Foil three Daesh bomb attacks wheeled in Bab Sinjar after its liberation



A source in the federal police on Friday thwarted three attacks by militants wheeled bomb Daesh, targeted security forces in the Bab Sinjar area, which federal forces fully recovered announced yesterday northwest of Mosul.

Colonel Khudair Saleh correspondent (Basenyoz), said that “attacks targeting civilians and security cuts in Bab Sinjar seam area with al-Faruq area, which is still in the grip of Daesh.”

He said Colonel Saleh, said that “the pieces of the federal security imposed full control over the Bab Sinjar market area and carried out combing operations which managed to arrest 8 Doaash.”

Adding that “security is currently pounding the pieces adjacent to the Bab al-Faruq area of ​​Sinjar, a prelude to the storm over the next couple of days.”


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