Abadi: Iraq came close to victory and will go for reconstruction

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, near the victory in the battle on terrorist gangs.
A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office, the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that Abadi “received met with a large group of professors, presidents and deans of colleges and universities, and pointed to state support for this task in the community segment, which had a role basis in the graduation of all disciplines needed by the country “.
Ebadi said, according to the statement, that “scientific monuments have a special and unique place in society , ” stressing ” the importance of human renaissance building society.”
He called Abadi to “keep the universities and scientific monuments from conflicts and political conflicts as a place of science and research that serve all the sons of the homeland”, recalling the martyrs and the wounded from the teachers and students in the incidents of terrorism, adding that this is the sons of the country has increased perseverance and determination to promote and raise the profile of science and education.
He added that “Iraq came very close to victory and then will be directed to the reconstruction and construction , which need many of the terms of reference , ” noting ” the importance of research and the practical side that serves the development of the country.”
The prime minister stressed ” the importance of improving education and care of Al – Ahli, and not profit on the basis of science and sobriety , because we will not allow this matter” .anthy



High Nassif, owner of the “Seven Snai” and Lady “bad fortunes”



High Nassif, owner of the "Seven Snai" and Lady "bad fortunes"

 Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
Since the entry of high Nassif to political life, which does not hesitate to point fingers to some politicians and indicate their involvement in files of corruption, and constantly seeking to obtain most of the facts that can be convicted of what they believe; but until the moment collide with not taking most of its files or until the referral Those files to the judiciary for verification, to eventually graduate accused that their files fall within the pursuit of personal interests.

Alia Nassif, an Iraqi politician and member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, was born on January 13, 1963 in Baghdad. She received a BA degree in law and is a member of the Integrity Committee.

Alia Nassif Jassem Mohammed Al-Obaidi, 54 years old, won the 2010 parliamentary elections. In the 2014 elections, she also won a coalition of state law and was famous for her dealings with MP Salman Jumaili, who threw her shoes at him.
After the fall of the regime in 2003, she joined the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi and her ongoing disagreements with the latter because she did not nominate a ministry that left work with the Iraqi List and joined the white list.
Since the entry into the political arena, many issues and suspicions have been raised, with the result of a corruption case, by the acquisition of land that was distributed by the former regime to the former officers when they were working in the Real Estate Registration Directorate. However, until now these claims have been rejected and acquitted of these charges And it is merely a conspiracy aimed at obstructing its national path. This position is to take the chances of its bad tower in condemnation of most of the positions it is not in.
The Capricorn woman is keen to overcome the obstacles she encounters and succeed often because of her strong determination, trying to forget the mistakes of the past and do not allow them to block the future and the path to success, and the owner of this tower refuses to work under the command of others and prefer to be the final command, and intervene in matters others, but refuses to in turn share their secrets.
The entry of a serious woman to political forums cost a lot, where Nassif said in one of the television episodes that her work within the political corridors caused her a lot of negative decline in her private life, starting with the charges that led to the issue of personal images belonging to her daughter, which was leaked from the personal phone, as well as her son Hussein, who was awarded the rank of lieutenant to be an officer in the regiment’s protection.
It is known that MP High Nassif used the method of extortion and incitement, in the opening of files according to what he saw television screens and traversed by the excellence of tongue tongue and using the words of prey and evidence of some of the judicial rulings against them, this scene is embodied in the image of the most prominent defects of Capricorn woman of love of possession, And raise the problems and boredom in the hearts of others, and the woman Capricorn famous for chaos and lack of order, especially in the ideas and objectives.
Featuring a woman has serious Banadha in her mind, especially in taking decisions for their work. Sometimes the woman of Capricorn feels hatred and hatred toward others when she sees them enjoying the gains of corruption. This may be because she loves success and diligence, and the best proof of this is that she clings to everything and draws charges for this and that and her ongoing violations against neighboring countries. Iraqi politicians and their hostility to the Kurds, to confirm that it did not address any of the charges except the existence of facts and official information to prove the conviction of all of them Talthm.
This is evident when Naseef also criticizes the calls to arm the tribes and calls for the adaptation of members of the clans in the security services, to confirm that the security services are the most important and the most important. Only those who are entitled to bear arms and perform the task of maintaining security and law enforcement and maintaining the unity and sovereignty of the country, while giving importance to the role of clans as an ethical system that preserves the inherited customs and traditions and protects society from alien concepts and ideas such as extremism, Ha.
She confirms that she is the owner of the seven works but her luck did not succeed to get her goals and endeavors to be a bad distinction, and this situation shows how sad Nassif in one of the political dialogues.
“The budget for any country in the world must be based on achieving justice among the people and ensuring equality of opportunity. This must apply to all Iraqis according to the constitution,” Nassif said in a televised statement. , Regardless of nationality, religion and doctrine, and as they always say they have been revealed by the “irrefutable evidence” of corrupt and their national and sovereign claims.
It seems that the grace of the qualities of her tower has become a curse on her; he always liked evolution and development, and not only did what he achieved but sought the best, all these qualities draws the attention of all around, although she never seeks it, maintaining its humility, and can not To escape the severity of the rules that I learned in the small, which is reflected negatively on them sometimes, and this seems clear through the constant insistence on the accusations of many parties said they were involved in the permissibility of Iraqi blood.

Iraqi forces say about to encircle Islamic State in Mosul’s Old City


ERBIL, Iraq Iraqi forces said they were about to complete the encirclement of Islamic State’s stronghold in the Old City of Mosul, after taking control of a neighboring district on Thursday.

Iraq’s military said it had captured Bab Sinjar, north of the historic, densely-populated district where the militants launched their cross-border “caliphate” in 2014.

Government forces and their allies still have to take full control of Medical City, a complex of hospitals further north along the bank of the Tigris, to enclose the militant enclave. [NL8N1JA1VU]

The offensive to retake the northern city started in October with air and ground support from a US-led international coalition.

Iraqi government forces retook eastern Mosul in January then a month later began the offensive on the western side where bout 200,000 civilians remain trapped behind Islamic State lines. [NL8N1IX3WN] [nL8N1IV0ZR]

The fall of Mosul would, in effect, mark the end of the Iraqi half of the “caliphate” that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared in a speech from a historic mosque in the Old City.

About 800,000 people, more than a third of the pre-war population of Mosul, have already fled, seeking refugee with friends and relatives or in camps.

Kurdish forces backed by US-air strikes are also besieging Islamic State forces in the city of Raqqa, the militants’ de facto capital in neighboring Syria.

(Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli; Editing by Andrew Heavens)


Iraq calls 10 thousand companies to participate in the Baghdad International Fair

Baghdad : 

Announced that the company ‘s public exhibitions and services trade Iraq, Thursday, directive calls for more than 10 thousands of companies to participate in the exhibition of Baghdad International . 

The director of the company ‘s public exhibitions and services trade Iraqi Hashim Mohammed in a statement journalist received ” Economy News ” a copy of it, that ” the cadres of the company ‘s ongoing process of marketing field to promote the course of the 44 exhibition Baghdad International , which will be held under the slogan ( We have liberated our land and your cooperation we build ) during the month of October the first next according to a plan thought to attract the largest number of companies to participate session of the international according to the base data available to the company , which has a number more than ten thousand companies a viable increase . “

He added that ” the process of marketing consisted in conducting visits and field areas commercial in Baghdad , which are located where companies large and well – known and Autamtlk agencies to companies foreign and has a record posts featured in courses exhibition Baghdad International previous .”  

He explained   that he ” sent invitations post accompanied by instructions for participating in both Arabic and English to all companies and entities available data we have and number more than ten thousand companies a meal first .”


Demonstrators in Baghdad, demanding the accountability of Nuri al-Maliki on the anniversary of the massacre, “Spyker”


The Joint Forces Are Cracking Down On Extremist Groups Around The Nuri Mosque

Thursday, June 15

Arabs today - Demonstrators in Baghdad demanding accountability of Nuri al-Maliki on the anniversary of the massacre, "Spyker"

Victims of the Spyker massacre
Baghdad – Najla al-Tai

The extremist organization “Daed” on Thursday, the bombing of three towers to transfer electricity between the city of Hit and the area, while the commander of the operations of the Tigris Lieutenant General Mizher al-Azzawi, the start of raids and search south and east of Baquba to pursue the cells of the organization, “Daash,” The leader of the federal police, Major Raed Jawdat, said his forces had moved into al-Shifa neighborhood in the city of Mosul within the framework of the liberation of the old city, the last stronghold in Mosul .

“The fighting is proceeding according to the plan, with units of the federal police advancing in the Shifa district, north of the Old City, to control the banks of the Tigris river and tighten the grip on extremist groups around the Nuri Mosque,” he said in a statement.

“His forces in the south of the old city continue to target the organization’s headquarters and defenses with guided missiles and heavy artillery,” Jawdat said.

“It is based on sniper weapons, booby-trapped vehicles, mines, roads and fortifications in areas crowded with buildings and narrow alleyways,” he said.

“We expect a few hundred extremists, mostly Arabs and foreigners, trapped in the vicinity of the Nuri Mosque,” he said.
On the humanitarian side, Jawdat announced the opening of four main corridors for the exit of civilians from the Old City in its four directions.

“We have intensified the intelligence presence in the liberated areas to monitor the dormant cells expected of the extremists,” he said.

A member of al-Baghdadi district council in Anbar province, Abdul Jabbar al-Obeidi, said Thursday that “the organization of the preacher of the extremist blew up three towers to transfer electricity between the city of Hit and the province of Baghdadi (90 km west of Ramadi).”

“The fall of these towers led to power outages on the whole of Baghdadi,” he said, calling on the Ministry of Electricity to “send teams to maintain the power towers and restore electricity to al-Baghdadi.”

It is noteworthy that power towers in Anbar province have been subjected to frequent targeting operations in recent years through the installation of IEDs.

The military intelligence directorate said that “the detachments of the Military Intelligence Directorate of the 8th Infantry Division and in cooperation with the engineering team in the brigade neutralized 100 cylindrical explosive devices.”

“45 bombs in the form of Glacan were defused,” she said.
“Twenty-five different bombs were detonated” and “two dismantled houses in al-Humayra area in Ramadi / Anbar” were destroyed.
In Diyala, an armed group entered the village of al-Nakheel, east of Jalawla, 70 kilometers northeast of Baquba, and tried to kidnap the village’s Mukhtar late in the evening.

The source added that “the people of the village went out in a popular panic carrying firearms and fired them after they were shot,” adding that “the gunmen fled after the reaction of the people.”

“Joint security forces from the police and the army launched from two axes in a large raid in the southern part of Buhraz district (9 km south of Baquba) and south of Kanaan district, 20 kilometers east of Baquba,” said the commander of the Tigris operations, Lieutenant General Mezher al-Azzawi. Extremist “.

“The operations are conducted according to an intelligence base in the pursuit of targets,” he said, adding that “operations are part of the strategy of leadership in order to achieve stability and security and cut the way for any activity of extremist groups.”
In the capital, a security source said Thursday that “unidentified gunmen opened fire with their weapons towards a civilian while he was leaving his house in al-Haswa area of ​​Abu Ghraib, killing him immediately.”

He called thousands of demonstrators supporters of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, accounting for Nuri al-Maliki, the current Vice President and the former Iraqi Prime Minister, in his responsibility for the deaths of more than 1700 students of the College of Air Force in Salahaddin province north of the country by the militants of the organization Called three years ago known as the Spyker massacre.
The claim came during a symbolic funeral for victims of the massacre carried by Sadr supporters in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad in commemoration of the third anniversary of the massacre, “Spyker.”

The protesters carried banners reading the Iraqi judiciary to hold accountable those who were named in the results of the report of the investigation of the massacre, “Spyker” headed by Nuri al-Maliki, who was then the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

The organization committed a “massacre” about 1700 students and military at the military college known as “Spyker” in Salahaddin province in June 2014, when the organization swept north and western Iraq.The members of the “Dahesh” fired at them from close distances in the open or on the banks of the Tigris River, and then threw their bodies in the river or bury them in mass graves, according to video footage published by the organization on the Internet.

On August 21, the Iraqi authorities executed 36 convicted perpetrators of the “Spyker massacre” in Nasiriyah central prison in Dhi Qar province, southeast of the country.

Last year, the Iraqi government announced the exhumation of more than 1,000 victims of the Spyker massacre in mass graves found in the presidential palaces of Tikrit.



Barzani: Kurdistan Region Willing to Build Best Relations with Baghdad


Barzani and British ambassador to Iraq met in Erbil on Thursday

Barzani: Kurdistan Region Willing to Build Best Relations with Baghdad

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani received on Thursday a British military and diplomatic delegation headed by Frank Baker, the British Ambassador to Iraq.

During the meeting, the political and security situation of Iraq in the post-Islamic State (IS) phase along with the current and future relations between Baghdad and Erbil were discussed by the officials, according to a statement released by Kurdistan Region Presidency.

The pair also touched on the forthcoming referendum on Kurdistan Region’s independence about which the British ambassador said that his country recognises the right of nations to self-determination. However, the UK believes the time is not yet suitable for holding a vote on Kurdistan Region independence, said Baker.

Barzani stressed that the people of Kurdistan Region are wishing to achieve their rights through peace, rather than violence. He reiterated that they are willing to establish the best relations with Baghdad, neighbouring countries and all the countries in the region.


Iraq is coming to the caretaker government led by Abadi and US custody

The political scene Thursday, June 15 2017 at 15:50 pm (1819 views)
Iraq is coming to the caretaker government led by Abbadi and US custody

Baghdad / Sky Press:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq is due to take over the caretaker government after the current government’s constitutional term expires, a source familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

“The expected scenario in Iraq will take place after 21/9/2017, which is the end of the constitutional period of the Board of Commissioners, which means the election of a new Board of Commissioners, which will be suspended for five months according to the law of the election of the Board of Commissioners” .

He added that “during this period will be the Iraqi government has ended its constitutional period, and therefore will postpone the elections, which calls for the formation of an emergency government under the supervision of the United Nations and the custody of the United States and the leadership of Abadi.”



of Iraqi forces liberated the first gates in the old area Ayman al- Mosul

Iraqi forces liberated the first gates in the old area Ayman al-Mosul
17 minutes ago

Twilight News / O operations commander of the coming of Nineveh said his forces seized on Thursday, the first neighborhoods of the old city from the grip of the organization in the right Daesh coast connector.

Lieutenant-General Abdul Amir Rashid Allah Yar said in a statement to the Twilight News reported, “The pieces Armored Division liberated the door of the ninth district of Sinjar and perpetuate contact with al-Faruq neighborhood on the right coast of the city of Mosul.”

The door of Sinjar, as one of the old Mosul area, which constitutes the most prominent challenge to Iraqi forces as a result of the narrow alleys where complex and can not be military vehicles as well as entering the gates of overcrowding civilians.

In addition to the old city, the organization Daesh still dominates the neighborhood and healing are the last strongholds of the organization in Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq.




Newspaper: US special forces participate in the battle of Ayman Mosul in the form of the Iraqi anti-terrorism


15-06-2017 02:25 PM


Baghdad News –

US special forces have been involved in the battles of Ayman al-Mosul, but in the ranks of the anti-terrorist forces of Iraq, the US newspaper The Times reported.

A US report said US forces were wearing combat gear and battling with them to fight back, saying they were already involved in the battle, providing US warplanes and heavy artillery firing their shells close to the battle.

– See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://www.baghdadnews.info/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D22478&usg=ALkJrhhW5ZbuLJ_IocnpuN8xuDwAfk_heA#sthash.grHepVAh.dpuf