– American Islamic summit kicks off today in Riyadh


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 With the participation of a senior Iraqi delegation

BAGHDAD / Omar Abdel-Latif

President of the Republic is headed by Fuad Masum, the participant in the American – Islamic summit , which begins its work of the Iraqi delegation, on Sunday, in the Saudi capital ,Riyadh , with the participation of 55 leaders and representatives of Muslim countries in the world.
According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Vice President of theRepublic, Osama Najafi, received the “morning”, that “Iraq will take part in the American -Islamic summit to be held in Riyadh , capital of Saudi Arabia conference, to discuss ways to build a stronger and more effective in order to combat security partnerships and preventing international threats because of the growing terrorism and extremism and to promote the values of tolerance and moderation. ”
The statement said that ” the President of the Republic Fuad Masum , will head the Iraqi delegation , which will include his deputy , Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi, and a number of officials and advisers.”
Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations of the view that the summit will have animpact and resonance at the regional and international levels.
The committee member said Luis Caro in an interview with the “morning”: ” The visit ofUS President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia will have an impact and resonance at theregional and international levels , ” adding “privacy that deliver them this summit decisive and binding for all its decisions, the existence of an international party to attend this summit. ”
He predicted Caro “for major changes to the region and the Islamic Relations with theWest after the statements (Trump) during the duration of his campaign, which quickly changed and began heading towards the real center of Islam in the Middle East and theworld , ” noting that “many files will be discussed , including the fight against terrorism and demand from countries stand by the United States and Western countries to eradicate it , the Turkish and Iranian balance in the Arab region, which must be neutral in it, as well as the participation of the owners of companies and businessmen who came from the West, which will have significant consequences for the region in general. ”
In turn, he went committee member Iqbal Abdul Hussein Almave to the summit anopportunity for Iraq to build a friendly and positive relations with the Arab and Muslim countries in general and the neighborhood in particular on the basis of respect for Iraq ‘sinternal affairs and good – neighborliness, indicating that Iraq is ready to open his arms toany state if it is serious about building relationships friendly with him based on respect for its sovereignty.
I Almave in an interview with the “morning” that “Iraq needs the support of all countries to stand up to his post (Daesh) and get rid of all the ideas Takfiri extremist presented to him from the outside and affected it from the inside by some preachers who used theplatforms to broadcast the band and the expansion of the sectarian divide among thepeople , “noting that” I do not mind correcting some countries prior to its mistakes with Iraq after Olgt with the blood of the Iraqi people and blew up and killed despite the fact that Iraq was keen to establish relations with them and respect their sovereignty and deal with all diplomacy ”
while, member of the Committee expressed Razak al – Haidari, he feared that The fact that one of the conference messages do a new project to divide the Middle East after gangs failed (Daesh) to achieve during the last stage.
He was surprised at al – Haidari , in his “morning”, after “what was said by US officials about the role of Saudi Arabia in fueling sectarianism in the region through its mosques and its support for terrorism and to support certain satellite channels for a sudden shift tohold an Islamic summit in which attended by the US president himself , ” hoping that “does not become a contradiction clearly , the US policy to another project to divide theregion , such as what they wanted through (Daesh). ”
Haidari called for ” the establishment of friendly relations with Iraq ‘s neighbors, especially with Saudi Arabia and the rejection of cramping between the two sides, and to benefit from direct dialogues to listen to each other for some of the other and reveal all the cards with them and, by contrast to be Saudi Arabia ‘s perception about the political situation in Iraq and listen to the Iraqis themselves , not others and build on that positions.


Full liberation of Mosul in next few days: Iraqi president

Iraqi President Fuad Masum has voiced hopes that west Mosul will be freed over the next few days as the country’s special forces announce the end of their mission in the city.
“Iraq has achieved a decisive victory over terrorism, but we hope in the next few days to achieve a complete liberation of Mosul,” Masum made the remarks while addressing the World Economic Forum’s regional gathering held in Jordan on Saturday.
He further called on global investors to help rebuild the city, which was overrun by Daesh in 2014.
On Friday, Masum noted that the scope of destruction in the city was “horrendous.”
He added “Iraq is stronger in its unity” and that it “will be an important country after getting rid” of the Takfiri terrorists.
Meanwhile, Iraq’s special forces have declared that their initial mission in Mosul has been completed after they liberated several regions in the city.
Special forces spokesman Sabah al-Numan said that his troops are ready “to support any other forces if we are ordered to by the prime minister.”
Earlier, the Commander of the Iraqi Federal Police Forces Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat announced that his forces had fully recaptured the 17th July and Eqtesadieen neighborhoods of Mosul, and set up barricades and barriers in the liberated areas.
He added that 66 Daesh terrorists had been killed while 13 explosive-laden cars and nine motorcycle bombs had been destroyed during the operations.


Maps .. Areas under the “Daash” west of Mosul


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Elements of the Iraqi Rapid Response Force in Mosul.

On Saturday, the military information cell identified the areas under the control of Da’ash in the right-hand coast of Mosul.

The cell said in an official statement conveyed by the site, “Alsumaria News” Iraqi, “The remaining areas under the control of Daed in the Ayman Mosul, is healing and Znagli and health and the first Bab Sinjar and Ras Alkor and field and Farouk.”

The cell noted that some of the areas of the brick door and the new door and the door of the egg is also still under the control of the organization classified as a terrorist at the international level.

The Iraqi army determines the areas west of Mosul under the control of “Daash”.

In this context, the Military Information Cell published a map of the rest of the liberation of the right coast of Mosul.

The map shows that the areas under Da’ash control are a very small part, which the Iraqi army expects to release in the near future.

After recovering from the eastern side of the city of Mosul, Iraqi forces began on February 19 storming the western side of the city, which is the main stronghold of the organization, amid reports of heavy casualties among the local population.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has revealed that about 400 thousand Iraqis are still trapped in the west of the city of Mosul.

Source: Alsumaria + Agencies

Rifat Suleiman


urgently .. Iraqi forces announce the complete liberation of Mosul July 17

Urgent .. Iraqi forces announce the complete liberation of Mosul July 17

 Twilight News    

 19 minutes ago
Twilight News / leadership battle Mosul announced the liberation of the biggest revival of Mosul from the grip of Ayman Daesh. 

The commander of operations are coming Aaninoy that the federal rapid response brigade 73 band 15 liberation of the southern part of the neighborhood July 17 police forces.
He added that this is the completion of the entire area of ​​July 17 on the right coast of the city of Mosul, and raise the flag on its premises.


Iraqi special forces announced the restoration of the last neighborhoods in Mosul


Saturday, 20 May 2017 06:50 PM
القوات الخاصة العراقية تعلن استعادة الأحياء الأخيرة فى الموصل من داعشIraqi Forces – Archive

Iraqi special forces announced that they had recovered the last neighborhoods in the city of Mosul from the Dahedsh organization within their area of ​​operations after the attack began to restore the western part of the city, which was officially launched in February .

ABC News quoted the Special Forces spokesman Sabah al-Nu’man as saying the troops had completed their mission on Saturday, but Daqash still controls about eight square kilometers of western Mosul, including the Old City, where some of the The strongest battles .

He added that his forces were ready “to support any other forces if they received orders from the Prime Minister .”

The battle to restore Mosul started last October after months of preparation, and swept the city and nearly one third of Iraqi territory during the summer of 2014 .


Military needs US deployment of long-term troops in Iraq,


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Baghdad News –

The United States will need to deploy a long-term military force in Iraq ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 troops after a sensational defeat, according to a senior military and political expert at the Pentagon during George W. Bush’s second term, Eric Edelman.

“It is likely that US forces will range from 10,000 to 8,000 US troops, which are sufficient to supplement the Iraqi security forces to flush out a whole Iraq,” the expert said in a press statement.

“The number could be as high as 20,000,” he said, adding that “the military will act as advisers and complementary soldiers to eliminate the remnants of Dahesh after the expulsion of the last of their forces from Mosul.”

He said that “Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi will probably avoid parliament through executive procedures and his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki, failed to push the strategic framework agreement through parliament in 2011, causing the calculation of US forces.” For his part, said Professor Hal Brands Professor of International Affairs, John University “There is an inevitable type of permanent US military presence in Iraq,” Hopkins said.

“I hope the 2014 experience has proved the importance of paying a political price to keep US troops in Iraq,” he said.

US diplomats and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi are in the midst of negotiations on a status-of-forces agreement that will detail the long-term US military presence in the country.

The US forces leading the so-called International Alliance are the first accused to assist with the provision of logistical assistance and weapons to them, while striking the Iraqi security forces, which Washington interpreted as a mistake.

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Iraqi president arrives in Riyadh to participate in Arab-American summit

Iraqi president arrives in Riyadh to participate in Arab – American summit …


Mosul operations leaders meet to discuss the latest release plans to revive three


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met security chiefs to Edits city of Mosul to discuss the latest release plans for three neighborhoods in theright side of the connector.
According to the beginning of a security source told all of Iraq [where] that ” the security chiefs of ongoing military operations in the city of Mosul , met this afternoon to discuss military plans to edit neighborhoods [Alzenjal old city and the container],” pointing out that ” the security forces surrounded the old city completely and consider the instructions to storm the existence of A number of civilians inside. ”
He noted that ” the most prominent leaders gathered commander of the coming operations Aaninoy General Abdel It Aarallah leaders anti – terrorism device [Lieutenant – General Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi, Lieutenant General Sami Arda, Lt. Gen. Abdul – Wahab al – Saadi, Maj . Gen. Maan al- Saadi], as well as federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, the ninth division commander Lt. Gen. Qassim al – Maliki, a large number of officers and ranks in the security forces. ”
The security forces had made clear progress in the liberalization of the right side of the city of Mosul , military operations after the terrorist Daesh gangs inflict considerable human and material losses.

Washington and Riyadh sign contracts to arm more than a hundred billion dollars,


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Khandan – held a summit on Saturday in Riyadh between Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and US President Donald Trump in the presence of senior officials of their countries, and during which the announcement of the signing of arms contracts worth $ 110 billion.

Trump began Saturday ‘s visit to Saudi Arabia is the official , his first abroad since taking office in January and received a warm reception in the Kingdom.

The news agency “Agence France – Presse , ” an official at the White House as saying that Saudi arms contracts include US equipment and maintenance services to enhance the capabilities of the Kingdom and the Gulf States.

The official said Trump and his foreign minister , Rex Tillerson “will attend the signing ceremony of (…) for about $ 110 billion of arms sales” to Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out that arms sales include defense equipment and maintenance services “supports Saudi Arabia and theGulf region ‘s security in the long term in the face of Iranian threats.”

On the other hand, the US official said the arms sales also aims to “strengthen the capacity of the Kingdom in contributing to the anti – terrorism operations in the region, which reduces the weight placed on US forces in theimplementation of those operations.”

He believed that the agreement on sales “commitment of the United States shows its partnership with Saudi Arabia and Gulf partners, and to provide additional opportunities for US companies in the region and create tens of thousands ofnew jobs in the US defense industry sector.”

Announced that the company “General Electric” American Saturday the signing of contracts and memorandums ofunderstanding also worth 15 billion dollars with Saudi Arabia on the first day of Trump ‘s visit.

The company based in Boston that the contracts signed in the presence of US President and the Saudi monarch, with the Ministry of Energy and Company “Aramco”, the Saudi oil giant Saudi Arabia and other government agencies.