under way and it was not known how many people were on the ferry.

Iraqi solders next to an armoured vehicle in Mosul
 Soldiers and a helicopter were involved in the search operation near Mosul. Photograph: Reuters

Khalil said the vessel had sunk because of a technical problem, and there were few other boats in the area to rescue people.

Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the Iraqi prime minister, ordered an investigation and expressed deep condolences to the families of the victims.

The water level on the Tigris was high because of a rainy season that brought more precipitation than in previous years.

The US embassy said Joey Hood, the chargé d’affaires, and the US mission in Iraq “express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the tragic ferry accident on the Tigris river near Mosul”.

Nowruz, the Persian new year, dates back to 1700BC and incorporates Zoroastrian traditions. It is celebrated across territories that once made up the ancient Persian empire, stretching from the Middle East to Central Asia.

Mosul was captured by Islamic State in 2014, but Iraqi forces drove Isis from the city three years later after a devastating campaign that left entire neighbourhoods in ruins.,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700248,15700253&usg=ALkJrhgVTOi04sC-kixUNmxun7pHcfOhBA