of Iraq , set a date to defeat Daesh Atantha two weeks


Iraq sets a date to defeat Daesh Atantha two weeks
2 hours ago

Twilight News First Lt. Gen. Othman Ghanimi Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army / said that the full restoration of Mosul , the process of what is known as the organization of the Islamic state will be concluded within days.
Ghanimi said he hoped to defeat the organization before the start of the month of Ramadan, which is expected to be approved May 26 / May of this.
He added that the gains made by the army in the north means besieging militants organized in a very small space.
Mosul fell in the hands of the organization in 2014, the last bastions of civil organization in Iraq.
Iraqi forces launched a massive military operation to restore the city in October / last October with the support of air strikes from US – led coalition.
The Iraqi army was able to regain the eastern part of the city completely in January, and began the attack on the western part of the city the following month.
Still less than the organization of militants trapped in several north – west areas of the city, including the old city, and is believed to be about 45 thousand civilians trapped in the area.
Said Ghanimi “The security forces , a large and effective effort against Daesh and will end it in a matter of days.”
” I say that the rest of Mosul will be liberated before the beginning of the holy month ofRamadan.”
A week ago units of armored forces and opened up the rapid response of the Interior Ministry a new front in the north after the cessation of progress in the densely populated south and west of the old city.
Progress has been limited in the north of the city initially because of fierce resistance from the militants of the organization who used snipers and car bombs.
The United Nations said that the Mosul operation claimed the lives of eight thousand civilians dead and wounded, but the number includes only those transferred to hospitals.
Iraq does not issue official statistics , the number of victims, but a US general said at the end of March / March that 774 Iraqi soldiers were killed and wounded 4,600 others.
The fighting displaced 620 thousand people, including 414 thousand from the west of Mosul, according to Iraqi forces he said.
Most of the displaced and took refuge to the nearby camps and reception centers, and others remain with relatives and friends.
The United Nations says that between one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand others could flee the city before the final battle in the old city.
On Monday , the International Committee of the Red Cross ( ICRC ) expressed concern about civilians in areas controlled by the organization, saying they face “very difficult choices,” with running out of water and food stocks.


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