The crowd has a firm grip on the Sinjar base complex Dumez


5/27/2017 0:00

Control of the perimeter «beacon humpback» and get ready to break into the old Mosul
Baghdad / Mosul / morning the
wisest heroes of the popular crowd, their grip on the Sinjar military base, during the second phase of operations “Muhammad is the messenger ofGod” to liberate Baaj district, which resulted in yesterday edit complex “Dumez” and cut through the supply of “Daesh” between Adnaniyah and Baaj, west of the city of Mosul.
Popular crowd forces continued on Friday progress towards the Baaj district in theprocess that bore the name of “martyrs of the Sinjar” of several axes, during which he managed to free dozens of areas , including villages: Amileihat, high dome Alohba, Kodjo Hill invaded, North pesky, South pesky, Alhatmah, Alqabusseh, Renbausa.
Coincided those victories with direct command of operations ” are coming, Nineveh” appeal to the residents of 9 areas in the right side, the necessity to leave “immediately” to eliminate the rest of the remnants “Daesh” and the Declaration of Mosul fully liberated, the image confirms the keenness of the security leadership on the safety of citizens, It shows its determination to liberate the rest of that side over the next few days.
While a spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger said in apress statement on Friday that ” the next few days will witness the liberation of the remaining city of Mosul , despite the difficulty of fighting the” announced federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat, said federal police forces carried out combat duties specific targets for Doaash in the door of a brick inside the old city and took control of vital buildings enabled our forces to impose their firearms on the surrounding area humpback beacon. “

Abadi looking World Bank projects for the reconstruction of the liberated areas


5/27/2017 0:00

Baghdad / Al- Sabah
discussed the Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, with the Regional Director of the Office of the new Middle East at the World Bank Saroj Kumar Gah , the World Bank projects and operations of thereconstruction of the liberated areas. A statement Information Office of the Prime Minister, received the “morning” that Abadi discuss the meeting with the regional director of the new Office of the Middle East at the World Bank , ” the current projects of the World Bank and the vision of the Government of Iraq in terms of reconstruction in the liberated areas of operations, and accelerate progress in the implementation of work and support possible at the provincial level and a loan ofBasra electricity project “. The statement added that ” the meeting also discussed theproposed budget support and program reforms, and a plan of the bank , which includes what Iraq needs in the framework of the Prime Minister reforms.”

The Iraqi army is circling the Old City to break into it



Iraqi security forces control the old Mosul in preparation for storming, while publishing an organization calling the suicide bombers and snipers at the entrances to the city, threatening civilians trapped in death if they tried to escape or refused to carry out his orders, while the terrorist organization decided to move his headquarters from Mosul to the province of Hawija.

Iraqi forces completed their preparations for the liberation of the three remaining areas under the control of Daqash on the right side of Mosul, about three months after the start of military operations to restore the area.

The spokesman of the anti-terrorism agency Sabah al-Nu’man, the readiness of Iraqi forces to reclaim the neighborhood of Shifa and Zinjili neighborhood, while controlling the ring on the Old City to liberate. He said that the figures that are being circulated regarding the number of militants “calling” in the remaining areas of the city is inaccurate, stressing the importance of the readiness of Iraqi forces for this stage of the battles.

Al-Nu’man pointed out that the organization would rely on individual suicide bombers and civilians as human shields because of the decline of the capabilities of combat organization. Observers also pointed out that the Iraqi forces will face a difficult challenge in eliminating the remaining elements of «Da’ash» because of the deployment of extremists human shields of the people in the vicinity of the entrances that Pkhkha and near the mosque Nuri.


A security official in Hawija said that the “leaders” and leaders in the first line completed the transfer of the leadership of the organization from Mosul to the province of Hawija, indicating that the reasons for transport came because of the near collapse of the organization in the old square of the city and the liberation completely, For the continuation of its activity and operations, which are currently available only in the districts of Hawija, Nawaab Al-Zab, Riyadh, Abbasi and Rashad.

He added that «Daqsh» brought yesterday 400 elements, some of them were transferred across the Tigris River from the borders of Syria and Jordan and the city of Mosul, indicating that the elements of the terrorist organization were taken by a command of the leaders are blindfolded so as not to know the ways and paths of the organization hidden.


For his part, the governor of Kirkuk, Necmettin Karim, said that Hawija will become the capital of «da’ash» in Iraq, because the security forces left it, adding: We have repeatedly called for the rapid launch of the liberation of Hawija, but the central government did not respond and the decision to start the liberation of the hands of the commander-in-chief of the army Haider Abadi exclusively, has not issued this decision so far. He pointed out that the survival of these areas under the control of the terrorist organization affects the security of many of the neighboring provinces, and that the liberation is an important step in the elimination of «Dahesh».

In the context, the operation command in Nineveh distributed the tasks of the last battle to its joint forces, but it stressed the security of the exit of civilians first before fully penetrating the city’s outlets. Army aircraft also dropped leaflets on the people trapped in the center of the old city demanding that they cooperate with government forces and stay away from the organization’s gatherings.

Federal intensified bombing of the old Mosul as a prelude to storm



Federal intensify the bombing of the old Mosul as a prelude to storm
3 hours ago

Twilight News / said the federal police chief said his forces intensified on Friday the bombing of al-Daesh sites in the old city of Mosul left the coast in preparation for the storm.

Team Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a press statement reported to Twilight News, that “pieces of police stationed in the southern axes and North Chen shelling intensive missiles Krad and field artillery and aviation march targeting the headquarters Aldoaash and defenses in the door of the brick and the door of a new al-Faruq and Zndjeli a prelude to the storming of the old city in the coming hours and massing troops especially for the evacuation of civilians and help them out of the areas of engagement. “

He added that “our forces are able to resolve the battle of the old city and the restoration of Al-Nouri mosque and Daesh loses control over the near humpback vital areas.”


Completion of preparations to break into the old neighborhoods of Mosul

Mustafa al-Obeidi

May 27, 2017

Mosul: The Iraqi forces completed on Friday preparations for the storming of the neighborhoods of Zanjili and the first health and healing in the old Mosul after being cordoned off from all sides, while dozens of civilians fled before the start of the battle of decisiveness. .
Troops of the 9th Armored Division and its counterterrorism forces (the Iraqi Army), the Rapid Response Force (of the Ministry of the Interior), the Federal Police,
A security source said in remarks to the channel «NRT» Arab, «the presence of US ground forces in the vicinity of the old areas», adding that «smart weapons have reached to be used in those battles».
He added that «the security leaders are waiting for the evacuation of civilians from that area so that they can break into the lowest human losses».
He added that “the US leadership banned the use of heavy weapons such as attacks, missiles and air strikes on the old areas such as the field and Farouk and Zukarj and the raft because of the feet of buildings and houses that can not be used heavy weapons when they stormed.
The military information cell of the Iraqi forces, announced the call for the people of Zanjili neighborhoods and health and the first door and Sinjar and healing and Farouq and head of the field and the field and the door of bricks and a new door, to leave the old area immediately, and move to safe passages.
The statement said that “the armed forces have completed the destruction of the enemy Daashi throughout the areas of the right coast, and the remaining Shatram trying to tamper with the lives of civilians in your areas and the use of human shields.
“To complete the liberation of the rest of the areas, we ask all of you to go out and go immediately to the safe corridors that we will determine for you on the ground, and you will find you waiting for guides, protectors and wheels to reach safe places.”
Sources in Mosul told Al-Quds Al-Arabi that most of the people on the right side were leaving the city, despite possible dangers, in response to the call by Iraqi forces.
Nineveh MP Mohammed al-Abed Rabbo told al-Quds al-Arabi that he was present in the liberated part of Ayman al-Mosul and his participation in receiving hundreds of people trapped daily, who managed to flee the city towards the liberated areas.
He pointed out that the risk when people try to get out of western Mosul is necessary, especially since their survival is not free of dangers either by the elements of the state organization who are besieging them and ill-treating them or because of the next battle to resolve the liberation of the city, stressing that there are narrow alleys through which Towards safe passages prepared by the army to leave the besieged population.
According to the MP, «resolve the battle of Mosul will not take more than ten days from the start», hoping that «comes next Eid al-Fitr has been removed from the people of Mosul the nightmare of the state».
For his part, Captain Jabbar Hassan, said that «dozens of civilians fled yesterday night until yesterday morning from the outskirts of the areas of the old city to areas under the control of the Iraqi forces». He pointed out that «the federal police forces and the fight against terrorism opened several safe outlets for the exit of civilians».
He pointed out that «the residents informed the security forces that the elements of Dahedh detain dozens of civilians inside the houses and do not allow them to leave».
He explained that «the military operation may begin within the next few hours». Lieutenant Colonel Samir Daoud al-Mohsen, from the 9th Army Division, said that “elements in the neighborhoods of Al-Shifa, al-Zaynili and Al-Zanigali are not preparing for escape. We have information that most of the fighters in Da’sh are Iraqis.” Muhsin predicted that most of the fighters would resort to throwing up their weapons and trying to escape with the displaced.
He explained that «the Iraqi forces are planning to storm the three neighborhoods at the same time and a lightning military operation in conjunction with the storming of the remaining neighborhoods of the Old City and the announcement of Mosul completely liberated from the control of Dahesh».
Ali al-Badrani, a resident of liberated areas in Mosul, said in a telephone conversation with Al-Quds Al-Arabi that “there are a lot of corridors within the narrow streets and neighborhoods of the old city where residents can escape to safe areas.”
He said that “the besieged families accept to leave the besieged city despite the dangers and harsh measures imposed by the organization against the fugitives.” He said that “the family of one of his relatives, who are women, left the city at night by swimming across the Tigris River and managed to reach the liberated left side, Another family of his relatives took part in a minefield planted by the organization on the roads towards liberated areas and exploded to kill most of the family members while others were injured.
The joint Iraqi forces, supported by the International Coalition, began the battle to liberate the right side of Mosul on February 19, 2017, and managed to liberate more than 90 percent of its neighborhoods, leaving only the old city and some of the surrounding neighborhoods.
In the context, announced the police command of the province of Nineveh, decisions and recommendations to organize things in the restored areas in order to miss the opportunity of the elements of the «state» to exploit any opportunity to infiltrate those areas.
Ninewa police chief Brigadier Wathiq al-Hamdani said in a statement that “Nineveh police issued a circular to the concerned parties not to wear women’s niqab in commercial markets, public roads and government departments, as well as to prevent motorcycles in the restored areas after 6 pm.
He pointed out that «the new instructions and recommendations of the leadership of the Nineveh police also include the identification of a number of general roads for the transport of vehicles and trucks load from and to the areas restored from the province of Nineveh».
He pointed out that these instructions «come to miss the opportunity for the gunmen of the state organization in the case of exploitation of the uniforms of black women and their entry into areas populated by marauding or government departments». Meanwhile, Iraqi forces found a mass grave containing dozens of deaths of the state organization in Anbar province, western Iraq. According to a statement issued by the military intelligence, “the detachments of the Directorate of Military Intelligence in the 38th Brigade, 10th Division, found a cemetery containing 40 bodies of sympathetic elements in the area of ​​popali in Anbar province.” By the end of 2015, Iraqi security forces had recovered the city of Ramadi from the grip of the state, while some western areas of Anbar remained under the control of the organization.