The end of this year as the date for the start of the five-year development plan


6/17/2017 0:00
Prepared by the Ministry of Planning for the years (2018 – 2022)

Baghdad / roar Imad

said the official spokesman, ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al – Hindawi, in a statement made by »Sabah»: The ministry was held in coordination with the ministries and departments concerned, the first conference to discuss the new five-year plan for the general framework (2018 – 2022), adding that the ministry set the end of this year as the date for its launch in order to start its implementation by the time timings.

The five – year plan is a set of procedures established by the government to implement within five years, in order to develop the national economy, improve infrastructure, and the organization of all educational work, scientific and cultural activities that contribute effectively to the development of the country and progress.

He Hindawi, said the new plan will be different from its predecessors, given the circumstances experienced by the country, from the waves of displacement as a result of the control of gangs «Daesh», terrorist attacks on some areas, in addition to the economic problems caused by the deterioration of world oil prices, pointing out that he would be taken into consideration challenges The problems faced by the implementation of the previous five – year plans in order to find appropriate solutions.

He said his ministry through the plan is determined to diversify non – oil sources through dependence on agriculture, industry and other sectors , income-generating and focus on partnership with the private sectors, as well as opening prospects with friendly countries and donors through activation of joint talks to seek support contributes to the implementation of the new plan.

According to the official spokesman for the ministry, that the previous plan included the implementation of a number of projects, but the decline in world oil prices prevented this, which led to a halt and postponed the bulk of those projects.

The Ministry of Planning, was launched during the year 2013, a five – year national development plan especially with previous (2013 2017), in order to improve gradually the economic level of the citizens of reducing poverty and unemployment and the shift in earnest towards the market economy rates, as well as the protection of the national product of goods flowing from abroad versus consumer protection from shoddy goods, but the decline in oil prices in world markets significantly affected the country ‘s financial revenue, which disrupted many of the investment projects included in the plan ‘s

five – year.

Economists are counting on the need to find new financing non – oil outlets, through activation of agricultural, industrial and tourism sectors Alantybh, which is able to support the budgets of the country


طباعة إرسل الموضوع الى صديق


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