Maliki’s gov’t plundered billions on useless weapons – MP


June 16 2017 04:38 PM
Nouri al- Maliki
Nouri al- Maliki

Member of Parliament Hakim al-Zamili has unveiled the scale of financial corruption in Iraq at the time when Nouri al-Maliki had served as Iraq’s prime minister.

In televised statements on Friday, al-Zamili said that Maliki’s government has spent hundreds of dollars to buy advanced weapons and military equipment for arming the Iraqi army.

He noted that this did not happen, adding that at the time the government has bought useless weapons and equipment through deals that senior officials signed to receive large commissions.

When Maliki was a prime minister, embezzlement and corruption were thriving, he added. Then, the contracts committee has allocated billions of dollars for buying weapons, but nothing was bought.



One thought on “Maliki’s gov’t plundered billions on useless weapons – MP

  1. Nouri Al-Maliki..
    Corrupt, murderous, and worse than Sadaam Hussein,
    a puppet of Iran, worst thing that ever happened to the Iraqi people.
    There is a special place in HELL for Nouri…
    and none of it involves virgins.


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