Our troops are approaching the resolution of the battle of Mosul


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The crowd achieves important military achievements on the Iraqi border – Syria
freed the first health district and penetrated into Zndjeli and healing .. and killed terrorist leaders
Mosul / morning
approached our heroine of «declaration of thehour of victory» in the city of Mosul, especially after its liberation first health district, anincursion deep into the neighborhood Zndjeli and control over 40 percent of it, as well as achieving progress strategically important in healing Ayman al- Mosul neighborhood, during the battles , which also witnessed the incurrence gangs «Daesh» heavy losses consisted of killing the most prominent leaders of that organization, and the last of the so – called «calculation official» and his deputy
Those victories coincided with the popular crowd forces win an important achievement, representing the liberation of a border port with Syria and progress towards another port is the most important supply lines «Daesh» Home.
Near the «declaration of the hour of victory» is also confirmed by the international coalition led by the United States, who pointed out that the Iraqi forces approaching liberation last areas controlled by the «Daesh» praising the care of our forces to protect civilians and the opening of safe corridors for Hm.oukalt federal police headquarters saidin a statement on Friday : the «Federal police continue to provide caution and imposed control over 40 percent of the Zndjeli neighborhood», adding that «our special forces bombed the headquarters of « Daesh »missiles and mobile launchers that led to thekilling of 12« Daashaa »including Arab
For its part, the defense ministry said in a statement on Friday: The «Pieces Armored Division ninth continuous PDC dens of terrorists and defeat them, as the pieces of a large operation, launched to liberate the healing neighborhood in the right side of the city of
In progress impressively operations «Muhammad is the Messenger of God II» popular crowd forces managed to break the first line to block the organization «Daesh» and edit aborder port with Syria west Baaj, and continue to progress to edit another border port is the most important terrorist organization between the supply lines of Iraq
and Syria.



Infallible Abadi agree on the unity and commitment to the date of elections


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President of the Republic stresses the development of the intelligence effort to save thesecurity of Baghdad
praised the President, Fuad Masum, the efforts of the Baghdad Operations Command , in order toprevent the remnants of the terrorists from carrying out criminal their designs against unarmed civilians, while he stressed during a meeting with Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi, on a row after the recent bombings in Baghdad and a number of areas of thecountry, discussed with his deputy , Iyad Allawi , the importance of continuing efforts to promote understanding between everyone and work to overcome the obstacles facing thepolitical process.
A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office, received the “morning”, said al – Abadi, received the President of the Republic “took place during the meeting to discuss military operations, achieved victories by our heroine in Mosul, and to emphasize the importance of sustaining the momentum of victories with the imminent liberation of Mosul and declaring victory over Daesh terrorist gangs “.
The statement added , “two presidents also discussed the security situation and plans inplace to maintain the security of citizens, as the terrorist gangs seeking it receives defeats in the battle to terrorist bombings against citizens , ” adding that they “also discussed theplans and procedures that will be through which hit terrorist hideouts and eliminate them.”
The meeting stressed , according to the statement “the importance of unity and the word in order to build the country and serve the citizens and the need to stay away from anything that would harm the interests of the country” .ookd infallible Abadi “to abide by the constitutional Baltoukitat elections and the creation of all hold them supplies which isdone by the executive branch” .ottrq the two sides to “Iraq ‘s foreign policy, which depends on the openness of the international community and the region in accordance with the mutual interests, big successes in the reconstruction of Iraq to the forefront and influence in the region and the world.”
During his visit to his deputy , Iyad Allawi, President of the Republic discussed theimportance of continuing efforts to promote understanding between everyone and work to overcome the obstacles facing the political process.
The presidential statement said , “During the meeting , emphasized the need to adhere toconstitutional deadlines and holding the elections on schedule, were also discussed developments in the security situation, especially the current victories of our armed forces on Daesh the recent terrorist bombings in Baghdad and other areas.”
The statement also ” the success of the meeting dealt with the issue of community reconciliation also discussed the fight against file corruption and the need to develop thenational economy and the adoption of professional competence and integrity principles in building state institutions and to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqis in building anadvanced modern state.”
He discussed infallible Allawi “ways to strengthen Iraq ‘s regional and international status through the adoption of diplomatic realism built on the basis of mutual benefit.”Furthermore, the infallible visited Baghdad Operations Command headquarters and was received by the operations commander Lt. Gen. Jalil al – Rubaie and senior officers in the Alkiedh.oohar infallible, during the meeting with the pillars of leadership , according to a presidential statement, to ” the need for concerted efforts of all to ensure the security and protection of our citizens in the capital Baghdad , relying on the development of theintelligence effort and performance of checkpoints and the strengthening of cooperation between the security agencies and citizens. ”
He commended the President of the Republic “on the efforts of the Baghdad Operations Command , in order to prevent the remnants of the terrorists from carrying out their plans criminal against unarmed civilians , ” stressing ” the need to expand pre – emptive measures to hit the dens of terrorists.”
In turn , the commander of Baghdad Operations briefed extensively on leadership plans and activities of daily efforts to stimulate and develop the viability of the security services in all its different forms in order to carry out the tasks entrusted to it to the fullest, expressing his thanks to the President of the infallible on this visit , and his continued support for the efforts of Alkiedh.omn and then lose the President of the Republic Baghdad operations command , especially sections of what is a specialist , including continuous daily monitoring effort that enhance the security and clamping down on both plans to destabilize the capital.


Iraqi forces announced the restoration of the health district west of Mosul


Mustafa al-Obeidi

Jun 03, 2017

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Iraqi forces continued to advance west of Mosul on Friday, restoring health from the grip of the Islamic state, while deputies and citizens expressed deep concern about the fate of the besieged population, calling for alternative plans to save them.
“The anti-terrorist forces liberated the first health district on the right side of the city of Mosul,” Commander of the Operations of Yaninwa, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Rashid Yaarallah, said in a statement.
The statement added that “the forces raised the Iraqi flag to flutter high on its buildings.”
The Federal Police Command said in a statement that the latter “continues its cautious progress and controls 40 percent of the Zinjili neighborhood.” The security services have managed to open safe corridors to evacuate the displaced.
He added that «the state organization has bombarded houses and sidewalks and wheels citizens, and the field engineering teams were able to dismantle 4 houses and 6-wheeled vehicles».
According to the statement, «the Special Forces units were able to kill the so-called official Hesba calling in Zanjili mechanic Abu Abdul Rahman and his military assistant Yusuf Ali Humaidan and a suicide bomber tried to attack displaced families».
In the context, sources in the militias “popular crowd” that the brigades of the crowd was able to control two villages west of the district of Baaj northwest of the city of Mosul.
The sources pointed out that «the forces of the crowd continued to advance and liberated the village and the outpost (Tal Safok) border west of the district of Baaj, which is one of the main supply lines to Damascus between Syria and Iraq, while the other forces liberated the village of (Jair Jalvas) border west of Al-Ajaj and raise the Iraqi flag over its buildings» .
In Mosul, deputies and citizens from Mosul expressed deep concern about the fate of the besieged population as a result of the large numbers of victims who were trying to flee the Old City, calling on the government to find alternative plans for their peaceful evacuation.
Nineveh MP Muhammad al-Abed Rabbo called on the government to “seek alternative plans to save the besieged population on the western side of Mosul and not to leave them to exterminate all of them.”
“Many of the fugitives from the western side of the city are being killed by the state organization while they are taking refuge in safe passages set by the Iraqi forces,” he said.
He pointed out that “the organization killed 40 civilians, including women and children who tried to escape from the Zanjili neighborhood to the liberated neighborhood Rifai.”
“If we keep this situation, the victims of the state organization will increase day after day, and no one will remain from Mosul.”
“The government must have several alternative plans for how to get the trapped population out of peace, not leaving them an easy target for state regulation,” he stressed.
He also called for “accelerating the process of liberating the remaining liberated areas in the western part of Mosul,” stressing the “leadership of the operations of Mosul, the development of a new plan for qualitative and proactive operations taking into account the criminal nature of the gangs of state organization used by the Iraqi forces, Civilians every day. “
Ali al-Badrani, who succeeded in escaping to the left side of Mosul, assured al-Quds al-Arabi in a telephone conversation that “the waves of escape from the old region continue, but many victims fall while fleeing.”
And conveyed the concerns of the residents of Mosul to the safety of their family and relatives on the right side.
As for the safe crossings declared by the Iraqi forces, he explained that “they became known to the people trapped and to the organization of the” state “as well, so the latter put his snipers on the escape route, and planted the IEDs in these corridors.
Al-Badrani referred to the family of one of his relatives, who tried to escape through the designated passages, but a landmine planted by the organization exploded and killed most of its members.
In the context, well-informed security sources said that «the state organization is holding about 400 people who were arrested during the fighting inside the basement of Mosul General Hospital located on the right side of the city near the Republican Hospital».
According to Iraqi intelligence sources, “among the detainees are members of the Iraqi army, the police, the Peshmerga and the popular crowd, in addition to a number of Yezidis.”
The United Nations has warned that some 200,000 Iraqis may try to flee in the coming days from areas still under the control of the state organization in Mosul.
UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Aid Stephen O’Brien expressed “deep concern” for the safety of civilians still in areas controlled by jihadists, citing reports of house-to-house snipers while residents inside and targeting children by snipers.
An Iraqi soldier and a pro-government fighter were killed in two separate attacks in Baghdad, a police officer said.
“An improvised explosive device placed by unknown persons on the side of the road in the area of ​​Radwaniya west of Baghdad, exploded during the passage of an Iraqi army patrol,” said Baghdad police lieutenant Hatem al-Jabri.
He added that «the bombing killed one soldier and wounded another, as well as damage to the patrol vehicle».
In a separate incident, al-Jabri pointed to “the killing of a fighter in the Awakening by unknown gunmen in the area of ​​farmers north of Baghdad.”
The “Awakening” consists of Sunni fighters providing support to Iraqi forces by guarding checkpoints and participating in combing campaigns in Baghdad belt areas.
No one claimed responsibility for the attacks immediately, but the state organization claimed responsibility for recent violent attacks targeting military sites and civilians in Baghdad and other provinces.
The group is trying to launch attacks in areas under government control to divert the attention of Iraqi forces, which began cracking down on it in northern Mosul.



Map .. receding control Daesh Ayman Mosul


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News showed the latest map of the province of Nineveh, the expansion of land liberated by the security forces from the control Daesh terrorist gangs.
The map shows the war published in the media cell that, on Friday, the remainder of editing operations right coast from the city of Mosul.
The security expert Hisham al – Hashemi, said today’s {Euphrates News} that ” the old neighborhoods of Mosul , or the old city , which is still , however Daesh, as well as the hospital area and the stock market recovery, and Bab Sinjar and part of Zndjeli is 36 locality.”
He noted that, “mentioned shops located approximately ten kilometers in the only area from all directions.”
According to Hashemi, the neighborhoods that are still waiting for liberation, is the “locality of healing, and the locality of Katunah, and the locality of the Ahmadiyya {Jews previously}, as well as the locality of Sheikh Fathi, and the locality of viewing, and the locality of Khazraj, bathroom carved, and the door of the mosque, and the locality of a mosque Jamshid, and the locality of Abdukhop, In addition to the locality iRONS, the head of the furnace, and the field. ”
He also still , however Daesh, each of the “locality in front of Abraham, and the door of the Prophet, the Great Mosque, and the Board of ous – Jawlaq, locality Uncle Grocer, monsters Khan, and Bab Al- Saray, in addition to the door of bricks, Sheikh Omar, and the Mosque of Khuzam and Aserjkhanh, locality Alrabaah and Mayassa, and Almhmoudian. ”
Al Hashimi ” In addition, there are 10 other shops waiting to provide security forces to release Ayman Mosul, the locality of the eastern white door, and the locality of Mansuriyah, and the locality of the month of the market, and the locality of Imam Aoun religion, Sheikh Abul – Ela, and the locality of Sheikh Mohammed, and Bab Lagash, as well as the locality of the small market, and the locality of the new door, arch “.anthy

Abadi, deputy calls for the involvement of all the sons of the Iraqi people in official institutions


The political scene Friday June 2, 2017 at 12:26 (1542 Views)
Abadi, deputy calls for the involvement of all the sons of the Iraqi people in official institutions


BAGHDAD / Sky Press:

MP Adel Khamis Mahlawi, Friday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for activating Article IX of the Constitution, which requires the involvement of all the sons of the Iraqi people in official institutions.

Said Mahlawi in a statement received “Sky Press,” said that “Iraq today has become just around the corner from achieving brilliant victory thanks to the great sacrifices of the armed forces of various its different forms, and the support of all Iraqis and would stand with the armed forces in a few match in the history of Iraq, it requires a new phase dealing with the mistakes of the last stage through which to activate the spirit of citizenship and justice and to initiate national reconciliation and a genuine involvement of all the Iraqi people in the official indoctrination and so as to achieve justice, balance and efficiency. ”

Among Mahlawi, that “Article IX of the Constitution, which provides first Iraqi armed forces and security services made up of the components of the Iraqi people, taking into account their balance and representation without discrimination or exclusion,” and urged the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to “activate this Article.”

He Mahlawi, “it is sad and unfortunate there is a lack of great sons of the affected provinces in security institutions and deliberately and unjustly and contrary to the Iraqi constitution for political reasons by those on the machines and an example Chancellery national security in which the almost complete absence of the sons of the affected provinces Bmphasalha Although desire sons of those areas where volunteer service to Iraq and their desire to achieve security and the fight against terrorism. ”

He Mahlawi that “Abadi demands today to intervene personal in this file and address the negative situation, which represents a flagrant violation of the Iraqi constitution and allow the children of those provinces to volunteer security services and so as to enhance the spirit of citizenship and ending the marginalization and injustice suffered by citizens in those areas and what is in achieving security and stability of the country. ”


Anfogravek .. Daesh loses its leaders


Anfogravek .. Daesh loses its leaders
4 hours ago

Twilight News / prominent leaders fall successively in the organization Daesh in the war against the organization in both Iraq and Syria, the latest of which was the legitimate leader of the public and it is important to organize a Turkish Binali in a raid by coalition aircraft in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Among the most prominent Daesh leaders filtered either by special operations or aerial bombardment or by reconnaissance aircraft unmanned “drone”, the Minister of War in the organization of Abu Omar al-Chechen, as well as his deputy in Iraq, Abu Muslim Turkmen, and his deputy in Syria Abu Ali Anbari.

Killing Binali comes within a long list of leaders Daesh who have been killed in Iraq and Syria since the start of the war so far as clear Alanfogravek facility.



100 days after the Battle of Mosul Does the organization “da’ash” utter its last breath ?


Ahmed al-Sharifi, a military expert who saw that the military operations are carried out through the participation of Iraqi forces and military units only and the lack of a clear effort by the coalition forces against international use of “dads” of the possibilities and weapons and in light of the suffering faced by the people there. He said there was a statement from the commanders of the staff to liberate Mosul before Ramadan. But because the United States does not want to resolve the battle or help without political gain.

He said that the spending war is carried out by “da’ash” and through the old houses where the shelters are hiding and linking them to each other and thus move away from “dashing” the strikes .. He explained that “Da’ash” uses civilians as hostages.

And this is where the danger appears and therefore the military sectors must be equipped through commando operations. He said that “da’ash” depends on the bicyclists, the belt that the organization is forming around al-Nuri mosque and through the bombings of the members of the organization. He stressed that the Iraqi forces have benefited greatly in the fighting skills and leadership and this will lead to deterrence strategy Security and security battle on the basis of a database through intelligence effort and information, but the risk is the sleeper cells.

He pointed out that there is a political deal that is going on in secret. He called for part of a big project involving the energy war and the water war … He pointed out that the targeting of some equipment is only “provocative” and leaving Al-Baqih to escape is evidence of US involvement in the matter. Only through a political settlement and that the United States will only resolve the battle by acquiring political deals and controlling the energy sources

The writer and political analyst Basil al-Kazemi, he said

“The battle is not determined by the time limit … It is different from all the battles carried out by the Iraqi forces … The battle is separated around the mosque of Nuri, the seat of succession,” he said, “adding that” Daash “collapsed and was confined in a narrow corner and will remain only a few days and collapse organization .

He added that he expected to announce the victory before the holy month of Ramadan. He stressed that the people have an important role in cooperating with the security forces by providing the forces with information about the organization of Daash in Mosul.



Iraq: the liberation of the first district of health in Mosul from the control of “Dahesh


Iraqi forces today liberated the first health district on the right-hand coast of Mosul from the control of the terrorist organization Da’ash.

“The anti-terrorism forces liberated the first health district on the right coast of the city of Mosul and raised the Iraqi flag to flutter high on its buildings,” the commander of the operation, “Abdul-Amir Rashid Yaarallah,” said in a statement.

The Iraqi Popular Forces forces took control of the village of Jair Galvas on the Syrian-Iraqi border yesterday after the expulsion of the terrorists of the organization “Daash” of them.

Iraqi forces have been fighting for seven months in the Nineveh province to liberate them from the control of the “Daash” organization, which led to the liberation of the left coast of Mosul, while the organization still controls some areas of the right coast.