Our grip on 99 percent of Mosul

6/17/2017 0:00
Liberated Bab Sinjar .. and maintained the contact with al – Faruq area of

Mosul / morning

approached our security forces, largely, from the resolution of a battle victory in Mosul, especially after declaring control over 99 percent of the banks of the area of the city, and its success broke into the old city on the right coast, which is the last dens of terrorism, during a heroic battle resulted in the liberation «Bab Sinjar» , which represents the first ancient gates of the region, as well as clearing 7 villages west of Mosul.

Military progress, towards another terrorism burrows, accompanied by the completion of another security achieved by the heroes of federal police forces, which continue to cleanse the neighborhood of healing, when they succeeded during the ambush in luring dozens of «Aldoaash» from the vicinity of Al – Nouri mosque in the old Mosul, to be exterminated completely.

Announced the commander of operations « are coming, Nineveh» Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Aarallah, that « the ninth Armored Division liberated the neighborhood of Bab Sinjar, and maintained the contact with al – Faruq area, the first old areas of the city».

He added Aarallah, that « the army cuts the band 15 completed editing 7 villages are: Mansour, peace, Boers, Alzakh, Alzenazl, Church, Abu as a role, and a facility Mansour military manufacturing plant Boers water filter east through the village of Al – Kazak – hand Mahlbah, west of Mosul », the Bab Sinjar neighborhood as one of the old Mosul area , which constitutes the last outpost of the terrorists in the city gates. In turn, confirmed the military media cell of the Joint Special Operations Command, said the ratio of 1 percent only is what separates us from the liberation of Mosul declaration is full of abomination «Daesh».

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The end of this year as the date for the start of the five-year development plan


6/17/2017 0:00
Prepared by the Ministry of Planning for the years (2018 – 2022)

Baghdad / roar Imad

said the official spokesman, ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al – Hindawi, in a statement made by »Sabah»: The ministry was held in coordination with the ministries and departments concerned, the first conference to discuss the new five-year plan for the general framework (2018 – 2022), adding that the ministry set the end of this year as the date for its launch in order to start its implementation by the time timings.

The five – year plan is a set of procedures established by the government to implement within five years, in order to develop the national economy, improve infrastructure, and the organization of all educational work, scientific and cultural activities that contribute effectively to the development of the country and progress.

He Hindawi, said the new plan will be different from its predecessors, given the circumstances experienced by the country, from the waves of displacement as a result of the control of gangs «Daesh», terrorist attacks on some areas, in addition to the economic problems caused by the deterioration of world oil prices, pointing out that he would be taken into consideration challenges The problems faced by the implementation of the previous five – year plans in order to find appropriate solutions.

He said his ministry through the plan is determined to diversify non – oil sources through dependence on agriculture, industry and other sectors , income-generating and focus on partnership with the private sectors, as well as opening prospects with friendly countries and donors through activation of joint talks to seek support contributes to the implementation of the new plan.

According to the official spokesman for the ministry, that the previous plan included the implementation of a number of projects, but the decline in world oil prices prevented this, which led to a halt and postponed the bulk of those projects.

The Ministry of Planning, was launched during the year 2013, a five – year national development plan especially with previous (2013 2017), in order to improve gradually the economic level of the citizens of reducing poverty and unemployment and the shift in earnest towards the market economy rates, as well as the protection of the national product of goods flowing from abroad versus consumer protection from shoddy goods, but the decline in oil prices in world markets significantly affected the country ‘s financial revenue, which disrupted many of the investment projects included in the plan ‘s

five – year.

Economists are counting on the need to find new financing non – oil outlets, through activation of agricultural, industrial and tourism sectors Alantybh, which is able to support the budgets of the country


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Keywords in the presence .. Economic Council will hold a seminar on the work of the Central Bank

economy Since 06/16/2017 17:33 am (Baghdad time)


BAGHDAD – The balance of News

Iraqi Economic Council held, a seminar attended by the Governor of the Central Bank and a number of economic figures to talk about the work of the Central.

According to a statement of the Council, received / scales News /, a copy of it, “set up a call breakfast followed by an evening of Ramadan economic dialogue open,” noting that where hosted Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali Mohsen Keywords and advanced staff in the Central Bank and the Director General of the Commercial Bank of Iraq Faisal Alheims and Director General Rafidain Bank Khawla al-Asadi, was attended by the private sector, the President of the Federation of Contractors Ali Luxury Snava and Chairman of the Union of cooperative Societies Tariq Mohammed and a number of members of the economic Council in addition to a number of representatives of economic organizations. ”

And evening from the government side has been attended by: –

1. Ali Mohsen Keywords – Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq

2. Mndhirheikla – Deputy Governor of the Central Bank

3. Khawla al-Asadi – General Director of Rafidain Bank

4. Faisal Alheims – Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq

5. Mahmoud Dagher – Director General of the financial operations of the Central Bank

6. Walid Idi – Central Bank of Iraq adviser

7 .ksmh Saleh – Director of Banking and Credit Department at the Central Bank

8. Saleh Mahood – Director General of the Administrative Service

MP Rashid al-Yassiri and MP Yahya Ithawi also attended, while the Iraqi Council, Economic participated actively in this evening where he was attended by:

1. Ibrahim al-Baghdadi al-Masoudi – President of the Iraqi Economic Council

2. Karim Yasiri – Member of the Board of Management and Financial Secretary

3. Raed Rahmani – Member of the Board of Directors and Administrative Secretary

4. Rafie al-Rawi – Member of the Board of Management

5. Baqer Mashat – Member of the Board of Management

6 .abrahim al-Lami – deputy chairman of the Economic Council of Trustees

7 .thair Alfelaedo board of trustees of the Economic  

8. Sadiq Mashat -edoualemcil Economic

9. Adel al-Moussawi -edoualemcil economic

10. Ghadir Attar – Member of the Economic Council

11 .thamr Abdullah Dhari – Member of the Economic Council

12. Khaled al-Azzawi – Member of the Economic Council

13. Qais Al-Wazzan – Edomrkzatnumeih investment and reconstruction. 14. Saif Adel al-Musawi – Member of the Economic Council

15 . Adel Salman al-Musawi – Member of the Economic Council

Participated in this evening are also a number of advanced cadres of some government institutions and economists, symbols and leaders of the private sector, where he attended:

1. Ali Snava – President of the Federation of Iraqi contractors

2. Khalil Abdul Wahab Abannahedumajls Iraqi businessman in Amman.

3 on behalf of Abdul Hadi Hassan

4 .osman Ibrahim al-Khafaji

5. Ikram Director General of the Economic Department in Alheiihaloutnah investment.

 6. Mohamed Tarek Karim / Chairman of the Union of Cooperative Societies.

7. Fouad agent assistant general of the Iraqi Trade Bank Manager.

8 .fras al-Hamdani, assistant general of the Iraqi Trade Bank Manager. 9. Laos Hamid Assistant General Manager of Bank of Iraq Carpentry. 10. Sahar Faleh advanced staff of the Iraqi Trade Bank. 11. Asmaa El-Baz financial expert.                   

13 .alsid Hussein Abdel-Latif.

14. Karuch Hussein Saleh. 15. Ahmed Thamer Shaykhli.

16. Raad owner Imran. 

He welcomed al-Baghdadi, according to the statement, the “Ali Mohsen Keywords Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the cadre advanced in the Central Bank and the Rafidain Bank managers and tbi”.

Turning the Keywords, according to the statement, “several topics related to the economic side, pointing out that the discussions and proposals must be characterized by objectivity in order to reach the desired goal.”

The statement added, “The experience of Lebanon, despite the large number of parties on the Lebanese arena, but there was an agreement not to put any subject for central bank money from the negative repercussions on the economic situation of the country.”

And on the financial situation and because of the decline in oil revenues, he said that “the Ministry of Finance possessed a surplus of cash during the years preceding the financial crisis, but now is supplying them by the Central Bank of Iraq to the fact that revenue fell by 70% from previous years before the collapse of world oil prices” .

In turn, al-Baghdadi said, “The good fortune of Iraq that took place the financial crisis during the current Central Bank, although we disagree with the central bank not to raise interest rates to attract cash and the subject Mzhadalamlh mechanism as well as the inclusion of non-Iraqi banks in the currency auction, but we are certain and believe that monetary rationalization of Overnmhotkhveidaha expenditures are Kparadavh for bold policy Adarharashidh central bank and initiatives eased very significantly from the reflections of the burden of the financial crisis that began in 2014. ”

So Munther al-Sheikhli, deputy central bank governor spoke that “the Central Bank of Iraq is one of the few institutions that Allehaalvesadaladarei did not arrive and is one of the prestigious institutions that operate professionally.”

It showed that “the relationship between the Central Bank of Iraq and the budget related to close because the central bank is the source of the flow of foreign currency for the purpose of maintaining the stability of the exchange rate, but in the recent period, several calls have emerged to keep the central bank’s reserves of hard currency, but these calls lacked precision because if The central bank has stopped selling the dollar will collapse the Iraqi dinar. ”

As Khawla al-Asadi touched Director General of the Rafidain Bank “and specifically to the small Rafidain Bank project loans within the Central Bank’s initiative and where there are financial allocations for these loans, but there are no real requests for them.” End quote 92/9 P


of an explosion inside a mosque in Sulaimaniyah

An explosion inside a mosque in Sulaimaniyah

 Twilight News    


Twilight News / According to local sources, roadside bombs on Friday evening inside a mosque in the city of Sulaimaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan province.
The sources told Twilight News, he said that two grenades exploded inside the “Behesht” mosque cleric known as “Abdul Latif Salafi” leads the congregation in which the city of Sulaimaniya.
He said four people were wounded in an initial toll of the attack that yum immediately clear who stands behind him.


Life back to Mosul

6/15/2017 0:00
BAGHDAD / morning 

Document «morning» return to normal life in the city of Mosul after victories by the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd.

The documentation of the «morning» with the third anniversary of the passage of the fall of Mosul, however, the organization «Daesh» terrorist, but the advisory opinion of the supreme religious authority, Mr. Ali al-Sistani jihad Ulkipaia and jealousy fighters flagged down a dream “Daesh”, but Bddth, and became the final victory over the terrorist gangs is at hand He also stressed the commander in chief of the armed forces Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi.

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Al-Jubair: We welcome Abadi’s visit next Monday and seek to restore relations with Iraq for the best



Al-Jubair: We welcome Abadi's visit next Monday and seek to restore relations with Iraq for the best

2 hours ago
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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubair on Friday welcomed his country’s visit to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday, pointing out the kingdom’s efforts to restore relations with Iraq.

“We welcome the visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Monday and we seek to restore relations with Iraq to the best,” al-Jubair said in a statement read by al-Ghad Press.
A senior political source told Al-Ghad Press on Thursday that Abadi would head an official delegation to Saudi Arabia at the invitation of Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz to discuss relations between the two countries. Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, and to Iran.
On June 12, 2017, sources said that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was expected to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss several issues including the Gulf Arab-Qatari crisis and the file of the elimination of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Syria. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://www.alghadpress.com/news/106137/Alghadpress&usg=ALkJrhjE5qnr_MuvsqT4H79ztIyoKq6V1w

Foil three Daesh bomb attacks wheeled in Bab Sinjar after its liberation



A source in the federal police on Friday thwarted three attacks by militants wheeled bomb Daesh, targeted security forces in the Bab Sinjar area, which federal forces fully recovered announced yesterday northwest of Mosul.

Colonel Khudair Saleh correspondent (Basenyoz), said that “attacks targeting civilians and security cuts in Bab Sinjar seam area with al-Faruq area, which is still in the grip of Daesh.”

He said Colonel Saleh, said that “the pieces of the federal security imposed full control over the Bab Sinjar market area and carried out combing operations which managed to arrest 8 Doaash.”

Adding that “security is currently pounding the pieces adjacent to the Bab al-Faruq area of ​​Sinjar, a prelude to the storm over the next couple of days.”