South Korea to relax travel restrictions to Iraq, citing business


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South Korea to relax travel restrictions to Iraq, citing business
Composite image of the flags of South Korea, the Kurdistan Region, and Iraq. Photo: Rudaw/CC
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — South Korea will start to roll back its travel ban to Iraq amid a rise in business travel requests and the Iraqi forces’ gains in Mosul.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry in Seoul announced on Thursday that its Overseas National Security Division has decided to include limited new business in Iraq for its “exceptional passport license review.”

It added that such reviews were previously banned since the fall of Mosul by ISIS in 2014, but because of Iraqi government troops, the security situation has improved.

“A large number of Korean companies” have asked to travel into Iraq and applications have increased, according to the ministry.

“It is expected that the inclusion of new projects in Iraq will be the foundation for Korean companies to enter the restoration and infrastructure construction projects in Iraq,” the statement concluded.

South Korea maintains a consulate in Erbil.

South Korea and the Kurdistan Region have cooperated on many projects such as a water treatment facilities and other infrastructure projects.

The Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has had an office in Erbil since 2004. It manages KOICA projects and training programs, including sponsorship programs.

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Trump’s visit to the region, reactivating the strategy of the pillars


Dr. Salim Mohammed Al-Zanoun *

President Trump has started his first visit since he took office on May 23 as his first stop on his international tour. This represents a change in the spatial dimension only with former US President Obama who preferred to visit Egypt as a first stop. To the end of a foreign policy and a new vision of foreign policy, a better understanding of the complexities of the Middle East crises, and the practice of Trump management to adopt policies that differ with the policies of the previous administration, has been restored work Pillars “strategy based on strengthening the relationship with allies The Arabs and the Limitations Iran is advancing in the region while curbing its nuclear program.

As a result, the relationship between the United States and the Arab countries improved significantly during the first quarter of 2017. In this context, the visit of King Abdullah II to Washington last February and the visit of Saudi Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman in March last year, And the visit of Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi in April, in return, the US National Security Council began a comprehensive assessment of US policy with Iran, and thus working to assess the suspension of sanctions within the framework of the nuclear agreement, And that the goal of the nuclear agreement of a non-nuclear Iran has not been achieved. In practice, the US administration continues to put Iran under pressure, imposing sanctions on 30 countries, A businessman and companies from China and North Korea who violated the ban and transferred technology related to the missile program to Tehran and imposed sanctions on the brother of Qods Force commander Qassim Soleimani for his responsibility for attacks on and torture of prisoners in Iranian jails.

Pillars’ strategy provides an explanation for Trump’s Middle East tour and the start of Saudi Arabia. It is part of the restructuring of the strategic partnership in the Middle East, in terms of the alignment and consistency of risks between the two sides, in terms of Iranian threat, peace process and countering extremism.

First: the Iranian threat.

The Iranian threat is a common interest of the United States and Saudi Arabia. The Trump administration of Iran is a major supporter of terrorism not only in the Middle East but also in the world, and there is an immediate need to rein in it, so Iran will be a top priority in discussing Iran’s increasing involvement in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. , Its nuclear program and conventional weapons, and discussion of coping mechanisms and tools.

In this context, we can discuss the vision of US Defense Secretary James Matisse to cooperate in building a broader security architecture that includes cooperation with Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE aimed at strengthening the US partnership in the region to deter and defeat threats. Which you publish.

Second: the peace process.

The visit will include three main summits: the first with the Saudi political leadership, the second with the GCC countries and the third with leaders of Arab and Islamic countries. This will be an opportunity to discuss how to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and resume Israeli-Palestinian negotiations under an Arab and Islamic umbrella. Convening a regional conference to launch negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

In this context, it is possible for the US administration to present a vision for settling the crises in the region, based on exchanging land and leasing other areas, both with regard to ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or settling the Saudi-

  • A massive exchange of land between Israel and the Palestinians precedes the establishment of a Palestinian state, whereby Egypt will lease the Palestinians, without formally derogating from its sovereignty, an area adjacent to Gaza inRafah .
  • Saudi Arabia gives Egypt a foothold on the eastern bank of the Red Sea,weakening opposition to the Sisi decision to hand over the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.

Third: Fighting extremism.

The Trump administration in Saudi Arabia sees the natural address of addressing Muslims in the world because of its religious status and its containment of the holy sites in Islam. This is the opposite of the Obama experience, which addressed Muslims from Cairo and Istanbul. The choice of the place leaves a great impact on Muslim attitudes around the world. On the moderate orientation in the face of extremism, and the identification of Israel as a second state and the Vatican as a third country in the visit has significance, so that Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia centers of the three divine religions, indicating that the United States is determined to promote dialogue between civilizations and And to create a united religious front in the face of extremism. Therefore, confronting extremist organizations will be a priority for discussion, while discussing the bases and the military, security, economic and social mechanisms to confront them.

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Abadi , looking Kurds problems and positions of the Democratic Party with the parliamentary bloc

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Twilight News / hold Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Thursday evening, a meeting with the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, while the information indicated that the two sides discussed the problems of Kurds in Baghdad and the positions of the party and other issues. 

He said a source familiar with in Baghdad that the meeting included a hub of important issues in Kurdistan and the problems of the Kurds in Baghdad with the Iraqi authorities, adding that the filling of vacant positions for Balchord, especially the Democratic Party ‘s share in the focus of another meeting. 

And provided political consensus under which the current government was formed on Abadi to take over the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Ministry of Finance and Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army, but the first is still vacant while the other was administered agency.

Baghdad looks forward to the implementation of investment projects in the areas of energy and water

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[Baghdad: Wayne] 

revealed the governor of Baghdad Atwan Atwani about the intention of maintaining contract with investment companies to carry out important projects in the field of energy and water purification.

He said Atwani according to a statement MEMRI media and his office during a meeting with a Turkish company today that “Baghdad province is looking to implement projects in the areas of water filter and installing pumps to address the scarcity of water in the areas of Parties, as well as the problems of alternative energy projects.” 

He added : “We have important projects in the field of water and energy projects filter to enter into investment and competition with other companies in this area.”

US intelligence: Daesh lose more land in Iraq


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{International: Euphrates News} said US national intelligence director Daniel Coates, said Thursday that the terrorist gangs Daesh lose more land areas in Iraq and Syria with the continued anti-terrorism operations aimed at weakening it.
He Cotes in his testimony before the intelligence committee in the US Congress, that “Daesh will remain a terrorist threat to the United States , where he proved his abilities to manage attacks and encourage them against a variety of targets in different parts of the world.”
On Afghanistan , he predicted Cotes that ” the political and security situation in Afghanistan will deteriorate during the year 2018 despite the increase in military aid provided by the United States and its partners for Afghanistan , ” .anthy

US Central Command pays tribute to the professionalism of security forces and confirms support for Iraq


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Central praised the US Central Command, on Thursday, the professionalism of security forces during the liberation of the cities fighting terrorist gangs Daesh, during a meeting with Defense Minister Irfan Hayali.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense, the agency received {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that Hayali “received at the headquarters of the US Department of Defense Central Command chief General Joseph Votal and his accompanying delegation, was discussed during the meeting the course of the ongoing liberalization areas that are still under the control of Daesh military operations terrorist in the battle of the right coast and the victories achieved for our heroine. ”
Gave the US general, “congratulated the Iraqi forces on the achievements made in Mosul , and still achieved with securing the lives of citizens , which is one of the first concerns of those military operations that reflected the experience and professionalism of Iraqi forces and the Iraqi army to protect the lives of Iraqis.”
He stressed that “his country ‘s full support for Iraq in the field of training and armament and exchange of intelligence information and training intelligence, continued support for the post – Daesh” .anthy

International Development Bank gets a membership license for the company MasterCard Global



Established the International Development Bank on Thursday signed a contract granting basic membership license to the company MasterCard Worldwide, in the Baghdad ceremony.
Said Chairman of the Development Bank management Ziad Khalaf in his speech during the signing ceremony attended by “Economy News,” We look forward through this partnership with international institutions, the advancement of the reality of the Iraqi banking and the introduction of the latest banking electronics and provide the best services to our customers in accordance with the mechanisms and standards that set by the Central Bank of Iraq.
He added that the bank received the e-card license in 2016 according to the requirements of the Central Bank, adding that our bank is ready to cooperate with banks to serve the banking technology revolution and create new services for introducing them into the work of the banking system.
Ziad noted that the Development Bank was able to acquire a significant share of the total domestic trade and banking market through the presence of a wide branch network of 13 branches and covers most of the major provinces in Iraq, including the Kurdistan region.
For his part, General Manager of MasterCard in the Middle East, Mohammed Basil Hill, spoke about the advantages of the card where is considered your key to the world and provide the balance of a ceiling of credit is high and strongly Anfakih exceptional and provide the best services and international and domestic discounts for users of MasterCard card, adding that the customer after receiving the card can take advantage of them in his works daily from travel bookings and offers shopping and entertainment around the world as well as provide special features for the business of hotel reservations, tourist and discounts for purchases and offers exclusive travel to luxury resorts around the world.
Meanwhile, Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks Ali Tariq, stressed that the private banks access and use of modern banking technologies and introducing them into the banking business, noting that the move is a great banker achievement for the development of the banking business and the introduction of modern technology to serve customers.
He noted that the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Private banks are keen to encourage banks to use modern technology to keep pace with progress in other foreign banks.