Activist killed, two others injured, and a fourth escaped from a series of attacks in Iraq


killing and wounding




12/08/2019 15:30:41

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Shafaq News / A number of activists in the Iraqi protests have been subjected to a series of unprecedented attacks since the morning of yesterday, Sunday, until late that day, killing one of them, wounding two others, and a fourth survivor.

Activist Dr. Muhannad Al-Kaabi was injured Sunday morning in Saif Saad area in Karbala when an explosive device exploded on a wheel he was carrying.

In addition, unidentified gunmen in a motorcycle assassinated the activist in the protests, and Al-Ta’i was arrested in front of a hotel in Karbala, while the activist, Ihab Al-Wazani, who was accompanying Al-Ta’i, survived.

The activist, Basem Al-Zaidi, was wounded in the failed province of Nissan, in southern Iraq, in a failed assassination attempt.

It is noteworthy that these attacks took place two days after a deadly attack targeting protesters in the areas of Al-Sank and Al-Khilani in the center of the capital, Baghdad, carried out by unidentified gunmen and left a number of dead and dozens of wounded, in a dangerous sign of the escalation of violence in the predominantly Shiite provinces that witness demonstrations against the political class that The country has been ruled since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.


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