Fire and suicide bombers. The last thing to stay in Mosul



On the front line in northwestern Mosul, black smoke from the sky is covered by neighborhoods still under the control of a hasty organization and output, a federal police officer says of fires being waged by jihadists in car tires and oil drums.

In the last stronghold in Mosul, members of the organization are using fire, booby-trapped cars, suicide bombers, mines and mortars to limit the advance of Iraqi forces that have managed to control the eastern part of Mosul for the last few months.

“When the weather is clear, Iraqi aircraft and coalition aircraft can clearly see the movements and concentrations of terrorists and target them accurately,” the officer said, declining to be identified as he tried to urge him to burn tires and barrels of oil whose black smoke limits the ability of these planes to see “He said.

The fighting on this front at the edge of the five pyramidal district shares the federal police forces and rapid response in the face of a hasty organization.

The causes of black smoke are not limited to the burning of tires and fuel. Attacks carried out by suicide bombers with explosives and car bombs also leave black smoke behind.

At a rallying point at the bottom of a hill, AFP reporters saw a red flame suddenly emitted from behind the hill, followed by a huge explosion. “It was a car bomb that the suicide bomber was trying to reach at a rally point for the rapid reaction forces, but a helicopter of the Iraqi forces was intercepting it and hitting it with a missile before reaching its goal by about one kilometer,” said Brigadier General Aref al-Dulaimi, “He said.

“Our driver entered the courtyard of a house where women and children were hiding. They were protected by human shields,” Dulaimi told AFP. “We could not bomb them because it would have killed innocent people. But we kept them under surveillance.”

“Every day five to six attacks are carried out by suicide bombers driving car bombs,” he said.

Some Humvee mechanisms are assembled at the bottom of the hill. “As in the past, they use families and civilians as human shields to stop the advance of our troops towards them,” said officer Diab.

Iraqi forces, supported by the Washington-led international coalition on Oct. 17, began a massive operation to restore Mosul from the Dahesh organization, which seized control in mid-June 2014.

The popular crowd getting ready to break into the hideout «Baghdadi»


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 Baghdad / Mosul / morning preparing our forces to liberate new neighborhoods in the center of the southern ancient city of Mosul, after it cracked down on terrorists, at a time when heroes of the popular crowd countdown began to storm the hideout leader of the”Daesh” terrorist Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi. Federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said that ” the pieces of his leadership in the northern axis of the coast right completed on Monday, freeing the entire Hermat apartments and moved into the second Hermat area to reach close to shy July and economists distance in preparation for Aguethamanma.” In turn, revealed the leader of the popular crowd Muhammad Basri, from the point of coming popular crowd in Mosul forces during operations (coming, Nineveh), adding that “these forces in the preparations for the next phase of the process of the completed clearing urban that planning continued his long , despite the completion of editing spend during the two days , “he said, adding that the pieces of the crowd now engaged in clearing the surrounding villages , urban zones Mushayrifa WAM coast and Toben operations. He added that the point of the next popular crowd will be located between the Afar and Baaj Kairouan area which is of great military importance, as leaders of the”Daesh” exists, and that intelligence reports indicate the presence of the so – called (leader Daesh Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi) where, warning that Tal Afar is a military editor at field accounts after completely besieged.

Abadi announced the start of the process of liberation of Western Sahara


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 The security trench between the holy city of Karbala and Anbar , the completion of
Karbala / Ali Lafta  Prime Minister declared commander of the armed forces , Haider Abadi , starting especially for the Liberation of Western Sahara and the process ofsecuring the border with Syria. At the time of the briefed on security measures to protect pilgrims heading to the holy city of Karbala on the occasion of the popular visit, said thesecurity trench that separates the provinces of Karbala and Anbar is complete. He visited Abadi on Monday of Karbala, as he met with the local government and the leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates to discuss security measures to protect pilgrims heading to the city on the occasion of the popular visit, also met with Kelly religious authority , Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai and Mr. Ahmed Safi, led a ceremony to visit Imams Hussein and Abbas (peace be upon them ), the prime minister said at a news conference in the city yesterday: “We are following the issue of the young Hussein Mazen briefed the committee formed by the Ministry of Interior to investigate on this issue.” On military operations, Abadi said that “military operations launched on Tuesday the first Sunday in western Anbar province on the Syrian border , ” pointing out that “borders on the one hand of Syria under the control of Aldoaash, and we seek to secure them to prevent exposures that attack Iraqi security cuts.” He commanding general that ” thesecurity forces are a lot of business , even though it locked in honor battles against afierce enemy in Nineveh and western Anbar , a Aldaasha enemy who lives its final stages , ” noting that “terrorists are engaged in a cemetery against citizens and soldiers returning from their holidays.” Abadi pointed out that ” the enemy is trying to breach happens, but our troops chased in Western Sahara now”, declaring ” the construction of the security trench that separates the provinces of Karbala and Anbar is complete.”


Our troops are preparing to break into neighborhoods south of the Old City

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Baghdad / Mosul / morning

Tikrit / Samir Adel

Our troops are preparing to break into new neighborhoods in the center of the southern ancient city of Mosul, after it cracked down on terrorists, at a time when the heroes of the popular crowd is preparing to hit the hideouts of the terrorist gang. The momentum of progress high  federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said that under his command in the northern axis of the coast of the right pieces completed on Monday, freeing Hermat apartments completely pushed into the second Hermat area to reach within walking distance of neighborhoods in July and economists in preparation for Aguethamanma, was killed during the operation 16 terrorists It destroyed four roofs and Amadaftin of Doaash and three barracks monitoring detachment and heavy machine guns. He added that federal police cuts in the axis south of the ancient city foiled vulnerable to gangs «Daesh» suicide drive and then chased elements retreating towards the area surrounding the Mosque of Al – Nouri large and killed 10 terrorists of them and destroyed two vehicles and three bikes bombs and seized a variety of weapons.  He Jawdat said the federal police evacuated hundreds of people displaced from areas of engagement in the north – west axis and took them to safe areas , in addition to providing humanitarian assistance to them. Hawks air and intelligence and on the active role of the Air Force of Iraq in the destruction of nests Aldoaash within theliberation of Nineveh province operations, the Ministry of Defense confirmed that in theframework of air support ground cuts liberated the efforts of model aircraft Alszna Caravan of the Air Force carried out a number of sorties that left in the ranks Daesh heavy losses lives and equipment, based on accurate intelligence places diagnosed enemy Aldaasha and rallies after shrinking influence and lost a lot of areas that were under his control in the province.    As a result of the effort of intelligence, according to an Interior Ministry statement, find detachments of the Department of Security Nineveh Affairs on the plant for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and explosive materials (TNT), in addition to cutting iron and valve packing in the Faisaliah coast left theeditor, indicating that the plant is a group of machines manufacturing and extraction ofvalves and bases of improvised explosive devices , a huge double machines using more than one case. The destruction of their hideouts Sahara  and this coincided with theannouncement of the commander of the Anbar Operations Maj . Gen. Mahmoud Agricole, said the joint force of the army , represented the eighth and tenth brigade commandos Anbar operations and the crowd of tribal and regiment tactical police maintain Balfrqtin ran out inspections in North Eastern Desert to spend wet (310 km west of Ramadi). He said the agricultural operation was backed by the Army Aviation and theinternational coalition, noting that it resulted in the destruction of four headquarters and additives comprising 30 tents and three heaps materiel, weapons and the seizure of four wheels and light weapons and burning fuel tanks and the arrest of 12 people suspected, recalling that the remnants of Daesh gangs hiding in the desert surrounding wetlands and implemented in the period and other exposures , but the army and border guards stationed troops there often frustrate those exposures. Thwarted an infiltration attempt  as correspondent «morning» in Salahuddin, for ordered Sixth Brigade to mobilize popular Abomamed Anzi, confirmed that the Champions Brigade foiled an infiltration attempt bygangs «Daesh» of the island area north of Salahuddin province , towards the highway link between the Chinese hand modern and spend where they managed to kill 25 terrorists and the seizure of four four – wheel payment mechanism excavator type was used by theterrorist organization to open dirt mounds, pointing out that the airline Iraqi army participated to derail infiltration where he presented attribution fighters who are on theblock lines and was able to deal with the movements of those gangs deeply places to Her grandfather ‘s area of the island , stressing that the popular crowd forces are working incoordination with the various kinds of armed forces in order to grab the land and defeat the terrorist gangs. About cache (Baghdadi) in the meantime, revealed the leader of the popular crowd Muhammad Basri, from the point of coming popular crowd in Mosul forces during operations (coming, Nineveh), adding that these forces in the preparations for thenext phase of the process of the completed clearing urban , which continued to spend planning has long , despite the completion of liberation within two days, adding that thepieces of the crowd now engaged in clearing the surrounding villages , urban zones Mushayrifa WAM coast and Toben operations. He added that the point of the next popular crowd will be located between the Afar and Baaj Kairouan area which is of great military importance, as leaders of the «Daesh exist», and that intelligence reports indicate the presence of the so – called (leader Daesh Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi) where, warning that Tal Afar is a military editor at field accounts after completely besieged. He added that the crowd has full readiness to fight any future battle despite the pressure of displaced families on the fighters being put at the forefront of their priorities salvageable and keep itaway from the danger of terrorists.  A tribute to the popular crowd into it, praised the MP for the province of Nineveh , Abdul Rahman Alloizi, the efforts of the popular crowd humanity in support of the general people of the province, valuing the extraordinary role of the Directorate of logistical support in it. He said Alloizi: The body of which the popular crowd and logistical support Directorate worked for the past few days to deduct amounts allocated from the battle to supply the people of Nineveh , where fuel, noting that it is agreat altruistic in another battle is the humanitarian battle. He added that the sons of thepopular crowd were the level of the challenge they give everything for the displaced and the people of the city of Mosul. Recalling that Gyari the crowd were keen to provide humanitarian and moral assistance to the people of the liberated areas in Nineveh, where thousands of families evacuated from combat zones and moved them to safe places.

“Journal News” reveal the terms of the chest to return to the National Alliance


– Journal News
reached the peak of political moves to meet the current leader Moqtada al – Sadr , head of the National Alliance point on what Ammar al-Hakim water return to normalcy. And perhaps the beginning of the return ofpower to the Shiite House and the strained relationship between thetwo leaders after the demonstrations led by Sadr early last year demanded the selection of cabin cabinet away from Alberlmanah, blocks and was the main sticking point when al- Sadr presented a paper package conditions to return to the coalition Aloutna, include but were not accepted by the parties Shiite.

After a break of more than Aam, continued head of the National Alliance , at the headquarters of the first establishment in Najaf a few days ago received al- Sadr and discussed during the meeting , post Daash, and activate the parliament and the fate of the elections that have been questioning the Liberal block the Sadrist Commission
drew a source considered that ” the meeting which brought together thechest with the head of the National Alliance , Ammar al – Hakim hasfocused on the division of the province of Nineveh after the project Daesh , “asserting that” al- Sadr threatened to take to the streets and organize large demonstrations in the event of passing the partition resolution. ” To the detection of the Sadrist Ayda, source “refused tocall the current leader al – Hakim to resume negotiations in order toreturn to the National Alliance , ” asserting that ” al- Sadr ‘s response to this call conditional on the application of the Shiite alliance fourteen conditions and the announcement at a news conference.” The source noted that ” the Shiite forces expressed reservations on some of theconditions of al- Sadr to change the electoral law and to change theelectoral commission and determine the reference Sistani as a religious authority for the National Alliance,” noting that ” the last condition is met categorically from some of theblocks.” The meeting ended with al – Hakim al- Sadr without a press conference held last used with senior Zairah,, boosting the failure of the parties to solid understandings to normalize the relationship with theShiite parties. On meeting Sadr , head of the Sadrist leadership Alberlman, said that ” the meeting focused on the status of Mosul and post – organization Daash, as well as attempts to divide the province into three provinces.” The parliament voted on a resolution to the protection of the borders of the province of Nineveh

Where he met with al-Sadr in his House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, who is accused in alliance with Almaliki, and holds responsibility not to hold accountable those responsible Alvasudain, and is the first meeting of its kind after the storming of supporters of the Sadrist movement Council end of April, the House of Representatives in 2016. An official source in the mainstream Alsdra, backstage encounters recent chest Balcol, that “al-Sadr told his guests categorical rejection of the division Ninoy, after the completion of Tharirha, into three provinces,” pointing out that “Sunni forces launched a project division of Nineveh, with the support of some neighboring countries.” The project provides, according to Alsdra, official, who declined to give Hoath, Christian networking components and the province in the plain area Ninoy, also gives the Turkmen and Yazidis right to establish a province in Tal Afar and Snjar, and maintains component of the Sunni province, “Mosul,” which will be in the city center Bassahaliha. The leader of the Sadrist: “Despite the disagreement between Turkey and Iran on many issues in Iraq, but they have agreed to divide Nineveh province into three Mhafezat, one will share the Turkmen component, which has a majority in Tal Afar,” The source considered that “Syria’s position is The other welcome this decision, which is still under discussion and Anakash, because it will provide the final borders and prevent the infiltration of terrorists into its territory. ” He Almsdr, that “the American side of the position of a pro-project division by adopting Republicans and Democrats, members of the US Congress, a draft resolution calling for the establishment of a safe area for religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain.

KRG Committed to Unite All Peshmerga Units: Official


KRG Committed to Unite All Peshmerga Units: Official


ERBIL — Kurdistan Regional Government is continuing the efforts to restructure and unite its Peshmerga forces according to a previous plan it had designed, said a Peshmerga official.

Meeting with a British military delegation on Monday, Peshmerga Ministry Secretary-General Jabar Yawar said Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and his deputy view this project with importance and they are seriously following up the plan.

He also highlighted the importance of coalition’s military trainings for the Peshmerga forces, saying that building a strong Peshmerga army preserves peace and provides security in the region.

The British delegation, headed by the Defense Senior Adviser for the Middle East at the Ministry of Defense, Thomas Beckett, stressed out the significance of restructuring and uniting all Peshmerga units which is believed to serve the future of the Kurdistan Region.