Dozens of ISIS terrorists surrender in Mosul’s right bank- Source

June 19 2017 02:08 PM
ISIS terrorists
ISIS terrorists

Dozens of ISIS terrorists have surrendered to the Iraqi security forces in Mosul’s right bank, a security source revealed on Monday.

In a press statement, the source said that within the next few hours the full liberation of Mosul will be declared and the forces will raise the flag over al-Hadba Minaret, located in Mosul’s Old City.

Security forces, backed by International Coalition air raids and logistic support of the US army, have retaken eastern Mosul and most of its western part after eight months of battles. These forces are focusing now on controlling the Old City’s districts.

It is estimated that there are a few of ISIS terrorists left in the second largest city of Iraq. It is expected that they will desperately defend the last pocket of the city that has been once their main stronghold in Iraq.



Break lines {Daesh} and deeply penetrate the old city

6/20/2017 0:00

 Baghdad / Al- Sabah  said senior military commanders and joint operations that the next few days , enough to end the dark era of terrorism, especially after the break and pass defenses Aldoaash lines deep into the depth of the old city. I saw yesterday (Sunday) to break into the old city operation with the participation of troops from the army and federal police and an anti – terrorism launch of effective support from the Air Force.    Gangs of terrorism reeling  and the transfer of a statement to the Ministry of Defense for the Army Chief of Staff Gen. Gen. Othman al – Ghanemi, said during his visit to the pieces in the right Mosul coast: the joint forces provided clearly in the old city with the support air cover effectively according to military plans shows the great collapse of the gangs Daesh and the next few days capable of ending terrorism across the page of Mosul completely. In turn, the army aviation commander Lieutenant – General Hamid al – Maliki stressed that the formations of types of leadership aircraft carried out more than 6,450 sorties were destroyed hundreds of wheels and support for cuts in Mosul and the forces of the popular crowd in Kairouan and Baaj access to the Syrian border and the elimination of pockets of terrorism and Tkebedhm heavy losses in lives and equipment. The ground forces commander pointed out that the visit of the chief of staff and senior military commanders to breakers operations is to emphasize the need to preserve the lives of civilians and liberate them from the clutches of Daesh gangs that have been exploited as human shields during editing operations. Repeat throwing leaflets and in order of our forces to ensure the safety of the lives of residents, repeated yesterday dropped leaflets on the homes of the old city process include guidelines guidance for families and also urges Aldoaash to lay down their arms and surrender, according to the issued statement of military media cell, explaining that the detachments of psychological operations and in coordination with the Iraqi Air Force take a 500 thousand operation carried out a special publication that includes media citizens , the progress of our armed forces broke into the rest of the old city special for them and recommendations. The leaflet text: that our armed forces surround the old from all around the city of Mosul , has launched an attack from all sides. The publication included a letter addressed to the militants Daesh, stated that “wisdom and mind require throwing arms and stay in place awaiting the arrival of Iraqi forces .. Enough of Iraq , the blood of no use Aractha among Muslims.”  And seal the publication, the site on behalf of the commander of operations (coming, Nineveh) Lieutenant – General Abdul Amir Aarallah, saying: “ruled the mind, and Ptgamh survival.”Position the old city   field, the media war cell declared that our forces control over quite a few narrow alleys in the old city has imposed , including a mosque taken by terrorists based in them and killed the terrorist leader Bdaash (Abu Bakr al- Masri). As reported from the battlefield, the commander of the federal police force, the team Raed Shakir Jawdat, that our forces broke the first line of defense and the second gangs of terrorism and penetrated about 150 meters deep in the old city on the one hand white door, destroyed during the offered positions for snipers Daesh and machine guns , heavy and 3 – wheel bomb killed 15 terrorists.     Team Jawdat revealed foil troops to the largest quality process carried out by terrorists Daesh on the right coast, pointing out that these terrorists tried two days to sneak before to block the line on three axes at the same time , the first of the locality of the old city Farouq through sewage more than 120 terrorists, the second axis is more than 125 terrorists along the block line to the bank of the Tigris River, and the third is crossing more than 100 terrorist swimming to the old area down to behind the block line, stressing abort all these attempts and kill all the terrorists involved and their seizure of weapons and improvised explosive belts in their possession.  He pointed Jawdat that Al – Nouri mosque not far from the pieces of the onrushing only 600 meters from the current pinned down, indicating that the pieces were destroyed during the progress towards the goals of defense lines of the enemy down to the heart of the old region, stressing that “military units killed most of the enemy leaders who were holding facilities vital to this Region. The opinion of the security expert  , in turn, said security expert Jassim Hanoun that the ancient city of Mosul , including 38 locality with the alleys of traditional narrow The pan area Zndjeli neighborhood , an area not exceeding the editor, but has the privacy of being the last stronghold of the gangs Daesh and another defensive area to her, adding that families are still occupy homes within these shops and alleys in the city and is being held by those gangs. Pointing out that the information received confirms that some of the leaders of terrorists Daesh left fortifications in the old city with the progress of the joint forces to edit.     And the timing of the resolution of the battle, affectionate said: I can not give a time frame timing of the battles, they are measured by the size achieved goals, especially that the evacuation of families is an achievement before liberation and killed Daesh and hit the fortifications is the next military stages, pointing out that this region have special characteristics and symbolic.     He noted that some of the leaders of Daesh forced to withdraw towards the old city center, and abandoned the first fortifications lines, stressing that the accumulated experience and capabilities of our combat forces excel and go beyond planning and methods adopted by Daesh, they fought 93 battle and won it all in exchange for inflicting defeats successive these bands in all Cutters.


Preparations for the establishment of the days of Victory moment announcement of the joy of liberation



20/6/2017 12:00 a.m.


Baghdad/Morning/provincial correspondents
The state departments and institutions are continuing their preparations for the organization of the weeks of victory at the moment of solemn proclamation of the great Joy of liberation, including the holding of numerous celebrations and events on this occasion, while the local administration of Salah al-Din signed a memorandum of understanding with the Romanian State for the importation of explosive detectors and surveillance cameras.
This comes at a time when the Basra people’s Assembly began disbursing the Martyrs ‘ Grant and registering their relatives to perform hajj this year, while the Ministry of Immigration distributed 59,000 shares of assistance between the displaced persons in Mosul.
Grand Liberation Gala
In Diwaniyah, the province witnessed the establishment of the Grand Liberation ceremony in conjunction with the recent touches of the heroes of the security services to declare a decisive victory over the terrorist “ISIL”.
The member of the Preparatory Committee for the ceremony, Ali Majid al-Karawi, told the correspondent of “Sabah” Abbas Reza Al-Musawi: The ceremony was attended by a selection of poets, artists and writers, coinciding with the overwhelming victories achieved by the heroes of the security apparatus in their fight against terrorism.
He noted that a similar ceremony had been agreed upon at the moment when the commander-in-chief of the armed forces would announce the final victory, stating that the final victory ceremony would be held in the Corniche Square, asserting that the cultural activities that supported the security apparatus during its honourable battles had a moral and the morale of the combatants and intellectuals.


Victory Week
For his part, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture for Tourism and antiquities, Qais Hussain Rashid, is losing the preparations for the upcoming Victory Week, which will soon be announced after the liberation of the entire territory from the profane terror.
“All institutions and ministries are required to give this victory the honour it deserves, and the week of Victory is a consideration and remembrance station,” Rashid said in a press release. Grateful and thankful for the pure blood shed in order for life to continue in the country that was almost swallowed by the flood of terror without the sacrifices of our security forces and our sacred horde.
The ceremony will include an exhibition of important documents reviewing the beginnings of archaeological excavations, an exhibition of archaeological images and a fashion show in the Assyrian Hall, as well as a joint exhibition of books on
The gardens of the Caucasus.


Memorandum of Understanding with Romania
In turn, the Conservative councilor Ali Fadel told “Sabah” Samir Adel: A delegation headed by the technical deputy of the Governor of Salah al-Din, several members of the provincial council and a representative of Salah al-Din police headquarters visited the Romanian State to explore ways of mutual cooperation and investment and to provide support to the local police, especially after the security stabilization that is taking place after the liberation process.
The delegation had met with the Deputy Prime Minister of Romania and the Minister of Industry and Trade and delivered the letter from the local government in the governorate requesting joint cooperation in the area of investment and reconstruction of liberated areas through rehabilitation of infrastructure and cooperation in the areas of education, health and security training, stating that the delegation had offered all the investment opportunities to Romanian companies after they had been presented to the Minister of Industry and Trade Romanian, pointing to the delegation’s signature during the visit of a memorandum of understanding to provide the governorate with explosive devices, surveillance cameras and equipment related to the work According to the requirements required of the Salah al-Din police command.


Disbursement of the Martyrs ‘ grant
In the same dossier, the Al-Shuhada and Al-Manhayam Directorate in the Office of the People’s Assembly in Basra began to disburse a grant of 2 million dinars to the families of the martyrs and begin to register for the Hajj this year.
The director of the follow-up and Support Division of the Directorate, Abbas Ibrahim, told a press release: The Martyrs and Al-Aqsa District Directorate has begun distributing the Martyrs ‘ grant of 2 million dinars and more than 170 families were involved in Basra, indicating that the distribution process is carried out in coordination with the Basra office of the crowd and continues until all those involved are completed.
Ibrahim also referred to the Directorate’s direct receipt of the orders of the persons who had been held in accordance with the controls of the martyrs to perform Hajj for the year 2017 and the priority will be according to the date of martyrdom calculated from March General 2014, noting that the Directorate’s share as a first batch was 171 registered martyrs, indicating that the deadline for review would be the official end of the current 25 June.


Distribution of assistance between the displaced persons of Ninawa
In the same regard, the Ministry of Immigration and Displacement has distributed more than 59,000 relief rations to the inhabitants of the liberated areas of Nineveh.
The ministry’s deputy director General Ali Abbas Jahankir said in a press release that over the past week, the department’s field teams had distributed 59, 000 and 150 shares relief for people in liberated areas, including dry and fast food baskets and summer clothes, as well as a home basket, a sanitary basket and a splash.
According to Janakir, the aid was distributed in the new Rashidiyah, Belsan, al-Kawra, Green Flats, Sumar, victory and pristine neighbourhoods, as well as on the revival of the Light, Shaimaa, Derkya, Kokaré, Bajeh and Qadisiyah, as well as the coverage of the urban, the Chocand the district communities.


The first pictures of the old Mosul after the storming .. The battle revolves from house to house

Published : 19.06.2017 | 21:52 GMT | Arab World News

The first pictures of the old Mosul after the storming .. The battle revolves from house to house

Smoke is rising from areas under the control of “Da’ash” in western Mosul after its air strikes

Iraqi forces continue their process of liberating the last stronghold of the militants “calling” terrorist in the old city of Mosul amid a decline in the intensity of the fighting compared to the first stage.

“Terrorists are moving from one house to another through holes in the walls to avoid aerial surveillance,” said Lieutenant General Sami al-Ardhi, commander of the second elite forces of the Iraqi counterterrorism forces fighting in the north of the old city.

In an interview with Iraqi television, al-Aradi said on Monday that the fighting is now going on from one building to another in narrow alleys and described the mission as not easy.

For its part, the agency, “Reuters”, quoting a team filming near the front line in the region, the intensity of fighting decreased compared to Sunday when Iraqi forces announced the start of the attack on the old city.

Iraqi forces deployed the first images taken in the old city of Mosul after it penetrated into the area, showing the buildings of the old city that turned into ruins and deserted places.

The first images of the old Mosul after the start of the battle

The first images of the old Mosul after the start of the battle

The first images of the old Mosul after the start of the battle

The first images of the old Mosul after the start of the battle

The first images of the old Mosul after the start of the battle

On Sunday, Iraqi forces launched an incursion into the old Mosul area, the last stronghold of the city’s Da’ash, and confirmed that it had broken the first and second lines of the organization.

“The first and second defensive line was broken, and our forces moved 150 meters deep into the old city on the side of the Bab al-Baid and destroyed the positions of snipers, heavy machine guns and three-wheeled rounds, killing 15 terrorists,” the Iraqi federal police said in a statement.

Since 17/10/2016, the Iraqi army has been carrying out Operation Ninawa, supported by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, the popular mobilization units, the clan buildup and the international coalition aircraft, in order to liberate Mosul from the control of the terrorist organization Da’ash At the international level.

After its return to the eastern side of Mosul in January, Iraqi forces, on 19/02/2017, stormed the western side of the city, the main stronghold of the organization, amid reports of heavy casualties among the local population.

The population of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, before the start of the battle for liberation, about two million people, but 800 thousand of them left, according to the United Nations, with the outbreak of hostilities between government forces and insurgents.

With the intensification of fighting and the crackdown on the organization in the city of Mosul extremists seek to mislead Iraqi forces and stop the incursion on the right side of the city by resorting to the detention of civilians and use them as human shields to reduce the progress of Iraqi forces.

Source: Alsumaria News + Reuters + Agencies

Rifat Suleiman

King Salman declares “open doors” for Iraq and presents areas of cooperation with 9

King Salman declares "open doors" for Iraq and presents areas of cooperation with 9
one hour ago

Twilight News / Search the Iraqi government with Haider al – Abadi Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz ways to enhance cooperation and develop relations between Iraq and the Kingdom in all areas.
The transfer of Abadi ‘s office in a statement reported to Twilight News, King Salman , “Our hearts are open and all the doors wide open for cooperation with Iraq, and are ready to help and mutual cooperation in economic, trade, borders, sector, private, and businessmen, exchange of interests, and increase coordination in the face of terrorism, and cooperation to eliminate Daesh, and save common security. ”
“We are happy to visit you , and appreciate your efforts in the fight against terrorism and Mahakqtamoh in this area, and we thank God for the stability of Iraq and unite his people, wishing bilateral relations between the two countries further development.”
For his part , Abadi said , “seeking to establish a true and solid relationship and moving steps , confident and well thought out, and we came today with an open heart and willing to cooperate , after we have seen before you , great openness.”
He said we did not win the Daesh military force only, but we won our people and their cooperation when he did not distinguish between the Iraqi and another, and we respect the religious, nationalist and religious diversity , and we walk on this approach, and our relations based on the interests of our people and do not want to be part of the policy of axes, we keep in our diversified with the different countries of the world and neighboring on the independence of our decision, and the interests of our people and investigate our own security, stressing the importance of cooperation against terrorism and the elimination of terrorist gangs Daesh.

Abadi meets Saudi king in Mecca

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Monday 19 June 2017 20:30

The media office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Monday that the latter met Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz in Mecca, while the official round of talks between the two countries will begin this evening.

“Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met in Mecca on Monday with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz,” the office said in a statement read by Alsumaria News.

He added that “King Salman bin Abdul Aziz held a banquet in honor of the Prime Minister,” noting that “the round of official talks in Saudi Arabia will begin this evening in the presence of members of the Iraqi and Saudi delegations.”


It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider Abadi arrived, earlier in the day, to Saudi Arabia in a regional tour also includes Kuwait and Iran.


Abadi , break the fast with the king of Saudi Arabia

 Twilight News    

 28 minutes ago
Twilight News / met with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi in Mecca on Monday , King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, as part of a tour of Iran and Kuwait. 

King Salman and hosted an Iftar banquet in honor of the Iraqi delegation headed by al – Abadi. 

According to al – Abadi, the office will begin the evening round of official talks in Saudi Arabia , in the presence of members of the Iraqi and Saudi delegations.