Abadi , looking Kurds problems and positions of the Democratic Party with the parliamentary bloc

 Twilight News    

 one hour ago
Twilight News / hold Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Thursday evening, a meeting with the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, while the information indicated that the two sides discussed the problems of Kurds in Baghdad and the positions of the party and other issues. 

He said a source familiar with in Baghdad that the meeting included a hub of important issues in Kurdistan and the problems of the Kurds in Baghdad with the Iraqi authorities, adding that the filling of vacant positions for Balchord, especially the Democratic Party ‘s share in the focus of another meeting. 

And provided political consensus under which the current government was formed on Abadi to take over the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Ministry of Finance and Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army, but the first is still vacant while the other was administered agency.


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