Our grip on 99 percent of Mosul

6/17/2017 0:00
Liberated Bab Sinjar .. and maintained the contact with al – Faruq area of

Mosul / morning

approached our security forces, largely, from the resolution of a battle victory in Mosul, especially after declaring control over 99 percent of the banks of the area of the city, and its success broke into the old city on the right coast, which is the last dens of terrorism, during a heroic battle resulted in the liberation «Bab Sinjar» , which represents the first ancient gates of the region, as well as clearing 7 villages west of Mosul.

Military progress, towards another terrorism burrows, accompanied by the completion of another security achieved by the heroes of federal police forces, which continue to cleanse the neighborhood of healing, when they succeeded during the ambush in luring dozens of «Aldoaash» from the vicinity of Al – Nouri mosque in the old Mosul, to be exterminated completely.

Announced the commander of operations « are coming, Nineveh» Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Aarallah, that « the ninth Armored Division liberated the neighborhood of Bab Sinjar, and maintained the contact with al – Faruq area, the first old areas of the city».

He added Aarallah, that « the army cuts the band 15 completed editing 7 villages are: Mansour, peace, Boers, Alzakh, Alzenazl, Church, Abu as a role, and a facility Mansour military manufacturing plant Boers water filter east through the village of Al – Kazak – hand Mahlbah, west of Mosul », the Bab Sinjar neighborhood as one of the old Mosul area , which constitutes the last outpost of the terrorists in the city gates. In turn, confirmed the military media cell of the Joint Special Operations Command, said the ratio of 1 percent only is what separates us from the liberation of Mosul declaration is full of abomination «Daesh».

طباعة إرسل الموضوع الى صديق 



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