Infallible return to Baghdad from Erbil


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} returned President Fuad Masum, on Thursday, to the capital of Baghdad.
According to a presidential statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, the infallible “arrived on Thursday evening to the capital Baghdad from Erbil, and participated in the funeral of the General Coordinator of the movement of change Nushirwan Mustafa in the city of Sulaymaniyah.”
The leader of the MDC Nushirwan Mustafa, died last Friday, in the province of Sulaymaniyah, after a long struggle with the disease .anthy


of the army calls the old residents of Mosul to leave “immediately”


Army calls the old residents of Mosul to leave "immediately"
2 hours ago

Twilight News / coming, commander of Nineveh campaign on Thursday called on residents of areas that are still under the control of the organization Daesh most notably the old area in the right Alsagl connector to leave the “immediately” for their safety.

Lieutenant-General Rashid Yar in the face of God and responded to a statement Twilight News, calling for residents of areas Zndjeli – First Health – Bab Sinjar – Shifa – Faruq – Ras Alcor – field – the door of a new brick door.

Yar said God, “completed your armed forces with the help of God and the mettle heroes destroy the enemy Aldaasha across the right areas of the coast (west side), and the remaining remnants of trying to tamper with the lives of civilians in your areas as human shields and your use.”

He added that “the Iraqi government and the Commanding General (Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi) are keen and you are responsible for your safety and insisting on the complete liberation for every inch of the land of Iraq.”

Addressing the Yar God’s people, saying, “To achieve these goals and Tjnepkm any losses want the enemy argument for your oppression, and to give way to your armed forces to complete their tasks in editing quickly, I ask all of you to go out and go immediately to the safe passages Snhddha you in the field. You will find waiting for guides and protections and wheels Touselkm to safe places. “

This call signaling to launch an imminent attack on the old area in Mosul, which formed a major obstacle to the progress of the Iraqi forces over the past weeks as a result of the narrow alleys crowded with civilians.

It is likely that the region will be the scene of the last battle in Mosul, which Iraqi forces began an offensive to recover in October / October last.

Throwing hundreds of thousands of leaflets urging the people of Ayman Mosul Center to get out

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Air Force dropped on Thursday, hundreds of thousands of leaflets on the people side of the right center of the city of Mosul.

According to a statement to the media war, the agency received {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, “thrown shortly before the Iraqi Air Force planes, hundreds of thousands of publications on the non – liberated areas in the right side of the center conductor urges citizens to get out through safe corridors toward the security forces.” 

The media war, announced today, ” the enemy Aldaasha destruction across the right areas of the coast”, calling on civilians to “go out and go immediately to the safe corridors Snhddha you field” .anthy

Urgent ..kabar Sunni scholars in Baghdad Saturday declaring the first day of the month of Ramadan


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} the Fiqh Council of senior Sunni scholars said in the mosque of Imam Abu Hanifa not proven vision of the crescent of the month of Ramadan to be on Friday completer for the month of Shaaban and Saturday the first day of the month of Ramadan.
The supreme religious authority , the Office of Ayatollah al – Husseini al – Sistani , Mr. Ali {long live} expect to see the crescent of Ramadan on Friday.


urgent .. Kurdistan announces Saturday the first day of Ramadan


Urgent .. Kurdistan announces Saturday the first day of Ramadan
12 minutes ago

Twilight News / announced that the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in the government of the Kurdistan Region, on Saturday the first day of the month of Ramadan.

The ministry said on Friday complementary to the month of Shaaban, to be on Saturday, 05.27.2017 the first day of the month of Ramadan.