Legal expert: The President of the Republic will assume the functions of the Prime Minister in this case

Editing Date: 12/8/2019 20:32 • 151 times read

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, explained who will take over as prime minister in the event that an alternative to Adel Abdul Mahdi is not decided.

Al-Tamimi said {for Furat News} that “the President of the Republic has 15 days to assign a new and another candidate, and he can be independent,” adding that “in the event that the 15 days have passed and after the end of the 30 days for the conduct of business, the government of Abdul Mahdi and those with him will end.”

He continued, “The step that comes after not choosing a candidate is to switch to Article 81 of the Constitution, where the President of the Republic assumes the functions of the Prime Minister and carries out business.”

Al-Tamimi indicated that “the second paragraph of Article 81 obliged the President of the Republic to appoint a new candidate for prime minister within 15 days of the vacancy of the post,” noting that “the failure to choose the Prime Minister will continue with the tasks of the Prime Minister until the alternative candidate is found for Abdul Mahdi.”


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