Crucial for the Liberation of Mosul, days


5/31/2017 1:09

Baghdad / morning
with the approaching hours and moments crucial to declare Mosul completely liberated from an abomination gang “Daesh” terrorist, prove the facts and analysis of field battles waged by our valiant in more than one axis and the front in Nineveh, that “Daesh” gangs defeated dying last breath in the city ‘s neighborhoods old Zndjeli and healing, and the other front is the west of Nineveh Front , which led the popular crowd no less important than the front right of Mosul forces, as it accelerates in the crowd front fighting and liberating the land speed record stunned military experts and showed the extent of thegreat weight of the forces of the crowd liberation of the land and man.  In the details oflast week ‘s operations – even on Monday 29 May – from the battle to liberate Mosul, thejoint forces continue their operations in the right coast of the conductor and spend Kairouan, in accordance with the following themes:
• The first axis, in the old Mosul federal police forces and rapid response based in thedepth of the axes “old Mosul” in four main directions are therefore:
• in the first direction adjacent to the Tigris River toward the areas of Bab Serail and thedoor of bricks, troops maintain their positions in the triangle of operations towards Nouri mosque and minaret humpback (door Saray – door bricks – monsters Khan), with continued Special operations night Of a daily basis.
• The second direction of the attack in Mosul , stretching from the old areas (Bab Lagash and the door of a new mosque Khuzam down westward to the white door and Khazraj).
• The third and fourth trends maintain two rapid response to their positions in the areas offorces (Bab Sinjar and viewing), and continued progress towards (engraved bathroom and gentlemen Khedira west lighthouse humpback).
Public confrontation line in the old Mosul is still stretched from ( the Bab El Saray Street Nineveh eastward through Balsrjkhanh and the door of the brick and the door of Lagash and Alrabaah, leading to Mansuriyah and Mayassa door eggs, Khazraj and ruin west ofMosul , and viewing old), and maintain forces on the control line , which includes ( the old bridge and the areas of market Wednesday door brick Aleppo street, hotels, building and maintaining a garage and head of Baghdad Avenue).
Forces also maintain the line of control in other old neighborhoods south of Mosul , and of neighborhoods (Aldndan and Pedal Nabi Sheet and Aekadat and Jawasaq, aviation, Ghazlani and Alogwat).
• In the second axis, the “axis of Special Operations forces,” anti – terrorist forces operations in the neighborhood have continued ( the first health) , which is now about 70 percent of its regions liberated, and continued as well as federal police operations andrapid response in the south – western parties for (Zndjeli) neighborhood, and maintain its control line , which includes the neighborhoods of (teachers, safe and new Mosul, themessage and the apartments of Nablus, oil and Wadi Hajar and Tel Al – Rayyan, steadfastness, Nablus , and the station and Tel pomegranate, Mansour first and second martyrs first, second and higher lands and the stoning of iron and market pension, teachers and old industry, Arabism, Morocco and the Yarmouk factor First, second and Yarmouk gardens, mills, railway, wells, victory and the second revolution, health and Tanak), and on the line of contact with the neighborhoods Zndjeli first health.
• In the third axis, “north of the right coast,” attack the president of the joint forces composed of units of the fifteenth and Brigade 73 band next to the units of the rapid reaction of the Federal Police and the support of the tank band continues to ninth on thenorth of the right areas of the coast from the area (Ahalilh) on four directions Head is:
• in the first offensive direction, forces maintain control of areas that include the entire (inspired by Hawi Mushayrifa Church).
• In the second offensive direction, Federal police forces maintain rapid response to control areas that include (shy 17 and 30 July).
• Two – way Alahjumien III and IV, backed by tanks band ninth armored federal police forces began operations to break into the northern areas of neighborhoods (healing and Zndjeli), in healing the neighborhood forces achieved a rate of control of 45 percent and freed the entire medical city , which includes all medical facilities in the neighborhood ,such as : Ibn Sina Hospital and the Republican Hospital and Hospital Virgin, in addition to the Nineveh Hotel and plant water gas, and reached the third bridge, leaving one bridge just outside the control of troops, the fifth bridge between the (healing neighborhood and the old Mosul), and in the Zndjeli neighborhood forces have made significant progressBetween 25 and 35 percent of the living space.
Forces maintain control line which includes: (full Hermat neighborhoods spring, economists, Alorchan and Al – Najjar and Al – Rifai Oraibi and agrarian reform, industry, North and South plants Cemetery Valley Ekab area).
• Western Front operations, the popular crowd forces launched with the support of theIraqi Army Air during the last week the second phase of its operations in this front, the western regions aimed to spend Kairouan towards Baaj spend hand Qahtanite areas to reach the border with Syria, and began moves on two north and south of the direction hand Qahtanite.
• In the northern axis, it has control of the villages: (Alhatmah and Alqabusseh and Rmbos east and west Rmbos next to the camp of Sinjar and complex Dumez).
• In the southern axis, seized control of the villages: (Tel invaded and pesky north and pesky south and named Fathi Almalhat and Quzhou Orafee Dome Wahaibi, then I managed to free the village Adnaniyah then hand Qahtanite center and residential complex reality west), to be thus control the entire Qahtanite areas and become forces in this axis after only 25 km from the border with Syria line, and left the rest of the liberation Baaj district areas away from the epicenter Qahtanite about 18 km south to complete control of the western region of the connector.

Cabinet decides to accelerate the procedures of the national card


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مجلس الوزراء يقرر التسريع بإجراءات البطاقة الوطنية
Cabinet decides to accelerate the procedures of the national card

Roudao – Erbil

The Iraqi Council of Ministers announced on Tuesday the decisions of its meeting held today, headed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, indicating that he hastened to accelerate the procedures of the national card in Baghdad and the provinces.

The council said in a statement read by the Rawdaw Media Network that it held its regular session on Tuesday 30 May 2017 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Al-Abbadi. The Council discussed the issue of investment in the integrated residential project in Maysan Governorate. The Council instructed that the National Investment Commission complete the required details in the light of what At the cabinet meeting. “

He added that he “voted to raise the sponsor’s condition of granting the loans for the Basmaya project exclusively, and mortgage the housing unit of the banks (Rafidain, Rasheed and Commercial Bank). The Cabinet also voted to conclude a joint contract between the Iraqi Oil Tanker Company and the Arab Maritime Transport Company, Iraq part of its capital. “

The Council directed, according to the statement, to “speed up the procedures of the national card in Baghdad and the provinces, and directed the Ministry of Finance to transfer 25 billion dinars from the budget of the Ministry of Transport to the account of the South Korean company Duo implementation of the draft west breakwater to the port of Faw, and the formation of a committee to negotiate with a company that offered to transmit a project Investment “.

He also directed the Council to “form a committee to review the draft urban planning law, and also expedited the procedures of security audit of staff in the liberated areas of Nineveh province.”

Nineveh security: only 2% of Ayman al-Mosul under the control of “Daesh”



Monday 29 May 2017 | 11:08
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Baghdad / … the security committee in the Nineveh confirmed Monday that the remaining of Ayman al-Mosul under the control of “Daesh” space is only 2%, and while suggesting the possibility of the full liberalization of Mosul announced during the next few hours, she stressed that the organization’s defenses “Daesh” terrorist I saw large collapses as a result of tight siege by security forces.

The committee member said Mohamed Ibrahim’s “Eye of Iraq News,” that “the remaining of Ayman al-Mosul area under the control of” Daesh “is only 2%,” he said, adding that “there is a possibility to announce the release of Mosul fully in the coming hours have remaining pockets only to be processed Just”.

Mohammed explained that “the defenses of the organization” Daesh “terrorist has seen significant collapses as a result of tight siege by security forces,” pointing out that “security forces are progressing according to plans set for them and approaching every moment of the final decisive victory.”

The commander of operations are coming, O Nineveh, Lieutenant-General Abdul Amir Rashid Yar Allah announced last Saturday, the launch of the liberation of the remaining occupied neighborhoods of Mosul operations Ayman.

Said Yar God in a statement received by “Eye of Iraq News”, that “hordes of joint forces launched today to liberate the rest of the neighborhood is liberated in the right coast, where he broke into the healing neighborhood army forces and the Republican hospital and stormed the federal police forces Zndjeli neighborhood and broke into the anti-terrorism forces health district first “. Finished 2


Abadi: We will provide the border to isolate Daesh in Iraq from Syria


Abadi: We will provide the border to isolate Daesh in Iraq from Syria
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Twilight News Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi / stressed on Tuesday that his government is serious to prosecute terrorists, referring to a plan to secure Iraq’s borders and isolate the militants Daesh in Iraq for their colleagues in Syria.

Abadi interview came at a news conference following the weekly meeting of the government.

Ebadi said, “We will not keep one of the terrorists. We are serious to proceed against them”, after the completion of continuing in Mosul for more than seven months, the military campaign.

Abadi added that the plan was developed Beshravh personally and in coordination with the popular crowd to secure Iraq’s border with Syria.

The Prime Minister of Iraq to the plan by saying, “We will start the process of the Iraqi-Syrian border control to isolate Daesh in Syria Daesh Iraq.”

The military engineering the popular crowd had started earlier on Tuesday to dig trenches and build a berm between the Iraqi-Syrian border, which relate to yesterday after fighting for several days against Daesh.

The crowd arrived yesterday for the first time to the Syrian-Iraqi border in the Baaj district west of Mosul. The crowd leaders said their forces would press forward down to eliminate the existing Anbar province.

The crowd and fighting in the west of Mosul towards the Syrian border since the start of the military campaign to restore Mosul Daesh more than seven months.

Iraqi forces approaching the entire city of Mosul, al-Daesh, which ebbed presence in the central square of the city right coast restored.



Brett Macgork: tenderness process will begin soon


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Khandan – said Brett Macgork US president ‘s envoy in the international coalition against the organization “Daesh” terrorist on Tuesday, said that the recovery process of tenderness “Daesh”, will be launched soon.

The new Macgork in a speech at a conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Italian capital , Rome, their intention to work with Syria ‘s democratic forces, which form the Kurdish units of its backbone.

He said Macgork in this regard, “We are working here with Syria democratic forces, and we are just two kilometers from tenderness”, as quoted by the agency “Anatolia”.

He added Macgork, that ” the process will start soon, I can not declare anything about the date of its launch but very intimate with .”



General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers: We are working with the World Bank in addressing the challenges facing Iraq


The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords that the Iraqi government and its agencies are working close with the World Bank in addressing the economic challenges facing Iraq now and in the foreseeable future.  
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in a press release, “Economy News” received a copy of it, “the secretary general of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords received Saroj Composting Gah on the occasion of his accession to office as Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa in the first visit to Iraq in the presence of Robert Abu presence of the World Bank Director in Iraq”.
The statement quoted Keywords as saying that “Iraq has been working with the World Bank to face several challenges, including finding ways to create jobs through projects, especially in the private sector and work to create strategies for Iraq and reports being a country of actors, members of the United Nations.”
He added that “Iraq submit reports within the international standards, and there is the preparation of concrete outputs in support of women and empowerment programs important to help those programs to raise the standard of living.” 
For his part, expressed his readiness Saroj and his team for the transfer of expertise in providing software solutions for the development of the private sector and the allocation of funds for the advancement of the various sectors of agricultural and educational ones.

Nechirvan Barzani starts visit to Russia


Will meet with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other Russian officials

Nechirvan Barzani starts visit to Russia

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nezhirvan Barzani, is expected to arrive in Russia on Wednesday to participate in the World Economic Forum scheduled for June 1 and will continue until the third in the Russian city of St Petersburg.

Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Moscow Khoswei Mulla Ibrahim, told Basnews on Tuesday that the visit of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other officials of the Russian government on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg World Economic Forum.

He pointed out that the delegation includes the Minister of Natural Resources in the provincial government Ashti Hawrami, Minister of Planning Ali Sindi, the spokesman for the provincial government Sven Dzahi, and the adviser Prime Minister Zirk Kamal Serafgan Nigirvan Barzani during the visit.

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, revealed last Thursday, a meeting expected between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Prime Minister of Kurdistan Nezhirvan Barzani early next month.

Maria Zakharova , said at a news conference that Lavrov and Barzani will meet on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

On the sidelines of the forum, Nechirvan Barzani will meet with a number of officials and leaders of the countries, expected to be the files of the economy and investment opportunities promising in the Kurdistan Region, and the war on the situation and the situation in Iraq and political and security as well as the referendum on independence scheduled to be held in the Kurdistan region before the end of this year of the most prominent The files to be discussed by Barzani in his meetings

Maliki warns of US-British directives to restore the scenario of the formation of a provisional government .. And emphasizes the survival of political power (details)


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Baghdad News –

The former Prime Minister and Vice President Nuri al-Maliki warned of US-British directives to re-establish the scenario of the formation of an interim government that ends with the United Nations mandate for a new prime minister on the American way. In the field of anti-terrorism, ‘well’ but described his performance in the economic field as ‘confusing’.
Maliki said in an interview with the newspaper ‘news’ Lebanese,’ I believe that this government will not extend to her, the president calculated on the Islamic trend. But it will cost an American-style worker, that is, acting in accordance with the directives of Washington and its agenda, and in coordination with British circles. Thus returning the scenario of the interim government, formed by Lakhdar Brahimi commissioned by the United Nations, headed by Iyad Allawi ‘.
“I have no desire to return to any executive authority, but I will remain in political power. “I want to be a partner in drawing up a solid and new political system that will save the current political process, either by being a partner through the election portal or the gate of alliances.” His project is to achieve the principle of a political majority. If that happens, he will be in power, and a partner too.
He added that ‘the next strike will target the Islamic trend, including the popular crowd, but the first blow will be directed to the Dawa Party and the crowd, and the rest of the Islamists will come later. The call and the crowd are the two most important target entities, a slogan raised at the Ankara conference, where they called for the overthrow of al-Maliki, the crowd, and Iran. As for why the crowd? Because it is calculated on me, and I founded, and I defend and adopt it, and I believe the need for existence, and maintain the entity, and we were able to stop the biggest attack almost to overthrow the whole of Iraq, and reach Iran.
“It must be understood that my targeting in Iraq means targeting the crowd, targeting the crowd and targeting me, and therefore we and the crowd must be united in defense, and meet the challenge and soft plots that are woven against us,” he said, adding that “the crowd must be part of the state, All our sympathy for the crowd, our interest in it, and its history, we do not want to remain a weapon outside the state. There was no idea to legislate a law to mobilize, but we pressed and brought things to the legislation of a law that protects its existence and keeps it as an institution. If the group remains as an institution, it will remain on the line and commit, because it will not be integrated, and if the crowd is merged with the army and police, that is the end. “
He added, “We pressed, so that no prime minister, or any other, whether current or next, can eliminate the crowd. The crowd was founded by my order, and the Diwani order was canceled by my order, as if the prime minister were sitting in the morning issuing an order to cancel the crowd. So we hastened to turn it into a law, because the law withdraws the power of the prime minister to cancel the crowd, except through Parliament, which can enact a new law repeals the previous law, and we are in parliament and will not allow the export or issuance of such a law.
“In terms of combating terrorism, government performance is good, despite the irregularities that have occurred and the introduction of international forces without a parliamentary resolution,” he said. Its progress is good, but that is not enough, the state (does not mean exclusively) the fight against terrorism, and the fighting is daunting. “The prestige of the state is now a problem, and what concerns us is the excesses and the bad security situation, and the rebellion against the state,” he said, adding that, in terms of the economic situation, Abadi’s performance is very confused, amounting to cutting salaries for state employees, For patients. I do not understand why the government withdrew from the reserves of the central bank 40 billion. The Treasury has been given a reserve of $ 83 billion, and now it is $ 40 billion. They say there are accumulated debts, where do all these funds go? They say that the war is over and they are buying arms and equipment, but in fact I bought all the weapons. They did not buy arms, except for the gear and the spare parts. I bought the weapon from Iran during a preemptive attack, and before it I bought planes from America, Korea, and tanks from Russia. ‘
“In addition to the fall of the prestige of the state, and the economic situation, the political reality is not cured immediately. Is it conceivable that a government can not appoint three ministers, a coherent, strong and democratic team of government. Weakness of the state, the dawn of the phenomenon of corruption, which reached the state of penetration in all parts of the state, from the policeman to the minister. I am afraid today that these repercussions develop, and a major crisis occurs, and perhaps one of its objectives to disrupt the upcoming elections.
On the Riyadh summit, al-Maliki said: “You have to read from the door, who is the beneficiary, and who is the loser? The beneficiary is Israel. Netanyahu, if not present in person, is present in his mind and thought, and Trump proved his visit to Israel. Trump wanted to tell them that I give you what I want, and I go to Israel, and give her what I want. ‘
He pointed out that ‘the second winner is America, which has received investments, money, and contracts. America, as Trump used to say, had a strong presence and was able to create something like an Arab-Islamic alliance. “
However, the relative media gain in this festival is Saudi Arabia, which has become a leader or president of the Arab-Islamic alliance. This is her ambition, which has brought the entire region to what it is. They gave the Saudis a game as the child is given, a game to play with. ‘
“The Saudis expressed what they were thinking in a way that was agile, clear, violent and antagonistic. They have made Iran and its allies a target. In their view, they are mobilizing their forces to strike Iran, and the transfer of the battle, as Mohammed bin Salman said to the Iranian interior. Iran is not weak in this way. Saudi Arabia is not strong in this way. Neither the countries that stood at this conference will go under Saudi Arabia’s wings to fight Iran, nor America itself will go with Saudi Arabia in fighting Iran. “

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Iraq is preparing for the national launch of the Internet in 2017


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Ministry of Communications announced that “this year will see the launch of the national work project of theInternet in Iraq.”
Said ministry spokesman Hazem Mohammed Ali in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “after less than a year from the start of the implementation date and during the period of record of the Ministry of Communications has succeeded with the contracting companies with the completion of 93% of theproject to extend the processing of optical cable in all over Iraq , which will be reflected online prices available to citizens in Iraq. ”
” It was set up oversight committees of the ministry reflections reduction on the reality of the citizen sequence effectively , ” noting that ” the network will be secured and protected and owned by the Ministry ofCommunications, and supervised by the ministry in coordination with senior security authorities in Iraq, it will be optical cable international force for the protection of data and information within the gates and emerging and filtered to ensure the security of Iraq. ”
He noted that ” the project promising investment, the state will achieve substantial financial resources from ever wanted, and although the ministry did not bear the costs of the project , but the executing companies tobear all costs for this project.”
He explained that ” the ministry reserves the right to supervise the entire joints of the national project of theInternet in Iraq, where the management will see the launch of Iraq as soon as the service network in theworld, and at a cost less than the current cost of a large proportion.”