Vietnam Banking system’s liquidity positive after months


 May, 17/2017 – 16:22

The central bank withdrew a total of VNĐ18.46 trillion (US$811.4 million) through open market operations (OMO) last week

HÀ NỘI — Liquidity in the inter-bank market has showed positive signs after several months of being under pressure.

The latest report from Saigon Securities Incorporate (SSI) showed that the central bank withdrew a total of VNĐ18.46 trillion (US$811.4 million) through open market operations (OMO) last week, reducing the money being circulated in OMO to VNĐ6.54 trillion, the lowest level in the past two months.

This is the first time since Tết (Lunar New Year) that the banking system has shown abundant liquidity. The central bank had to inject a significant amount of money through OMO to support liquidity of the banking system in the past months.

In the past week, owing to good liquidity, interest rates in the inter-bank market slid down constantly, hitting a two-month low of 4.16 per cent on May 11, down 27 basis points against the previous week.



Revealed: Trump expected to waive Iran sanctions Wednesday


May 17 2017 07:34 PM
Revealed: Trump expected to waive Iran sanctions Wednesday
Revealed: Trump expected to waive Iran sanctions Wednesday

The Donald Trump administration is expected to waive relevant sanctions on Iran on Wednesday, as called for under the landmark nuclear deal, a US official told Al-Monitor.

Notification of the waivers is expected to be made in statements from the State and Treasury Departments. The administration is still conducting a broader National Security Council-led interagency review of its policy to Iran, however, including determining whether the deal negotiated under President Barack Obama is in the national interest.

US officials said that until the review is completed, the administration will continue to adhere to the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“We are continuing to review the JCPOA,” a State Department official speaking not for attribution said. “While that review in underway, we continue to implement our commitments.”

“The Trump administration has made clear that at least until this review is completed, we will adhere to the JCPOA and will ensure that Iran is held strictly accountable to its requirements,” the State Department official said. “Once we have finalized our conclusions, we will meet the challenges Iran poses with clarity and conviction.”

US officials have declined to offer a timeline for when the reviews will be completed.

Hammoudi: End of «Daesh» is close


5/18/2017 0:00

During his speech in Russia and the Islamic World Conference
Baghdad / morning

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Sheikh Hamoudi, on Wednesday, that the end of the terrorist organization Daesh in Iraq is close, while pointed out that the country’s problem

Internal Islamic.
He said Hammoudi, in a speech during Russia and the Islamic world conference, in theChechen capital of Grozny, according to a statement by the Information Office of theParliament, received «morning», that «enemies are seeking to create the failed countries in the region models», stressing that « the end of the organization Daesh criminal in Iraq is close will not return a copy of the other. »
The MP added that « the Islamic country ‘s internal problem and the solution in their hands if they want», pointing out that « the Iraqi people ‘s decision after the elimination of terrorist groups Daesh, is moving towards development, stability and prosperity».

US forces will participate in the process of storming the old neighborhoods of Mosul


Washington expects the organization of the “state” to take another form after its elimination

May 18, 2017

Mosul, «Al-Quds Al-Arabi» from Omar al-Jubouri: More US troops arrived in the vicinity of the Iraqi city of Mosul, and stationed at its airport, and the camp Ghazlani, during the past two days, to participate in the storming of the old neighborhoods of Mosul and Iraqi forces after the siege of the city from all directions, An Iraqi military source told Al Quds Al Arabi.
The source, who declined to be named, said that «the old neighborhoods have exhausted a lot of lives in the civilian population after the elements of the organization barricaded them».
“Despite the ferocity of the fighting, our forces have not been able to break into the city yet, and most of its houses are in a state of fall, and the Iraqi forces do not have the right weapons to fight such battles.”
He continued: «The role of US forces in this process for possession of weapons and expertise sufficient to enable them to storm the city in the coming days».
He pointed out that “the Iraqi forces will also participate in the US forces, and the latter has been engaged in combat in some battles in addition to its role in the advisory battle, especially in neighborhoods where the organization showed strong resistance.
He pointed out that «incursions will take place in the coming days to end the presence of military organization in the city and to go to areas of the west of the city, which is still dominated by a large».
The US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Seelman, predicted that the organization of the “Islamic state” would take another form in Iraq after its elimination in the country for an “unconventional” battle.


Map: Ayman Mosul is free


Map: Ayman Mosul is free

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
On Wednesday, the Military Information Cell published a map of the results of military operations on the right side of the city of Mosul today. The map shows great progress for the security forces and shows the areas liberated by the forces and areas that are still under the control of gangs, as well as areas that are fighting for liberation from the organization. The terrorist.
The military information cell announced earlier on Wednesday the liberation of the entire Rifai district in the coast of Ayman Mosul, while the commander of the rapid reaction forces, Major General Thamer al-Husseini, “Al-Ghad Press,” the killing of more than 30 elements of the supporter of the terrorist during The process of breaking into the lives of economists and July 17 in Mosul.
In Ninewa, security forces have freed more than 90 percent of Mosul, while observers expect troops to be able to liberate the rest of the city before Ramadan.

The latest developments in the battle of Mosul

Baghdad – Journal News

The Al-Harbi Media Channel published a map of the rest of the city of Mosul with the grip of a sympathetic organization, specifically on the right-hand side of the city of Mosul.

The map showed that Iraqi forces controlled most areas of the city controlled by the militant group in mid-2014.

Army Commander: Iraqi Forces to Drive ISIL out of Western Mosul by Friday

Army official in Nineveh province said he expects full liberation of the Western side of Mosul by Friday.
“Iraqi troops managed to retake most regions and districts in Western Mosul from the ISIL terrorists,” an Iraqi army commander told Sputnik, expecting the whole region to be freed by Friday.
In a statement earlier on Tuesday, Federal Police Chief Lt. Gen. Shaker Jawdat announced that his troops were in control of 80 percent of Iqtisidayeen and 17 Tamuz (July 17th) districts, in addition to eight other pivotal targets that were previously retaken.
“The troops shelled ISIL’s defense lines as well as their headquarters North of the Old City and killed dozens of the militants. Fifteen sq/ km were freed, 168 booby-trapped vehicles were destroyed, 200 landmines were removed while 24 bombs were defused,” he added.
“Six families detained by ISIL in 17 Tamuz were freed. They were kept for several days inside one of the houses with the doors locked and the house booby-trapped to prevent them escape,” he added.
“The total number of families evacuated from battlefields have reached 850 so far since the start of the last phase of military operations in Western Mosul on May 6,” Jawdat said.
In a press conference, the Joint Operations Command declared on Tuesday controlling 89.5 percent of Western Mosul and killing 16,467 members of the ISIL since beginning of operations in Western Mosul.
Iraqi commanders had predicted recapturing the remaining parts of the city this month.