Iraq: the battle of Mosul enters the last chapters and Abbadi wants to convert victory to his advantage

Last days Mosul War: Abadi wants to doctoring the victory of his interests.

Othman Al-Mukhtar 29 May 2017

About 300 fighters, mostly suicide bombers of different nationalities, have been trapped since Sunday in Mosul , in the same square that saw the emergence of the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, about three years ago, declaring his “succession” to the cities of Iraq and Syria. The battle in the city has reached its final stage, and the Iraqi forces are backed by a French-Canadian-British cover that surrounds the Old City in the middle of the right-hand Mosul coast, and the 300 fighters can only surrender or continue fighting until the end. The Iraqi military sources to the “new Arab” that the resolution will not last more than another week, and the goal of preventing the continuation of the organization in the fighting until the tenth of June, which falls on the day of the fall of Mosul in 2014. Meanwhile, officials in Baghdad that the Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi, ordered the start of preparations for a broad celebration in the country with the announcement of the liberation of Mosul, which will be through his person, not in a military statement, as happened in the rest of the cities of Iraq, which was extracted from the organization “Daash” in earlier times.
A huge bill
The process of ending the existence of a “preacher” in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city after Baghdad, cost more than 30,000 civilians dead and wounded, mostly women and children who fell during the last eight months of the battle, which began on October 17 last year , As well as hundreds of violations recorded by international and local organizations. A situation that Baghdad is trying to ignore and avoids declaring the horrendous toll of civilian casualties, just as it is careful to cover up the number of losses of the army and other regular forces and the “popular crowd” militias that exceeded 20,000 dead and wounded, Of which the municipality of Mosul has more than 50 billion dollars.

Military officials in Baghdad and Mosul told the “New Arab” that only three neighborhoods are still under the control of the organization, namely the healing and Bab Sinjar and the Old City, the same neighborhoods that have been fighting on its outskirts since yesterday morning, in conjunction with the American and missile bombing carried out by the army forces Iraq. Iraqi officials estimate that there are more than 125,000 civilians in al-Shifa, Bab Sinjar and the Old City. They are forced to travel with him wherever he goes. In Tiktik, he aims to prevent the targeting of his caravans and vehicles, or to use these civilians as human shields. About or strength. Colonel Majid al-Hayani said in an interview with the “New Arab”: “We fear that the battle ends with another massacre, the number of civilians is large and the area in which they are very small, and the organization will not give up and no signs of it, so far,” noting that ” The liberation of those small neighborhoods in just two days, but the stumbling block is tens of thousands of people in them. “

For his part, spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahya al-Zubaidi, told the “new Arab” that “militarily the city is under full control, the neighborhoods in which besieged besieged besieged, and members of the organization have become ineffective in it,” stressing That “the battle is in its final chapter after about 8 months from the beginning.” The commander of military operations in Nineveh, Major General Najm al-Jubouri, was in contact with the “new Arab” to resolve the battle “within a few days.” Jubouri added that “progresscontinues amid the decline of members of the Daash , and if progress continues in the three neighborhoods , the announcement of the liberation of Mosul in full will be in a few days.”

Suicide attacks
In fact, he has “preached” what he called “the womb of the caliphate”. Only 4 percent of his control in Mosul continues to decline, and his voice, which for the past few months has not stopped, has actually stopped, Which was broadcast from inside Mosul. “We were buried and they did not know that we were just seeds … We are proud that five thousand soldiers of the Islamic state stood up eight months before the armies of five major countries,” the statement said. The statement appeared to be thin according to local sources, which confirms that the broadcasters either killed or withdrew from their positions and left only the suicide bombers and the so-called gangs.

The captain in the sixteenth division of the army, the phone Hussein, “The current use of suicide bombers heavily to impede progress and to cause losses in our ranks.” He added in an interview with the “New Arab” that “suicide bombers on two types, some of them explosive belts and come out of an unexpected place and embrace the soldiers and detonate himself, and the second car bombs hidden inside the houses and suddenly emerged on the troops entering the alley or street, That “the weapon of sniping is also effective in the organization, and these lines precede direct confrontation with members of the organization.”
For his part, said a member of the Council of Mosul (local government) Hossam Alabbar, the “new Arab”, that the organization takes the people in the three neighborhoods as human shields. He added that “the issue of parents is a very difficult node and if it is avoided, the liberation will be in two days, but any excessive force means massacre, if not several massacres.”

Editing ad preparations

Abadi will personally announce the liberation of Mosul and begin preparations to celebrate the occasion

An Iraqi official in Baghdad told the “new Arab” to begin preparations for the celebration of the liberation of Mosul, in an apparent attempt by Abadi to deliver the achievement in his favor by announcing a statement to liberate the city in person, contrary to other data announced by the Ministry of Defense in the past years. The preparations will be held in Baghdad and a number of southern provinces in conjunction with the arrival of Abbadi to Mosul, which will be announced liberation statement.
The first step of the government after the announcement of the liberation of the city is to call for the reconstruction conference agreed with the Kuwaiti side to be under his supervision, according to government sources in Baghdad, confirmed that any political steps with the Kurds or Sunni forces on the territory of Mosul, The military rule of Nineveh province will not be raised because of the continuing fighting in the island, the Ba’ja and the western parts of Nineveh. Iraqi media quoted officials in the Cabinet as saying that the government had abolished the system of alternative government departments for Nineveh province and formed a committee to follow up the immediate return of those departments to the city of Mosul.

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Minister of Defense and a US general discuss military cooperation


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Search Defense Minister Irfan Hayali, and director of security cooperation at the US embassy office in Baghdad, General Scott McCain, military cooperation between the two countries.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense, the agency received {Euphrates News}, acopy of it, that Hayali “received at the Library, the Acting US Embassy Stephanie Williams and director of the Office of Security Cooperation in the Embassy General Scott McCain, was discussed during the meeting of cooperation between Iraq and the United States of America in the military field “.
He praised the acting US embassy, according to the statement, ” the victories achieved by the Iraqi army in the battle to liberate Mosul” .anthy


Daesh uses his wives to defend their last stronghold west of Mosul


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Since 05/28/2017 18:11 am (Baghdad time)

Follow-up to the balance of News

Iraqi military sources reported on Sunday that the organization Daesh began to deploy snipers in the old city of Mosul, along with car bombs and suicide bombers on foot, according to sources.

To that Iraqi forces are advancing towards the old city of Mosul cautiously, amid sporadic clashes between Iraqi forces and Daesh in the vicinity of the Medical City Hospital and Ibn Sina.

Said Maj. Gen. Maan Al-Saadi, commander of the Second Special Operations forces in the fight against terrorism, said his forces recovered 50% of the health district, explaining that he could not specify a time limit for the end of the battle: because many variables on the ground.

Saadi revealed that Daesh uses women began to fight with him, explaining that the organization has lost much of its elements and hired women.

Furthermore, Iraqi military sources confirmed that the control of the organization Daesh in the western side of the city of Mosul, an area has shrunk to just 5%, expected to resolve the battle by the first half of next month.

Joint Iraqi forces launched a new operation to restore another 3 districts in western Mosul control Daesh, a healing Zndjeli the first health, in order to tighten the siege imposed on the narrow and complex alleys of the old city, which will be the scene of the last chapters of Daesh in Iraq.

Iraqi forces managed with the process starting from the control of the third bridge connecting the two sides of the Tigris and Mosul International Hotel in the neighborhood of healing after violent clashes took place between the two sides.

And gave control of the hotel building, according to military estimates, Iraqi forces deploy snipers to target militants feature organization in the nearby areas.

And resulted in battles between the Iraqi army and elements of al-Daesh killed dozens of fighters from both sides.

Iraqi sources said that among the two Iraqi army field commanders dead, namely Col. Abdul Baqi Dahi al-Sadoun, Colonel Ahmed Kazem al-Tamimi of the Third Brigade Infantry. Military sources did not reveal the circumstances of their deaths.

In a related context, it recognizes the fighters Oesideon security file management village Kodjo west of Mosul, from the popular crowd factions in the presence of Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Yar Allah, the military campaign to liberate Mosul, the commander of the organization Daesh.

The village and recovered from the control Daesh two days ago, an extension of the southern district of Sinjar, a majority Aloesideh.anthy 29 / m h n


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forces are ACTUALLY going to control the borders with for the first time since 2003.

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of the Iraqi central reopen its branches in Erbil and SulaymaniyahIraqi central reopen its branches in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah

 Twilight News    

 2 hours ago

Twilight News / due to the Central Bank of Iraq to restore its branch in Erbil early next month, and later branch in the city of Sulaymaniyah, following negotiations with the Kurdistan Regional Government, lasted for a year.
The publication of the Central Bank of Iraq / Erbil branch declaration of the functions required in the new branch.
According to Kurdish Roudao network, citing an unnamed source familiar with, that “the Erbil branch of the Central Bank of Iraq will include all the services available in other branches in Iraq.”
He noted that the Central Bank of Iraq will be substantial changes in the regional bank in Arbil, and will re-organize all sections, referring to the lack of information on Sulaymaniyah branch.
In turn, he said the regional bank manager in Sulaimaniya, Abdul Rahman Saleh, said that “the Iraqi Central Bank will re-opening of the Sulaymaniyah branch after the opening of the Erbil branch, so the opening of Sulaymaniyah branch procedures will be delayed for some time.”
It is noteworthy that the Central Bank of Iraq had cut off its relations with sub-Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, over the past years.

of Kurdistan is looking forward to talks “constructive” with Baghdad on oil

Twilight News / said the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, on Sunday, she looked forward to constructive discussions with the Iraqi Oil Ministry on how the management of oil wealth in the country.
The statement came in the wake of statements made by Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul-Jabbar Allaibi during the OPEC meeting, last Thursday, he said that the relations between the Iraqi government and the government of the Kurdistan Region is good, stressing that he will visit the region to discuss the inclusion in reducing production and files related to the oil sector.
The Ministry of Natural Resources in a statement seen by Twilight News, “The Kurdistan Regional Government welcomes the positive Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul-Jabbar Allaibi on improving relations between the KRG and Baghdad government statements,” indicating that “the Government of the Territory is looking forward to host the Iraqi Minister of Oil and constructive dialogues on issues outstanding on oil and gas files. ”
She added that “the Government of the Territory welcomes the dialogue and the recent construction with electricity minister in the Iraqi government, Qassem Fahdawi on cooperation in the electricity sector and to provide fuel for energy and refined petroleum products that help in the reconstruction of Mosul and other liberated areas in Nineveh province after the defeat Daesh.” 
The ministry said that “the Government of the Territory is estimated to support Prime Minister Abadi, the process of confidence-building”, stressing “its commitment to enter into constructive dialogues and in good faith with its partners in the federal government for cooperation in the field of energy.” 
The ministry pointed out that “there are a small number of officials and political figures in Baghdad are opposed to this new realism between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government” atmosphere, stressing “the importance of attention from these dissenting voices so as not to undermine the chances of progress.”
Considered the ministry, that “the recent statements by the Director of SOMO, Falah al-Amiri company on the export of oil region misleading process and that his comments are incompatible with the atmosphere of the new cooperation,” asserting that “the positive Government of the Territory and realistic cooperation with the federal government’s oil sector, officials of the policy in Kirkuk, the Minister of Electricity in Baghdad did not contributes to the provision of electricity to Kirkuk alone, but help rebuild the liberated areas adjacent to the Kurdistan region. ” 
The ministry stressed that “the territorial Government is confident that the two parties Sasjlan positive and realistic attitude in the next dialogues and will not give way to attempts that hinder dialogue between the two sides.”

The Ministerial Council directs the momentum to ease congestion and enhance the intelligence effort

Journal May 28, 2017

BAGHDAD – The Journal News
 Chaired by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security.
The Council discussed, according to a statement to his office, “the battle of liberation of Mosul in the coming operations, O Nineveh, and the approach of our forces from the liberation of the entire right side, also discussed the development of our capabilities at checkpoints, especially the main points in Baghdad and ease traffic momentum in addition to strengthening the intelligence effort.”
 The statement added that “the Council also discussed the training of anti-terrorism forces to the anti-terrorist groups in the desert areas,” also agreed to form a committee on the UN Security Council Resolution 2341 for the year 2017 to protect the vital goals.

Asadi: Acer Mosul “stable security” and for the infiltration of “Daesh” in which

Journal May 28, 2017
Baghdad Journal News


denied the commander of the fight against terrorism , a Lieutenant – General Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi on Sunday, what appeared in the media about the infiltration of elements of the “Daesh” terrorist to the left side of the city of Mosul , the editor.
Asadi said in a statement to «Journal News» “no truth addressing the media about the infiltration of the elements of the organization (Daesh) terrorist to Acer Mosul,” and said the news “rumors are baseless.”
“The left coast is witnessing security and stability significantly. What conveys a shame about the health”

It quoted local media quoted an officer in the Nineveh police said on Sunday, for the imposition of local police forces , a security cordon on the areas of “victory” and “allow” the left side of the connector on the back of the infiltration of elements of “Daesh” to them.

Keywords confirms delegation Toyota: Iraq promising global market for companies    

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Economy News _ Baghdad:

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords, “Iraq is a global promising market for global companies, noting that the Iraqi government is working hard to develop frameworks and legal projects to protect the product and the consumer alike.


According to a statement of the General Secretariat got “Economy News” a copy of it, that “Keywords met with the regional branch of Toyota’s Japanese director and a delegation of experts accompanying him for the purpose of discussing the prospects of cooperation with the company.”


The statement quoted Keywords as saying, “it was at the meeting show the challenges facing the company in the marketing of their products within the framework of laws and draft laws that the government is prepared for the purpose of protecting the Iraqi market and the rights of the consumer product and get the best services.”


For his part, the regional director of the company and in the presence of the Director of the General Authority for Customs company was willing to stand with Iraq and cooperate with him in this delicate phase experienced by the country showed. ”

 Central Bank of Iraq re-opened its branches in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah    


Economy News Baghdad:

Decided the Iraqi Central Bank, re-opening of a sub-Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, early next month, after negotiations with the Kurdistan Regional Government, lasted for a year.

The publication of the Central Bank of Iraq / Erbil branch declaration of the functions required in the new branch.

According to a source familiar with the “Arbil branch of the Central Bank of Iraq will include all the services available in other branches in Iraq.”

He noted that “the Central Bank of Iraq will be substantial changes in the regional bank in Arbil, and will re-organize all sections, referring to the lack of information on Sulaymaniyah branch.

In turn, he said the regional bank manager in Sulaimaniya, Abdul Rahman Saleh, said that “the Iraqi Central Bank will re-opening of the Sulaymaniyah branch after the opening of the Erbil branch, so the opening of Sulaymaniyah branch procedures will be delayed for some time.”

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank of Iraq had cut off its relations with sub-Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, over the past years, and in the past year, the central bank decided to re-open its branches in the Kurdistan Region officially.