Parliament sessions .. Presidency of the parliament confirms the legislation of the election law next week

Baghdad / Obelisk:

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Parliament presidency confirms the election law legislation next week 

Al-Halbousi: The new Election Commission will be composed of judges … and they will be chosen according to the lottery

The House of Representatives votes on the first paragraph of the Electoral Commission law

Parliament votes on the names of members of the Electoral Commission

The House of Representatives legislates the Electoral Commission law and raises its session to next week

The House of Representatives votes to delete Article 24 of the Electoral Commission Law

The House of Representatives, held its session, voted on 27 paragraphs out of 28, in the Law of the Electoral Commission, where Al-Halbousi decided to delete paragraph 24 of the Commission Law.

Abdul Mahdi and US envoy discuss security and stability in Iraq

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi received, on Thursday, Jim Jeffrey, the US special envoy for the international alliance against ISIS and the accompanying delegation that includes the American ambassador to Iraq Matthew Toller, the commander of the international coalition forces in Iraq and Syria, Patrick White and the deputy defense minister for affairs Middle East Chris Meyer.

During the meeting, they discussed continued cooperation in confronting ISIS remnants and supporting the international coalition for Iraq and its armed forces to eliminate the presence of the ISIS terrorist organization, especially the situations in Syria and the region, current developments in Iraq and the government’s efforts to maintain security and stability. ”

The meeting was attended by the Iraqi side a number of security officials, military and advisers. .is over

Source: Parliament intends to address the President of the Republic to send the budget next week

Date: 2019/12/5 19:23

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The House of Representatives intends to address the President of the Republic; to send the draft federal budget budget 2020 to parliament by next week.

A parliamentary source said in a press statement, “This comes as part of legal endeavors to address the issue of the budget, after the resignation of the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, that the caretaker government cannot send the budget.”

Parliamentary source: Presidency of the Parliament intends to invite the Presidency of the Republic to send the draft budget 2020

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Baghdad Today _ Baghdad

A parliamentary source said on Thursday (December 5, 2019) that the Presidency of the House of Representatives intends to address the Presidency of the Republic to send the draft budget budget for 2020 to the Council by next week.

The source said in an interview for (Baghdad today), “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives intends to address the President of the Republic Barham Saleh, to send the draft budget of the federal budget 2020 to parliament by next week.”

Earlier in the day, members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the legal way out of the application of the budget law for 2020 after the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi became a caretaker government daily, it is not authorized to send bills to the House of Representatives.

The decision of the Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said in an interview with (Baghdad Today): “According to the Financial Management Law, if the budget is late and the new year begins, then the formula 1/12 of the previous year is applied, that is, applying the one-month budget from the previous year in the new year and so for months. The rest. ”

Al-Saffar, that “the application of the budget of the previous year on the new year, only to facilitate the necessary work and salaries and not the items to issue appointments or new projects.”

In turn, a member of the Finance Committee, Mahasin Hamdoun, in an interview (Baghdad today), that “the general budget of the State must end and vote in the House of Representatives to walk things.”

She pointed out that “the Finance Committee after its contact with the President of the House of Representatives, will come out with a legal version of the budget law, to be included in the work of the caretaker government, or to transfer the budget to the President of the Republic in order to send to Parliament.”

The resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, said during his speech at the meeting of the Council of Ministers, on Wednesday (December 4, 2019), that the government has reached the final stages in the preparation of the budget 2020, but can not send, because it has become a caretaker government daily, not It has the right to send bills.

Abdel-Mahdi stressed that the government is looking for what we are getting out of this case now, for the necessity to pass the budget and pass it by the House of Representatives on the specified date, while acknowledging that the government should have submitted it in the tenth month of the current year, but the events that occurred last November affected the Completion and transmission to Parliament.

Finance of Kurdistan announces the start of the distribution of September salaries next week

Kurdistan Region

salaries of Kurdistan

employees of Kurdistan

2019/12/05 09:36:09

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government announced today, Thursday, the start of distributing the salaries of the region’s employees as of next week.

A source in the ministry said that next Sunday 8/12/2019 will witness the beginning of the distribution of the salaries of the month of September 2019 to the office of the Ministry of Peshmerga and the brigades affiliated to the ministry.

The source added that the distribution process will then continue according to the schedule set for all government departments and institutions.

The Minister of Defense discusses with the American envoy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the joint cooperation in the field of training and armament


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The Minister of Defense discusses with the American envoy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the joint cooperation in the field of training and armament

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press: 

Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari on Thursday discussed with US State Department envoy James Jeffrey cooperation in the field of training and armament.

“Shammari received US State Department envoy James Jeffrey,” the Pentagon said in a press release.

“During the meeting, which was attended by senior officers of the Ministry of Defense, they discussed joint cooperation in the field of training, armament and capacity building.”

Rafidain announced its readiness to finance investment companies and investors to build residential compounds


Economy News _ Baghdad

The Rafidain Bank announced on Thursday that it is ready to finance investment companies and investors who want to build housing complexes or commercial centers and other investment activities that contribute to supporting the national economy.

The media office of the bank said in a statement, “Economy News” received a copy of it, that “investors and companies wishing to obtain financing and financial marketing should visit them to see the bank for terms of granting loans to serve the public interest.”

The statement added that “the housing complexes that have been financed and marketed for the purpose of building housing for citizens are (Diwan Residential Complex in Mosul – Pearl Sawah Complex in Muthanna – Al Kawthar Residential Complex in Babylon – Alon Residential Complex in Jalawla – Bab Al Nasiriyah Residential Complex in Nasiriyah – Salam City Complex In Najaf – Babylon land complex in Babylon – Jabal Amel residential complex in Diwaniya – Al Amal housing complex in Basra – Doha housing complex in Muthanna – Zagora residential complex in Nasiriyah – Aziz residential complex in Nasiriyah – Integrity residential complex in Nasiriyah – Bisan complex Residential in Nasiriyah.

Parliamentary Legal: The election law is disputed and will be postponed until next week

Baghdad / Obelisk: A member of the Legal Committee Hussein al-Oqabi, Thursday, that the House of Representatives will vote today on the Commission’s law after the resolution of the contentious point, pointing out that “the election law is disputed between the parliamentary blocs and postponed to next week.”

Al-Oqabi said in a statement followed by the obelisk, “The Legal Committee is discussing today the formation of the Independent High Electoral Commission and the mechanism of its choice,” noting that “there are components within Iraqi society want to impose their presence within the Council of Commissioners, especially from the region.”

He pointed out that “the proposal made by us that the selection of members of the Commission after the conditions apply to it from the professors of the competent universities and judges and to be divided by lot and not quotas, whatever the result of the lot, even if it is one component.”

He added that “the Kurds object to this proposal and want to ensure their presence in the Commission,” adding that “the only disagreement on this point only and the discussion is still ongoing.”

He continued, “The proposal includes the exit of all general managers in the commission, and this is agreed upon and not a source of disagreement between the parties.”

He stressed that ” the law of the various elections between the parliamentary blocs and will be postponed to next week , ” explaining that the House of Representatives will vote today on the Commission law after resolving the controversial point. ”

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Kurdistan announces delivery of Baghdad 250 thousand barrels of crude oil “per month”

Thursday 5 December 2019 10:34 am

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Baghdad / … The Minister of Finance of the Kurdistan Regional Government announced today, Thursday, that the federal government in Baghdad delivered 250,000 barrels of crude oil “per month”.

This came in a joint press conference held today by the Minister of Finance of Kurdistan, Sheikh Janab, with the Secretary of the Regional Council of Ministers, Amanj Rahim, and the head of the Cabinet Office of the Region’s Council, Omid Sabah, and reported by the Kurdish media.

Sheikh Janab said, “We decided to hand over 250,000 barrels of oil per day to Baghdad every day,” noting that “we agreed on a formula for paying loans,” adding that “most of the Kurds’ demands have been proven.”

He pointed out that “we have reached an agreement with Baghdad on the budget and oil,” noting that “reducing the share of the Kurdistan region in the financial budget was unfortunately a political decision.”

The minister explained that “our negotiations this time with Baghdad were successful,” stressing that “if Baghdad abides by the agreement, there will not be any problems regarding the payment of employee salaries.”

And that “the ball is now in the court of the Iraqi parliament regarding the budget,” stressing that the Kurdistan region will adhere to the agreement that we reached with Baghdad.

The State of Law coalition announced yesterday, Wednesday, its refusal to implement any agreement the current government will make with the Kurdistan Region, as it is a “caretaker” government.

The Kurdistan Regional Government, after a meeting held last Tuesday, expressed its hope to implement what was agreed with the Federal Ministry of Finance in Baghdad.

According to a statement, the meeting expressed the hope to implement what was agreed between the two sides, and urged the Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives and other blocs to support the preparation of subsequent stages during the discussion of the draft budget, including securing constitutional rights and financial benefits for the Kurdistan region. Finished

Saleh and an American envoy discuss international support for Iraq and achieve the required reforms

Date: 2019/12/5 13:20

President Barham Salih received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Thursday, the US special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey and the US ambassador to Iraq Matthew Theoller and the delegation accompanying them.

“During the meeting, they discussed international support to enhance the security and stability of Iraq and achieve the required reforms, and stressed the importance of developing bilateral relations and expanding the horizons of cooperation and trade exchange between the two countries in the service of common interests,” said a presidential statement.

“They also reviewed the latest developments in Syria and the events in the region and the need to consolidate international peace and security