“National Security” discusses the national card and passport and confirms the preservation of the lives of civilians


May 082 017 2:20
National Security Council
National Security Council

Baghdad Post

Search Ministerial Security Council, on Monday, the issuance of the unified card and passports to citizens.
A statement by the prime minister, said that “the meeting of the Ministerial Council discussed the provision of all the issuance of a unified national card and passport requirements for citizens,” pointing out that “the Council has taken a decision to equip the Ministry of Interior necessary to complete its work to the fullest equipment.”
He added, ” The Council discussed the progress of the battle to liberate the right side of Mosul and its developments and provide our heroine and continuing liberation of the cities, and was at the meeting reaffirmed the preservation of the lives of our troops and civilians, as well as to discuss the security situation in the country and a number of topics listed on the agenda , in addition to follow – up directives and previous resolutions. ”



, the government allocates 2.5 trillion dinars to fulfill entitlements of peasants


The government allocates 2.5 trillion dinars to fulfill entitlements of peasants
5 hours ago

Twilight News / spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi said on Sunday that the government has allocated 2.5 trillion dinars to fulfill financial dues accumulated to farmers for Soukoha crops in favor of the Ministry of Commerce.

He explained Sabri told a news briefing that “the Council of Ministers decided to market wheat crop for the year 2017 plan and the face of the distribution of benefits of peasants and farmers for the current season and prepare a comprehensive action plan that includes non-accumulation of crop tankers by organizing schedules delivery by harvest dates in their regions.”

He added that the Council of Ministers “face sprayed an amount of five hundred billion dinars per month starting from the month of April until the month of August for the year 2017 to pay dues marketers to allocate 10% of these amounts to the Ministry of Agriculture in order to reimburse the farmers for the seeds of wheat and barley.”

Sabri pointed out that “the Council also decided to” re-allocation of refunds from farmers for loans discharged within the received agricultural initiative of the peasants for the years 2014, 2015.2016 projects amounting to 198 billion dinars to be allocated exclusively for projects of agricultural initiative for Agricultural Bank. “

The peasants have accumulated entitlements for crops of wheat and barley Soukoha for the Ministry of Commerce since 2014 as a result of the financial crisis afflicting the country.




President of the Association of private banks and depositary Handal calls for the formation of an Iraqi Council economy

Are GMT 10:28 2017 Sunday, 07 May / May

 Arabs today -

 Arabs today - the President of the Association of private banks and depositary Handal calls for the formation of an Iraqi Council economy

President of the Iraqi Private Banks Association Wadih Handal
BAGHDAD – The Arabs today

The chairman of the Iraqi Association of private banks and depositary Handal, the availability of many opportunities and large areas of the private sector for the promotion of industry, agriculture, trade and services, and considered that this will only be achieved through the formation of an Iraqi Supreme Economic Council includes the government, the parliament and the private sector, where he is developing a general economic and financial strategic plans short, medium and long term, and draws a road map out of thefinancial crises , and did not lose sight of benefiting from the experiences of the world that have passed in similar circumstances and economic.

He spoke Handal, about supposed role of the private sector in Iraq’s participation in economic decision and its contribution to making the comprehensive and sustainable development, and unfortunately, because the private sector “has not given the opportunity they deserve and did not get the support they promised,” he said, “will not the private sector of the Iraqi List under mentality that is still controlling some economic decision-makers, and emanating from the lack of confidence in the sector and the desire to keep his role marginally, “and asked,” is the government or parliament, the private sector or subjective and objective circumstances surrounding this sector, and restricted his movement and brought him to what it is of almost total deficit ”

According to Handal , ” the initiative of the Iraqi private sector by one out of his sense of responsibility entrusted to him, to announce the emergence of the Iraqi Economic Forum , which was formed about two years ago, brought together 12 unions and organizations including the Iraqi private banks association, in a bold and unprecedented step to unify efforts and unifying rows and enter the arena of Iraqi economic work entitled one, to draw the government and parliament and society look at its potential , which includes millions of Iraqis working in the agricultural, industrial, service and craft fields. ”

He pointed out that this step did not take the legal form of constitutional so far, because of the other Bugeanathm sub-identities, which prevented the completion of this great project, hoping to see the light in the future, and stressed Alhandal the need to contribute to the private sector in the economic reform process and in the work of government committees competent, and in the preparation of public budgets, and participate in foreign visits to Iraqi officials like foreign officials who are keen to accompany representatives of the private sector companies with them during foreign visits.

He believed that the participation of the private sector in economic decision-making in Iraq, is not elusive, and should not be seen as incapable of the economy, which approved a constitutional management, and stressed the importance of openness in the framework of the market economy theory.


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Foreign relations: the presence of Iraq is important in the Trump summit


BAGHDAD – The Journal News

It confirmed the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi parliament on Sunday that Iraq’s participation in the summits held in the region is important, especially that he’s fighting a war against the terrorist organization Daesh.

A member of the committee MP Luis Caro’s “Journal News”, that “the Commission was not aware of a summit in the region in the presence of Trump and under the auspices of Saudi Arabia, in the event held in Iraq will be the first invited to it and his presence is important for several reasons, of which Iraq is fighting a war against al Daesh terrorist” .

He added that “there is a convergence in the Saudi-Iraqi relations, as Iraq linking strategic framework agreement with the United States, as well as the presence of US advisers in Iraq and the international coalition against the terrorist organization Daesh, and that the participation of Iraq to discuss these important files.”

Riyadh is preparing to three summits held in the presence of US President Donald Trump, during his planned visit to Saudi Arabia at the end of this month, as the first station since he took office.


Iraq’s economic capital


Author: Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam

05/08/2017 0:00

The reasons stated in the legislation of Basra , the capital of Iraq ‘s economic law, that this law was to enhance the reality of the Iraqi economy, and the events ofcomprehensive economic development for the advancement of the standard of living and service of Iraqi citizens and public and private visual citizen.
This is confirmed by the provisions contained in the six articles of the law, which left thecentral government to issue regulations and controls to implement the provisions in thebody of the law in coordination with the local government ‘s economic capital after thePresidency Council approval and publication of the law in the Official Gazette.
Here will be the time factor between approval and publication and then insert the law into effect very important, especially since Product – 3- First : require consensus on theformation of the Secretariat of the economic capital , which is supposed to be run by theCouncil of the Municipality of the capital, which reminds us of what is stated in the first of the Consumer Protection Act No. 1 of 2010 , which provided for the formation of theCouncil for consumer protection, and as stated in the first of competition law and antitrust No. 14 of 2010 , which provided for the formation of the Council to regulate competition and prevent monopoly, since the two chambers not seen the light for reasons no oneknows one, making laws idle minute limit.
Not only that , since our reference to the time of the publication of the law in the Official Gazette stems from the experience of legislation of the Customs Tariff Law No. 22 of 2010 and published in the Gazette of Iraq crashes about ten months, and did not come into effect only in 2016 according to the confused mechanisms are not incorporated in theimplementation moment fairly well.
As well as other laws that have initiated the experience did not come into force , such as the Iraqi Product Protection Act No. 11 of 2010 and the Labor Law No. 37 of 2015.
But it may be different relatively on the application of Basra , capital of Iraq ‘s economic law , as some believe, based on what will exercise deputies Basra province in parliament and local government from the compressor reaction to the central government for theimplementation of Article V of the law that left the Council of Ministers to issue instructions and regulations necessary for the implementation of this the law incoordination with the local government in the province of Basra , without being obliged todo so, and here it is useful to recall disrupt the implementation of the project of Faw port ,which announced the intention of his residence since 2004 and could send the spirit in the labor market and does the market movement, but he remained pure Ura In thedrawers it did not appear until the moment it only breakwater.
To accelerate the implementation of this law , the long – long – awaited can contribute to a very significant contribution to make a quantum leap in the province of Basra towards real development throughout the country, through optimal investment for economic and human resources, infrastructure development and the development of the legal and administrative basis to keep pace with the development of trade centers in region and provide employment opportunities and the multiplicity of sources of national income of theIraqi people in general, but we must not stand by when legislation, and we are serious about putting this law into practice as soon as possible and proceed to holding the reins for the benefit of the country.


Achieving the objectives of monetary policy requirements until the year 2020


08/05/2017 0:00

Samir Nasiri

The monetary policy of the most prominent efforts to achieve economic stability and stabilizing the exchange rate rates that the national economy will also increase the strength and effectiveness to meet the economic challenges of economic policies, as the achievement of foreign exchange reserves currently stands at up to 49 billion dollars, and install the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar are preparing to be necessary and appropriate, as the window of foreign currency held by the central positive role in maintaining an appropriate level of the exchange rate and install it.

The Central Bank of Iraq has taken several steps to expand the list of available tools formonetary policy and to cover the required reserve to include government deposits and granting facilities on deposits maturing in a short period in order to allow banks tomanage their liquidity situation more effectively.
You can identify the most important of what has been achieved monetary policy instruments during the years 2004 2006 and the first of the relative stability of the rates of the exchange rate of tight monetary policy and the stability of the financial system, as well as reducing inflationary phenomenon, and control the levels of liquidity and management, and motivate banks to move towards the market.
Since the central bank is currently implementing its plan for the years ahead, we see that you are studying a series of observations , including monitoring the implementation of thecentral strategy and future policies of cash until the year 2020 with the contribution of thebanking sector in gross domestic product, as well as necessary to search for new policies to achieve this goal and allow banks government and private participation in the growth and investment in accordance with the mechanisms and policies that can be implemented without imposing strict policies and give adequate elasticities, and address the apparent gap between the fiscal policies of the state and monetary policies adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq and the requirements of anti – pressure Inflationary and reducing current expenditure and coordination of plans and programs to achieve the rescue of the Iraqi economy from financial collapses.
It is important to activate the monetary policy to support the private banking system and review the policies of lending and mechanisms of credit risk management in the granting of credit to small and medium investment and loans in productivity and investment sectors that achieve cash flow clear and revive the economic cycle will contribute to the economic development and diversification of the financial resources of the general budget.
It is necessary to develop and support and stimulate the Iraqi market for securities and find the means and tools that drive towards the lifting of the market and the companies index of prices to suit the assets and standards of production and profits at least inevitably the true value of stocks and to prevent speculation that harm the Iraqi ancestry- which does not fit the true and actual value.
It is important that accurate follow – up instructions for a window of foreign currency issued in 2017 and regulate the sale of dollar process and determine the role of banks in the mediation between the customer and the central addition to determining theresponsibility of the ministries of trade, finance and planning in the offenses committed by some customers and not only load responsibility for banks.
Creation (Fund) or ( a private portfolio) certificates of deposit issued by banks wishing to address the deterioration of stock prices in the Iraq Stock Exchange and the addition ofnew banking management current investment investment climate in the market to stimulate as well as increasing the volume of bank deposits leads to increased investment activities in all economic sectors and thus achieve positive impact for investors.
The boards of directors in banks approving a strategy for operational risk and implementation of the executive management of the bank to ensure that the operational risks related to all kinds of products Almsrvih.aadh considering the provision for doubtful debts in accordance with the list of guidance and re – elasticities and extended additional time for banks to determine in order to be able to filter these debts , mostly dating back to periods precedent and that most debtors have migrated outside the cities of Iraq for security reasons beyond their control and that these ratios lead to a reduction in theirprofits actually realized as a result of the deduction of these percentages of net profit and thus affect the investment banking activities Yeh new.
The restructuring of the banking sector, particularly the government banking sector and tostudy the privatization of some of its divisions and branches and to activate the operating banks to expand and diversify their banking services especially to increase credit and investment share in a balanced way with its revenue total to become these banks aneffective pillar of economic growth that move away from the monopoly of some banking operations and the withholding of government activities and public institutions for private banks.


Large government efforts to diversify the economy


08/05/2017 0:00

The launch of the liberated areas, staff salaries

BAGHDAD / morning

Said the Information Office of the Prime Minister continues to government efforts to reform theIraqi economy, and diversifying the sources Aldechl.ufema announced to take the cabinet among steps to revitalize the agricultural sector, revealed the issuance of a decision toreduce the tariff wage electricity to the agricultural sector, and disbursement of thirty billion dinars for agricultural prevention, veterinary and Alasmdh.oukal FBI spokesman Saad Sabri, during the brief weekly: ” the continuous government efforts to reform theIraqi economy, diversification and multi – national income resources and re – energize thebasic sectors, particularly the agricultural sector , ” pointing to “take many measures in itsA connection, as the Council of Ministers approved the marketing of wheat crop for theyear 2017 plan and the face of the distribution of benefits of peasants and farmers for thecurrent season and prepare a comprehensive action plan that includes non -accumulation of crop tankers by organizing schedules delivery by harvest dates in their regions “. As the face of the Council of Ministers, according to the newborn, the Ministry of financial release of an amount of five hundred billion dinars per month , starting from the “last April” until the month of august for the year 2017 to pay dues marketers that 10 percent of the amounts allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture in order to reimburse thefarmers for the seeds of wheat and barley he explained the official spokesman, said ” In pursuit of the Council of Alu Behind to provide all forms of support necessary to stimulate the partnership with the private sector in the field of agricultural investment and job creation and walk in the way of achieving national food security and self-sufficiency for Iraq in basic crops, the Council has decided to reallocate the amounts recovered from farmers for loans discharged within the received agricultural initiative projects peasants for the years 2014.2015, 2016 amounting to 198 billion dinars to be allocated exclusively for projects of agricultural initiative for Agricultural Bank , “stressing” the approval of theCouncil of Ministers by the Ministry of Finance to allocate nine billion dinars from thecontingency reserve allocations for the year 2017 to General Company for Grain Trade in the Ministry of Commerce for the purpose of completing draft (Karbala metal silo and silo Tents metal).
He also noted that “the Cabinet approved the formation of the Supreme National Water Committee under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al – Abadi and themembership of the relevant ministries and bodies of sectoral relevant to the task ofgeneral supervision of the implementation of water and public policy strategy in question, and on the equitable distribution of water inside Iraq, in addition to overseeing the negotiations with neighboring countries on water quotas and Iraq , including “.alhdithi said in a weekly briefing, that” the Council of Ministers has agreed to reduce the electricity tariff wage for the agricultural sector as well as industrial and commercial sectors , “.kzlk pointed out that” the Council Wazzra E – face regardless of thirty Mlyardinar for theprevention of agricultural and veterinary and fertilizers in the Ministry of Agriculture to provide fertilizer to farmers and securing necessary for the protection of crops andagricultural pesticides , as well as to ensure that vaccines are necessary and vaccines to protect livestock and Aldoajn.obescon return of displaced persons to the liberated areas and accelerate the government ‘s efforts to achieve stability, said Sabri that ” the Council Ministers decided to launch the staff of the liberated areas and the salaries of their savings who started in their districts , which was re – opened in those areas , “as well as issuing inter directives to support the stabilization efforts in Mosul , and the provision ofbasic needs For displaced people , “noting that” the prime minister, the secured enough fuel in displaced Mosul camps, as directed to take over the local police in the province ofNineveh , the task of maintaining camp security, as well as the face to proceed with the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads in the liberated areas , in addition to the opening of the judicial and real estate circles in Mosul “He continued that” the Council of Ministers approved the implementation of the 202 project for infrastructure reconstruction and rehabilitation of basic services in water, electricity , municipal services, roads, bridges, education, health and education sectors, and prepared in coordination with the ministries and the relevant authorities in the framework of international support for the program Iraq “.obgah support for low – income residents of the liberated areas , similar to those with entry of low – lying in the rest of the Iraqi provinces, revealed” for approval by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs , regardless the amount of social protection benefits to covered by the provisions of Social Protection Act No. 11 of 2014 of the respondents demographically in the liberated provinces ” . It is in order to enable health institutions to perform their duties in the provision of necessary medical care and medicines and supplies necessary for the care of the wounded armed forces and the popular crowd and civilians and injured diseases of cancer, he said that” the Council of Ministers adopted adecision to The fact that the Ministry of Finance to ensure the necessary funding in theamount of five hundred million dinars per month for hospitals City of Medicine Department and the same amount per month for the Hospital of Basra Specialist for children and treatment of cancer diseases , “noting that at the same same time , ” the approval of theCouncil of Ministers to develop two thousand degrees and careers with financial allocations to the Ministry of Health. “


Parliamentary sources: Washington imposes a security agreement with Iraq



BAGHDAD – The Journal News to
visit US President Donald Trump is the end of this month , the Middle East in his first official visit since the inauguration of the US presidency and includes the announced visit both Saudi Arabia and Israel , thetable, at a time when Iraqi government sources confirm that Baghdad will be the third visit aimed at pressuring stations the government ofPrime Minister Haider al – Abadi to accept American arrangements in the post Daesh.
And see the sources said the US president will seek to put pressure on the Iraqis to accept the survival of its troops in Iraq , the other two grounds that security consolidation and not to allow the return of theorganization Daesh again by restoring the spirit of the security agreement sofa which expires after three years of signing, which is contrary to the fact that according to Iraqi lawmakers.

A coalition of state law, has expressed surprise at the media leaks talk about that Washington has put pressure on the Iraqi government to keep its troops after Daesh. He denied a member of the Legal Committee MP Mahmoud al-Hassan, told the “Journal News” on Sunday, aware of its mass and the rest of the political blocs such leaks. ”

Hassan wondered whether “the strategy of the Convention and Mokhtzaretha” SOFA “, which was held back and 2008 provide for the making of US troops have freedom of movement in Iraq , why those forces came out when was the conclusion of the Convention in 2011″.
He explained that ” the first clause of the agreement is the exit of US forces, it is not possible to build our convictions just discounts between the political blocs and throw charges for those who wish there was anagreement . If it is not possible to hide.”

For his part , he stressed the strategic analyst, confident Hashemi, for “Sunday Journal, that” US President Donald Trump did not specify his visit to Iraq , and if it is deemed to be supportive of Iraq to the fact thatthe United States was an important partner and ally of Iraq. ”
He added that “Trump does not interfere with humanitarian intervention , but is a man looking for money, trade and economy , and there is an American desire to increase Washington ‘s investments through Sharqat and evidence when Abadi went to Washington and asked to meet US President Vtm meeting positively and resulted in the meeting , important decisions. He explained that ” the United States does not intervene directly anywhere in the world because they do not want to pile up the bodies of the dead bodies of American soldiers, so it will be its relationship with Iraq ‘s relationship with real participation Valmstharon Americans who are present at the end of their work will return to their home countries.

He stressed that the strategic agreement with the United States , including commercial investment scientific aspects which have not been addressed to military topics at all, then from here affirm that there are no security agreement between Iraq and the United States after Daesh.
The MP for the province of Diyala proof Mamouri was confirmed for “Journal News” Sunday that “talking about the survival of whether or not US troops to stay in Iraq is premature considering that each country has influence in Iraq , whether through the presence of the army or advisors.”
He added, “the standards that we believe that the presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil is an occupation, and we are altogether rejecting any external violation and do not allow to keep an element of the US military and non – US elements inside Iraq.”

He stressed saying that “Iraq’s sovereignty over everything, it is the duty of the federal government, and despite the pressures they face must be to have a strategy on how it would deal with the rest of the countries, both at the international coalition level or at the level of regional countries or at the domestic level. Some countries have ambitions and intentions and purposes to divide Iraq and make it a rival states. ”

And he disagreed with the opinion of the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Abdul Bari Zebari, who called for the need to keep US troops in Iraq. He added that after ” the end of the war on Daesh, Iraq needs military assistance in the area of logistical support and training and armament to be eligible to keep the areas liberated from terrorist organizations and be anarmy based on intelligence information and modern technology. He noted that the visit of US President Donald Trump has not been announced officially until Alan.waodh that with regard to the strategic agreement will be in coordination between the Iraqi and American sides.
While the Kurdistan Democratic Party saw that the issue of Trump ‘s visit and the survival of US forces in Iraq after Daesh not to the government, but it is up to the Iraqi Council of Representatives legislative authority because they are the legitimate representatives in such decisions thus belong to the Iraqi people todetermine their own destiny in.

The MP said, Tariq friend Rashid, for “Journal News” that it is necessary to keep US troops to maintain order by inspectors and some logistical forces of the coalition, whether the US or the rest of the coalition countries, or from the international community, Iraq is politically and militarily, is not qualified to defend himself we saw when He went Daesh and arrived in the walls of Baghdad, if there were no support by the international community and the aircraft that terrorist groups had stopped Daesh arrived in Baghdad.

He added that the strategic agreement concluded since 2011, when the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, a certified agreement by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, a deal for countries experiencing internal problems after World War II was held strategy between America and Japan Agreement, as well as between the United States and Germany, Vale this moment There are US military bases in Japan, Germany and even Britain However, the presence of US troops is the aim of peacekeeping and not Kaanlal as alleged by some.

He quoted Iraqi and US officials as saying that the talks are still Jarih, without giving details about what might emerge from.
A US official said the talks are still in their early stages ” has not yet been reached as a result of any” .oeugd currently in Iraq , about seven thousand of some US forces in temporary missions and others will train Iraqi forces or air strikes and ground operations coordination.

Prime Minister’s Office For his part, denied that Iraq had agreed with the United States on the survival of US forces in Iraq for the period following the achievement of military victory over Daesh said in a statement that there is no force fighter from any country on Iraqi soil until the search for their survival or not, There are even trained advisors and experts from a number of countries and that the Iraqi government did not agree with any country in connection with its military role in Iraq’s post-decisive victory over terrorism.

The statement added that the victory achieved without hands Iraqi purely and trophies and sacrifices of theIraqis, and that the Iraqi government has plans and strategies for the development of our security forces capabilities through training and armament to raise the readiness to face the challenges ahead and is open to all international experiences and to meet the ambition of Iraq to build a military establishment andsecurity services enjoy full readiness to face any future external security or international challenges and in accordance with the requirements of the Iraqi national sovereignty.
For its part , confirmed the MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Sajida Mohammad, said the talk about US -Iraqi agreements for the establishment of US bases in the country are media leaks have not been announced officially, pointing out that the matter of the right to parliament a request for clarification from the government on this matter.

Mohammed said, ” The talk about the presence of US – Iraqi agreements to set up military bases in Iraq are things that are not declared officially,” indicating that “any agreement of this kind should be presented to parliament for a vote to approve it before proceeding to implement it .”
It said Mohammed, said that ” the establishment of US bases we can not talk about a good mind or not good because they did not we receive full details of the evaluation may be originally just leaks are not real,” noting that “our position is clear , according to this agreement and the quality of the survival of those forces are they military or for training purposes only either without it Valammer still just a modern media. ”

Confirmed Mohammed, he said that “the government said in more than one occasion that the existing foreign forces are for the purposes of training and counseling only, and then the survival of those forces or leave is an Iraqi decision only as needed, and the right of parliament, demanding the government statement details of what is being talk about the survival of those forces or not. ”

Abadi heads a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security



Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi on Sunday chaired a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security.

The Council discussed the conduct of the battle to liberate the right side of Mosul. The meeting also discussed the provision of all the requirements for issuing the unified national ID and passports to citizens.

The Council decided to equip the Ministry of the Interior with the necessary equipment to complete its work to the fullest.

The meeting also discussed the security situation in the country and a number of topics on the agenda, in addition to following up the previous directives and resolutions.