Joint operations bode Iraqis b Week {great victory}


06/05/2017 0:00
Baghdad / follow-up to the morning

Directed the eyes and the hearts of Iraqis inside and outside the country towards the anticipated time of the Declaration of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi, editor of the entire city of Mosul, an abomination to terrorism “Aldaasha” cowardly.

With each passing hour, check our armed forces heroine major victories against the remnants of the terrorist gang in accomplishing shattered the myth of “succession” pseudo – which occurred Jrmanha prey to black Iraq and its heroes, and in the new Gospel warms hearts; called on the leadership of the joint operations of Iraqis to keep an eye Declaration “Week victory of the Iraqi big “liberation of Mosul, saying it is fully prepared to fight a ” media battle “anticipated after the elimination of the” Daesh “in the city.   

A spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya Messenger in a press interview on Sunday: “There are areas fell in the media without a fight and Jabihna this media dramatically , ” pointing out that “there is a decline in the media” Daesh “but it still has the potential to portray the defeat as a victory “.

 In response to a question concerning joint operations to exercise control over the media during the Mosul operations, the Messenger said: “Yes, can not afford any channel access to the battlefield only after the approval of the Joint Special Operations Command and the cell war media , ” noting that “we dealt with the media Alchocrh all Our mission and professional editing land of Mosul. ”

He noted the messenger that ” has been several international conferences and with the participation of experts in psychology and media held, in order to prepare the media battle for after the expulsion of the elements of ” Daesh “terrorist from Iraqi territory , ” asserting that “there is a great effort made in this area , ” he explained, that “right coast left the little thing, and after the announcement of victory by the general commander of the armed forces, there will be a week great victory for the Iraqi liberation of Mosul , dear.”

Brigadier General Messenger revealed that “the rest of the preparation of the elements of ” Daesh “terrorist on the right coast of the city of Mosul , no more than a few hundred,” pointing out that “there is depletion of operations for these terrorist elements through successful military strikes by military aviation as well as the federal police and the deployment of snipers on the roofs of high – rise buildings “, and pointed out that” the upcoming battle to liberate the old area in Mosul will depend on the pieces trained on the streets of war represented by assigning Btiran the Iraqi army and intelligence effort backed by air cover. ”

Exception “Iraqi”

The Joint Special Operations Command issued a statement on Saturday, banned the broadcast battles waged by the people of the armed forces “direct” and excluded operations “Iraqi” of the Iraqi Media Network is a channel of prevention.

The leadership in a statement received “morning”, it is “strictly prohibited direct transport while covering battles any way media movement is directly stopped and take legal action against the staff with the abolition of the authorization and prevent them from entering the cutter operations” are coming Aaninoy, “pointing out that” managers media in leadership teams and bear legal responsibility in the event that any direct broadcast channel except “Iraqi channel”, what caused the direct transport of damage through Astmkan our units , and for the damage inflicted on fighters during the battles. ” Championships the fight against terrorism , for his part, saw the commander of the anti – terrorism team . Gen. Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi, there are two options for terrorists “Daesh” present in the old Mosul, threatening to kill the other elements of the organization in the city, as revealed efforts to introduce “derived lessons” from the battles fought by the machine in military institutes training. Asadi said in a press statement on Sunday: ” The Aldoaash put themselves in an unenviable situation and not in front of them now only two options are only two, either surrender or death Zaam , ” noting that “our sector stands on the outer fence of the old city, and will be our calculations filter with these bastards “and added that” if Mosul was empty of civilians was editing the right coasts left and ended less than a month, we sought to preserve the citizens, which led to delay the process , “adding that ” we will continue to work until the last kill “Daasha” the land of the Immaculate Conception of Nineveh. ” In a related context, al – Asadi said: ” The battles fought counter – terrorism and we will come out of many lessons derived represent a summary of the positive factors that we won the battle documented and entered into our institutions training.” Wins the popular crowd and in the atmosphere of victories achieved by the popular crowd forces during the past 24 hours, vice chairman of the board of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi engineer confirmed on Sunday that our forces will continue to terrorism outside Iraq if it threatens Iraqi territory and national security of Iraq, while noting that the crowd forces Staaon border , the Iraqi army and police in the maintenance of the land on the Iraqi – Syrian border. The engineer said in a press release received “morning , ” a copy of it: the “popular crowd forces stuck to all the Iraqi border to the south – Walid crossing at about fifty kilometers , ” he explained , “is supposed to police found the border and the Iraqi army in this region , ” noting that ” the crowd will edited and assist border police and army caught in the ground. ” He engineer, said : ” The crowd forces will travel to non – cleared areas such as the west of Nineveh in the vicinity Baaj district to purge through Mosul , Tikrit, East Sharqat, and some areas of Baiji , and some areas where there exist” Daesh “in Anbar,” pointing out that ” the task of the popular crowd was cut Tal Afar , Mosul, Syria and Anbar, and to participate with the Iraqi police and army in the west of Mosul , the siege area Badush, “he said . ” now we come to the border to besiege “Daesh” and cordoned off the whole border clean up purge remaining inside Iraq, “Engineer,” we will follow terrorism if He was outside Iraq , “stressing” Santapah inevitably if That threatens Iraqi territory and national security of Iraq. ” For his part, announced a senior leader of the popular crowd Hadi al – Ameri, the crowd forces continue in the Iraqi – Syrian border cleansing completely until Waleed border crossing in Anbar province, stressing that the liberation operations “Iraqi option par excellence” for one been engaged him. Amri said in a press interview on Sunday: “We started clearing the border”, saying we “continue until the border cleansing completely to Al Waleed border crossing,” and on coordination with the Syrian side, he explained that “there is coordination with both fighting terrorism and resides in the Syrian border,” He stressed Ameri said: “We will not allow one to interfere in Iraqi affairs , ” pointing out that “liberating the land of Iraq and the Iraqi option with distinction.”


, ” the disappearance of $ 112 billion of Iraq ‘s money”


"Disappearance of the $ 112 billion of Iraq's money"
38 minutes ago

Twilight News / said the Finance Committee decision in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Alhaji Ahmed Rashid, on Sunday, that about $ 312 billion have been smuggled abroad, pointing to the impact of the disappearance of more than $ 112 billion of them.

Rashid al-Haj said in a press statement, seen by Twilight News, that the committees of integrity and financial follow-up Alniabaten had held a minute on the disappearance of government revenues, adding that the results are still not clear about how Iraqi revenues exchange.

Rashid said that the $ 312 billion of Iraq’s revenues have been taken out of the country, alluding to the disappearance of $ 112 billion in revenue and does not know where you are?

He added Haj Rashid, the Iraqi government spent only 115 billion lar of the total revenue obtained by last year, noting that it spent another $ 58 billion in the private sector.

He stressed that the Committee has prepared six reports concerning the removal of Iraqi revenue abroad shows that 57% of those revenues were taken out of Iraq.

Haj Rashid also said that the major problem of Iraq lies in the presence of large-scale corruption within government institutions included most of her joints, pointing out that the bulk of government business is not going only through the payment of bribes, he said.

Abadi to the clerics of the Sunni and Shiites: We do not want our forces to fight outside the border


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العبادي لرجال دين من الوقفين السني والشيعي: لا نريد لقواتنا ان يقاتلوا خارج الحدود
Abadi to the clerics of the Sunni and Shiites: We do not want our forces to fight outside the border

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said Sunday that the Iraqi government does not want its forces to participate in battles outside the country’s borders.

“The latter met with a group of clerics from the Shiite and Sunni Waqfin and other religious figures,” said Abbadi’s office in a statement read by the Ruddao Media Network. “The holy month of Ramadan blessed the month of Mercy, through which unity is strengthened. Doors of final victory “.

“The Iraqis have united in the fight against terrorism and have succeeded, and we hope that our unity will continue to preserve what has been achieved and to go for the good of the country and its citizens,” the prime minister said.

“Our hearts are afraid that the religion of mercy will be hijacked by these terrorists who distort the image of Islam and Islam, including innocent people,” Abbadi said, adding that “the Iraqis will not allow them and we are on our way to eliminate them and not contain them.”

“We do not want our forces and our sons to take part in the fighting outside the borders and we do not want to undermine the security of countries. Our constitution does not allow this,” he said.

“Iraq is keen to cooperate with others to fight terrorism,” he said. “We have eliminated terrorism militarily, and the real security, intellectual and practical challenge remains.”


The cleansing of the Baaj paves the way for the proclamation of Nineveh, which is completely liberated


05/6/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

In the course of a few hours, the popular mobilization of the army’s air force will be completed. The entire district of Nineveh will be left only from the center of the besieged district of Tal Afar and a small square besieged in Ayman Mosul. This is the old city that continues our incursion into its depth. Ensuring the safety of the remaining people in their narrow alleys, which are taken by gangs, supporting human shields that hide behind them.

A quick and surprising process
The commander of the operations (coming to Nineveh) Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rashid Yaarallah, yesterday morning Bushra complete the liberation of the district of Baaj west of Mosul in a record time of drowning gangs and calling the terrorist. A statement issued by the military information cell said that the Popular Forces and Army Air Force had completed the complete liberation of the judicial center and had lifted the Iraqi media over its buildings.
At the same time, the leadership of the popular crowd announced in a statement to liberate the Baaj, which is the second largest district in Iraq, a process of quality only lasted hours, when the forces of the popular crowd at dawn on Sunday, the center of the district of Baaj of three axes and completed the liberation with the first morning hours, Those gangs suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment.
In addition, the people of the popular crowd were able to rescue hundreds of families from the people of Baaj, who were being held by armed terrorists as human shields.
Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, vice chairman of the popular crowd, said that the victory would not have been achieved without the blood of the martyrs and the prayer of the faithful in this holy month of Ramadan, good and generous.
For his part, the official spokesman for the popular crowd, MP Ahmad al-Asadi, that the liberation of the Baaj, gangs Daadash lose the most prominent strongholds in western Nino.
He added: There will be no victory in this effect and speed in the completion of the tasks required as the victory of the popular mobilization forces in the liberation of the judiciary from dodging them
Mass flight to the forest
On the ground, a statement issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) stated that the Popular Forces had re-established control of the district of Al-Baaj after it had been liberated during its progress by the villages of the tank, the Sager, Jabriya, Hajar and other areas. And then stormed the center of the judiciary from the south and began to clear the parties of the remnants of al-Daash, who reported the intelligence of the popular crowd that most of the leaders of these gangs fled the Baaj, which was the most important command center within the western sector of Nineveh. The statement added that the Iraqi army’s air force, according to intelligence information, destroyed additives to the court on the outskirts of the judiciary.
One of the axes of progress, Major General Ali Al-Hamdani, commander of Major General Ali Al-Hamdani, confirmed that the victories of the Popular Forces forces broke the thorn of the organization calling the terrorist in western Mosul after the liberation of the center of Al-Baaj district in full and causing great losses of lives and equipment. The army and the air force helped to hammer the last nail into the coffin of this criminal organization in the so-called “Badia Al Jazeera”. Al-Hamdani also praised the role of the engineering effort of the popular crowd, which provided great support to the crowd by dismantling and processing explosive devices and mines left behind by the defeated fans.
This achievement comes within the eleventh day of the second page of the operations of “Mohammed Rasul Allah II” for the liberation of the district of Al-Baaj open on the Syrian border, as the media confirmed that the Popular Forces forces continue their military operations to clean up and secure the areas guarded by the judiciary to the Iraqi-Syrian border, Troops liberated the villages of Tal Fargho and Karaan on the northern side of the judiciary and met the forces of the southern axis in the Baaj, and the villages of Tal Cree and Tal Noufli and Tal Masrj Al-Faraj to the north-east of Al-Baaj next to the village of Umm Hajjar to the east

Fighting the old city
And on the situation in the right coast of Mosul .. Spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Brigadier Yahya Rasool, said that the number of remaining Shrathm in the remaining parts of the coast in a few hundred, pointing out that there are processes of depletion of those elements through successful military strikes through the Air Force As well as the deployment of snipers on the roofs of high buildings to target their movements. He pointed out that there is a military operation to break into the rest of the old parts of Mosul with narrow alleys, indicating that this process needs different plans and tactics because the remaining areas are populated and the large military vehicles can not enter its streets. Therefore, the battle will depend on the units trained on the street war Air force represented by the Iraqi army and supported by the intelligence effort.
While our forces managed to advance further into the old town of Zanjili, fighting street battles. According to a source from the field, the forces of rapid response and the federal police slowly advancing in the alleyways of this neighborhood for the safety of civilians, but it reached the building of the situation and the raids and imposed control of more than 65 percent of the neighborhood. He added that the remnants of the daisy firing their weapons towards the families of the mouse towards our troops as progress towards their hideouts. Stressing the rescue of 13 civilians were shot by bullets and were transferred to field hospitals. An Iraqi army officer said the 73rd Brigade, 16, and the 36th Brigade, the 9th division of the Zinjili district, had reached a meeting with the anti-terrorist units coming from the liberated health district in order to advance towards the medical compound in the Shifa neighborhood adjacent to the Tigris.


People crowd: Access to the depth Daesh editing Baaj and our goal is the closure of the border


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said a spokesman for the crowd popular MP Ahmad al-Asadi, said the crowd reached a depth of strategic Daesh edit Baaj district west of Mosul gangs today.
He said al – Asadi, told {Euphrates News}, that “Baaj spend is another city in thedesert west of Nineveh and the largest, and the headquarters of the command and control Daesh, another city near the Iraqi – Syrian border and which managed military operations and the distribution of terrorist tasks between Iraq and Syria.”
He added, “editing Baaj, the popular crowd announced that he is able to edit areas, where we arrived at the most important point of strategic depth,” he said . “Today pushed the pieces towards the south and is continuing to progress.”
Asadi said, “We need time to progress to existing and newborn to close the entire border.”
He said , “Our goal now is to reach the border and cleared, shut down and prevent the frequency of terrorists to them it represents the sovereignty and strength of thecountry , ” noting that “we can address all the issues.”
He noted that “coordination is underway through joint operations with border guards to coordinate with the popular crowd to catch the border,” adding that ” the Iraqi army will participate maintenance of the border and also expect the participation ofborder guards with the Iraqi army and the popular crowd.”
With regard to the evacuation of displaced persons, a spokesman for the popular crowd said that ” the humanitarian issue of the finest files that deal with the popular crowd even though it is the most complex files, in all areas liberated civilians were coming out of the areas and popular crowd in the formations and logistical support ,security and medical care they stayed up on relief civilians and their management to camps for displaced people, “he said . ” The crowd has achieved great success inthis file “.
The leadership of the popular crowd, announced today, freeing spend west of thecity of Mosul Baaj completely from Daash.anthy gangs

Khaled al-Sawy is considering apologizing for attending the celebration of the victory of Iraq on the daisy


Egyptian artist Khalid Al-Sawi is considering apologizing for not attending the celebration of the Iraqi security forces, scheduled for June 12, on the occasion of the victory of the Iraqi army to organize the calling of the terrorist.
A source close to Al-Sawy said that the latter received an invitation to attend a few days ago, but he is busy this period with a number of technical connections. He said that Al-Sawy will resolve his position on Sunday, but he intends to apologize for his association and to avoid any concerns.
The celebration is due to be attended by a number of Egyptian and Arab artists, in addition to a number of prominent political figures in Iraq.

Infallible is editing Baaj a crucial step towards completing the liberation of Mosul

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} congratulated President Fuad Masum, on Sunday, the Iraqi people’s heroic victory achieved by the armed forces today by editing the Baaj district completely desecrated Daesh terrorist gangs and raising the Iraqi flag on its premises.

The transfer of a presidential statement , the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today infallible say , ” We congratulate the Iraqi people proud and heroic historic victory achieved by our armed forces today valiant liberation of the entire Baaj district of Conception Daesh terrorist gangs and raising the Iraqi flag on its premises.” 

” We also applaud the spirit of courage, sacrifice and heroic and triumphant pages Tstrha our armed forces firmly and confidently.” 

He continued infallible “Commending the cohesion of our armed forces with all its formations in response to terrorists Daesh and stress the importance of the rescue of the displaced families, we fixed that this new heroic victory represents a decisive step towards completing the liberation of Mosul , and every inch of national territory from the clutches of the criminal terrorist groups , our confidence.” 

Iraqi forces and the popular crowd announced liberation Baaj district west of Mosul city, from the control of Daesh terrorist gangs. 

The deputy chairman of the board of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi engineer in a press statement , “We congratulate the Iraqi people ‘s liberation Baaj district of control Daesh.” 

Eng added that ” the process of liberalization Baaj is a qualitative achievement and significant” .anthy

Praised the “central” measures to control the currency window

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow: praised a specialist in the banking sector, the central bank ‘s recent actions on the classification of participation in the sale of foreign currency , which were in line with the demands of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank window banks. 

A source at the central bank’s “Tomorrow ‘s Press”, ” The classification of the Central Bank of the banks participating in the foreign currency sale issued last week window came in accordance with the instructions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in order to control the window,” noting that ” the global financial institutions praised the Bank ‘s procedures Central and it stressed the need not to retreat. ”

Iraqi money transfer company transformed into an Islamic bank

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Economy News Baghdad:

Mali, a source said early on Sunday that the global financial turf company convertible turned into an Islamic bank after the central bank’s approval.

The source , who preferred not to be named for “Economy News”, ” The global turf company turned into an Islamic bank after obtaining the Central Bank approval,” adding that ” the bank will carry the name of (international trust bank).”

” The Iraq Stock Exchange halted trading on the shares of global financial firm turf convertible after the issuance of license work practice Islamic banking and modify the activity of the company into an Islamic Bank entitled (World Bank trust) of the Central Bank of Iraq.”