Intensification of the screws on “Daesh” in Mosul and its elements fleeing to Syria


GMT 01:22 2017 Sunday, June 18

Arabs today - the tightening of the screws on the "Dahesh" in Mosul and its elements are fleeing to Syria

Organizing a preacher
Baghdad – Arabs today

Tried to organize a “da’ash” , opening a loophole to flee to Syria, after the tightening of the siege and siege in Mosul, especially in the Old City by the Iraqi forces , and announced military and security sources, the expulsion of “Daash” from the neighborhood of Shifa and Bab Sinjar, “In the northern entrance to the city in a move paving the way for the recent confrontation in the province, while the extremist organization, carried out intensive attacks on the federal police forces south of the city, in an attempt to escape through the desert of Mosul.

The Iraqi forces took control of al-Shifaa neighborhood after days of violent confrontations, causing heavy losses and many dozens of civilians were killed by the organization while attempting to flee the neighborhood. Al-Nouri Mosque in the south, to open a gap that will help him escape through the hills of the Buseif to the Mahalib in Tal Afar and from there to Syria.

The distance, according to military experts estimated 120 kilometers to the Syrian border, mostly Sahrawi, is monitored by the international coalition forces on a continuous basis to monitor the movements of the organization, and it is noteworthy that Iraqi military and security sources said that the last “da’ash” attack failed militarily, It is still going through the brick, pedal and pedantic door, where it used various weapons and booby-trapped vehicles, enabling the organization to gain a foothold at the entrances of the fourth bridge, the old bridge and the second bridge in Mosul.


Urgent ..alebadi: Foreign Affairs will visit three countries begin tomorrow


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Prime Minister, said Haider al – Abadi, he will start tomorrow ‘s visit of Saudi Arabia, followed by Kuwait and then to Iran and will continue every foreign visit three days, saying he would visit other countries after Eid al – Fitr.
He said during a meeting with a group of journalists in Baghdad today was attended by the correspondent of the Euphrates News that “his visit to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran are not linked to specific pre – crisis Gulf, but for external relations in thepolitical and Alaguetsadah..itba

Answer Abadi’s [where] his candidacy for a second term


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi answered, about the possibility of his candidacy for a second term , thehighest executive job in the Iraqi state [prime minister].
Abadi hosted on Saturday evening, a number of journalists and political analysts, attended by all of Iraq [where] where he answered the latest political and field developments and the future of relations with neighboring countries.
Abadi stressed in the meeting that ” the victory of the Iraqis and liberate their land opens up a new era for astrong and stable Iraq and sophisticated.”
He added Abadi , that ” the decision of Iraq ‘s political independent, and we are investigating the interests ofour people above all, and our foreign relations based on giving priority to the higher interests of Iraq and itspeople and stay away from convulsions and axes and make friends instead of increasing enemies” calling ” to focus on development and the fight against corruption and not to allow the return of terrorism in phase thenext. ”
He stressed that “our decision fixed not to allow our territory for aggression against any neighboring country, and that Iraq must be a convergence zone and no area of conflict and the intersection of the rivalry , ” he said . “We do not want, but we do not want to turn our land into the field of wars on behalf of .”
And that “we have a large and broad in accordance with the reconstruction of Iraq all cities and spread security throughout the country.”
On his upcoming visit to the neighboring countries , said Abadi , “it is already agreed upon, and we aim to achieve new relationships with neighbors is not based on conflicts, but on the understandings, and cooperate seriously against terrorism.”
He called Abadi all politicians to stop the language of political miscarriage they not serve only the enemy, and distort the reputation of their country in front of the world. ”
After opening questions the door in front of the audience Abadi replied to a question [where] the extent of thechance of his candidacy for a second term, saying the question is premature” without It asserts acceptance or rejection of the nomination.
The exhibition answer that “parliamentary elections will be held its timing , ” he said , “must be held with theneed for legislation , its timing of the elections law.”
Abadi called parliament ” to appoint a new Electoral Commission , ” warning that “if the duration of this step exceeds the middle of next month of August , we will enter a dangerous phase of the elections.”
And the independence referendum Kurdistan region , Abadi said that “illegal and that the federal government will not be supported or funded by or participate in it , ” noting that ” the United Nations announced its position on this referendum and it will not participate without the consent of Baghdad , ” pointing out that ” the region declared himself that the referendum It is not binding on independence, but toknow the opinion of the Kurdish people. ”
He continued Abadi , “I believe that independence will add new problems for the region, especially as it is agreed upon between the Kurds themselves could make the region ‘s economy is currently difficult to even deeper after independence.”


Messenger: Daesh does not control only one percent of Ayman Mosul but detained civilians

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Baghdad balances News

He said a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, that remain under the control of the organization “Daesh”, is estimated at 1% of the right coast area of ​​the city of Mosul.

He explained the Messenger in a press interview with the terrorist organization to detain innocent citizens by force and coercion, and using them as “human shields”.

He added, “through a court plan, will be implemented over the next few days, will break into the rest of the old city of Mosul, the tactic of practice, is intended primarily to take out innocent citizens from these areas, and freed from the grip of the terrorist organization, and the elimination of its elements in the liberated areas.” .

He explained, “The Messenger”, the terrorist organization, barricaded neighborhoods “Mosul,” the old, an ancient densely populated areas, with adjacent buildings, it is difficult for the wheels and armored vehicles to walk in, or storm, “but we are going to adopt in the next stage on the Iraqi ground sectors, trained on the streets of war. ”

Abizaid, “We do not hurry to the intrusion and editing process, what is important is to extract safe citizens from those areas, and then eliminate the elements of the organization, our job editing citizen before the earth, so we are being targeted to preserve the lives of Iraqis, and are committed to the rules of engagement, which would eliminate elements of the organization, the lowest rate of loss of Iraqi lives. ”

And the threat of “Daesh”, targeting the “modern”, west of Baghdad, said a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq, “We have intelligence efforts to follow the movements of the elements of” Daesh “, and since the days began to advance towards the north of the desert, hand” Haditha Dam “has reached their progress to the depth of the desert, from 20 to 30 km, in some cases. ”

He added that “we were able to target those advanced elements to those areas, and the liquidation of many of them, blow up many safe havens, and stores of weapons by the Iraqi sectors of the heroine, whose goal is the first, is to target elements of the organization, and do not give any chance, exposure to Iraqi forces and citizens in the areas of “Haditha and al-Baghdadi.”

And the role of the international coalition in repelling “Daesh” threats, he said, “The Messenger”, “We have a partnership through the International Alliance, and is coordinated with him in the framework of intelligence sharing, and air strikes, air cover, after giving information by the leadership of joint operations, and are beaten elements of the terrorist organization in those areas, but the biggest is our dependence on the Iraqi air force, and the heroes of the Iraqi army in all sectors, who direct their strikes, and with all the determination, to the elements of the organization, in order to eliminate it. ”

The military source Araca- refused to be named revealed the German Press Agency dpa, the intelligence organization reported “Daesh” an attack on the structure of modern justice, in which Iraqi forces and gunmen holed up clans.

is over


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Iraq is gaining the edge over Saudi Arabia in the world’s fastest-growing oil consumer amid an intensifying race among producers to retain their most-prized markets, Bloomberg reported on Saturday.
Iraq was the top crude supplier to India for a third month in May, shipping 1 million barrels a day, according to shipping data. Iraqi supplies accounted for 23 percent of India’s purchases last month, up from an average 19 percent in the previous four months, while Saudi Arabia’s share fell by 1 percentage point to 17 percent.
Oil producers are facing increasing competition in major markets like China and India as OPEC and its partners continue efforts to curb output to clear a global glut. India’s $2-trillion economy imports more than 80 percent of its crude requirement and the International Energy Agency expects it to be the fastest-growing consumer through 2040.
“Saudis used to be the king when it comes to crude supply, but now it’s becoming a prince,” said R. Ramachandran, the head of refineries at Bharat Petroleum Corp., India’s second-biggest state-run refiner. “Preference for Iraqi crude will continue as Indian refiners continue with refinery upgrades.”
Iraq, which had been the No. 2 seller to India for years, was able to overtake the Saudis as Indian refiners have implemented plant upgrades over the past couple of years, enabling them to process crude with a higher sulfur content.
The Middle East nation has also improved its port infrastructure to ensure a stable supply. Iraqi crude used to be less preferred due to delays and inconsistencies in shipments as the Gulf nation lacked the required port infrastructure, according to Ramachandran.

 “Iraqi crude is getting attractive and it suits our refineries very well,” said Mukesh Kumar Surana, chairman of Hindustan Petroleum Corp. “Iraq has come out of the supply uncertainties and the pricing is very competitive.”
Indian Oil
The state refiner buys about 4 million tons of Iraqi grades annually on a term basis, which matches the volume it gets from Saudis. Indian Oil Corp., the nation’s biggest processor, will boost Iraqi imports to about 18 million tons in 2017 under term contracts from 15.6 million last year, said Finance Director Arun Kumar Sharma. Saudi purchases will remain steady at 5.6 million tons.
India’s total crude imports in May remained flat from April at 4.35 million barrels a day, according to the shipping data. Iraqi supplies fell 11 percent last month from 1.14 million barrels per day in April, the highest this year.
Iraq, the OPEC member which is among the most closely watched nations for compliance to the group’s curbs, exported 3.93 million barrels a day in May, the highest in 2017, according to vessel tracking and shipping agent data.

Balsour..ahale Qayyarah swarming in front of the homes and the families of the terrorists are demanding thrown off

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Said a local source in Nineveh Saturday that residents in the area south of Mosul, Qayyarah gathered in front of the homes of terrorists’ families to demand thrown off.

The source / balance News / that “victims of terrorism have expressed their anger during the demonstration of the survival of these families in their homes.”

He noted that “the crowd demanded that inhabit the families of the terrorist elements Daesh in the camps instead of staying at home to learn about the suffering of the victims of the crimes of their children.”

The start of the process of “New Dawn” to liberate the border areas with Jordan and Syria

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Baghdad balances News

Media reported military cell, Saturday, launching a massive operation called “New Dawn” to edit the border areas in the western region.

Said the cell in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, “the leadership of the border forces launched today, a wide operation in the name of” New Dawn “to edit the border areas in the western region and three axes,” noting that “the operation participated in the crowd tribal border forces and assigning the army air and air force and air Alliance international. ”

She added that “the operation resulted in the liberation of the border port and newborn caught and edit the remaining border between the Jordanian-Syrian-Iraqi border.”

The cell showed that “the operation was planned and the supervision of the Joint Special Operations Command” .anthy 29 / A 43

Urgent .. Iraq announces release port and keeping the border with Syria and Jordan

 Twilight News    

 2 hours ago
Twilight News / Joint Operations Command announced keeping the Iraqi border , on the one hand Jordan and Syria through a military operation. 

According to a statement of the leadership of the Lord of Twilight News, that the leadership of the border forces launched a wide operation called “New Dawn” to edit the border areas in the western region and three axes with the participation of border forces and Alhacdashaira and assign the Army Air and Air Force and Air Alliance International. 

He added that the operation resulted in the liberation of the border port and newborn caught and edit the remaining border between the Jordanian – Syrian – Iraqi border. 

This comes after a series of attacks by “Daesh” organization on wet areas west of Ramadi, Hit the city of Anbar province, amid claims quickly launch the battles of this axis.