Nusseiri: The UN Security Council praises the actions of the Central Bank in supporting and implementing the program of economic and financial reform


Economy News _ Baghdad
The economic and banking adviser Samir al-Nusairi on Thursday praised the results of the hosting of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq by the UN Security Council in a special session to present the policies and procedures of the Central Bank in supporting and implementing the economic and financial reform program and the support requirements provided by the Central Bank to the national economy during the crisis. Economic, financial and war on terror.
Al-Nusairi said in an interview with Al-Iktissad News that “the presence of the Governor Ali Al-Alaq to the UN Security Council is a unique and historic case and constitutes a bright spot and an honorable success experience in a country that is going through harsh conditions such as Iraq where the bank provided support to the state treasury of about 21 trillion dinars, Great in strengthening the economic resilience of Iraq in the face of its economic and financial crisis and contributed to the victory over terrorism. ”
Al-Nusairi stressed “the efforts and wise measures and monetary policies of the Central Bank in the difficult economic stage of Iraq, where the great efforts made since 2004 to the present time in reducing inflation and control of a balanced price of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and maintain a reasonable standard rate of foreign currency reserves up to 48 Despite the stifling crisis in Iraq due to the fall in oil prices and the costs of the war on terrorism, the Central Bank has managed, through calculated and bold economic and financial measures, to provide two years of continuous support to the Iraqi economy and made a significant contribution In the insurance of salaries of employees and retirees and the payment of dues of contractors and farmers in addition to his initiative to revitalize the economic cycle and allocation of six trillion trillion dinars to finance and operate small and medium enterprises in the sectors of housing, agriculture and industry and support banks and achieve economic and social goals.
He pointed out that “the bank took several other important measures to re-calculate the legal reserve of banks in order to provide liquidity to banks and activate the establishment of the deposit guarantee company for the purpose of restoring confidence in the banking sector and increase the savings rate of the mass of cash at the banks at the expense of the proportion of compactness, and most importantly in all the transition mechanisms and work procedures A method of the twentieth century to the twenty-first century through the structural, technical, supervisory and supervisory development of the adoption of international standard standards with a focus on the implementation of the rules of compliance and combating money laundering and terrorism financing and re-evaluation and maintenance The banks accordingly helped to change the classification of Iraq by the Financial Action Organization from gray to follow-up.


An Iraqi banking delegation discussed with a number of banks and financial institutions operating in the United States of America opportunities for cooperation between the two parties.

Economy News Baghdad:

The Association of Iraqi Special Banks said in a press statement received by “Economy News” that “a delegation of 17 private banks, Rafidain and industrial banks and the Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks Ali Tariq and a number of advisers of the Association held a meeting at the Center for Strategic Studies in Washington, American banks, the OPEC Foundation, American financial institutions and a number of employees of the US Embassy. During the meeting, they discussed the Iraqi economy and the challenges facing it.
She added that “the meeting discussed the development in the Iraqi banking sector, especially in the past five years and strengthen cooperation with Arab and foreign banks in addition to plans for the reconstruction of liberated areas and development in the oil sector.”
“The global media has reflected a negative image of Iraq over the past years, which has greatly affected the entry of foreign companies to work in Iraq,” said the representative of the Center for Strategic Studies, Dan Randy, who chaired the session. “The Iraqi market contains great positives and a great opportunity for investors to work. in it”.
On the other hand, the Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks, Ali Tariq, explained to the American delegation the development of the Iraqi banking sector and the challenges facing the current period.
“Despite the general conditions of the country, the work of banks is constantly evolving and we seek to reduce the use of cash in life transactions through projects operated by the Association of Iraqi private banks in cooperation with the Central Bank, such as the project of financial inclusion and the settlement of salaries.”
He added that “private banks are working hard to be a balanced share with government banks through deposits and through the issuance of decisions to stimulate government departments to deal with private banks,” noting that “Iraqi banks implement the anti-money laundering law and terrorism and instructions on compliance and risk management” .
“The US banks now have greater confidence in the Iraqi banks, especially after the positive steps taken by the Central Bank of Iraq to combat money laundering and punish violators,” said Bank of Dubai bank chief Dennis Flanery.
He added that “US banks are considering the mechanism of working with Iraqi banks and projects that provide them with a streamlined work.”
The Association of Iraqi Private Banks decided to continue holding periodic meetings with the US Treasury and foreign banks, specifically the US, with the establishment of an annual forum between Iraqi and American banks.

Federal forces control Mosul Dam and border crossings

19/10/2017 12:00 am

The continuation of law enforcement and the extension of state authority
Baghdad / Al-Sabah  / Shorouq Maher

The federal forces continue all their formations and non-stop the implementation of law enforcement and the implementation of the Constitution throughout the country, has completed yesterday the imposition of control and security completely on all areas of the province of Kirkuk and raised the Iraqi media in the districts and sub-districts of the provinces of Diyala and Nineveh after the withdrawal of Peshmerga forces and the entry of military units It also re-deployed in vital locations and other areas to reach the towns bordering Syria’s border northwest of Mosul.

Border crossings
seized On Wednesday morning, the federal forces took over their duties in the Rabia area adjacent to the border with Syria north-west of the province of Nineveh, which includes an important border crossing.
A security official said Iraqi army forces had received the Rabia area without any clash as free of the Peshmerga elements, which withdrew on Sunday from the predominantly Arab region. The withdrawal of the Peshmerga comes within a series of withdrawals from the so-called disputed areas of Nineveh province.
Correspondent “Sabah” quoted Captain in the federal police Haider Araji confirmed that the federal forces of the 71st brigade of the 15th Division raised the Iraqi flag over the port of Rabia border after the force reached yesterday to the area of ​​Rabia and re-seized it again and began to deploy fixed and mobile units in it as well as I received the border post, despite being closed.
This coincided with the control of the federal forces on two border crossings with Iran, according to an Iranian news agency quoted a local source as saying: These forces lifted the Iraqi flag yesterday morning crossing the Khosravi border with the Iranian province of Kermanshah, after the imposition of control on Tuesday At the Parviz Khan crossing and dropped the flag of Kurdistan from them.  Mosul and Al-Khazar  At the same time, the Iraqi Army Col. Younis al-Obeidi told us that an army force of a full regiment arrived in the Mosul dam, 40 kilometers north of Mosul, and that the units were distributed according to a joint plan with the forces. The Peshmerga to receive the regiment of the western side of the dam, which extends from the basin of the dam to the control of Faw towards Zammar area, northwest of Mosul, while Peshmerga received the eastern side of the dam, which extends to the village of Badriya north of Mosul. In an interview, Lt. Col. Anwar al-Hayali said that the Peshmerga forces withdrew their last control in Al-Khazer area east of Mosul towards Arbil for a distance of 2 km within the borders of the region, pointing out that the withdrawal was according to new understandings and that the Peshmerga started to establish another control of the sheds and the transfer of private caravans Out. The control of Khazar last point of the borders of the Kurdistan region of the province of Arbil towards Mosul. Makhmour and Batnaya  The police chief of the Makhmour district, Col. Hani al-Surji, told us that joint units of the army, the local police and the peshmerga were deployed in the streets of the district, southeast of Mosul. The situation returned to normal. For his part, the chief of operations information in Mosul, Major Imad Hussein, the entry of the Babylon Brigades of the Popular Popular Front and security forces to the town of Batnaya, a majority Christian within the district of Talif (20 km north of Mosul). Kirkuk and around  and on the latest position on the situation in Kirkuk .. The commander of law enforcement operations in the province, yesterday the completion of the imposition of control and redeployment in the remaining areas of Kirkuk, indicating that this included the district of Debbs and the area of ​​the Forum and fields Khabbaz and Bay Hassan North and South Oil. It added that the area of ​​Khanaqin and Jalula in the northern province of Diyala has been redeployed and controlled in addition to the completion of the control and control of Makhmour, Baqiqa, Mosul, Oweinat, Sinjar, Rabia and some areas in Nineveh plain. A local source in Nineveh province said that the main road between Mosul and Erbil was reopened yesterday, adding that the Peshmerga elements removed the earthmounds and reopened the link between the two provinces. He said that the Peshmerga forces last Monday closed the road between Arbil and Nineveh and prevented the passage of citizens and cars between the two sides through the construction of a dirt cover in the area of ​​Shaquli. Security Diyala areas   In Diyala stressed the police leadership of the province, that will immediately arrest all those who harm the Iraqi national flag and the Kurdish media, stressing the issuance of a series of strict instructions in the disputed areas to reassure all components.

Members of the Barzani family arrive in the UAE and news of a political asylum request


The political scene Wednesday, October 18, 2017 Time of 21: 52 PM (Views 12403)
Members of the Barzani family arrive in the UAE and news of a political asylum request

Baghdad / Sky Press

A number of members of the Barzani family arrived Wednesday in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi amid expectations of a request for political asylum there.

A private plane carrying members of the family of Kurdish President Massoud Barzani to Abu Dhabi has been released in secret, Barzani will leave for the UAE on the pretext of receiving treatment in a hospital, according to informed sources.

The leaks pointed out that Barzani accepted an invitation from the rulers of the United Arab Emirates to grant him political asylum after his resignation from the presidency of the region following the major setback suffered by his separatist project.

Barzani is reported to have suffered from cancer and his urgent need for travel and treatment, which has caused his lack of media coverage after the recent events in Kirkuk.


His adviser refuses to comment on Washington’s demand for Barzani’s resignation 

Kifah Mahmoud, the media advisor to the outgoing president of Kurdistan, refused to comment on Washington’s demand that Barzani resign.

Mahmoud said in an interview with the «Journal News», on Wednesday, that there is a media campaign against the president of the province.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq, Joseph Benenton, on Wednesday, the outgoing president of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, that Washington is waiting to resign after the recent events, stressing that his government is waiting for this action during the next two days and otherwise will intervene directly.

This came after the reluctance of US officials to respond to Barzani’s contacts, according to Reuters, Benenton, “the disappointment of his country from the processes that have reached them, as Washington was considered to be the first and basic ally of Massoud Barzani, and when we asked the President of the region to postpone the referendum, We insisted on doing what we opposed. ”

Benenton stressed that “his country is waiting for the president of the region to submit his resignation urgently, since his stay in power is a mistake,” noting that “the political parties in the region all insist on the need to isolate Barzani of the pyramid of regional authority.”

He also stressed that “his country will intervene directly if he does not submit his resignation within the next two days.”