The crowd announces that its official websites have been hacked and confirms: Hackers have published a statement about the recent Al-Sink events


2019-12-08 | 23:02


The popular crowd announced that its official websites had been hacked, while confirming that the hackers had published a statement about the recent Al-Sink events.

The crowd said in a statement, Alsumaria News received a copy of it that “the official website of the Popular Mobilization Authority – the Directorate of Information has been hacked,” noting that “there are attempts to retrieve it.”

He added, “The hackers published a statement attributed to the crowd on the recent unfortunate events of Al-Sing, which is not true,” explaining that “the statement was deleted from the directorate’s accounts on social media after it became clear that the official website was hacked.”

And published on the official crowd sites , a statement on the developments of current events, where the crowd demanded in the statement attributed to him to clarify the facts about the events of Friday and the nature of armed groups and saboteurs, and also called for the security forces to impose their control on the demonstration arenas and restore conditions to its quorum.


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