Issuing the legal guide for investment in Iraq

15/05/2017 17:21:26


The legal adviser to the US Department of Commerce, Mr. Abbas Abbasi, announced the issuance of a legal guide to invest in Iraq.

Aboussi said during a press conference held at the headquarters of the US Consulate in Basra that this guide would help the investor to identify the investment opportunities available in Iraq.

The issuance of this guide took three years of joint work between the Iraqi government and the US government in coordination with the National Investment Commission and the Trade Law Development Program (CLPD) of the US Department of Commerce, as well as other partners from their counterparts in the European side as well as international and local experts and experts in the field Commercial and legal and investment, and was written in Arabic and English, and became available on the site of the National Investment Authority and its branches in the provinces and the location of the US Department of Commerce.

She added that the objective of issuing this guide to define the investor type of procedures in terms of the search for investment opportunities and licenses investment contracts and to see the Investment Authority’s law and its amendments, and the basic conditions without the need to hold workshops while not denying the difficulties and procedures faced by the investor while investing in Iraq.

The legal adviser at the US Department of Commerce said that investment in Iraq requires compliance with awareness in the development of law and international conventions. It also requires awareness of the investment law and the amendments made to it in terms of its acceptance with the foreign investor and comparison with all new laws.

The press conference was preceded by a workshop held at the US consulate, which included representatives of the National Investment Authority, investment bodies in southern Iraq and representatives of a number of ministries, the fifth of its kind to promote investment and its law and attract the investor.

The guide includes the legal framework of the investor, taking into consideration his point of view and his desire to invest in the country. He also helps legal staff working in the investment bodies to formulate model contracts, regardless of the nature of the investment contract sector.

For his part, the Chairman of the Investment Commission of the province of Dhi Qar Luay Khairullah that the issuance of this guide will encourage investors and attract them through the access to investment opportunities and the law of the Commission and sends a message reassuring them through the laws that support them with opportunities available.

While Haidar Hamad Mustafa, representative of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals that the removal of obstacles to the investor of the most important conditions must be available to develop the investment sector in the country, the government’s cooperation with the investor.



Iraqi army announces liberation of 90% of the western side of the connector

By Roudao two hours ago


Iraqi army announces liberation of 90% of the western side of the connector

Iraqi forces in Mosul

Roudao – Erbil , 
announced a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command (follow the Iraqi army), on Monday evening, the liberation of the Iraqi forces more than 90% of the western side of the city of Mosul, north of the country, from the control of the organization “Daesh.” 
Brigadier – General Yahya Messenger, in a press statement followed Roudao Media Network, that “Daesh lost many of its leaders, and Iraqi forces have surrounded the area where the extremist organization exists from all sides.” 
At the same level, said the factions “popular crowd,” restored 36 villages more than 1,800 square kilometers , an area west of Mosul near the border with Syria, during the four days of fighting in the battle of liberation ” in terms of Kairouan” and “Baaj spend”, from the control of ” Daesh “. 
The spokesman said , ” the crowd,” Ahmed al – Asadi, during a press conference held west of Mosul, today, said that “ongoing operations (near the Syrian border) has achieved important goals after the restoration of 36 villages.” 
He said al – Asadi, that ” the primary task is to close the border with Syria and secure.” 
The factions began ” the crowd”, last Friday, with support from the Iraqi Army Aviation and massive attack from the four axes of liberation ” in terms of Kairouan” and “Baaj district” far west of Mosul , leading to the Iraqi – Syrian border. 
Iraqi forces launched since October / last October, a massive military operation to expel “Daesh” of Mosul, another large strongholds of the organization in Iraq.
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Iraqi Forces Hope to Dislodge ISIS from Western Mosul before Ramadan

Asharq Al-Awsat English

4 hours ago

File photo of Iraqi soldiers firing a rocket toward ISIS militants on the outskirt of the Makhmour south of Mosul, Iraq, March 25, 2016. REUTERS/Azad Lashkari

File photo of Iraqi soldiers firing a rocket toward ISIS militants on the outskirt of the Makhmour south of Mosul, Iraq, March 25, 2016. REUTERS/Azad Lashkari

Iraqi forces battled to retake districts of western Mosul still under control of terror group ISIS on Monday, in an attempt to seize victory before the holy month of Ramadan.
Backed by US-led coalition air strikes and advisers, Iraqi forces have made rapid gains since opening a new front in the northwest of Mosul earlier this month, closing in on the Old City.
Outnumbered, militants have retaliated with suicide car bombs and snipers embedded among the hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in west Mosul. Many local people have been killed by militants or heavy bombardments.
“If we advance this quickly we can finish it in days,” First Lieutenant Nawfal al-Dhari told Reuters at a house turned into a temporary base in the western Islah al-Ziraie district, retaken by Iraqi forces three days ago.
“These are their dying breaths. They are completely surrounded.”
He said the momentum was with Iraq’s elite Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), the US-trained special forces who have led the campaign to retake the country’s second city, despite continued resistance from ISIS fighters.
“If you trap a cat in a room, it will scratch,” he said.
Retaking the mosque, where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2014 declared a “caliphate” spanning swathes of Syria and Iraq, would be both a symbolic and strategic victory.
Military commanders and intelligence officials say they aim to take control of al-Nuri mosque before Ramadan starts at the end of this month so they can declare the battle won, even if the militants continue to hold out in pockets.
They said the number of ISIS militants still fighting was shrinking, and they were increasingly disorganized and short of arms, ammunition and equipment following months of siege.

urgently .. military leadership directed an urgent warning to the people of Mosul


Urgent .. military command draws an urgent warning to the people of Mosul
one hour ago

Twilight News / face the battle of Nineveh , the commander of an urgent warning to the people of Logicians that fall under the control of the organization of movement Daesh not drive.
The commander of the coming Aaninoy operations, Abdul Amir Aarallah, in a statement reported to Twilight News, “to our people in the remaining areas under the occupation of Aldoaash terrorists, we have approached the hour of decision at the hands of your armed forces and the order has already been carried the victory and complete joy with minimal losses we ask you to stop using the wheels and motorcycle of all kinds on the spot. “

He added that “the enemy is Basthaddamha- wheels and Aldrajat- in the attacks on our forces under the pretext of the transfer of families.”

He said the Army Air “will beat any wheel moving in the streets of these neighborhoods as of this evening, the fifteenth of May today until liberation is complete. For our part, and provide the necessary wheels for transportation and evacuation event contact with any family.”


Abadi, the National Alliance: A few days separate us from the final victory

By SD SD -May 15, 2017028

Treasures Media
Announced MP Kamel al-Zaidi National Alliance, Monday, the main axes of the General Authority for an alliance meeting in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, noting that the latter told the meeting that the next few days will witness the declaration of the final victory.
Zaidi said in a statement, “The General Authority of the National Alliance was held yesterday evening, a regular meeting attended by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, where they discussed the files listed on the agenda of the Commission.”
He added that “Abadi reviewed developments in military operations in the city of Mosul and the victories achieved by the heroes of the security forces and the popular crowd,” noting that “Abadi said during the meeting that a few days separate us from the final declaration of victory over terrorism.”
Zaidi said that “the meeting reiterated his refusal to extend the work of the Electoral Commission confirmed to expedite the selection of new members of the Commission based on competence and experience within the time limit specified”

Counterterrorism: The role of the International Alliance has decreased in Ayman Mosul


Baghdad – Journal News
The anti-terrorism agency confirmed on Monday the low level of air strikes carried out by the international coalition on the right-hand coast of Mosul.
“There is ongoing coordination between the international coalition and the Iraqi air coordinator, through which the location of the air strikes against the locations of the terrorist organization in Mosul is determined,” spokesman for the anti-terrorism agency Sabah al-Nu’man told the Journal News.
“The reason for the low air strikes of the international coalition in Mosul is the population density in the old city of Mosul, where security forces are wary of civilian casualties and deal strictly with the places bombed by air,” he said.

“The anti-terrorism apparatus has a high and continuous coordination with the international coalition and has achieved high and fruitful results on the ground,” he said.
“There were different views on the reasons for the low level of air strikes carried out by the International Alliance in Iraq, noting that some of the strikes were due to the recent bombing that targeted a house in the new Mosul and killed dozens of civilians.”

Abadi, a German envoy: liberation is very close



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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, that the liberation of land usurped by Daesh gangs became very soon.
A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of the Abadi “received here on Monday the German government ‘s envoy for economic affairs and budget reforms {Eckhard Preveza} and his accompanying delegation, was discussed during the meeting to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries in economic and trade fields agricultural, industrial , and restore stability to the liberated areas. ”
The statement quoted Abadi, confirmed that ” the goal of the Iraqi government foundation after liberation , which has become very soon is to provide basic services to the people of the liberated areas, including in particular electricity, water, health and education.”
He noted ” the importance of benefiting from the German expertise in the areas of development of the agricultural and industrial sector and the private sector.”
For his part, the German government envoy for economic affairs, ” the importance of joint work between the two countries in order to promote the process of stability and reconstruction in the liberated areas” .anthy

Troops rush to regain more neighborhoods controlled by Ayman Daesh in Mosul


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Since 05/15/2017 17:35 am (Baghdad time)

Follow-up – balances News

Security forces backed by the United States to regain neighborhoods controlled by the organization Daesh in Mosul on Monday as it seeks to bring terrorists based in the main mosque before the month of Ramadan rushed.

Seven months after the start of the campaign to regain Mosul, besieging terrorist groups in the northwest corner of the city where the historic old city and the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri, who lifted the militant group since June I saw it in June 2014 fall.

First Lieutenant Novell in Dari’s house turned into a temporary base in the western neighborhood of agrarian reform which restored Iraqi forces three days ago, “if we continue to progress so quickly, we can finish it within days.”

“This is the last breath they are trapped completely.” He said that the momentum, however, counter-terrorism forces, despite the resistance of fighters in the organization of their last stronghold in Iraq.

He continued, “If a cat surrounded inside the room they Stkhaddhk.”

According to military commanders and intelligence officials that they are targeting the restoration of the mosque the month of Ramadan, which begins near the end of the month of May, even before if pockets remained under the control of terrorists.

• enemy refracted

Lt. Gen. Othman Ghanimi, chief of staff of the Iraqi army said in a video distributed by the Ministry of Defense, “we get a front wide stunned the enemy and God willing, we will win before Ramadan and announce the liberation of Mosul and the people of Mosul from the Conception Daesh.”

He was speaking during a visit to the lines of fighting in western Mosul.

Officials say the mosque of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the caliphate Daesh it was announced on land in Syria and Iraq has symbolic value and strategy.

Fares Salal soldier in another house in the neighborhood where the agrarian reform echoes the launch of sporadic artillery fire, “the greater the siege around them whenever they became fiercely fighting. No place to turn to him.”

Flies gathered on the charred remains of the body of one organization Daesh fighters near lying motorcycle in a street neighborhood. In the garage of another house car parked armored roadside bomb exploded in a suicide attack.

In the near Oraibi neighborhood controlled by Iraqi forces partially the body of a sniper of the members of the organization were seen in the children’s room upstairs for a house. Iraqi forces used the house as a location outside her and said that the sniper was targeting advanced forces.

The terrorists under their numbers are far from the numbers of Iraqi forces, suicide bombings, car bombs and sniper fire Zraohm amid hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Many local residents dead and fell because of heavy shelling severely and I said vital supplies and some civilians were forced to eat grass to survive.

The Iraqi government said last week that the number of fleeing Mosul has increased for more than a lesbian to about ten thousand people Aumia.anthy 29 / m h n


Baghdadi Flees Mosul: Commander


Baghdadi Flees Mosul: Commander


ERBIL— Abubakir al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (IS) organization, has abandoned his militants in the frontlines of Mosul and fled to an unidentified location, Iraqi media reported on Monday.

The sources quoted a commander from the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Forces, Ma’an Sa’di as saying the extremists have reached the point to really think about withdrawing from Iraq as most of their colleagues have been killed and their hideouts destroyed.

Sa’di added the liberation of the Islah Ziraai neighborhood of Mosul was a blow stricken into the group because it was a highly fortified stronghold of the Islamic jihadists which they defended toughly.

“IS has been crushed extensively in Iraq and has lost control over its self-proclaimed capital [Mosul],” the commander said, “In Mosul no room is left for the extremists.”